#WhatTheyDontWantUsToKnow Who ? #TheEstablishmentPimpinWhores About #CrookedHillary & Her #CrookedKingdom #Trump2016


911 Treason Continues to Unravel


9/11 HIGH Treason Co-conspirators George W. Bush FRAUD and Vice pResident Dick Cheney

By Tom Heneghan, International Intelligence Expert

UNITED States of America   –   It can now be reported that the U.S. Military Grand Jury operating in Washington D.C. now has total proof that the 9/11 Black Op attacks on the United States were directly ordered and orchestrated by the former year 2000 illegal White House occupant, faggot George W. Bush FRAUD and his Vice pResident, Satanist Dick Cheney, with the direct assistance of Saudi and Israeli Intelligence.


9/11 HIGH Treason Co-conspirators

NAZI Zionist Jews Hillary Clinton (Rodenhurst) and Michael Bloomberg

There is also direct evidence of complicity, cover-up and obstruction of justice in the matter of 9/11 by former New York Mayor, homosexual Michael Bloomberg and then New York Senator lesbian demon Jew Hillary Rodenhurst Clinton on the use of explosives planted in the World Trade Center towers weeks before the attacks.

Note: We can also report that current U.S. Secretary of State and George W. Bush FRAUD’s 3rd cousin, John Kerry “Skull and Bones” Cohen, current U.S. Vice President, Zionist stooge Joe Biden and current Republican Speaker of the House, Bush Crime Family crony Paul Ryan of Wisconsin continue to blackmail alleged U.S. President, foreign born Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro, in regards to the release of the 9/11 “28 pages” tied to Saudi Arabia.


P.S. At this hour, ten (10) major worldwide banks have cross – collateralized energy-related loans represented in trillions of dollars of worthless derivatives that are about to go up in smoke leaving HSBC Bank of Englewood, Colorado holding the bag.

HSBC Banks Parent company is Great West Life of Englewood, Colorado, and Power Financial of Canada.


911 Evidence Cheney to Mossad – Undeniable Shocking Ignored by Mainstream

Jeb Fears Trump knows Who Was Behind 9/11 Attacks!

Dr. Steve Pieczenik breaks down what Donald Trump was really saying to Jeb at the last debate regarding 9/11. Trump knows the truth and has put the bush crime family on notice!

I do not promote Israeli Gatekeepers like Alex Jones but this interview with Dr. Steve Pieczenik is telling a lot of truth.–Stew Webb

Filth Watch is a list of many Gatekeeper Stooges


It can now be reported that former Clinton era National Security Advisor and former U.S. State Department Official Forest Lindlay 301 565-0477 has released Photographs made by the U.S. Secret Service and U.S. Naval Intelligence of the First Lady Hillary Clinton having Hot Lesbian Sex with Bill Clinton Era White House Prostitute Susan who was also then White House Political Advisor George Stephanopoulos girl friend.

We also can report that Israeli Mossad Agent Monica Lewinsky engaged in Sex with both Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton.  Monica unable to be satisfied by Bill Clinton’s Cigar got satisfaction from Hillary Clinton’s 13 inch Dildo. This Sex Gate Psyop was all scripted by then Clinton Era Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr and his Stooge CIA Bush Clinton Israeli Mossad BiBi Netanyahu Stooge Larry Nichols of Conway, Arkansas.

This was done with the assistance of the Speaker of the House Knut Gingrich R-GA who wanted along with Bitc_ Ken Starr wanted to Cover-up the Bush Clinton Iran Contra Deal Room Drugs, Arms and Foreign Currency Money Laundry tied to none other than Nazi Zionist Jew Benjamin Netanyahu Bitch Knut Gingrich R-GA told the Impeachment Committee we must keep Al Gore out of the White House at all costs.

Direct message to Knut Gingrich your ass is now grass, President Albert Gore of Carthage, Tennessee as well as the Patriotic Michigan and Tennessee Flag Officers are ready to take Office by Brute Force.

Note” President Gore wants Gingrich and Homo Demon George W. Bush Fraud in an alley at the same time with Tennessee Squire Guns as the weapons.

ChYarXbUoAQM73_ChYarXqUUAANUlKHillary Clinton Speeches 2013-2015_1_0ChqvPEPVEAQL9KX.jpg




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