#DemDebate All Hillary’s Lies Right Here #Bengahzi #SaudiMoneyQueenHillary #PanamaPapers Well Well #CrookedHillary You Lying #WallStreetQueen #CriminalCartelLiar

00:28 Being in the pocket of Wall Street
00:44 The Clinton Foundation, Saudi Arabia
04:48 Paid speeches for Wall Street
09:40 Housing crisis
10:09 Glass-Steagall Act, banker bailouts
11:26 Wall Street
12:06 Trust
12:50 Gay marriage
15:02 Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
15:40 NAFTA, conflicts of interest
17:48 Illegal immigration
18:56 Progressive values
19:34 Email server
22:53 Benghazi
27:27 Iraq war
30:06 Patriot Act
30:41 Edward Snowden
31:02 Foreign policy
31:38 Climate change, renewable energy, big oil
34:42 Black Lives Matter
37:12 Fear of black men
37:24 “Super-predators”
39:00 1994 Clinton crime bill, racial prejudice
44:16 Welfare
44:38 Racial wealth gap, deregulation
45:16 Confederate flag controversy
45:42 The Democratic party
45:51 Prison-industrial complex
46:20 Rahm Emanuel
46:46 Bernie Sanders
47:12 Marijuana, criminal justice reform, the drug war
48:03 Attack tactics, healthcare
49:19 Experience
49:29 Walmart, child labor
50:25 No Child Left Behind Act
50:54 Haiti
51:27 Landing under sniper fire
54:02 Council on Foreign Relations
54:48 Children
58:00 Email server, FBI indictment
1:06:38 Guns
1:07:23 Personal wealth, houses
1:08:50 Accountability                                                                                                                                       Hillary Clinton Speeches 2013-2015_1_0     00:01Telling the truth61dNJfMdkdL._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_




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