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#TheHouseOfObama Is #TheLiesOfHillaryClinton The Census Bureau reports that “U.S. poverty rose 43.6 million in 2009, an increase of 3.8 million in the past year,” according to Lifting the Veil. It is the “largest total since the first 1959 estimates.”

According to the Economic Policy Institute, “1 in 4 American children now live in poverty.” For both Blacks and Latino/as, “1 in 3” children live in poverty.

After the “greatest transference of wealth in U.S. history – $12.8 trillion – to bailouts,” the Obama administration “dramatically increases government secrecy, blocking more FOIA request in 2009 than Bush did in 2008” (Huffington Post, March 6, 2010).

And there is no “ops, I made a mistake.” No apology, no blinking of the eyes, only a stead-fast deliverance of smiles and elegance, hand-over-heart, facing the flag, declaring God Bless America and all the while the corporate capitalists, according to the documentary, “earned record profits in the past year, recording their ‘best quarter ever’” (New York Times, November 23, 2010).

Obama “extends the Patriot Act without making any reforms” (CS Monitor, March 1, 2010).

Obama “cracks down on government whistleblowers more than any president in history” (New York Times, June 11, 2010).

Obama “pushes for mandatory DNA testing of those arrested for crimes, regardless of whether they have been convicted” (Politico, September 3, 2010).

“Ignoring the 70 percent of Americans who desire Universal Health Care, Obama cuts a secret deal with Insurance and Pharmaceutical companies to kill the watered down ‘public option’—while simultaneously campaigning on its behalf” (New York Times, March 16, 2010.

Obama “uses a signing statement to ignore labor and environmental standards for the IMF and World Bank” (Huffington Post, July 6, 2009).

Obama “gives permits to BP and other oil companies, exempting them from environmental protection laws” (New York Times, May 13, 2010).

Obama “announces over $8 billion in loan guarantees to promote nuclear power” (CBC, February 16, 2010).

Obama “appoints former Monsanto Lobbyist Michael Taylor as America’s food safety czar…[Monsanto,] named ‘the most evil corporation in the world’ by journalist Jeffrey Smith…provides the seeds for 90 percent of the world’s genetically modified crops” (Huffington Post, July 23, 2009).

Obama “nominates anti-marijuana zealot Michelle Leonhart for head of the DEA” (Raw Story, November, 16, 2010).

Obama “launches FBI raids on anti-war activists in Chicago and Minneapolis” (Democracy Now! September, 27 2010).

“The Obama administration proposes a 3 year freeze on domestic spending, exempting cuts to the Pentagon and Homeland Security…

[Obama] “operates a ‘black site’ at Bagram airbases, where the Red Cross has reported torture of detainees” (BBC, May 11, 2010).

Obama “continues the practice of indefinite detentions for alleged ‘terrorists,’ denying the right of habeas corpus” (Washington Post, May 22, 2009).

Obama “continues renditions of alleged terrorists and ‘militants’ to countries where they could be tortured” (New York Times, August 24, 2009).

Obama “successfully prosecutes child soldier Omar Khadr using evidence obtained through torture” (CBC, November 1, 2010).

Obama “refuses to suspend military aid to Honduras after a fascist coup outs democratically-elected leader Manuel Zelaya” (UPI, October 21, 2009).

Obama appoints Eric Holder, Head of the Justice department. “Holder had previously served as the lawyer for Chiquita Brands International when it was charged with funding death squads in Colombia” (Counterpunch, November 19, 2008).

Obama “appoints Dennis C. Blair as Director of National Intelligence…During the 1999 East Timor massacres, Blair presented Indonesian General Wisanto with an offer of increased military assistance…After the massacres, he invited the war criminal to be his personal guest in Hawaii” (WSWS, January 20, 2009).

Obama “appoints William Lynn as deputy secretary of defense. Lynn previously acted as senior vice president at Raytheon, which has billions of dollars in Defense department contracts” (Washington Independent, January 25, 2009).

Obama “refuses to sign a treaty banning the use of landmines” (MSNBC, November 24, 2009).

Obama “eases restrictions on the use of child soldiers in Africa” (The Cable, October 26, 2010).

Obama “announces a $60 billion sale of arms to the Saudi Arabian dictatorship, the largest arms deal in history” (CBS, September 13, 2010).

Obama “promises $30 billion in military aid to Israel over the next decades” (Truth-Out, February 16, 2010).

“Only a few months earlier, the UN’s Goldstone report charged Israel with massive war crimes during its assault on Gaza, including the targeting of schools, mosques and medical personnel…

[Obama] awards $250 million in government contracts to notorious mercenary outfit Blackwater aka Xe” (The Nation, June 28, 2010).

Obama “authorizes the assassination of U.S. citizens abroad, and an unprecedented declaration of executive power” (New York Times, April 6, 2010).

Obama “dramatically increases the use of drone bombers in Pakistan, resulting in thousands of civilian casualties…

[Obama] uses “cluster bombs in Yemen, resulting in the deaths of 14 ‘militants,’ and 35 women and children” (CS Monitor, June 7, 2010).

“Obama reneges on his promise to exit Iraq, announcing that 50,000 troops and over 100,000 ‘private contractors’ will remain…Instead of removing the troops, Obama simply renames them ‘transitional’ forces” (February 26, 2010).

“Obama back tracks on his promise to leave Afghanistan by July 2011…Mark Sedwill, the top civilian NATO representative in Afghanistan, claims the ‘transition’ to ‘independence’ could run ‘to 2015 and beyond’”(June 24, 2010).

And the gulag at Guantanamo is still open for the dissemination of American values…

Adopting the enemies of the U.S. will set you free? NO, Barrack Obama! No more lies, Hillary Clinton. No more propaganda. No more exclusion of voices deemed too radical for State and Alternative news media outlets. No Orwellian Big Brother TV screen, spewing more of your values!

The majority of American people reject these changes offered by the current regime.

The majority reject the creation of a U.S. dictatorship! That is why you will not see Lifting the Veil on the current or the new and improved State news media outlets!

What is happening to the planet and its people is not the result of individuals, says economist Richard Wollf. It is about a system that cannot be reformed but must be removed!

Lifting the Veil is not all doom and gloom: it is not simply the unraveling of the “insanity” of electoral politics or the political empowering of the wealthy elite and their corporate wars.

Lifting the Veil is about Hope! It is not “hope” as defined by this current regime, for this Hope, Chris Hedges says, is not in the vocabulary of the powerful. It is that Hope that only the people themselves own and nurture from generation to generation, from one uprising to another, from one civil disobedient act to the upheaval of unjust laws and dictatorships. We still posses this Hope, the documentary shows. But if we are to “fight for something that is real,” my colleague at the Black Commentator Larry Pinkney says, we must “translate Hope into action.”

Hope precedes the appearance of Brand Obama. It was present in the uprisings of workers, Blacks, Latino/.as, says John Pilger. This Hope is present in the “activism that doesn’t give up. Activism doesn’t fall silent.”

“Something is coming again. The signs are there.”

“What Obama, the bankers, the generals, the IMF, the CIA, the CNN and the BBC fear is ordinary people coming together and acting together”:

Ordinary American people for too long have been misrepresented by stereotypes that are contemptuous. The progressive attitudes of the public have seldom been reported in the media because they’re not ignorant. They’re subversive.

Lifting the Veil is the subversive message that…

Hope has a cost. Hope is not comfortable or easy. Hope requires personal risks. It is not about the right attitude or peace of mind…Hope is about action. Hope affirms that which must be affirmed! (Chris Hedges).Stealing-America_NoShadow-270x415.png


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