#HRC aka #HRC2016 I Recruited Cheryl Mills To Be My Counselor and Chief of Staff. We had Become Great Friends in the White House during the 1990s.

Huma and Hillary in Tanzania

A secret love child scandal, threats to silence victims, heartless rape case jokes and more! An exhaustive 12-month investigation revealed 36 women who crossed paths with Bill Clinton — and why their tragic tales mean Hillary cannot be president 1 KATHLEEN WILLEY The White House volunteer claimed she was molested by Bill in the Oval Office on Nov. 29, 1993, the day her husband, Ed, committed suicide. Bill has vehemently denied the charge. In an exclusive interview, Willey called Hillary “a wretched, miserable, lying pig.2 CONNIE HAMZY Little Rock groupie “Sweet” Connie Hamzy told Radar: “It was Aug. 31, 1984. I was 29. I was lying by the pool on a chaise lounge at the Hilton in North Little Rock in a purple bikini and one of his aides, Mike, a former neighbor of mine, came up to me and said, ‘The governor wants to say hi to you.’ I said, ‘Well, I don’t have anything on,’ and Mike said, ‘That’s why he wants to talk to you.’ When I went to the hotel to meet him, Clinton’s two security guys and Mike walked away and Clinton said, ‘You made my day being in a purple bikini. Do you have a room here?’ I said, ‘I just came to use the pool.’ He said, ‘Let’s see where we can go,’ and he started trying doors on the first floor and he opened up a laundry room and he said, ‘Why don’t you (perform a sex act on me).'”3 CRISTY ZERCHER IN 1992, the flight attendant was flying from New York to California with Bill and Hillary when she claimed he pounced on her. In a 1998 interview, she claimed that as most aboard were asleep, including Hillary — who was just a few feet away snoring — Bill got up, sat next to her and groped her left breast sporadically for 40 minutes as she sat frozen. “Bill Clinton groped me right under Hillary’s nose,” she said.
4 BELINDA STRONACH Bill was rumored to have hooked up with the Canadian billionaire — who has been described as a younger, prettier Hillary — on the slopes in Aspen in 2004.5 PAULA JONES In 1994, the Arkansas state worker filed a sexual harassment suit, claiming Bill exposed himself and demanded oral sex. His testimony in that case about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky resulted in his impeachment and eventual acquittal.5 PAULA JONES In 1994, the Arkansas state worker filed a sexual harassment suit, claiming Bill exposed himself and demanded oral sex. His testimony in that case about his relationship with Monica Lewinsky resulted in his impeachment and eventual acquittal.7 SALLY MILLER PERDUE The former Miss Arkansas said in an interview she giggled as the man who would eventually become the 42nd president put on her slinky black nightgown. She said her young lover also danced around the bedroom playing his saxophone while she laughed.8 JUDI GIBBS The former Penthouse centerfold was allegedly a prostitute when her services were employed by then–governor Bill. Their trysts reportedly began when she was a topless dancer. Gibbs “told a lot of people that they’d been lovers,” a source said. But Judi died in a mysterious 1986 fire.9 THE JUDGE’S WIFE Former Arkansas state trooper Larry Patterson, who served on Clinton’s security detail, insists Bill had a torrid and shameless affair with a judge’s beautiful wife. “When she would come to Little Rock, he would boink her at whatever hotel she happened to be staying,” said Larry.10 GINA GERSHON Another actress romantically linked with Bill is the Showgirls star. Though she denied anything happened, a magazine stood by its 2008 story, suggesting Bill was “out of control and seeing a lot of women on the road. 11 BARBRA STREISAND While First Lady Hillary was visiting her dying father, she hit the roof when she found out that Babs was with Bill in Washington! “Hillary was furious that Streisand visited the White House, spending the night in the historic Lincoln Bedroom in the grim days when Hillary was in Arkansas. 12 SAFFRON BURROWS Bill allegedly had a London fling with the bisexual Deep Blue Sea actress — who is 26 years his junior. Sources said when Saffron was asked if she’d rather have an affair with Bill or Hillary, she chose Hillary! 13 ELEANOR MONDALE The daughter of former vice president Walter Mondale spent time with Bill in 1997 at the White House and in Los Angeles, where she miffed Barbra Streisand by taking up much of Bill’s time at a party in his presidential suite and then was seen jogging along the beach with him the next day! Eleanor denied any affair.14 CAROLYN MOFFET The terrifying 1979 incident began at a political fund-raiser where Carolyn met the future president and was later escorted to his room by troopers. She claimed that while sitting on the couch wearing only an undershirt, Bill pointed to his penis and ordered her to fellate him. Moffett refused, and he grabbed her head and shoved it toward his lap before she managed to flee in horror.15 & 16 BARBIE GIRL and AVA ADORAThe ex-prez partied with Barbie Girl and Ava Adora, call girls at Nevada’s infamous Bunny Ranch at a 2014 fundraiser. The event came days after it was reported Bill partied on a Caribbean island between 2002 and 2005 with billionaire sex creepJeffrey Epstein, who served 13 months for soliciting a minor for prostitution.17 THE BRAZILIAN PROSTITUTE “Slick Willie” is alleged to have cheated with a Brazilian prostitute in 2001! A source said Bill took a side trip to Rio de Janeiro and had a “quickie” with a call girl before giving a speech.18 ELIZABETH WARD Bill has a former Miss America among his list of conquests! In 1998, the former Miss Arkansas revealed she and Bill had been a hot item. “I had sex with Bill Clinton,” said Ward, who was a married 22-year-old when the tryst took place. “You think you can get away with these things, but they always come back down the road. Now Back At The Ranch #HRC2016 News Of Lies Those Damn Emails Just how much did Hillary Clinton‘s staffers know about her unauthorized private email use? A new State Department audit has claimed that not only did her team know, but also, that they may have violated federal laws in helping her do it!  The  Most  Evil  Bombshell Revelations In World History No Alternative Computer Was Ever Set Up:The report says that in late January 2009, Clinton wanted to take her “BlackBerry device into secure areas.” Senior staffers discussed “setting up a separate stand-alone computer connected to the Internet for Secretary Clinton ‘to enable her to check her emails from her desk,'” instead of allowing the Blackberry. But according to the report, “no such computer was ever set up. The audit says that in November 2010, “Clinton and her Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations discussed the fact that Secretary Clinton’s emails to Department employees were not being received, because they were sent from her personal email. According to the report, the Deputy Chief of Staff emailed Clinton, saying “We should talk about putting you on state email or releasing your email address to the department so you are not going to spam.” But the report claims Clinton refused, saying she did not want “the personal being accessible.Refusal To Replace Malfunctioning Personal Blackberry: In August 2011, Clinton’s staff discussed via email the possibility of providing her with a Department BlackBerry to replace her personal BlackBerry, which was malfunctioning, supposedly because her email server was down. The staff’s intent was to provide Clinton with two devices for her to use: “one with an operating State Department email account (which would mask her identity, but which would also be subject to FOIA requests), and another which would just have phone and internet capability.” But, the Secretary’s Deputy Chief of Staff “rejected the proposal to use two devices, stating that it ‘doesn’t make a whole lot of sense.Rising Concerns About Personal Email: In late 2010, State Department staffers “discussed their concerns about Secretary Clinton’s use of a personal email account in separate meetings with the then-Director of S/ES-IRM,” the report said. “In one meeting, one staff member raised concerns that information sent and received on Secretary Clinton’s account could contain Federal records that needed to be preserved in order to satisfy Federal recordkeeping requirements.” But the Director insisted that “the Secretary’s personal system had been reviewed and approved by Department legal staff and that the matter was not to be discussed any further.” However despite those claims at the time, the report says that there is “no evidence that staff in the Office of the Legal Adviser reviewed or approved Secretary  Clinton’s personal system.


Virginia’s Governor Terry McAuliffe is now the focus of an FBI investigation into whether his 2013 campaign donations violated the law. The 59-year-old politician is being investigated for what federal officials think may be suspicious personal finances, potentially related to foreign donations.

CNN reported that one of the foreign donations that could be of major interest was $120,000 from Chinese businessman Wang Wenliang

National Security With #RedNationRising http://www.iheart.com/live/the-sean-hannity-show-247-6706/


The biggest issue facing the governor, who said he was in “shock” over the allegations, is that United States election law forbids foreign nationals from donating to federal, state or local elections. However, permanent residents, which Wenliang is, are allowed to contribute to campaigns. The problem is that Wenliang is  also a Chinese citizen

Another major concern that has raised eyebrows is McAuliffe’s association with the Clinton Foundation, an organization that itself faces major scrutiny over questionable financial practices. McAuliffe is a longtime friend of Hillary Clinton  and investigators are looking into his period as a board member of the Clinton Global Initiative.

McAuliffe insisted that these allegations have “nothing to do with the Clinton Foundation.” The governor went on to say that the allegation was focused on a “gentleman who gave a check to my campaign” and that he “didn’t bring the donor into” the Clinton Foundation. “I’m not sure if I’ve even met the person, to be honest with you.”

Wang pledged $2 million to the Clinton Foundation. Marc Elias, attorney for the McAuliffe campaign, insisted that “neither the Governor nor his former campaign has knowledge of this matter, but as reported, contributions to the campaign from Mr. Wang were completely lawful.”

Elias also said in a statement to CNN that McAuliffe “will certainly cooperate with the government if he is contacted about it.”

More Clinton Chaos—Virginia Governor Faces Federal Probe Over Breaking Campaign Finance Laws

Hillary’s Top Aide Trying To Block The Release Of Her Deposition

Find out why Cheryl Mills doesn’t want the world to see her on video.

The former chief of staff under Hillary Clinton is requesting that video of her upcoming deposition be sealed from public view.

Lawyers for Cheryl Mills filed a motion in federal court on Wednesday asking the court to ensure that the video of Mills’ deposition regarding Clinton’s private email server will remain private. They said that Mills “supports the release of the written transcript of her deposition to the public. But no additional public interest would be served by the publication of the audiovisual recording.

Judicial Watch is the conservative group who sought the deposition from Clinton and her aides in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit. Mills fears that releasing video or audio from the deposition could help the watchdog group promote an anti-Clinton agenda

Putting Her Best Face Forward! Hillary Clinton  Had  Plastic Surgery Makeover For White House Run, Top Surgeons  Reveal

Radar recently spoke with Tom Fitton, Judicial Watch President who said of their investigation, “The more we learn [about the email scandal], the worse it looks!” Fitton also said that what they learned was “going to be embarrassing to Mrs. Clinton and the administration — maybe more than embarrassing.

Mills’ attorneys wrote in a motion submitted to U.S. District Court Judge Emmet Sullivan that they are “concerned that snippets or soundbites of the deposition may be publicized in a way that exploits Ms. Mills’ image and voice in an unfair and misleading manner.”

They went on to say that Mills “is not a party to this action. She is a private citizen appearing voluntarily to assist in providing the limited discovery the Court has permitted. … Judicial Watch should not be allowed to manipulate Ms. Mills’ testimony, and invade her personal privacy, to advance a partisan agenda that should have nothing to do with this litigation. Well Hillary Said That Cheryl Mills  acted as my principal liaison to the White House on sensitive matters, including per- sonnel issues.She helped me manage “the Building,” which is what everyone at State calls the bureaucracy, and directly oversaw some of my key priorities, including food security, global health policy, LGBT rights, and Haiti. I recruited Cheryl Mills to be my Counselor and Chief of Staff. We had be-come friends when Cheryl served as Deputy Counsel in the White House dur- ing the 1990s.

Judicial Watch was granted permission by Sullivan to interview Mills and other aides. Mills’ deposition is scheduled for this Friday and Sullivan is giving the conservative watchdog group until noon on Thursday to offer a formal response to Mills’ request.

In addition to Judicial Watch’s lawsuit, the Clintons have been facing mounting scrutiny for Hillary’s email scandal, Bill‘s sex scandals, and the Clinton Foundation’s allegations of fraud.

The film exposes how the Clintons demand six-figure speaking fees and amass huge sums donated to their foundation. It also suggests that the Clintons “sold out” to questionable characters, including dictators, financial institutions like Goldman Sachs and TD Bank, and titans of industry.

Schweizer believes the Clintons abused their core principles to build their fortune, he’s said. One example of this involves TD Bank. From the end of 2008 to mid-2011, the institution paid Bill $1.8 million for ten speeches.TD Bank was also a major investor in the Keystone XL pipeline. Why does this matter? The pipeline needed State Department approval. And with Hillary in the position of Secretary of State, Schweizer claims she used her power to delay the administration’s ability to reject the project.

“Cronyism and self-enrichment are a bipartisan affair, and Hillary and Bill Clinton have perfected them on a global scale,” Schweizer said of the film.

Clinton Cash is set to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016 and will then be shown in major U.S. cities, including a showing in Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention in July.

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