American Hypocrisy on Full Display: U.S. Sanctions Venezuela Over ‘Police Brutality’

Why Do We Invade Other Countries And Ignore The Crimes Within Our Own Country #TheHouseOfObama vs Other Leaders And The World And The Media Covers Up The Lies Just Like This #CorruptedElection And Much More #Bengahzi 9/11 And Police Brutality Hunger Poverty Economic Collapse Monsanto Poisoning Our Food With GMO Watch These Lies Chemtrails America Empire Get Use To It Iraq War The War Now #TheLiesOfHillaryClinton #TheBushAndCheneyShow Lies After Lie After Lie Of American Greed And Corruption #WallStreet And Now Deep Pocket Goldman Sachs Liar #Hillary2016

United States Hypocrisy

Despite his 2008 pledge “to quash fear and promote dignity” among nations as opposed to the belligerency of the Bush years, the administration of President Barack Obama has seen the U.S. empire’s sanctions regimes continue unabated, and in some cases even expand. Whether it’s taking further steps to economically isolate North Korea over the unverified hacking of Sony Pictures (which exposed the film company as being staffed with racist jerks), taking measures to send Russia’s economy into recession as retaliation for its efforts to thwart NATO’s Ukraine-takeover, or sanctioning Venezuela for resisting another American-backed right-wing coup, truly fair and balanced diplomacy on behalf of the United States is simply D.O.A. Thus the imperialists resort to what they do best: arm-twisting, threatening and causing as much pain and suffering as possible to break the will of those who resist.

Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro vowed to resist U.S.-imposed sanctions, saying of the U.S. Congress, "They can shove their US visas where should be shoved, insolent Yankees!" Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro vowed to resist U.S.-imposed sanctions, saying…

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