As A Signs Of Support Ambassador 4 Victims Of 9/11 I Want U 2 Sign It Not Veto @POTUS #PassJASTA #Sept11Kids4Justice

Dear Representatives :  Congressman Tim Ryan , Senator Sherrod Brown ,Senator Rob Portman                                                                                                                                                                                                                              ChYarXbUoAQM73_          Please co-sponsor H.R.3815/S.240, the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act – “JASTA”. I care deeply about this bill because my family suffered directly on September 11 I’m a Signs Of Support Ambassador For The Victims & Families Of 9/11 &  To The                9/11 Memorial & Museum || World Trade Center

#JASTA is a read-to-go legislative tool in stopping terrorist funding.

It’s time we go to the source and be pitiless against the bankers, individuals, and countries that invest in terrorism against innocent men, women, and children.  In order to secure our safety, we must hold accountable the foreign powers and entities that fund the hate-filled terrorist organizations that inflict injury and death on our fellow citizens – no matter who they may be or what country they come from.

There is one common denominator in all of the death and destruction caused by ISIS’s global jihad.  The common thread that runs through all terrorist attacks including 9/11 is the money that finances them.  Defunding these terrorist organizations is vital to our mission of degrading and ultimately destroying them.

Given what is at stake and the part of the solutions that JASTA offers, I respectfully urge you to co-sponsor H.R.3815/S.2040

Sincerely, Mrs.Sarah L. Gibson Ohio                   


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