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CFRNow For The Scam “Brilliant,” “brainy,” “super-smart,” and “Wall Street smarts” — these seemed to be some of the recurring words used to describe President-elect Barack Obama’s two top economic picks — Timothy Geithner, chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, for secretary of the Treasury; and former Secretary Treasury Lawrence Summers for National Economic Council director. The praise for Geithner and Summers didn’t just come from Democrats. According to  “‘Brilliant,’ ‘outstanding’ and ‘exceptionally talented’ were some of the words used to describe [Obama’s] two top choices … and that came from Republicans.”

Not surprisingly, both Summers and Geithner are veteran members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), as have been most of their predecessors, who have led our nation’s economy into the present debacle. Both men have been involved in massive government bailouts, manipulation, and intervention in domestic and foreign markets over the past two decades. Here’s an excerpt of a biographical sketch of Geithner from the Council on Foreign Relations’ website:

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Geithner was closely involved in recent talks surrounding the failure of investment bank Lehman Brothers and the bailout of the insurance giant AIG….

Geithner had a previous thirteen-year stint at the Treasury Department, starting in 1988 when he joined the international affairs division. He became undersecretary for international affairs at Treasury during the later years of the Clinton administration.

In 2001, Geithner left Treasury to become a senior fellow in international economics at the Council on Foreign Relations. He served as director of a CFR Task Force on trade policy that recommended the United States expand free trade. A report published by that task force called on Congress to grant Trade Promotion Authority to President George W. Bush, which he was given by a narrow vote margin.

From 2001 to 2003, Geithner was director of the Policy Development and Review Department at the International Monetary Fund (IMF). There, he helped craft the IMF’s $30.4 billion bailout of the Brazilian economy in September 2002. He also worked on bailouts of the Indonesian, Mexican, and South Korean economies.

As the chart at the end of this article shows, 17 of Mr. Geithner’s predecessors at Treasury (including the Treasury’s current head, Henry Paulson, and before him, Lawrence Summers) are/were fellow CFR members.

Here’s another kudo for Geithner

“It’s hard for me to imagine a better team than this one,” said Pete Peterson, co-founder of the Blackstone Group, who chaired the search committee that chose Geithner for the New York Fed. Peterson, a veteran of the Nixon administration, said Geithner, 47, “has everything that anyone could ask for” in a Treasury chief.

USA Today doesn’t mention it, but Peterson is chairman emeritus of the CFR. Also not mentioned in the article (or anywhere else in the CFR-dominated major media) is the fact that the recently bailed-out insurance giant AIG was run for decades by billionaire CEO Maurice Greenberg, a prominent force in the CFR. Greenberg and AIG poured considerable funding into the CFR, and the Maurice R. Greenberg Center for Geoeconomic Studies at the CFR is named in his honor.

It is not the intellectual capabilities of these folks that is in question; they may be as “brilliant” as their admirers allege. The question is toward what ends are they (and have they been) applying this alleged brilliance? They have been consistently, “brilliantly” wrong – with catastrophic results for our economy (though they seem to keep getting richer and richer). More important is their judgment, their moral convictions, and their ideological leanings. Unfortunately, CFR membership seems to require a globalist worldview that embraces a politically managed world economy (socialism, though they won’t use that term) and the piecemeal destruction of national sovereignty (world government).

As John F. McManus notes in “Behind the Obama Agenda,” (written just prior to Obama’s Geithner-Summers announcement):

The council has gained a virtual lock-hold on the U.S. government, regardless of which party is in office. No other organization comes close to boasting the kind of clout that the CFR members have held: eight presidents of the U.S.; seven vice presidents; 17 secretaries of state; 20 secretaries of war/defense; 18 secretaries of the Treasury; 15 directors of the CIA. And on it has gone throughout the Cabinets, in seriatim — through Democrat and Republican administrations — with hundreds of deputy secretaries, assistant secretaries, etc.

The Obama Cabinet will be no different…. Other names being mentioned by the media for federal posts starting January 20 read like a membership list of the CFR. (All the individuals whose names follow hold CFR membership.) Will octogenarian former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker actually be tapped? Will he be assisted by New York Fed official Timothy Geithner? Educated guesses for jobs in the new administration include former Cabinet officials Federico Peña, Bill Daley, Lawrence Summers, and Colin Powell.

As McManus notes, based on the experience of the past several administrations, we can expect another 400-plus CFR globalists to be appointed to the Obama administration. Some change!

CFR Members in U.S. Government (Pre-Obama Administration)
Presidents Vice Presidents Secretaries of State
Herbert Hoover Richard M. Nixon Henry L. Stimson
Dwight D. Eisenhower Hubert Humphrey Edward R. Stettinius, Jr.
John F. Kennedy* Gerald R. Ford Dean G. Acheson
Richard M. Nixon Nelson A. Rockefeller John Foster Dulles
Gerald R. Ford Walter Mondale Christian A. Herter
James E. Carter George H. W. Bush Dean Rusk
George H. W. Bush Richard Cheney William P. Rogers
William J. Clinton Henry A. Kissinger
Cyrus R. Vance
Edmund S. Muskie
Alexander M. Haig, Jr.
George P. Shultz
Lawrence Eagleburger
Warren M. Christopher
Madeleine K. Albright
Colin L. Powell
Condoleezza Rice
 Secretaries of War/Defense Secretaries of the Treasury
CIA Directors
 Henry L. Stimson  Andrew W. Mellon  Walter Bedell Smith
 Robert P. Patterson  Ogden L. Mills  Allen W. Dulles
 James V. Forrestal  William H. Woodin  John A. McCone
 Robert A. Lovett  Henry Morgenthau, Jr.  Richard Helms
 Neil H. McElroy  Robert B. Anderson  James R. Schlesinger
 Thomas S. Gates, Jr.  C. Douglas Dillon  William E. Colby
 Robert S. McNamara  Henry H. Fowler  George H. W. Bush
 Melvin R. Laird  David M. Kennedy  Stansfield Turner
 Elliot L. Richardson  George P. Shultz  William J. Casey
 James R. Schlesinger  William E. Simon  William H. Webster
 Donald H. Rumsfeld W. Michael Blumenthal  Robert M. Gates
 Harold Bown  G. William Miller  R. James Woolsey
 Caspar W. Weinberger  Donald T. Regan  John M. Deutch
 Frank C. Carlucci  Nicholas F. Brady  George J. Tenet
 Richard B. Cheney  Lloyd Bentsen  Michael V. Hayden
 Les Aspin  Robert Rubin
 William Perry  Lawrence H. Summers
 William S. Cohen  Henry M. Paulson, Jr.
 Donald Rumsfeld**
 Robert M. Gates

*John F. Kennedy was never listed on any of the CFR’s official membership lists. However, he confirmed in a letter in 1960 [PDF Download] that he was at that time a member of the Council, as well as a “longtime subscriber” to the CFR journal, Foreign Affairs.

** Donald Rumsfeld was counted twice, as he served as Defense Secretary in two separate administrations.

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