FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 5-30-16… “New York branch of Khazarian mafia now final obstacle to world peace”

#Debates #TheLiesOfHillaryClinton Are Over !!! Oh They’ll Be An #OctoberSurprise For All Americans And The Elite Key Player’s They’re Hanging Loose Off Her Leash Of Lies, Yes It’s Partytime.Kriss-Cross Time. It’s That Evil Bitches Brew She’s Feeding Them And Americans It’s Way To Much. They’re Choking, mmm” Call 911 Will The Come Help ? I Doubt It, The Witch Is Flying Around On Her Fake Broom Just In Time For HollowScream And They’re Stirring Her Pot Of Pure Evil Lies So Bad To Americans And The Dumb down Masses Buying Into They’re Lies So Deep. Not Even Holy water Will Work. She’s Too Far Gone #HRC2016’s Head Is Spinning Around Like Shes In A Sequel, Of The Exorcist. Yes! It’s That Damn Bad In The Democratic Party of Deception For Hillary Of The Damned Clinton .Her Ulitmate Doom Is About To Become A Real Movie Played Before Americans Very Eyes. Worst Than Any Horror Flick You’ve Never Even Seen On Netflix .So I’ll Give You A Clue Below. All They Got Is To Spin Lies On Trump. To Keep Americans Jumpin And Divided To Her Lies. And They Know Damn Well The Hate This Witch With A Passion .Play Acting To Their Corruption Queen Hillary Clinton And They’re King Rapist Bill Clinton .Now Let’s See How This Cuts The Rope On The Non-Believer Of This #ImWithHer Lowdown Crooked Party Of Fools And Voter’s That Don’t Get She’s Satan’s Daughter. Yes, That’s Exactly What I Said In The Flesh. She’s Like Being Around A Lowdown Witch 24/7 Plotting Against You While She. Watching You Luring To Do Hard To You Pure Evil. It’s Like Coking In Your Own Blood. Now For My Reblog It’s Heavy.

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benjamin_fulford_in_canoe_76Here’s the full weekly report from Ben. Lots going on. Perhaps we are nearing the end of this long dark dream.

Please note that I inserted some apparently missing words which I placed in brackets ([]). Benjamin has confirmed by email that this is what he intended to write.

“When Baron Jacob Nathaniel Rothschild, hiding out at Mark Rich’s house on the hill in Zog, Switzerland was identified as the head of the Khazarian mafia, Rothschild reached out to the White Dragon Society via a nephew to negotiate a peace settlement involving and exchange of gold for money and the establishment of a future planning agency. This is now on hold because the New York branch of the Khazarian mafia, headed by the Cohen crime family, blocked it…

“What these people need to understand is that on May 2nd , 2016 the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION went bankrupt when…

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