#WeWillNeverForget 9/11 I Dare Anyone Defend Bush-Cheney Bill or Hillary Clinton #GrandTreason #Trump2016 Breaking News vs TheEstablishmentPimpinWhores

George Bush – Skull & Bones, CFR, Trilateral Commission, Committee of 300,
Illuminati , Skull & Bones
Bill Clinton – Bilderberger, Trilateral Commission, CFR
Saddam Hussein – 33? Freemason
King Hussein – 33? Freemason
Tony Blair – 33? Freemason
Gerhard Schroeder – 33? Freemason
Benjamin Netanyahu – 33? Freemason
Yasser Arafat – 33? Freemason
Ronald Reagan – 33? Freemason (on sight), Knights of Malta, Rosicrucian
Michail Gorbatjov – 33? Freemason
Helmut Kohl – Committee of 300
Shimon Peres – 33? Freemason
Francois Mitterand – 33? Freemason (Grand Orient Lodge)
Yitzhak Rabin – 33? Freemason
Willy Brandt – Committee of 300
Gerald Ford (former President USA) – 33? Freemason
Karl Marx – (Grand Orient Lodge)
Frederick Engels – (Grand Orient Lodge)
Franklin D. Roosevelt – (32 or 33? Freemason)
Sir Winston Churchill – 33? Freemason (but Resigned from the English Lodge!)
Member of the Druid Order
Harry S. Truman – 33? Freemason
Neville Chamberlain – (Committee of 300)
Vladimir Lenin – Illuminati (Grand Orient Lodge)
Joseph Stalin – Illuminati (Grand Orient Lodge)
Leon Trotsky – (Grand Orient Lodge)
Henry Kissinger – (Committee of 300, P2 Freemasonry, Knights of Malta,
J. Edgar Hoover – 33? Freemason
Cecil Rhodes – 33? Freemason
Aleister Crowley – Grandmaster Ordo Templi Orientis
Walt Disney – 33? Freemason
Olof Palme – Committee of 300, Bilderberger
Al Gore – 33? Freemason
Tony Blair – 33? Freemason, Bilderberger
Josef Mengele (Dr. Green) – Illuminati Implanter
Robert McNamara – 33? Freemason (at least)
Pehr G. Gyllenhammar (from Volvo) – Committee of 300
Percy Barnevik (ABB Sweden) – Committee of 300
Col. James “Bo” Gritz – 33? Freemason
Billy Graham – 33? Freemason
John Glenn (33? Freemason)
Buzz Aldrin (33? Freemason)
Virgil I. Grissom (Freemason)
Edgar D. Mitchell (Freemason)
Plato (Illuminati)
Francis Bacon (Freemason, Rosicrucian Grand Master)
Lord David Owen – (Royal Institute of Int. Affairs, Committee of 300)
Lord Peter Carrington – (Committee of 300, Bilderberger)
Richard Holbrooke – (33? Freemason, Committee of 300)
Jimmy Carter – (Trilateral. Comm., CFR)
Carl Bildt – (Bilderberger)

Thank you ! Sen. Rand Paul
God Bless You All We’ll Never Forget As Signs Of Support Ambassador I’ll Serve My Families All 9/11 Victims And They’re Families With Honor And Dignity Until I Die

David Rockefeller – Czar of the Illuminati
Edmund de Rothschild – Illuminati
Alan Greenspan – Federal reserve Bank (Committee of 300)
Peter Wallenberg – S-E Bank of Sweden (Committee of 300)
Queen Elisabeth II – Queen of the Committee of 300
Prince Phillip – 33? Freemason, Committee of 300
Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands – Committee of 300 (Bilderberger)
Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands – Committee of 300 (Bilderberger)
King Carl XVI Gustaf – (Bilderberger)
Prince Bertil – (Grande Orient Lodge of Freemasonry)
Illuminati Members
John Jacob Astor
McGeorge Bundy
Andrew Carnegie
Walter Freeman
W. Averell Harriman
Ted Kennedy
John D. Rockefeller Sr.
David Rockefeller
Lee Teng-hui
Baron Guy de Rothschild
Hillary Clinton – (6? Grand Dame)
Albert Pike – (founder of Ku Klux Klan)
Sam & Edgar Bronfman Jr. – (Seagram Whiskey)
David, Nelson, Winthrop, Laurence, John D. III
Lord J. Rothschild
Bertrand Russell (scientist)
Otto of Habsburg
George W. Bush Jr. – Illuminati , Skull & Bones
Irenee du Pont, Illuminati
Adam Weishaupt Founder of the Bavarian Illuminati

11 of the 19 highjackers were from Saudi Arabia. 11….. 9/11 the two
towers make 11911-37_03

I dare
anyone in this form to defend bush now He stole the presidency for a reason
now we see what that reason is. http://www.vaticanassassins.org/anthrax.htm

The mass production of Military Grade Anthrax by the American Type Culture
Collection (ATCC), its curator being CFR member Dr. Joshua Lederberg,
Nineteen Shipments of which were sent to Freemason Saddam Hussein of Iraq
from his brother Freemason George H. W. Bush, prior to the Gulf War, after
which the American Troops who were given the Anthrax Vaccine developed ?e
Gulf War Syndrome?


Each part of the Gulf War was fought on the basis of some U.N. resolution,
and when Bush called American forces off of Saddam Hussein less than 48
hours before we would have taken Baghdad, Bush defended his action by
appealing to the United Nations resolutions which just stipulated that the
U.N. was going to free Kuwait. Therefore, Skull & Bones George Bush let the
33rd Degree Arabian Freemason, Saddam Hussein, off the hook, when American
forces could have had him in custody in less than 48 hours. Think of all the
aggravation the Middle East would have been spared had Bush let our forces
remove Hussein from power, by physically conquering his nation and his

http://www.federalobserver.com/archive.php?aid=3240  WorstOf2015     9/11/15 CFR bought Senate passes Deal 2 Nuclearize MiddleEast



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