#RedNationRising #2A Rights Front Sight Firearms Training Institute We’re Positively Changing The Image of Gun Ownership.

Front Sight | Reality Check Episode 24 | Concealed Carry | Internet Cafe Shooting
We’re Positively Changing The Image of Gun Ownership.

Front Sight introduces our new video training series called The Front Sight Reality Check.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is located just outside of Las Vegas Nevada.

The goal of this video training series is to show you how your training at Front Sight

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directly correlates to the reality’s that you will face on the street.

0:05 Hello and welcome to Front sight firearms training institute located just outside of Las Vegas Nevada. My name is Brad Ackman and I’m your director of training.

0:16 Welcome to the next episode of front sights reality check.

0:36.8 In the Reality Check series, we take a look at the real world lethal encounters and we diagnose them for you. So you can tell what was done right and what was done wrong.

0:46.8 And more importantly we give you some key insight to how your training at the front sight directly corresponds to those type of encounters.

1:03.3Welcome to episode number twenty-four front sight reality check.

1:14.8 This is a video of an attempted robbery. At an Internet cafe in Florida back in July of 2012.

1:30.0 I am compelled to feature it as an episode of reality check for one reason. The good guy in this video is being praised as a hero on social media with comments like super grandpa. Now that’s how it’s done and this is awesome.

1:48.7 What crap nothing could be further from the truth.

2:23 The older gentleman right here wearing the obligatory Floridian Snowbird geriatric garb.

2:46 The good guy spins his chair around and presents his own handgun. He closes the distance and shoots the gun wielding bad guy. Now up to this point the good guy has done a nice job.

3:03 Everything from this point on It was a mistake for example the bad guys clearly turn and run.

3:16.3 Thus ending the immediate threat to the patrons. The proper move for the good guy is to let them leave.

3:51 If you carry a weapon for self-defense you must be in control of your emotions our alleged hero. No self-restraint whatsoever

4:02 next I simply must comment on the good guy’s complete lack of skill regarding gun handling, marksmanship and tactics. Absolutely everything he did was wrong from grip, to stance, to trigger control, to use of cover or in concealment.

3:30.8 Listen you are never too old for training even the old dog can learn a new trick. We prove it all the time at front sight.

4;51.3 but I’ll tell you what that morbid curiosity is going to get him killed. When the bullets are flying get some cover and concealment.

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