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What Putin Can Teach Trump
Sola Scriptura Litmus Test
Brazil Zika cases raise concern of virus transmission beyond mosquitoes
Females with childhood ADHD at double the risk for obesity
Spread of bee disease ‘largely manmade’
WikiLeaks’ Assange ‘arbitrarily detained’ in embassy, U.N. panel to say
Johnny Manziel’s ex-girlfriend tells police QB assaulted her
With a nod to Silicon Valley, new ADL chief courts digital natives
In first US mosque visit, Obama slams ‘inexcusable’ anti-Muslim rhetoric
Jewish candidate Sanders opens up on ‘strong religious’ feelings
Germany arrests jihadists planning ‘serious act,’ hunts 2 more
Israel clamping down on ‘illegal’ EU building in West Bank
Saudi official: Kingdom ready to send troops to Syria
Iran plans to upgrade missiles, untroubled by sanctions threat
With no Israeli ambassador in Brazil, PA opens embassy there
GOP hopeful John Kasich (White Freemason) defends Israel over peace talks, settlements
Palestinians: Is Israel behind the collapse of Gaza terror tunnels?
Israel threatens to revoke press credentials from ‘negligent’ journalists
Goldman Sachs chief Lloyd Blankfein: Sanders candidacy a ‘dangerous moment’
DOWN’s Hometown Concert Canceled After PHILIP ANSELMO’s Nazi Salute, ‘White Power’ Comment
‘Leave no one alive’: Senior Israeli rabbi calls for execution of all Palestinians
Swedish feminists: “Please don’t protect us if we get raped by immigrants”
LAURA LEVITES (Feminist): “I’d Personally Like to Castrate Every Male Conservative Christian”
Father Ordered to Pay $600 in Child Support Arrested for Killing Mother and Child
Germany Fast Forward
The Path of Wotan: Our Spiritual Heritage [II of III]
Changing the Rules: Four Refugees Seek Asylum from Outside the UK
‘Something smells’: Top Iowa paper calls for ‘complete audit’ of Clinton’s win over Sanders
Jews and White Genocide
The Law of the Land
Revilo P. Oliver: Conspiracy or Degeneracy?
Jimmy Carter: I would choose Donald Trump over Ted Cruz
Zika tests Catholic position on birth control
Ethicists approve ‘3 parent’ embryos to stop diseases, but congressional ban remains
Cavemen From 400,000 Years Ago Ate Better Meals Than You Do
Syria Peace Talks Are Suspended
Iran, Germany call for cooperation against terrorism
Russian military officer killed in Syria shelling
Herzog presents Kerry with West Bank disengagement plan
Israel helping coalition battle Islamic State, general says
Who are the 10,000 Jews of New Hampshire?
2015 third-worst year on record for UK anti-Semitic incidents, new figures show
Jewish singer, David Draiman, admitted that he fucks on an altar in Christian Church.
ISIS Behead 14 Year Old In Front Of Parents
Israel nuked America on 9-11-01! – Shout it from the rooftops (Part II)
The Corruption Of The American Woman
Russia to the Rescue: Berlin Could Shed US Subordination With Moscow’s Help
Judea-Supremacist (David Rothkopf) Notes the ‘end of an era for White males’
“The Celts” by Thomas d’Arcy McGee
N.F.L. Great Ken Stabler Had Brain Disease C.T.E.
Origins of World War II: The “German Question” (Part 1)
‘Refugee’ Sex Attacks Continue in Germany
Europe’s Sleeping Beauty
Santorum (White Freemason) drops out — and Dan Savage is ready with a hilarious X-rated joke
Jailed Oregon militants have extensive criminal histories — many aren’t even allowed to carry guns
Church tells 84-year-old woman she can’t be buried next to husband because she missed services
Then And Now: Cam Newton And The Ongoing Plight Of The Black Quarterback
The Weaponized Mother
Finnish TV Releases Ridiculous PSA Teaching Women How to Stop Rapists
The Enablers Of Jewish Supremacy
Study links eating fish with healthier brains, regardless of mercury
Falling oil prices weigh on U.S. stocks
Britain Receives Proposals for ‘Better Deal’ to Stay in the E.U.
South Korea Warns North Korea Not to Launch Satellite
Probe Reveals Nearly All West Bank Land Settlement Deals Were Forged
“Aryan” Is the Correct and Proper Name of Our Race
Jordan’s economic troubles may leave it vulnerable to Islamic State
Russia open to ‘terrorists’ attending Syria peace talks
45% of French Muslims would ‘react negatively’ if daughter married a Jew
Be more aggressive in Gaza Strip, ex-Gaza general urges
Analyst: Iranian negotiator a contender for Nobel Peace Prize
How an Israeli healer treats Parkinson’s through talk and dance
Israeli hiker discovers 3,500-year-old Egyptian seal in Galilee
Israeli Finance Ministry up in arms over Netherlands cutting off some Holocaust benefits
Cruz victory comforts pundits, but sets the stage for an ongoing struggle
Next US president could cancel Iran deal – Hoenlein
5 questions Jews should be asking after Iowa
New Hampshire Jews trust Bernie Sanders (Zionist Jew), but voting all over the map
Report: Madoff disappointed his family doesn’t visit in prison
Fake anti-Israel New York Times distributed in Manhattan
FEMA’s First Concentration Camp Officially Opens In Arizona
Putin’s National Security Chief: US Provoked Russia Into Taking Over Crimea
The Jewish Role in the Native American Genocide
Slavery, Gun Control and the Jewish Elites, by Rehmat
GERMANY – Jews Demand A Jewish State Within Germany
Illegal Immigration Is Immoral
Iben Thranholm: European Men Need to Return to Male Hero Virtues
Cruz Beats Trump in Iowa; Clinton Edges Out Sanders in Historically-Close Caucus
The Six Stages of Awakening
Race-Hating Liberals
Shocking Scenes of Sexual Misconduct by ‘Migrants’ at German Swimming Pools
Letter to the People of Europe
Red Ice Radio: Jim Rizoli – What Really Happened at Auschwitz?
Introduction to the Holohoax
Ted Cruz (Freemason) Just Won The Iowa Caucus. This Is His Radical Agenda For America.
Iowa Caucus: Ted Cruz (Freemason) Wins Republican Caucuses, According to A.P.
68 year old politician marries a 14 year old girl
Huge population of endangered lions found in Ethiopia
Britain approves controversial gene-editing experiments
The Four Horsemen Explain Why They Follow The Villain In X-Men: Apocalypse
Early results show Cruz, Clinton with slight leads in tight races in Iowa
Iranian leader gives out medals for detention of US sailors
As talks open, Syrian opposition says Russia creating ‘new Hitler’
Kerry stresses ending incitement in call with Abbas
Hinting at endorsement, Adelsons (Zionist Jew) give Cruz (Latino Freemason) maximum donation
Analysis: Ban uses unprecedented tone in scolding Israel in op-ed
Israel important for Iowan Jews, but not only concern, Jewish Federation President says
Erdan’s response to stop-and-frisk critics: Multicultural policing
Facebook’s Zuckerberg (Zionist Jew) surpasses Koch brothers (Freemasons), now world’s 6th wealthiest person
Europe’s “refugee” crisis and the Kalergi plan for white genocide
China warns George Soros: Don’t go to ‘war’ against our currency
Cry of Silence
The Elite Knew Mass Unemployment and Unrest Was Coming Long Ago
Zika Virus a Global Health Emergency, W.H.O. Says
Books That Changed History
US ‘make rape legal’ group plans worldwide anti-woman event in 43 countries
Adolf Hitler – The Saviour of Germany
Why Jewish and Arab cofounders are good for business
Fugitive rabbi threatens life of South African chief rabbi
State Department declares 22 Clinton emails ‘top secret’
Bernie Sanders (Zionist Jew): Democratic socialist calling for ‘political revolution’
Are Palestinian teens committing ‘suicide by soldier’?
Netanyahu threatens to eclipse 2014 war to destroy Gaza tunnels
Trump faces key test with Iowa primary
Israeli, Palestinian and American collaboration saves life of Nablus teen
Poverty, inequality mar strong Israeli economy, OECD report finds
One on One: Egypt’s fragile alliance with the US as it faces terrorist threat
Canadian Jewish group: Trudeau’s omission of Jews in Holocaust day statement unintended
Israel is Al-Qaeda’s Air Force in Syria says Assad
U.S. dairy industry petitions FDA to approve aspartame as hidden, unlabeled additive in milk, yogurt, eggnog and cream
GMO feed turns pig stomachs to mush! Shocking photos reveal severe damage caused by GM soy and corn
Where Lies Your Homeland?
White Girls, Black Dolls: Destroying White Bias
What Exactly is Anti-Semitism?
Bathhouse Nationalism Has Got to Go!
“Anti-Semitic” Quotes by Karl Marx
History and meaning of Slavic Swastika – Kolovrat
Thousands of slaves in Israel, global study finds
Israeli actress: The Israeli government is the most dictator and the most racist state in history
Bill Clinton (White Freemason) Admits That Mass Incarceration Stems From Policies Enacted During His Administration
Where Lies Your Homeland?
Trailblazing Connecticut course is blueprint for future Holocaust education
Israeli, Turkish officials set to hold fresh détente talks
At least 33 Greece-bound migrants drown off Turkish coast
France: We will recognize Palestinian state if talks deadlock persists
Turkey says another Russian jet violated its airspace
If the US can decrypt vital Israeli transmissions, who else can?
Syria peace talks in peril as more Syrians starve
Thousands march in Paris rain to protest state of emergency
So what if Paris recognizes a Palestinian state?
A Cruz-Rubio (Latino Freemasons) feud flares in Iowa closer
The new Zionists: Ultra-Orthodoxy has effectively surrendered to the Zionist idea
Holocaust remembrance speeches: How Obama and Netanyahu’s worldviews differ
Hebron Jewish families to try to move into disputed buildings today
German paper uses Nazi language to blame Israel for Palestinian terrorism
Israel not surprised by US/UK spying but says changes needed
Israeli ‘spy vulture’ captured in Lebanon
AJC in Berlin urges action to change Arab refugees’ anti-democratic values
Heil Putler!
The Essence of Judaism
What Color Black Am I?
Waco – A New Revelation
This is What You Defeated Hitler for: Bestiality Brothels are Spreading through Germany
My Awakening: Globalism vs Nationalism
Slaves Held Washington Became a Catholic on His Deathbed
Obama Opens First Gender-Neutral Bathrooms In The White House
Official German NSDAP Govt Booklet (1933) “The New Germany desires Work and Peace”
Individuality: A Jewish Plot To Enslave The Mind
Humans drove this massive, ancient bird to extinction by chowing down on its eggs
Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Jew, Feminist): Louis Brandeis (Zionist Jew) inspired my work for women’s rights
Indiana House unanimously passes anti-BDS bill
US decries ‘abnormal’ Iranian flyover of its aircraft carrier
In huge Israeli intel breach, US, UK have spied on air force for 18 years
Poll claims 25% of Israelis fear a second Holocaust
Israel rejects French ultimatum: ‘This isn’t how one makes peace’
Clinton, Cruz (Freemasons) feel the pressure as Iowa caucuses approach
Spain ‘deeply worried’ over Palestinian deaths from Israel’s use of force
Security and defense: A decisive year for ISIS
Islamists Issue Ultimatum to German Women: Rapes WILL CONTINUE if you do not Comply
Warren: Obama administration ‘shockingly weak’ on corporate crime
Lawmakers Trying To Pass Bill Exempting Politicians From Arrest And Prosecution For Corruption
Using the Moral Capital of the Holocaust to Promote Muslim Migration
SEATTLE: Schools implant IUDs in 6th grade girls — no parental notice…
USDA Forces Whole Foods To Accept Monsanto
Sweden investigating Israeli death threats against its foreign minister
The Unmentionable Holocaust
Three Takeaways From the Iowa GOP Debate Without Trump
Just Another Dead Patriot
Hackers post private files of America’s biggest police union — and you won’t believe what’s revealed
Renegade Tribune Promoted on Hungarian Television
Are Gifted and Talented Programs Being Used as a Way to Segregate Schools?
“Could You Just Send an Officer?”: Chicago Teen Called 911 Before Being Shot by Cop
The Path of Wotan: Our Spiritual Heritage [I of III]
Facebook Moves to Ban Private Gun Sales on Its Site and Instagram
Paul Joseph Watson’s Defective Protest of Modern Art
Germans Continue to Stock-Up on Guns in Preparation for Race War
70,000 Whites Murdered in ‘Modern’ South Africa; Obama’s African Legacy
Germany: Nonwhite in One Generation
White Afrikaners Demands for Freedom
The White Slaves of Barbary North Africa and the Ottoman Empire
African Migrant Kills Three Norwegians One Day Before his Scheduled Deportation
The Evidence Is In: Breastfeeding Benefits Children, Mothers and Economies
How Facebook (Jews) Plans To Take Over The World
Amazon shares plunge as record profit still misses estimates
Johnny Manziel and Hue Jackson are giving each other the silent treatment
Without Trump onstage, Republican debate turns to policies
Sure you can make it in Israel — if your parents help, say economists
At Holocaust event, Obama casts himself as defender of the Tribe
In unprecedented meet, Netanyahu, Greek and Cypriot leaders push gas pipeline as peace catalyst
Vatican officials say Pope likely to visit Auschwitz
Jewish groups join protests greeting ‘executioner’ Rouhani in Paris
Italian poll questions efficacy of International Holocaust Day
ADL partners with EJC to combat growing anti-Semitism in Europe
White House backs US Treasury’s views on Putin as ‘corrupt’
Analysis: Using Israel’s gas to cement ties
Anne Frank’s stepsister: Trump ‘acting like another Hitler’
U of South Florida student body president, VP veto divestment resolution
Obama administration reissues labeling order on West Bank products
Founder of ‘Birthright for Moms’: Jews should move to Israel before end of days
Stephen Hawking Warns Humanity: Leave Earth Before the Ruling Class Destroys It
Video: WWII Veteran Says 90% of Congress are Traitors to Our Country
Food Stamp Welfare Individuals MUST BE RFID CHIPPED
Adolf Hitler’s Last Will And Statement
Zika Virus ‘Spreading Explosively’ in Americas, W.H.O. Says
Turning Tables on Holocaust Hoaxers
German Girl Stirs Men to Revolution
The Martinez Perspective: Thoughts on Artificial Multiculturalism
Racial Pride Leads to Racial Preservation
Sacrifice: What Would You Die For?
Warrior’s Will
Chicago Police Officer Plans To Sue Teenager He Shot And Killed
Basic Philosophical Re-Education: You Are Stronger Than You Think
Lonely planet: Astronomers find galaxy’s largest solar system
Google announces Nexus 5X price cut, Nexus 6P deal for Valentines
Israel expands survivor benefits, but most live in poverty
Trump spurns a powerful player in GOP politics in falling-out with Fox
Netanyahu: Possible Turkey detente unrelated to Greece ties
Rouhani in Europe: ‘Zionist lobby’ blocking friendlier US-Iran ties
Israel’s 2015 report on anti-Semitism paints dismal picture
Sweden to expel 80,000 asylum-seekers, minister says
GOP Debate feud injects fresh chaos into Republican primary
Obama at Holocaust event: We are all Jews; we must all fight anti-Semitism, evil
‘Israel to invest to track potential terrorists on social media’
Italy has special responsibility to remember Holocaust, envoy says
‘It’s not clear if the Holocaust is a reality or not,’ Iran’s supreme leader says
Israeli Cabinet expected to vote on Western Wall plan
Oberlin College president to discuss campus anti-Semitism with alums
90 LGBT activists call anti-Israel behavior at conference ‘dangerous’ and ‘deeply disturbing’
‘First Ruby Ridge and Waco — now Burns’: Militant leaders issue warning after LaVoy Finicum’s death
Ammon Bundy asks remaining Oregon militants to ‘stand down’
FBI tells militants in Oregon: Actions are not without consequences
Blood Money
Open Borders – A Jewish Issue
Wounded Warrior Project Spends Lavishly on Itself, Insiders Say
Nick Kollerstrom: Breaking the Spell of the Holocaust
Black Sun: The Mythological Background of National Socialism
Rebuilding the Berlin Wall
Young Pakistani Woman Stoned to Death for Having a Cell Phone
SWITZERLAND strikes a blow against Muslim ‘political correctness’
Trump wishes for ‘good’ relations with Russia, China
Arab men flock to refugee camps to buy little Syrian girls
Sudan man forced to ‘marry’ goat
Rapefugee Victim to be Prosecuted
Full Story About What’s Going on In Oregon – “Militia” Take Over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge In Protest to Hammond Family Persecution…
Poll: Trump reclaims lead in Iowa
Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch (Zionist Jew) Calling for Open Borders for America
Russia Claims U.S Using Influenza as a Bioweapon
Jews Who Control Hollywood Tell Stars: Better Not Mention Palestine
Ammon Bundy and Five Others Are Arrested, and One Is Killed, in Oregon
Facts of Racial Science Blatantly Suppressed
Why I No Longer Care About The Issue Of Palestine
Muslim Countries REFUSE To Take ‘Refugees’ Over ‘Fear Of Terrorism’
Number of obese and overweight children under five ‘alarming’, WHO says
Rare White Giraffe Spotted in African National Park
Young to keep job at Texas after drunken driving arrest
Death and political jockeying precede Syria peace talks
Denmark passes controversial bill to seize assets and valuables from refugees
How scared is Hollywood of Netflix and Amazon?
X-MEN: Apocalypse cast shares details on all their characters
FBI Arrests Milwaukee Man Planning Temple Attack
Fox News head lets Trump walk, keeps Megyn Kelly as debate moderator
Merkel opens Holocaust art expo with anti-Semitism warning
Pastor who was imprisoned in Iran expected home Tuesday
Rome’s nude statues covered up ahead of Rouhani visit
Clinton makes her power to persuade Israel a selling point
At least 6 Palestinians said killed in Gaza tunnel collapse
Israel interested in ties with Sudan, deputy defense minister says
Chelsea Handler (Feminist) calls for special airport security checks for Muslims
IDF soldier gets 4 month jail term for shooting a camel
Rap star B.o.B.’s latest track promotes Holocaust denier
Ahead of the Iowa caucus: A Jewish guide to the presidential candidates
Erdogan Says ‘Won’t Tolerate’ 2nd Russian Airbase in Kurdish Syria
US rapper downplays Holocaust, suggests listeners read David Irving
Trump Calls for “Closing the Internet,” Says Believing in “Freedom of Speech” is “Foolish”
McDonalds Teetering On The Brink Of Financial Collapse
Germany: Woman who Wore “University of Auschwitz” T-Shirt Faces 5 Years in Prison
Latest Auschwitz “Holocaust Survivor” Story a “Colossal Lie” Researcher Points Out
Eliminating Cash – The Real Reason
The Völkisch and Virile Art of Fidus
Panel Calls for Depression Screenings During and After Pregnancy
Zgoda: The Real Auschwitz Death Camp
Retired Policeman Exposes White Genocide
White Genocide
Can Donald Trump Be Our Savior?
Secondhand Smoke Poses Health Risk for Hookah Bar Workers
Why do zebras have stripes? It’s not for camouflage, say scientists.
Former Longhorns QB Vince Young arrested in Austin on DWI charge; Texas makes statement
FSU settles lawsuit with woman who accused Winston of rape
The Pied Piper and Invasion of Pedophile Culture
Vladimir Putin (Jew) Denounces Lenin, Says Stalin Got it Right
Google Nexus 5X Discounted to $312 on eBay
The unorthodox path of a Jewish man in the ‘new’ Ukraine
Iran president starts first EU tour since sanctions lifted
Egypt intensifies crackdown ahead of Arab Spring anniversary
Islamic State planning ‘Mumbai-style’ mass terror attacks in Europe
Holocaust toddlers nearly twice as likely to develop schizophrenia
Hillary Clinton (Feminist, Freemason) says ‘America needs a strong and secure Israel’
Fearing return to jail, freed spy Pollard aborts first speech in 30 years
How an Israeli opened Slovakia’s doors for Iraqi Christian refugees
Israel native encounters swastikas, anti-Semitic slurs while visiting Berlin refugee camp
Berlin opens biggest exhibition of Holocaust art outside Israel
Canada to send ‘tough message’ on violence to ally Israel
A Glass Of Red Wine Can Replace An Hour Of Exercising According To New Study
Hitler Uncensored – Victory
Europe’s Tragedy: Most Of Its Men Are Feminized Wimps
Is Ultrasound Safe and Sound?
When Chechens Come to Town
Militia Says It Will Take Up Arms To Defend Flint If Necessary
Valhalla: Fact or Fiction?
2 Abortion Foes Behind Planned Parenthood Videos Are Indicted
What To Expect In 2016
FEMINIST CELEB: We need ‘Euthanasia Vans’ to drive around and get rid of all the old people
Match Fixing Suspicions Raised at Australian Open After Site Stops Bets on Match
How Many Jew-Wise People Are There in the World?
Who Brought the Slaves to America?
Jewish NBA fans turn on Cavs after favorite son David Blatt (Jew) fired
In new Palestinian city, few residents and charges of collusion with Israel
Polish, Croation presidents to attend Auschwitz liberation ceremony
LeBron James becomes Israeli public’s newest enemy after Blatt firing
22,000 illegal African migrants repatriated from Israel in recent years
Shimon Peres rushed to hospital after suffering chest pains
Iranian couple arrested in India carrying forged Israeli passports
How Labour turned London into a foreign city: Fewer than half the capital’s population are white British, gangsters from Somalia terrorise the suburbs and even the tramps are immigrants, reveals astonishing new book
Trump Takes on the Neo-Cons
You Do Not Need a Cure for Diabetes, Do It By Yourself
For the First Time in History Society is Rejecting New Music -“Old” Music Is Outselling New Releases
While Nation Braces For Winter Storm, Senate Sneaks In Bill To Allow For Military Martial Law
Five Reasons Ted Cruz (Freemason) Is Even More Dangerous Than Donald Trump
Identitarian Movement – Future for Europe
General Patton’s Warning on Communism and Jews
UK – More teachers and more training needed for Holocaust education, say MPs
The Holocaust: Biggest PSYOPS in All History!
How the British Obtained the Confessions of Rudolf Höss
The Gods and Goddesses of Greek Mythology
‘I would support this to the death’: Raw Story goes inside OR occupation where militants say they’ll die for their cause
Donald Trump at the #SHOTShow: Don’t give federal lands to the states to manage?
Shattered Dreams: Europe Doesn’t Want Ukrainian Refugees
How a Spanish “Holocaust Victim” was Exposed as an Impostor
The Self-Destructiveness of Ethnic Europeans
A Babylonian Captivity
Carter: Some anti-IS coalition members doing ‘nothing at all’
NY Times raps Netanyahu for ‘unfair rebukes’ of US envoy
The mess that is Lebanon
Biden: US prepared to defeat Islamic State in Syria militarily
‘Switzerland struck secret deal with PLO to escape terrorism’
Angela Merkel (Freemason, Feminist) : Anti-Semitism more widespread than we imagined
Kerry: Hezbollah has 80,000 rockets, gets most of its arms from Iran
Tunisian FM’s nomination opposed over Israel post
Report: Gaza zoo animals dying; dead animals stuffed for show
Faced with new ISIS threat, Israel readies itself for possible confrontation
The Myriad Ways Political Corruption and Mass Incarceration Go Hand and Hand
Michael Bloomberg (Zionist Jew), Sensing an Opening, Revisits a Potential White House Run
Tactical Triggering: White Genocide, Jewmerica, and Trump’s Retweet
Onto Matters Of The Heart….
1 dead from listeria outbreak linked to Dole salads
Florida leads U.S. in new HIV cases after years of cuts in public health State health department has suffered years of cuts
Apple will unveil a new 4-inch iPhone in March, report says
Somalia hotel attack: Terrorists kill at least 20 people in Mogadishu
Blizzard with ‘life and death implications’ hits D.C., Mid-Atlantic
Chris Christie (White Freemason) promises to let Israel vent about Obama
Iran general: US paid Tehran $1.7 billion to release ‘spies’
Kerry: Iran and the world were on a collision course to war
IDF official: Hamas ready for fresh hostilities with Israel
Trump retweets ‘White Genocide’ account based in ‘Jewmerica’
Clinton snipes at Sanders over Iran foreign policy
Tunisia imposes nationwide curfew amid rising unrest
Oscars red carpet preview: Modesty is the new sexy
Walter W. Reed, whose memoir about hiding from the Nazis was published last year, dies at 91
Clinton camp cites Israel dangers in taking aim at Sanders
Jewish transgender man gives birth and embraces life as a single ‘abba’
2015 saw spike in anti-Semitic incidents on US college campuses
Four dead in worst Canada school shooting in decade, suspect caught
Uganda bans maids working in Saudi Arabia amid complaints of mistreatment
Analysis: Settlers won’t topple Netanyahu, so they’ll beat up their whipping boy – Ya’alon
Migrant Claims Sex With a Dead Girl Not An Assault, Says Conviction Should Be Dropped
IMF’s Prescription for Europe: Exploit Refugees with Low Wages
Netanyahu: U.S., Israel close on military aid package
Jewish Bolshevik Rape
The Triad of Treachery
On Goals
U.S. to Put ‘Boots on the Ground’ in Iraq to Combat ISIL
History Reviewed: Teaching Whites about Jews
Heroic White Mom Fights Off Armed Carjackers at a Gas Station and Saves Her Children
Book About George Washington’s “Happy Slaves” Has Now Been Pulled Off Shelves Everywhere
How to keep away mosquitoes carrying Zika, dengue
Discovery Of Ancient Massacre Suggests War Predated Settlements
JPMorgan CEO gets 35% pay raise to $27M amid cutbacks
EPA issues emergency order over Flint water crisis, administrator who oversees Michigan resigns
Bernie Sanders’ religion a non-issue for Iowa voters
Treat Israel like moderate Arab states do, PM tells EU’s Mogherini
Analysis: Speculation over Israel’s diplomatic liaisons with Gulf States
Clinton campaign taps veteran Jewish community campaigner (Sarah Bard) as outreach director
Ignore the noise — Hillary Clinton (Freemason) will win in 2016
55 years ago, the CIA murdered Patrice Lumumba, Congolese revolutionary leader
All’s Fair in the Skin Game
Syrian Invaders Fear German Nationalists and Want to Return Home
Exclusive: Prince Charles will convert to Judaism “within three years”
White Refugees not Allowed in Germany
Glenn Frey and the Secret Jewish History of The Eagles
Facebook Launches Europe-Wide Campaign Against Extremist Posts
Neocons Tried to Bribe Nick Griffin’s BNP to Ignore Jewish Power & Only Attack Islam
The Alluring Paintings of Herbert James Draper
The Hidden Slitherers of Mind Manipulation
The Russian Reich
The Lost Gods of the Celts
(VIDEO) Israel to arrest anyone for posting content deemed ‘Anti-Israel’ on Facebook
Israel Must Now Open Its Nuclear Program to IAEA Inspection, or Face Sanctions
Israeli weapons aid potential genocides in Myanmar and Burundi
When Water is Offered at Lunch, Kids Drop Weight
Sarah Palin’s son Track charged with domestic violence
Do you need antibiotics? A new test may tell
Iran: Saudi Arabia is ‘panicking,’ the 2 countries can coexist
This New X-Men: Apocalypse Image Pretty Much Spoils The End Of The Movie
Netanyahu to meet Greek, Cypriot leaders in Nicosia
Israel to announce major land appropriation in Jordan Valley
In first public remarks, Brazilian official criticizes Dani Dayan appointment
Turkish synagogue tagged with anti-Israel graffiti
Zarif decries US ‘addiction to coercion’ with new sanctions
West ignoring grave threat from IS in Libya, Israeli terror experts warn
British doctors seek to expel Israel from World Medical Association
Palestinian Authority hard-liners blast security cooperation with Israel
Rivlin: ISIS already present in Israel with support growing
Iranian Kurds persecuted, benefiting from Kurdish gains next door, they say
Michael Douglas (Jew), Natan Sharansky (American Jew) to discuss anti-Semitism in campus visits
White House: Robert Levinson likely not in Iran
Norway is TOO WHITE! According to the President of the Jewish Community in Oslo
Faced with EU and U.S. criticism, Israeli insults fly
Slovenia’s biggest supermarket chain takes Israeli products off shelves
Millions Unfriend Facebook
How to Break the Power of the Jews
Germany Must Halt All Immigration and Asylum Seekers Now!
To Every Age Its Giants
WATCH: Oregon militants sit silently as furious residents shame them for ruining their community
Enemies on the Right: The John Birch Society and Individualism
Pakistan University Attack Kills at Least 19, Official Says
They Live: John Carpenter’s Exposé of Jewish Power
How The Jews Control America…..
Catch-Up Sleep Helps Counter Metabolic Effects of Insomnia
Cardiac Arrest Deadlier in a High Rise, Study Says
Netflix Is In ‘No Hurry’ to Go to China
Turkey’s Crackdown on Kurdish Rebels Includes Local Mayors
If Donald Trump had his way, your iPhone would be insanely pricey
Latino Groups React to Supreme Court Taking On Immigration Actions
Vladimir Putin (Jew): Jews fleeing Western Europe should move to Russia
Israel eyes world coalition to force social media platforms to block incitement
Bush slams Clinton, Slaughter over proposal to ‘shame Israel’
Makers pull video game based on Pakistan school massacre
Free from sanctions, Iran moves assets worth billions of dollars
Bennett: Israel’s defense thinking is ‘deadlocked,’ while our enemies are improving
Israel: Report calling for firms to pull out of West Bank endangers Palestinian jobs
French Jewish-Muslim relations are always troubled, says historian
French FM: Lifted sanctions don’t give Iran right to ballistic missiles
Ya’alon: I would prefer Islamic State to Iran in Syria
IDF will no longer draft immigrants aged 22-26
British MPs trash Trump, but most oppose banning him
Donald Trump (Zionist) pledges to move US Embassy to Jerusalem
Former US diplomats, security officials excoriate Sanders on IS, Iran
Saudi and Iranian FMs take proxy war to the pages of the ‘New York Times’
US Jewish billionaire (Jennifer Pritzker) donates $2 million to Canadian transgender studies program
Herzog calls for completing security fence around settlement blocs
German Jewish leaders: We are no longer safe here
Swedish opposition lawmakers to call Wallström out over Palestinian incitement
Saudis not ruling out nuclear option if Iran gets bomb
Analysis: Iran most powerful since ’79 revolution
Op-Ed: On Roe v. Wade anniversary, fresh threats to abortion access demand action
French Jews, struggling to find work in Israel, consider going home
Poll: Only 20 percent of Jewish-Israelis see Arab citizens as ‘equals’
Human Rights Watch report ramps up pressure on Israeli settlement activity
New World Order Noahide Laws UNfolding
Saudi Arabia Landed in Russia’s Trap
Toxins Stored In Your Fat Cells Are Making You Fat And Swollen. Here’s How To Cleanse Them
German man ‘with Hitler moustache’ battered two Afghan refugees with swastika helmet – then did a Nazi salute Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3406149/German-man-Hitler-moustache-attacks-two-Afghan-refugees-swastika-adorned-helmet-doing-Nazi-salute.html#ixzz3xk5G9VZa Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
China’s Richest Man Buys 28k Acres Of US Wilderness To Preserve It
One Thing Donald Trump Is Actually Right About When It Comes to America’s Economic Problems
Supreme Court to Hear Challenge to Obama Immigration Actions
Cleansing Foods
Charges of Genocide
Schwaben States of America
Sarah Palin (Zionist) Endorses Donald Trump (Zionist), Rallying Conservatives
A Deadly Deployment, a Navy SEAL’s Despair
Pennsylvania German Tombstones: A Study in Folk Art [Part I of II]
We Are National-Socialists, not ‘Nazis’
China Poised To DEMAND U.S. LAND As Payment For U.S. Debt
Why I No Longer Believe In Eugenics…..
The Right Amount of Exercise Is …
Tiny implant monitors brain injury, then melts away
Zika virus scare spreads as Brazil gears up for Carnival, Olympics
Study: Kidney transplant, dialysis patients surviving longer
China GDP Slows to Weakest Since 2009 on Manufacturing SlideChina GDP Slows to Weakest Since 2009 on Manufacturing Slide
Samsung has quietly fixed the Galaxy Note 5’s Pengate issue
Glenn Frey, Eagles Guitarist, Dead at 67
Does Bernie Sanders (Jew) Actually Want to Be President?
What If Ted Cruz (Freemason) Becomes President?
Olmert wins deal to avoid extra jail term
Ending crisis, Hezbollah ally gets nod for Lebanon presidency
IDF chief: Iran deal raises specter of proxy wars with Israel
Israel employs double legal standard in West Bank, US envoy charges
Visiting Indian FM: Israel-India ties have ‘much more potential’
EU softens statement, but lays line between Israel and settlements
PA security forces warn of permeation of ISIS ideology; Laud Israel-PA-US cooperation
Red Cross: Palestinian paramedics did not refuse to treat Israelis after terror attack
Aliya advocate group seeks funding to keep new immigrants in country
French PM: Attacks in France, Israel show we are ‘in world war’
Most French oppose call for Jews to remove kippahs, survey finds
Swedish govt in “panic” after ISIS letters give 3 days to convert to Islam or be decapitated
European Roma descended from Indian ‘untouchables’, genetic study shows
U.S. expands secret intelligence operations in Africa
42% Of Americans Ditch Two-Party System, Say Government Is Biggest Problem (Poll)
Breaking: Hong Kong Announces Plan To Ban The Ivory Trade
The Rothschilds Are Believed To Be Worth $500 Trillion. And Are Not On Forbes Rich List!
Proof George HW Bush (White Freemason) Was a CIA Agent Involved In The ASSASSINATION of JFK
Israel is now Bombing Syria: Claims Airstrikes at Syrian Army Convoy on Damascus
Glenn Beck (White Freemason) apologizes via Facebook for publishing “fake tweet” about Trump voting for Obama
Forget The Silicones: Six Plants That Cause Breasts Growth
Donald Trump says he will get Apple to ‘start building their damn computers and things’ in the US
Japan to remove swastikas from maps as tourists ‘think they are Nazi symbols’
Obama Approves $12 Million for Holocaust Survivors, Not One Dime for African-American Reparations
The Druids
Rudyard Kipling: The White Man’s Poet
Adolf Hitler Uncensored – Part II
How Republicans Convinced White America That Government Was Out to Get Them
‘Death to All Jews!’ — Jewish Agents with Links to Mossad Stir Up Fake Anti-Semitism
Is the Answer in the Mirror?
To Be European
The Beast As Saint: The Truth About Martin Luther King Jr.
The Crimes of Jews: March 2003 Update
Israeli source: Iran will first invest freed-up funds in military
Iran general scoffs: US sailors cried when we captured them
Family of Jewish-American missing in Iran ‘devastated’ he’s not part of swap
Skeptics of nuclear deal ‘all proven wrong,’ says Rouhani
US slaps new sanctions linked to Iran ballistic missile program
Analysis: Lifting of sanctions a blessing for Iran, but could endanger the Islamic regime
Israel Navy closely watching Hamas force build up, preparing for underwater threats from Gaza
Emerging Shi’ite unrest toward Hezbollah following discovery about missing preacher
New York police say assailants chanted ‘ISIS’ while beating man
Obama hails ‘results’ from engagement with Iran
The country’s tastiest chicken will soon be kosher
Kuwait Air to end New York service over refusal to carry Israelis
Poland Rearms in the Demographic & Cultural War (as EU and Germany Impotently Protest)
Are Books Still Important?
Refugee Gratitude
Support for leaving EU grows in UK amid terror, migrant tensions
Iran’s president says nuclear deal a ‘glorious victory’
Netanyahu vows to ‘monitor Iran,’ says it hasn’t abandoned quest for nukes
Multinationals ready to jump into Iran market
Kerry declares US, Mideast allies ‘safer’ with Iran deal
IS ‘massacre’ in east Syria said to kill 300 civilians
Timeline of Iran’s nuclear crisis
Republicans (Masons), AIPAC (Jewish Organization) bemoan lifting of Iranian sanctions
Analysis: A Middle Eastern Finland
Analysis: Signs increasing that American support for Israel could begin to crack
Jewish-American Robert Levinson not included in prisoners released from Iran
Report: PA security forces arrest Erekat top aide for ‘collaborating’ with Israel
Bernie Sanders Opposes “Divisive” Reparations for African-Americans
Mein Kampf: Multiculturalism Will Fail
Hellstorm Flyers: Honoring German Victims by Exposing the Truth of World War 2
Iran Complies With Nuclear Deal; Sanctions Are Lifted
Greater Israel: Myth or Reality?
Larry Elder Teaches a Jew about Black Lives Matter, Racism, & Leftists
BUSTED: Emails prove Carly Fiorina campaign has been illegally coordinating with super PAC
The Stormer Fallacy: Blaming White Women
Iran Frees Americans, Including Jason Rezaian, in Prisoner Swap
The Absurdities of War
Netherlands says OK for biker gangs to fight Islamic State
One Fruit Kills Malignant Cells of 12 Different Types of Cancer
New Biography Causes Stir: How Close Was Merkel to the Communist System?
Switzerland Follows Iceland In Declaring War Against The Banksters
What sort of school IS this?! Geography teacher is now accused of lesbian affair with teenager after two colleagues ‘had threesome with boy’
The Plant Of Immortality and How To Use It
Ted Cruz (Latino Freemason):“If You Will Not Stand with Israel and the Jews, Then I will Not Stand with You”
Mossad proxy faked violent Facebook anti-Semitism
Updates For January 2016
Putting a Face on Addiction: The Urgent Need to Address Our Nation’s Heroin Epidemic
Signs Of Second Largest Black Hole In The Milky Way
As Céline prepares for René’s funeral, her brother dying of cancer
Why Apple iOS ‘Night Mode’ Improves Your Health
As Iran Prepares to Sell Its Oil, Officials Look at Ways to Bolster the Price
N. Korea Says It Could Halt Nuke Tests If US Scraps Drills
Google Nexus 5X gets a $30 price cut (now starts at $349)
Republicans now see a Trump-Cruz race, with time for a shift running out
Why the West Bank refugee camps refuse to join the Third Intifada
Sweden’s Israel-bashing FM named in Stockholm housing scandal
Israel said scrambling to counter new EU decision on settlements
Kerry to meet with Zarif as US signals end to Iran sanctions in sight
At least 20 dead as Al-Qaeda gunmen attack Burkina Faso hotel
What Pope Francis synagogue visit says about Catholic-Jewish relations
Grandson of infamous Nazi spends lifetime making amends for namesake’s atrocities
Politics: A look inside the strangest election that never happened
Time for Israel to close its embassy in Sweden, former deputy FM says
Kuwait Airways cancels key route to avoid US anti-discrimination law
Republican debaters snipe at one another, Obama’s Iran policy
Ted Cruz says Donald Trump has ‘NY values,’ the Jews cries anti-Semitism
Dems push bill to let gun violence victims sue gun-makers
Sweden: State-funded Muslim Sniper Training
​Private prisons bribe judges to jail more inmates – ex-prison guard speaks out
Japanese Company Produces Lifelike Child Sex Dolls For Paedophiles
Video: Israeli sniper praised for shooting Palestinian protestors
Cop Pulls Gun On Teens Having Snowball Fight
Far Eastern Trend: National Socialism on Rise in Japan
America Is Completely Owned & Ruled by Jews
Radio 3Fourteen: David Cole – The Truth Behind the Gates of Auschwitz
A Christian Testimony and the Norse Gods
Make Israel Great Again: Record Number of Jews From Western Europe Make Aliyah
Obama’s Immigration Raids Are Turning Latino Communities Into Ghost Towns
Unarmed black protesters were ‘forcibly removed’ and jailed after they tried to occupy a wildlife refuge in 1979
The Nordic Paintings of Nils Blommér
A Racial Group as a Self-Regulating Organism (Beauty & Civilization)
Poor Sleep Tied to Hardened Brain Arteries in Older Adults
Sierra Leone investigating suspected Ebola death: health ministry
Asia shares hit 3-1/2-year lows as oil resumes fall
Goldman Sachs agrees to tentative $5.1B mortgage settlement
Netanyahu says Israel and EU need to reset ties
Turkey’s Kurdish Rebels Attack Police Complex, Leaving At Least Six Dead
What Israel’s spate of high-profile sex scandals says about its culture
France’s Hollande: ‘Intolerable’ for Jews to hide skullcaps
Anti-Semitism drives record-high Western European immigration to Israel
Bernie Sanders (American Zionist Jew) surging in polls, but are Jews feeling ‘the Bern’?
US House vote on Iran bill won’t come before sanctions lifted
French Jews ask: Is wearing your faith a risk, or a right?
When the world’s newest Islamic republic honors the Jewish state
How David Bowie’s (Crypto Jew) ‘adoptive’ Jewish family welcomed him to America
CNN lists Palestinian Museum opening on ‘Nakba Day’ among hottest new attractions of 2016
Close bond forged between Kerry, Zarif key to ending US-Iran sailor standoff
Analysis: Putin closest thing to a friend Israel has ever had in Moscow
Key Pentagon official in Jerusalem to discuss maintaining Israel’s military edge
Haredi Orthodox school in London ordered to close
U.S. Church Puts Five Israeli Banks on Investment Blacklist
Atlanta Will Soon Open First LGBT Private School
The US Is Now Involved In 134 Wars
N. Korea Says its H-bomb ‘Capable of Wiping out U.S.A at Once’
Here We Go Again: Western Powers Preparing For New Invasion of Libya?
Signs of food allergies may be present at birth
This Sleek Sports Car Runs On Salt Water – No Joke
FBI Caught Posing As Militia @ Harney County Armory
Merkel’s Jews Push Mass Migration
How to Tell If Someone Is Lying
Solzhenitsyn and the Liberals
Teen Confesses to Boyfriend’s Murder on Facebook
Defeating the Tolerance Tyranny
Ted Cruz’s (Freemason) birther problem grows as more constitutional law scholars say he can’t be president
Secrets of the Viking Sword
US Government Admits Americans Have Been Overdosed on Fluoride
Nuclear Pakistan Threatens to ‘Wipe Iran the Map’ if it Attacks Saudi Arabia
U.S. shares tumble; Brent crude slips below $30
U.S. Economy Expands Even as Wages Stay Flat, Beige Book Says
U.S. stocks sink lower
Source: Hue Jackson wants Browns to move on from Johnny Manziel
Israeli study uses gold particles to ‘seek and destroy’ artery blockages
Marseille Jews warned against wearing kippas after attack
Obama: Islamic State a real, but not existential, threat
Middle Eastern Holocaust survivors may be sued over legal fees
US lawmakers approve greater oversight of Iran nuclear deal
Donald Trump and Jewish values
Iran naval chief: We were ready to fire at US aircraft carrier
Israel calls in Swedish envoy over ‘extrajudicial killings’ comments
‘Miracle’ of safety for Marseille Jews shattered by string of attacks
French teen charged in machete attack on Jewish teacher
Analysis: Istanbul attack reveals Erdogan’s crumbling sense of stability
In wake of Cologne attacks, Germany may be grappling with migrant ‘rape game’
Israel to bar Sweden from any role in future diplomatic process with Palestinians
Netanyahu to Brazil: Settler leader the only ambassador we’ll offer
In his final State of the Union, Obama pleads for multilateralism
Al Jazeera America to stop broadcasting by end of April
Former MI5 officer sparks outrage claiming Paris terror strikes were ‘inside job not ISIS’
Lord Rothschild (Zionist Jew): Dark Clouds Forming in Europe, Russia and Middle East
More Utah parents opt out of immunizations for kids
Bernie Sanders (Zionist Jew) Wants White People to Apologize for Slavery… Now.
Supreme Court Rejects Nestle’s Bid To Throw Out Child Slavery Suit
Viking Silver – What Our Ancestors Knew
U.S. Will Track Secret Buyers of Luxury Real Estate
“Tall Man Crying” by David Lane
Police Officer Accidentally Shoots, Kills 12-Year-Old Girl
The Mockery That Media Has Become
Wall Street Loan Helped Ease Ted Cruz’s (Latino Freemason) Senate Bid in 2012
Iran Says It Has Released U.S. Sailors Accused of ‘Trespassing’
Mugabe and the White African
Rams Moving to Los Angeles Area, and Chargers Could Join Them
David Bowie: A Talented Traitor is Dead: Obituary
Document Confirms British were Plotting to Invade Germay Before Germany Invaded Poland
Israel Officially Aids 3rd World Invasion
Podcast: What Israel can teach the US about gun control
Rabbis who side with Holocaust deniers and anti-Semites
Ashkenazi Jews are not white
Will robots knock out Israel’s best jobs?
660,000 Israelis unable to get married here
Hillary Clinton (White Freemason) received plan to secretly galvanize Palestinian protests
Israel joins condemnation of North Korea nuclear test
Germans’ huge interest in ‘Mein Kampf’ shows a will to ‘cope with the past’
Sweden demands probe of Israeli ‘extrajudicial executions’
Egyptian lawyer sues Netanyahu for ‘1967 war crimes’
Report: ISIS obsessed with launching 9/11-style attack using weaponized drones
Iran reportedly ready for nuclear deal implementation
Liberman: Let’s hope Sweden’s FM doesn’t join Palestinian terrorists in stabbing Jews
EU funding Dead Sea road to help annex area to Palestinian Authority, NGO charges
In poor Paris suburb, crime and extremism spur internal Jewish exodus
As Turkey reaches out to Israel, Jewish groups move to embrace rival
Apple’s Siri technology to be offered in Hebrew
Han Solo a Jew? 3 Jewish actors are reportedly on the short list for the role
Democratic senators who backed Iran deal meet with Netanyahu
Adolf Hitler – The European Army
WhereWhitePeopleMeet.com: AryanSkynet’s Preferred Online Dating Site
Hollywood and The CIA: A Dark Marriage Revealed
Churchill’s Policy of Deliberately Bombing German Civilians – A British War Crime
Blacks Were Targeted for CIA Cocaine
The CIA Helps Export Opium From Afghanistan
Chemical Weapons Don’t Recognize Armistice
Fighting for the Future of our Folk
Powerball’s $1.3 Billion Swindle Of Americans
The Taboo Speech
Report: Koch Brothers’ (Freemasons) Father Helped Nazis Build Oil Refinery
Racist Thai Beauty Ad That Praises White Skin Causes Online Uproar
The Martinez Perspective: Ziocon Infiltration of Alt-Media & Putin Worship
Iran Holds Two U.S. Navy Boats After Mechanical Problems, Officials Say
Hillary Clinton’s Lead Over Bernie Sanders Slipping in New Poll
Explosion in Istanbul District of Sultanahmet Kills at Least 10
Obama Rebrands Gun Control
Putin: Human Evolution Under Threat By Big Pharma, GMO, Vaccines
Stanford scientists build battery that won’t overheat
Militants mount deadly mall attack in Baghdad, shattering lull in violence
Merkel under pressure as Cologne police detail assaults
U.N. official says starvation exists in besieged Syrian towns
Alienware announces an Oculus Rift bundle, and the first OLED gaming laptop
Did The X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer Reveal One Of Apocalypse’s Powers?
Rand Paul (White Freemason), bumped from main debate stage, will boycott Thursday’s undercard
How social media helped free a ‘chained’ woman after 8 years
‘No choice’ but to annotate ‘Mein Kampf,’ as screed a bestseller again
Al-Qaeda threatens Saudi over jihadists’ executions
Hezbollah said to get arms direct from Russia, can use against Israel
Swedish police take flak for covering up refugee sexual assaults
ISIS tells British wannabe terrorists: Shave off beards and wear crosses
Time to start standing up to Saudi Arabia
Iranian official: Saudi rulers are serving the Zionists and Americans
Detroit Billboard Denounced As “Anti-Semitic” For Putting America First
In last State of the Union address, Arab-Israeli conflict looms over Obama legacy
Guantanamo’s influence on Israeli civilian courts
Crosses vandalized at Catholic cemetery near Jerusalem
David Bowie (Jew) was into kabbalah and other Jewish facts about the late icon
Saudi Arabia to allow Israel use of its airspace to strike Iran – report
Islamic Suicide Bomber Trainer Accidentally Blows Up His Entire Class
ISIS member executes his own mother in public
Slovakia vows to refuse entry to Muslim migrants
AWESOME: Italy DEPORTS Muslim Imam After He Calls For TERRORISM
Israel wants $5 billion a year in military aid from the US
Two White Men Doused With Gasoline And Set On Fire By Blacks Near Baltimore. Media Censored Story (VIDEO)
13 February 1945: Approximately 500,000 German Refugees Burned Alive by Allied Forces in Dresden
Arthur Rackham’s Illustrations of European Fairy Tales and Folklore
God as the Original Terrorist: How the Bible Condones Atrocious Acts of Terror
David Bowie Dead at 69
Why Banks Are Unraveling
KKK leader who murdered black girl with a crossbow wants out of prison after finding God
A Defense of the Simple-Minded
Heinrich Himmler on Homosexuality
The Secret Behind Communism
Harvard law professor: Ted Cruz’s (Latino Freemason) eligibility to be president is ‘murky and unsettled’
Churches Bent on Suicide
The Prophecies of Vanga
“Diversity” is about Disinheriting Whites
US-born soldier says he’d forgive Palestinian who stabbed him
Silently protesting Muslim woman, Jewish man, kicked out of Trump rally
‘France without Jews is not France,’ French PM says at Hyper Cacher
Nobody registers to challenge Netanyahu for Likud leadership
40 ex-Brazilian diplomats oppose Israeli envoy pick
Saudi using Iran row to hurt Syria peace talks — Zarif
Al-Nusra Front kidnaps 2 Syrian media activists
Swedish airport evacuated after bomb scare
Jordan to form judicial committee to ‘inspect Israel’s violations’ at Temple Mount
Largest organization of US historians rejects anti-Israel resolution
Europe concerned as scale of alleged migrant attacks on women grows
Thailand’s king recovering from infection, swollen lung
Obama will not endorse a candidate in 2016 Democratic presidential race, White House says
Kerry: Iran ‘days away’ from meeting nuke deal commitments
World’s First Lesbian Bishop Calls for Church to Remove Crosses, to Install Muslim Prayer Space
U.S. Dropped 23,144 Bombs on Muslim-Majority Countries in 2015
Occult Forces: Our Ongoing Struggle with Freemasonry
The Truth Dies From The Victors’ Lies
Sean Penn Secretly Interviewed ‘El Chapo,’ Mexican Drug Lord
Why Feminists Pimp Out Our Women
Empire of Porn and Perversion
Top Hungarian Economist Calls Out the “Global Power” Behind Flooding Europe and Provoking WW3
Security experts fear ‘European 9/11’ in the coming year
Merkel calls for tougher expulsion rules after Cologne sex assaults
One year on, France remembers victims of kosher store massacre
Is the Diaspora dying?
Trump: Syrian refugees are probably ISIS
Merkel on defensive as anti-migrant sentiment soars in wake of Cologne rapes
Air strike in Syria kills at least 39 people in rebel-held town
Turkish army says 18 Kurdish militants killed in southeast
New Law Introduced Into California Legislature Would Punish Companies That Boycott Israel
Black Students Now Demand SEGREGATION From White Students, MLK Would Be So Proud!
Document Lists 1063 Times Obama Has Been Caught Lying
I Dreamed of Germany
Man Yells That Marco Rubio is Owned by Jews and Freemasons at Campaign Rally
Skin Cancer Risk In Transplant Patients: Study Finds Odds Of Cancer Death Higher After Organ Transplant
Oral cholera vaccines to double to 6 million does after UN health agency approves new supplier
The root of modern allergies
Former Cardinals executive pleads guilty, admits hacking Astros’ computers
Why Do Republicans Dislike Jeb Bush (White Freemason) So Much?
Asus ROG Claymore keyboard lets you switch the 10-key number pad to the other side
Cruz, trolled by Trump, releases his mother’s birth certificate
Naftali Bennett: We’re literally the border between Islamic State and the free world
New ‘Mein Kampf’ publication ‘a slap in the face to Holocaust survivors’
450 of 452 suicide attacks in 2015 were by Muslim extremists, study shows
Left-wing Israeli says he helps kill Palestinians who sell land to Jews
East Jerusalem Hamas cell ‘planned to kill Netanyahu’
Canadian agency: Pot doesn’t need kosher certification
Why Israel’s Arab citizens are the biggest proponents of gun control
Report: Book about Israeli-Arab love story becomes best-seller after school ban decision
Why did it take Israel’s vaunted security forces a week to find Tel Aviv gunman?
Dutch chief rabbi: Rabbinical pro-Christian statement ‘goes too far’
French auction house pulls portrait equating Barghouti, Mandela
Congress considers bills that would slap Iran for missile tests
‘Mein Kampf’ sells out on first day in Germany
Nazi gestures get Southampton fans 3-year ban from Premier League matches
Debbie Wasserman Schultz (Feminist Jew) under fire for calling young women complacent on abortion
Is Marco Rubio (Latino Freemason) really outraged by US spying on Israel?
Swedish Left Party moves to ban men urinating while standing
Obama tells Rape Victim that a Gun May Not Make her More Safe
Whites Only Dating? That’s ‘Racist’. Interracial Dating? Black Dating? Jewish Dating? All considered to be fine.
Calls For Arrest Of Michigan Governor As Poisoned Water Scandal Explodes
German MP: West ‘Should Put End’ To Erdogan’s Secret Ties With ISIS
Cicero on the Jews
Gaddafi Warned Tony Blair (British Freemason) His Ousting Would ‘Open Door’ To Jihadis
Jewish Involvement In Black Slave Trade To The Americas
The FBI Now Considers Animal Abuse a Class A Felony
Robust Hiring in December Caps Solid Year for U.S. Jobs
The World’s Deadliest Profession
Oregon militants brawl as friends beg them to go home: ‘You’re surrounded by informants’
Freud and Jung as Representative Jew and Gentile
Whose Values Shall Rule?
Broke, unemployed and on disability: Here’s how the Oregon militants can afford to play ‘patriot’ games
The Jewish Mind Explained in 2 Minutes
You Too Can Be an Author
Jim Rizoli Interviews Ben Bradberry: The Myth of German Villainy
How Johnny Manziel failed his last great audition
An Issue Of MIScommunication
Low-income communities more likely to face childhood obesity
New clues about 5,300-year-old “Iceman” mummy
End ‘business as usual’ with North Korea, U.S. tells China
Truck bombing at Libya police training center kills at least 50, mayor says
NGO: Israel chucks away more than a third of its food
Why does Europe fund left-wing Israeli groups?
Kerry: Implementation of Iran nuclear deal ‘days away’
‘Anti-Israel’ tweets land NJ Jewish teen with Israel roots in hot water
Radical Israeli rabbis come under fire amid settler violence
Israeli bus driver refuses demands to kick off Arab passenger
Assailants attack UK Jews: ‘Hitler is on the way to you!’
Report: Sheldon Adelson (Zionist Jew) offered to pay $1b for Iron Dome batteries for Israel
Analysis: Fatah, Hamas pledge more violence against Israel in 2016
Israel aiding Paraguayans displaced by worst flooding in 50 years
Brazil senator: Rejection of Israel ambassador shows BDS support
Why the Jewish Federations don’t talk about guns
WATCH: Israelis and Palestinians kiss in defiance of barred book
Report: Anti-Semitic incidents soared in France in 2014
Laughing gas canisters hurled at 3 Orthodox Jews in London
Evolution and Conservative Beliefs
Number of Americans Who Identify as Bisexual on the Rise
Govt Pays Millions in Reparations to 57 Victims of Worst Cop in History – Who Still Receives a Pension
Pretty Girls Get Better Grades: Attractiveness Does Affect Women’s Scores — But Not Men’s
“Goddess” by David Lane
New York to Appoint Civilian to Monitor Police’s Counterterrorism Activity
If You Knew How Powerful You Are
Facebook: An Open Letter
Barack Obama: Guns Are Our Shared Responsibility
8 Ways to Ensure Your Daughter Won’t Become a Mudshark
What’s Behind Brazil’s Alarming Surge in Babies Born with Small Heads
Walmart Recalling 90,000 Pounds Of Beef For Containing “Extraneous Wood Materials”
North Dakota Grain Terminal Goes GMO-Free To Meet Consumer Demand
Ethiopia Forces US Military To Shut Down One Of Its Killer Drone Bases
How Zionism helped create the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
FDA Has Known Processed Meat Causes Cancer Since The 1970’s, But Continues To Cover up Truth
Toddler Dies After Swallowing a Button Battery
Patricia Hewitt (White Feminist) called for age of consent to be lowered to ten
Trotsky torture squad
Germany Reaching the Next Level of Crisis
Sharks may use their noses to navigate the world’s oceans
Could Lions’ Calvin Johnson walk away from the NFL?
Macy’s to slash 4,800 jobs and close 40 stores after disappointing holidays
Father outraged by TSA pat down of his 10-year-old daughter
X-Men Apocalypse Trailer Hints At Dark Phoenix: Will Jean Grey Go Bad?
Asian stocks touch three-month low, China woes remain in spotlight
Widow embraces cops who accidentally killed her husband
Erdogan says Saudi executions ‘internal legal matter’
Abbas: PA not on verge of collapse, can only be succeeded by statehood
New Mossad chief: Iran deal ‘significantly increases’ threat to Israel
Man Spent 11 Years In Prison For A Crime He Didn’t Commit And Has Become Friends With The Person Who Accused Him
As ‘cold war’ with Saudis sharpens, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards deliver warning
Analysis: Hezbollah ‘revenge’ for Kuntar likely done; ISIS could be next northern threat
Gun violence disproportionately high in Arab sector
Netanyahu meets group of Democratic senators
Anti-Semitic letter sent to officials in New York towns
Tunisian Jews call for disciplining soccer official over anti-Semitic slur to ref
Rep. Steve Israel, a senior Jewish lawmaker, won’t run again
Russia ordered to pay Jewish activist from Moscow
2015: Year of the Gun, 2016: Year of Gun Control
The West Has Dissidents Too
Multiculturalism and Gender Bending: Weapons of Mass Destruction
Texas Trooper Who Arrested Sandra Bland Is Indicted on Perjury Charge
White House Disputes North Korea’s Claim of Hydrogen Bomb Test
Respect History: The Hitler Test
Slaughterhouse Fifth Estate
Make the World Safe For White Women
How Our Warped Legal System and Law Enforcement Culture Lets Cops Get Away With Murder
North Korea Says It Has Detonated Its First Hydrogen Bomb
Woman beats disabled man with his own cane for saying he doesn’t believe in God: police
Martin Indyk: Obama “Has Essentially Written Off Netanyahu”
How Hitler defied the bankers
8-10 million Iranians died over Great Famine caused by the British in late 1910s, documents reveal
If Capitalism is dead, this is why
North Korean Tremor Raises Suspicions of a New Nuclear Test
Al Aqsa Imam Tells Muslim Refugees: Breed in the West and Conquer it
We Are the Borg: Resistance is Anti-Semitic
A Gift and A Curse: My 2016 New Years Resolution
Twitter overhaul? Your tweets could soon be 10,000 characters long
IRS Gets New Powers to Revoke Passports
College wants to fire professor for saying Christians and Muslims worship same God
ASUS Has Revealed A Portable Monitor Equipped With USB Type-C
Trump says Cruz’s Canadian birth could be ‘very precarious’ for GOP
Accidental hero: The Muslim who saved Jews in Paris attack
Livni demands urgent meeting to address fear of PA collapse
Alternative envoy would receive ‘fast-track approval,’ Brazil pledges
Jewish Israeli passengers force Arabs off Athens-Tel Aviv flight
Ashkelon mayor arrested on rape, bribery allegations
ISIS member seen in execution video believed to be British ‘bouncy castle’ salesman
Analysis: Hezbollah’s revenge against Israel shows a weakened terrorist organization
US Jewish groups back Obama on gun control initiatives
Germany in shock after dozens of women say were assaulted by ‘North African’ men in Cologne
Charlie Hebdo editor: We are used to Jews being killed
Ex-settler leader likely out as Israel’s pick for Brazil envoy
French Jews leaving in record numbers – but not for the reason you think
How Jewish groups got spied on by Obama
Brooklyn home vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti
Number of Suicides in U.S. Army Doubles
California Government Forcibly Sterilized Latina Women Without Their Consent
This Ancient Roman Sword Found On Oak Island Completely Rewrites History As We Know It
Islamic State Fighters Strap Bomb on 4 Year-Old Boy and Blow Him Up after Killing the Child’s Father
How To Break Free From Materialism In 3 Distinct Ways
Did Jews Kill General Patton?
Top Pentagon Commanders: “We’ll Quit If Trump Becomes Commander-In-Chief”
An Israeli Lobby in China?
White Births Matter
Breaking 01-04-16: Obama Vows to Hunt Down and Kill Anyone Who Refuses to Register Their Guns
Tom Cotton (White Freemason) Accepted $1 Million From Israel To Sabotage Iran Nuclear Deal
The Nightingales of War
Is the Oregon Militia Standoff Another Psyop?
Meet The Child-Abusing Arsonists That Inspired The Oregon Militia Standoff
Here’s What Happened When Black People Tried Armed Occupation
The 2 Percent
This Comic Sums Up Yahoo’s Double Standard on Race
Armed Oregon Protesters Urged to Leave as Standoff Enters Fourth Day
The Tribal Europeans
F.D.A. Drug Approvals Climb to Highest Level Since 1996
The smaller the chameleon, the quicker the tongue, study finds
It’s official: Four super-heavy elements to be added to the periodic table
Microsoft’s new tally for Windows 10: 200M
France: Charlie Hebdo Plans Edition to Mark Anniversary of Massacre
Sweden and Denmark Add Border Checks to Stem Flow of Migrants
Nexus Users on Android Marshmallow Report Google Sync Issues
‘XMen Apocalypse’ Movie: Psylocke’s Deadly Seductive Costume Revealed as Olivia Munn Teases Character Skills
In Oregon, frustration over federal land rights has been building for years
New Egyptian ambassador arrives in Tel Aviv, the first since 2012
UN monitor for human rights in West Bank quits over access
In the Iran-Saudi Arabia conflict, a clash of civilizations
Turkey: Saudi-Iran tensions will hurt ‘powder keg’ region
IDF allows anti-Islam activist to spread hate, chocolate to soldiers
Tel Aviv’s solution to terror: Free Beer!
Hezbollah sets off large border bomb targeting IDF heavy vehicles
Arab world takes sides as crisis between Saudi Arabia and Iran escalates
Iran, Saudi Arabia and the Israeli angle
Rabbi apologizes for lowballing number of halachic Jews killed in Holocaust
Jewish art-dealing dynasty stands trial for alleged $600M tax fraud
6.7 magnitude earthquake hits India’s Jewish community
What Is Cultural Marxism?
Obama to Expand Gun Background Checks and Tighten Enforcement
Aryan Socialism in a Globalized World
Obnoxious Cuomo
Transforming the Alt Right Into the Alt Reich
If the Oregon militiamen were Muslim or black, they’d be dead by now
Inside The Backwards Ideology Driving The Right-Wing Militiamen Who Captured A Federal Building
What You Need To Know About The Current Militia Standoff In Oregon
The Oldest Love Letter
Revolt of the Submen
The Great Fearmongering End-Of-The-World Test
Protesters Vow to Hold Oregon Refuge Until Feds Give In
Why Conservatives Always Lose
Trump says he is open to spying on Israel if he becomes president
BOMBSHELL: Obama DOJ Vows To Put Americans In PRISON For Anti-Muslim Speech… Spread This Everywhere
Sharia Enforced in California School District, Drawing Muhammad is Now Against Policy
Jews Against Humans
Your Truth Is Their Nonsense
Barefoot Economic Values, TTIP & the Democratic Retreat
Saudi Arabia Cuts Ties With Iran Amid Fallout From Cleric’s Execution
Hitler Uncensored
Black Students Suspended and Expelled At an Alarming Rate in Southern States
Three Scenarios For America
Dead Man Walking–Former Trump Aide says He’s ‘Doomed’
Scott Roberts: We Must Love Those Who Hate Us
The Term Conspiracy Theory Was Created By The CIA In 1967
Netanyahu would lose majority if elections held today — poll
Iran: ‘We’ll make missiles for as long as US supports Israel’
‘Turkey needs Israel,’ says Erdogan as he pushes reconciliation
Outrage Follows Saudi Arabia’s Execution of Nearly 50 Prisoners
Mark Obama, Barack’s Jewish Brother
Vice PM of Sweden wants even higher immigration than today
The Holocaust, Polish Revisionism and Jewish Mathematics
Immortal Beloved
GOP Fearmongering Is Taking American Politics to a Dark and Disturbing Place
SICK: Farrakhan Makes Despicable Announcement About What White Folks Will Do if Trump Is President
Jihadists Deepen Collaboration in North Africa
White in Modern Times
Respect History: Hitler was a Vegetarian
Singer Natalie Cole dies at age 65
Alternative Media Can Topple ZOG
South African Hero: Eugène Terre’Blanche’s Last Interview
The Myth Of White Guilt
Woman claims her body brews alcohol, has DUI charge dismissed
Magnitude-4.2 earthquake hits north of Oklahoma City
What the new year could mean for Europe’s refugee crisis
Alienware’s Steam Machine Is An Interesting Console Alternative That Needs More Ecosystem
Why A Slim Xbox One Makes Sense
Obama to impose new gun control curbs next week
In Israel, Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ an enduring taboo
Hamas says it plans to resume suicide attacks in Israel
China’s new two-child policy takes effect
White House said to delay new Iran sanctions
New Clinton emails reveal critiques from Israel-bashing son of adviser
14 drown in Egypt Nile boat accident
The Israelis have spoken – Putin is their person of the year for 2015
Analysis: Propaganda battle over Ukrainian Jews is not over
Judaism & Homosexuality: A Marriage Made In Hell
Iran Media Claims ‘Zionists Spreading Homosexuality In Bid For World Domination’
The ‘Grinch’ That Stole Water: Nestlé Illegally Bottles 68,000 Gallons Of Water A Day In Drought-Stricken California
How ISIS Oil Flows Through Turkey And Israel On Its Way To Europe
Does The Black Church Help or Hurt The Black Community?
Commie Jew Revealed The True NWO AGENDA
Alex Jones (White Freemason), Robert Spencer (Freemason), Paul Joseph Watson (Freemason), and Pamella Geller (Zionist Jew) Are All Zionist Whores
Where Have All The Dollars Gone?
Liberal professor: All white people are racist no matter what
This video explains the science of why we get hangovers, and how to prevent one
First state raises smoking age to 21
Home births are on the rise. But they come with some risks.
Jobless Claims Rise, Showing Some Weakness in Hiring
What a Guns N’ Roses reunion really means for music fans
Xbox One Elite controllers expected to be sparse through March 2016
22 Dead, 2 Missing in Record Flooding Across Midwest
Ben Carson’s top staffers resign in a delayed campaign shake-up
Argentina: Study found glyphosate in cotton, tampons, gauze pads, swabs
We’ll always have Brasilia? How the Dani Dayan saga could best play out
Sara Netanyahu questioned over financial irregularities
Huge fire engulfs Dubai hotel, site of New Year celebrations
Abbas to Israel: ‘Get out of our lives and our land’
Egypt launches airstrikes on IS affiliate in Sinai, killing 15
Belgium charges 10th suspect over Paris attacks
FBI foils NY New Year’s Eve terror attack by IS supporter
Time to move on from the two state solution
Zoabi: Acute shortage of psychologists in Arab sector
Ya’alon: Our enemies know we’ll strike them hard if they try to attack
First kosher-certified pot to go on market next month
Israel’s Education Ministry bans novel about Israeli-Palestinian love
Op-Ed: Duma reaction shows gap in Israeli and Palestinian responses to terror
U.S. Treasury secretary named in suit over tax-free donations to Israel
Judaism: The Greatest Lie Ever Sold
Florida: 62-year-old Muslim arrested, tried to kidnap 7-year-old girl for sex
Ukrainian MP Sings ‘Adolf Hitler in Each of Us’ on Eve of Nazi March
Holocaust Denial in Europe
We Dreamed Of Something Marvelous
Obama tells Jerry Seinfeld: ‘A pretty sizable percentage’ of world leaders are out of their minds
Another New Year
NY rabbi: ‘Not even 1 million’ Jews killed in Holocaust
Degenerate Elements: the Deviants of the Alt-Right Community
Europe Arise
U.S. Citizens To Be Imprisoned If Too Poor To Pay Traffic Fines
White people do not understand diversity
The Old Scare-Head
Liberalism’s Time is Up – Andersen
Chinese firm caught making fake condoms for Kenya
Twitter still has a major problem with employee diversity
Apple’s $348 Million Tax Settlement In Italy Bodes Ill For Google, Facebook, Microsoft And Others
Teaser Poster Released For X-Men: Apocalypse – Trailer Coming Tomorrow
Why Progressives Vote Against Their Interests When Choosing Hillary Over Bernie Sanders
French proposal to strip terror convicts’ citizenship faces fire
India successfully tests missile system developed with Israel
Israel concerned IS making inroads among Bedouins
Ramallah urges talks to stem unrest; Israel says not until attacks stop
Israel: We don’t spy on US, and expect US not to spy on us
2,700-year-old farmhouse unearthed outside Tel Aviv
Christian-funded group begins bringing French Jews to Israel
Analysis: Russian nuclear diplomacy in the Middle East
Bayit Yehudi MK: No such thing as Palestinians; cancel Oslo
Iraqi FM says could use military option against Turkey if forced
Aide to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel assaulted, taunted with anti-Semitic slur
B’nai B’rith to provide relief funds for victims of South’s deadly storms
ADL urges Justice Department to ‘deepen investigation’ of Tamir Rice shooting
Bill Cosby Charged in Sexual Assault Case
The Men of the Alamo
You Thought Dunkirk Was Bad
The Horror in Men’s Eyes
Cannabis kicks Lyme disease to the curb
How soon can we get AIPAC owned traitors out of Congress ?
Quotes from the “Holy” Talmud…Why the Hell would Anyone want to Expel these People?
Shakespeare Exposes The Jews: The Essential Jewish Extracts From ‘The Merchant Of Venice’
The Talmudic Subversion of the Catholic Church
5 of Ovadia Yosef’s most controversial quotations
Judaism is Nobody’s Friend
MAPPED: Shocking march of the far-right across Europe as migration fears reach fever pitch
What Was Auschwitz Really Like?
White Genocide in South Africa
Will The 9/11 Truth Movement Succeed?
2015 in review
Ancient Irish genome reveals a massive migration from the east
California’s drought is proving deadly to the state’s trees
Type 2 diabetes increases dementia risk
Verizon Is Poaching AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile Customers With a $650 Credit
Home Prices in 20 U.S. Cities Rose at a Faster Pace in October
Suicide Bomber Kills At Least 26, Wounds 45 In Pakistan
Magneto Gets a Power Boost in X-Men: Apocalypse Concept Art
Trump, Clinton neck and neck, speculative poll finds
Erdogan says Assad ‘mercilessly’ killing hundreds of thousands
Iraqi PM: 2016 will be year of final victory over IS
Khamenei urges Muslims to resist US plot to destroy Islamic civilization
The Israeli-invented device that’s saving American lives in Afghanistan
Go figure: Israel’s standing in the world is both fantastic and awful
ISIS fatwa aims to settle who can have sex with female slaves
Analysis: How did Olmert get his jail time reduced and what does it mean for future cases?
Palestinian Authority rejects possibility of Turkish rule in Gaza
Coalition air strikes kill ISIS leaders linked to Paris terror attacks
US hails Iran shipment of low-enriched uranium stockpile to Russia
Netanyahu answers Nasrallah: We will aggressively retaliate to any attack
After Islamic State is defeated, Shi’ite forces to take over
Italy expels Moroccan man suspected of terrorist intentions
22 percent poverty, and 5 other revealing facts about Israel’s economy
Ted Cruz (Latino Freemason) aims to liberate GOP from ‘crazy’ neoconservatives
Ultra-feminist founder of Femen Brazil declares herself pro-life, apologizes to Christians
If the Terrorists “Hated Our Freedom,” then They Won — 5 Ways Americans Lost Freedom After 9/11
Alex Jones (White Freemason) Is ‘No Better Than ISIS’: How The Infowars Host Spreads Fear For Profit
Wyoming Makes It A Crime To Collect Evidence Of Pollution On Public Lands
The Dairy Industry Explained in 5 Minutes
Masking Reality: Why The Government Is Not Defending Us From The Flood
For the Wealthiest, a Private Tax System That Saves Them Billions
Muslim Immigrant Brags About Gang-Raping Young German Girl
The People of the Abyss
White Awakening: Activating the Agents of Change
‘Rahm Failed Us’: Calls for Rahm Emanuel (Zionist Jew) to Resign Reach Fever Pitch as Chicago Cops ‘Accidentally’ Kill Black Mother of Five
The Realist Report – Henry Graves
Chipotle reopens Boston restaurant linked to norovirus outbreak
Guinea declared free of Ebola virus that killed over 2,500
Tiny shark that glows discovered in the deep ocean
Another Johnny Manziel video surfaces, but Browns coach Mike Pettine withholds judgment
Central American nations announce deal on Cuban migrants
Suspected Boko Haram Attacks Kill Scores in Nigeria
Lemmy Kilmister, Motorhead Singer and Heavy Metal Legend, Dead at 70 Read more: http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/lemmy-kilmister-motorhead-singer-and-heavy-metal-legend-dead-at-70-20151228#ixzz3vftYbNhq Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook
B’Man’s Hypocrite Watch: The Real History of Slavery in America
Brain Sex: The Real Difference Between Men and Women
Semites and Vikings: No Love Lost
New “Editing” Tech Could Permanently Alter the Human Gene Pool Forever
What on Earth is Anno Domini?
Cleveland Officer Will Not Face Charges in Tamir Rice Shooting Death
10 WMDs Used to Destroy the Goy
If you use periods while texting, you may not be a jerk after all, just old
Head of British Muslim faith schools calls for teaching of Judaism
Israel vows to fight Brazil’s rejection of envoy pick
Death toll at 43 as wild weather tears across parts of US
Paris rejects Jewish call to block exhibit that ‘glorifies Palestinian terrorism’
Housing Ministry working on plans for 55,548 settlement homes — Peace Now
Peace Now: Israel planning 8,372 homes in sensitive West Bank area
Bennett urges Israeli annexation of West Bank
‘The only country ISIS fears in the Middle East is Israel’
Two Israelis arrested for flying drone over Vatican City
Analysis: Donald Trump, Israel and the Jews
Major Defeat for ISIS: Iraqi army reclaims key city of Ramadi
Palestinian official: Some voices in Fatah want to go back to suicide bombings
Spain lifts war criminal designation from Netanyahu, 6 other Israeli officials
French Jews condemn attack on mosque on Corsica
Senior Russian rabbi accuses Ukrainian president of ‘using Jewish card’
Taylor Swift’s New Album Rumored to Be about Israeli Prime Minister
Israeli embassy monitored activists at UK conference
Racial Right to Bear Arms
South Korea and Japan Reach Deal on Wartime ‘Comfort Women’
But I Salute the Doctors
The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel – Alison Weir
Rabbis Facilitate The Islamic Invasion Of Canada
Sacha Baron Cohen, Isla Fisher (Zionist Jews) donate $1 million to help Syrians
US Orthodox rabbis slam wedding video calling for revenge against Palestinians
All Islamic State fighters said ousted from Ramadi compound
Israel rejected talks on Palestine borders — report
Syria’s destruction pleases ‘common enemy’ Israel, says Rouhani
Syrian media: Israel hits Hezbollah targets in Qalamoun area
Nasrallah: Revenge for Kuntar’s death will ‘inevitably come’
How To Improve The Peace Process Between Israelis And Palestinians
Ukrainian legislator toasts Adolf Hitler
Analysis: The truth behind ISIS leader’s threats against Israel and Jews
Sarah Silverman (Anti Christ Jew) causes stir on social media with Jesus gender tweet on Christmas Day
OOOOOH MY GOODNESSSSSS!!! Khloe Kardashian Is PREGNANT . . . And They Don’t Know Who The FATHER OF HER BABY Is!!! (Pics Of Khloe’s BABY BUMP . . . Inside)
Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Lie To Your Kids About Santa
How the Israeli Lobby Works in the United States
Evacuation of Damascus militants delayed after rebel leader killed
Saudi Arabia Finances Most of Israel’s Weapons Build-Up Against Iran
Navy SEAL Ben Smith Drops Bombshell… Says Government Is CREATING Conditions To Impose MARTIAL LAW
Israel Admits ‘Shameful’ Birth Control Drug Injected in Unaware Ethiopian Jews
Muslims say they will make it legal to rape white women when they take over Europe
Swedish cruise ship to house 1,260 refugees
Russian Scientists Have Proved That Prayer Is A Cure: Restores the Body, Destroys Stress And Provides Security
The Bread of God
The Realist Report: Martin Hill – The Man Who Confronted Trump on 9/11
The Comeback
Jewish Bolshevik Bestial Tortures
Our Jewdicial System
14 killed in Muslim rebel attacks in southern Philippines
Hezbollah reportedly pressed to avoid attacking Israel
UN seeks new Syria peace talks on January 25
Hamas slams Egypt for ‘executing’ mentally disabled Gazan
Islamic State head: ‘Palestine will be graveyard’ for Jews
Lapid names 2 rabbis who he says inspire far-right radicals
Spanish court: Arrest warrants not enforceable for Netanyahu, Liberman, others
Houston mosque set ablaze on Christmas Day in suspected arson
Zionist Jews- Godfathers Of Terrorism
Yemeni Forces Kill More Blackwater Mercenaries
The Assault on Gender and the Family: Jewish Sexology and the Legacy of the Frankfurt School, Part One
Even Funerals Are a Giant Financial Scam in America
Equality: Man’s Most Dangerous Myth
Flawed Justice After a Mob Killed an Afghan Woman
Putin Renames Police Force after Murderous KGB Founder Dzerzhinsky
Narendra Modi of India Meets Pakistani Premier in Surprise Visit
Psychiatry is a Jewish-Communist Weapon Against White People
Ilya Ehrenberg – The Man Who Invented The ‘Six Million’
On Muslims, Democrats find an unlikely ally: George W Bush
Mideast Christians face ‘apocalypse’ at hands of Islamic State, top UK cleric says
US reporter jailed in Iran allowed Christmas visit by family
Swastikas found spraypainted in Golan Heights town
Ex-Shin Bet chief: Far-right threat today is ‘worse than before Rabin’s murder’
Analysis: Will 2016 be the year of Kurdistan?
Analysis: A new confrontation between Netanyahu and Obama over Iran?
Report: Assad offered to renew peace talks with Israel in 2012 – and was rebuffed
Rights groups blast Obama’s plan to deport families
Switzerland to vote on banning banks from creating money
List of Papal Bulls on Jewish Question
Garlic Kills 14 Kinds Of Cancer And 13 Types Of Infection. Why Don’t Doctors Prescribe It?
Jerusalem – jewish man tries to sell his baby daughter for 100 000 shekels
Rise of the moderate extremist
The Enigma of Hitler
$71 Billion — That’s How Much America Is Paying To Subsidize Religion
HEY, CNN & FOX: How Is A White Teen Girl BURNED ALIVE By 17 Black Thugs NOT News?
Mom Finds Boy in Bed With Teen Daughter, What She Does Next Leaves Boy “Vomiting” in Terror
Yuletide: A Racial Mission
The Faustian Spirit
The Christmas Truce of 1914
Until The End of Our Lifetimes
911 operator helps a couple give birth their baby in Utah highway
New Galaxy S7 Leak Confirms Samsung’s Design Decisions
A procrastinator’s guide to REALLY last-minute Christmas shopping
This Christmas, Remember the Embattled Little Palestinian Town of Bethlehem
‘X Men Apocalypse’ Movie: Quicksilver New Look & Scene Revealed
Robert Downey Jr. gets holiday pardon from Gov. Jerry Brown for 1990s drug offenses
Physicists Show Both Russia And Turkey Were Lying About The Downed Russian Plane
Patton On Communism And The Khazar Jews General Patton’s Warning
Anti-Semitic Facebook Comments Spark Criticism at UCLA
Genetically Pure Bison Found In Utah
How The Rothschilds Took Control Of Japan In The 1990s
Facing death chants and hate crimes, Sweden’s Jews live in a climate of fear
If Hezbollah attacks, go to war with Lebanon, ex-national security adviser urges
Obama administration tried to encourage Syrian coup — report
Turkey: Deal with Israel would ease Gaza blockade
Controversial bill on settlement funding signed into law
Lapid: Jewish terror enjoys ‘political’ support
Anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim hate crimes rise significantly in London
Member of British Muslim family barred from US was refused entry to Israel
Jewish student assaulted at Brooklyn college; assailant says ‘leave the school you Jew’
Yesh Atid leader: Right-wing Jewish extremists have ‘wider circles of support’
How a one-armed American soldier fought his way back into the Israeli army
Analysis: How to stop ISIS, the most dangerous movement since Nazism
Netanyahu condemns Jewish terror, but says no comparison in scope to Arab terrorism
Statue outside Washington state shul defaced with swastika
Analysis: Turkey’s dangerous ambitions
‘Jew’ – Parody of ‘Froot’ by Marina and The Diamonds
Technological Lying
Front-Row Protester Tells Trump “Israel Did 9/11!”
Oda Nobunaga: a visionary who was open to Christianity in the 16th century
Minimum Wage Going Up In 14 States At Start Of 2016
BREAKING: Teen Girl Who Was Abducted this Week, FOUND. Her Kidnapper — A Police Officer
Why Jews Love Multiculturalism and Diversity
Statin scam exposed: Cholesterol drugs cause rapid aging, brain damage and diabetes
Texas to cut HIV prevention funds to Planned Parenthood facility
U.S. twin birth rate hits record high
Dozens of Dogs Poisoned, Shot in Arkansas; Reward in Case
People Are Worried About Hackers Taking Down Xbox Live And PSN Again
After not-so-popular Hangouts, why Google is working on new smart messaging app
At least 3 reported dead as tornadoes strike northern Mississippi
EU mulls adopting definition of Jew hatred, says new anti-Semitism czar
British Jews lay groundwork for influx of Syrian refugees
Seeing interests dovetail, Russia starts working with Taliban
Iranian foreign minister says US visa law ‘breaches nuclear deal’
Republicans, Obama admin spar on visa travel for Iran
Accusations grow against Russia over Syria civilian killings
Trump dominates Republican race as primaries loom
Finally, something Israelis and Palestinians can agree on – their dislike of Obama
Late King Mohammed V of Morocco honored for protecting his country’s Jews
US Jewish groups condemn professor’s use of yellow stars to fight Islamophobia
US lawmakers welcome Hungary’s decision to cancel statue for Nazi collaborator
Kenya and Ghana Push for Formation of a System to Promote Trade Among African Union Countries
12 Things you were not told about Adolf Hitler and National-Socialist Germany
Bernie Sanders Calls for Full Independent Audit of Federal Reserve
Rights Group Says Disregard For Civilian Life By US And Saudi Arabia ‘Appalling’
President Obama says if the law allowed it, he’d be elected to a third term – and he’s right
Activists Break The Law To Feed The Homeless In Dallas
Government Concerned That Homeschool Parents Are “Radicalizing” Their Children
This Hospital Bill Is Going Viral. Why? This Is What Childbirth Costs In A Nation Without Public Healthcare
African Lions Have Been Added To The U.S.’ Endangered Species Act
The Truth About E-Cigarettes: Are They Really Safer Than Real Ones?
The Shocking, Unacceptable Levels of Hunger and Homelessness in American Cities
New Report Finds That 44 Percent of All Georgians Killed by Police Were Unarmed or Shot in the Back
Putin: Europe Handed Over Part of Its Sovereignty to US
GREECE – Greek bishop blames ‘Zionist monster’ for new same-sex legislation
Daesh Leader’s Mobile Phone Holds Proof of Turkey’s Support
Jewish Al-Sisi Runs Egypt; Now an Israeli-Occupied Territory
Washington and London’s Tradition of LYING in Order to Wage Fraudulent Wars
False Flag Files: ‘The Basics of a Staged Bio-Terror Event’
​Human Meat Found In McDonald’s Meat Factory
Hitler’s Monetary System
Welcome to Europe! Soros Adding Fuel to the Fire of EU’s Refugee Crisis
The Over-the-Counter Drug That Can Destroy Your Sleep
Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil
A Cautious but Hopeful Take on the Trump Campaign
The Paradox of Tolerance: Herbert Marcuse’s Lie
The Town Crier Makes a Killing
Arnold Böcklin – One of Hitler’s Favorite Painters
Red Ice Radio: Mike Walker – The Return of Odysseus
Anti-White Christmas: Migrant Crisis Special
Americans aware of Chipotle outbreak eat there less often: poll
Study: Decline In Wild Bee Population Threatens U.S. Crops
Pro Bowl snubs: Sean Lee among players off roster
Why Apple should be scared of Facebook and Google’s messaging apps
How 2 percent GDP growth looks in the real economy
Virginia revokes handgun permit agreement with 25 states
UN condemns fighting by Syria and rebels on Golan
Hungary: Labeling of settlement goods is counterproductive
Turkey: Israel hinting flexibility on Gaza closure, but no deal yet
Over a million refugees reached Europe in 2015, data shows
Russia to start building 2 nuclear reactors in Iran ‘next week’
Want to live till 120? This professor works on drugs that could get you close
Arab party’s Facebook post compares PM to Islamic State
France is Israel’s largest source of aliyah for 2nd straight year
PM, Putin discuss anti-terror efforts in wake of Kuntar killing
Top intellectuals mobilize against anti-Israel activity on campus
Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews protest IDF draft
Photo of plump prisoner Kuntar drives rare Arab praise of Israel on Facebook
Ankara will never abandon Palestinians, Turkish PM says
US State Department rejects lawmakers’ calls to close PLO office
Jordan rejects Hamas leader’s request to visit, calling him ‘unwelcome’ in the kingdom
Ukrainian president to ‘Post’: We do not allow Russia to affect our ties with Israel
Jewish Orthodox gay conversion therapy group ordered to close
Jews who died in 2015
U. of San Diego prof, students wear Holocaust-era yellow stars to protest Islamophobia
Report: Sheldon Adelson (Zionist Jew) largest funder of Jewish news service
Homosexual George Bush Pedophile Sex Ring and Blackmail of Congress
Head of extremist Jewish group calls Christians ‘blood-sucking vampires’
Ukraine’s Faux Nazis
Poll: Half of America Would Be Mortified if Trump Won Presidency
Trump Superfan Arrested for Plotting to Bomb Muslims
Odinia: Wild Hunt Yule Series (Part 1)
The Last GOP Debate of 2015 (Condensed & Edited for Accuracy)
The No State Solution For Israel
10 Reasons to Ban Christmas
(SOS) Sign To Save Our Sons, give our Duchenne boys their Christmas miracle. FDA Approve Drisapersen
Seymour Hersh: Pentagon Secretly Passed Intelligence to Assad Government
Secret Norwegian Government Report Confirms Turkey Helping ISIS Sell Its Oil
VIDEO: Students Sign Petition to Ban ‘Racist’ Song ‘White Christmas’ from Radio
The Jewish War on Christmas
How Hitler tried to redesign Christmas
Georgia cops arrest armed teenager at park — perfectly illustrating why Tamir Rice didn’t have to die
Coincidence? Assassin shoots witness, others in danger after agreeing to testify against Detroit cops
A Great Cleansing of Our Minds and Hearts
Movie Quotes From All Quiet On The Western Front
Why Facebook Will Always Censor Us….
Critically Endangered Sea Snakes Found After 15 Years
Fearing pollution, Chinese families build ‘bubbles’ at home
Lions nab fourth win in six weeks, but is that enough to save Caldwell’s job?
Lindsey Graham (White Freemason) quits; GOP establishment wonders who’s next
Deadly attack on U.S. forces shows the Afghan war is far from over
Ancient inscription points to Jewish past for early Christian site
French MP in ultimatum to Israel: Accept our diplomas or I’ll oppose aliyah
Iran: ‘Zionist lobbying’ behind exclusion from US visa waiver
Syrian rebels claim they killed arch-terrorist Kuntar
Abbas: New PA passports will be issued for State of Palestine
Islamic State lost 14% of its territory in 2015
Chelsea Clinton (White Freemason), Jewish husband (Marc Mezvinsky) expecting second child
Hezbollah leader: Israel killed Kuntar, we will avenge his death
GOP candidate Ted Cruz (Spic Freemason) seeks to shutter PLO’s Washington office
Local Jews in shock after Ukrainian city of Konotop elects neo-Nazi mayor
After anti-Muslim rant, Miss Puerto Rico gets the boot
Hamas activity in Turkey an obstacle to Ankara-Jerusalem reconciliation
UN: Those who reject Syrian refugees are allies of extremists
Council of Europe comes out against Ukrainian ban on Nazi and Communist symbols
Analysis: Israel-Turkey thaw may be only temporary
Second Hasidic man cleared in ’13 attack on gay black man
UN accused of ‘shocking’ lack of action over murder and rape in South Sudan
Putin Has Proof Princess Diana Was Killed By British Royal Family
African Americans Have Suffered From Caucasian American Terrorism For Over 100 Years
New Study Links Milk Consumption To Parkinson’s Disease
“Dont Comply” Activists Break The Law To Feed The Homeless In Dallas
India To Release Books And Research For Higher Learning On The Internet For Free
Breaking: Venezuela Bans GMOs and Prohibits Seed Patenting
Kenyan Muslims shield Christians in Mandera bus attack
The Future of Life Depends on Bringing the 500-Year Rampage of the White Man to a Halt
Obama Gives Early Christmas Present to Nearly a Hundred Drug Offenders
Any Type Of Cancer Can Be Cured In Just 2-6 Weeks
Hillary Clinton Vs. the GOP: Can You Tell the Difference?
Gun nut who wanted to shoot Clinton’s vagina arrested after cops spot his name on terror watch list
Don’t Vote: It Only Encourages Them
“88 Lines and 14 Words” by David Lane
You’ve Been Trumped: How Donald Trump Screwed Scottish Folks
Grand Jury Declines to Indict Anyone in Death of Sandra Bland
Tennessee Teen Zaevion Dobson Dies Shielding Friends From Gunshots: Police
Nearly Third of Southern Baptists Approve of Homosexuality – and Growing
The British Prime Minister Who Was Loved
Sepp Blatter and Michel Platini Are Barred From Soccer for 8 Years
How I Came To Love The Führer
U.S. to House 250,000 Syrian Refugees at Navajo, Standing Rock Indian Reservations
Ben Carson (Nigger Freemason) Says He Was An FBI Spy Within The Black Panthers
CIA Admit To Using Weather Modification As A Military Weapon
Behind the Black Flag: The Recruitment of an ISIS Killer
Red Ice Insight: The True Origins of Kwanzaa, Hanukkah & Christmas
This 700,000-year-old Human Skull Challenges the Prevailing Theory of Human Evolution
The Hitler-Click Phenomenon
Updates For December 2015
‘Minister’s employees were aware of daily sexual harassment’
Iran said exporting uranium stockpile to Russia in coming days
Hagel: White House had no Syria strategy, was unprepared for IS
Turkey to withdraw more troops from Iraq after US request
Brazilian MP compared prospective Israeli envoy to Nazi camp guard
Air France: Suspicious device on flight was a hoax
#GrowingUpJewish: Twitter’s take on what it’s like to be part of the tribe
Fighting Islamic State with an eye on Iran
Ministers OK controversial bill setting prison sentence for opening business on Saturdays
Nasrallah’s Test: Will Hezbollah retaliate for the assassination of Samir Kuntar?
Israeli mom appeals rabbinate’s decision not to recognize her as Jewish
French Jewish fashion boss fined for discriminating against other Jews
Syrians to be housed in Dutch former village for Jews who fled Nazis
Why I’m moving my family to Israel despite the violence
Hezbollah commander reported killed in Israeli airstrike in Damascus
Reform leaders call on Netanyahu to condemn ‘violent rhetoric’ against Rivlin, NGOs
Turkish MP Faces Treason Charges After Admitting ISIS Used Turkey For Transiting Sarin
Cluster Bombs Made In America And Sold To Saudi Arabia Are Being Dropped On Yemen
Portrait of an anti-Semite
Schools Offering $30,000 Grants If They Hire And Promote Gay And Transgender Teachers
Israeli checkpoints kill women in childbirth, says new study
The KKK Has Infiltrated U.S. Police Departments for Decades
‘Off the Charts’ Violence Against Muslims Ravaging US Communities
Sanders is Right. The Childcare System in the US is a Disaster
CFR Angelina Jolie Calls for War with Syria at the United Nations
2008: Adolf Hitler’s “Lost Fleet” Found in Black Sea
How JFK secretly ADMIRED Hitler: Explosive book reveals former President’s praise for the Nazis as he travelled through Germany before Second World War Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2329556/How-JFK-secretly-ADMIRED-Hitler-Explosive-book-reveals-Presidents-praise-Nazis-travelled-Germany-Second-World-War.html#ixzz3usWl1aZ8 Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
The Friends of Boris Johnson: Plugging into Jewish Networks as the Key to Success for Ambitious Politicians
Why All White Women Are Feminists
Why Conservatives Can’t Win
Pure Coincidence
Red Ice Yule Special: Myths & Forgotten Traditions of the Winter Solstice
Sam’s Club Faces Boycott After CEO Admits Company Is Racist Against Whites
SS Artist Ernst Krause
Yule: Birth of the Sun God(dess)
The Hierarchy of Weaponry
Gordon Duff of Veterans Today Admits He is a Jewish Disinformation Agent
Tell Louisiana Medicaid that the Death Sentence they have Given Kylie Bush is Unacceptable
Bernie Sanders (Zionist Jew) campaign sues Democratic Party, claiming ‘sabotage’
Adelson calls Trump ‘charming,’ after discussing Israel with him
Israel: Iran has withdrawn most of its Revolutionary Guards from Syria
China raps US ‘serious military provocation’ following overflight
Congressional spending bill includes $3.1 billion in foreign aid to Israel
Obama presses Turkey to lower tensions with Iraq
Is Israel headed for diplomatic brawl with Brazil over Dayan appointment?
A Syrian refugee tale: Egyptian prison, rubber boats and refugee camps
Hungarian town votes down contested statue of anti-Jewish politician
Toronto ex-day school teacher (Jew) charged with having child porn
‘Landslide Victory’ for Farmers as Court Rules Against Shell
Exposed: A Secret Catalogue of Government Gear for Spying on Your Cellphone
Four Muslims Behead Cat in Sweden
Jimmy Carter Blames Israel for Paris Attacks
BREAKING: Burger King Bows Down to Shariah Law… Boycott Them NOW
Genesis of the Hitler Legend
Radio 3Fourteen: Jamie Hanshaw – The Alchemy of Cultural Marxism
Living a Life of Lies in America
30% of GOP Voters Say They Support Bombing the Fictional Country in ‘Aladdin’
After Years of War in Syria, U.N. Passes Resolution on Talks
Letter to Dr. Lecoquierre, The jew Who Calls for Mass Rape of “Right Wing Females”
Christian Brotherhood: The Religious Raping of Children
Dutchmen Riot Outside Town Council as a Small Village is Forced to Accept 1,500 ‘Migrants’
Lawsuit Claims Penn State and Fraternity Responsible for Death Of 18 Year Old Student
Six Ways You Can Reduce Costs for College
Retired Black Educator Releases New Book About Why Some Parents Are at Fault for Their Children’s Behavior
Chicago Police Won’t Release Video of Man Allegedly Screaming “I Don’t Have Anything” Before Being Shot
Chinese buy up bottles of fresh air from Canada
UK Government breaking the law supplying arms to Saudi Arabia, say leading lawyers
University moves to fire professor who says Sandy Hook massacre is a hoax — and allegedly harassed parents of victims
Nonoperative treatment of appendicitis may have unknown long-term risks and costs
Female survivor may be cause of Ebola flare-up in Liberia
Bizarre new dinosaur species sported a mysterious ‘sail’ on its back
The 10 best lifestyle iPhone apps of all time
Christian professor suspended after wearing hijab
Xbox Live down for some gamers on Xbox One and Xbox 360
Could a pre-Holocaust Israel have thwarted Hitler?
7 women now accusing Silvan Shalom of sexual harassment
Bar Refaeli probed for tax fraud, must get permission to leave the country
British chief rabbi backs teaching Islam in Jewish schools
Ben Carson (Black Freemason) cancels Israel trip, citing ‘security concerns’
US lawmakers condemn EU labeling of settlement products
Demise of the Palestinian Authority is only a matter of time
Israel and Turkey on verge of dramatic revival of ties
US poised to lift sanctions on Iran under nuclear deal
UN recognizes Yom Kippur as official holiday
Anti-Semitic, pro-ISIS graffiti painted at Polish Jewish cemetery
Brandeis’ new president (Zionist Jew Ronald Liebowitz): We are going to pursue diversity
‘Anti-Zionist Jewish terrorists want regime change in Israel,’ Shin Bet charges
Czech Parliament rejects labeling of products from Israeli settlements
‘Russia open to Assad’s ouster as part of Syrian peace process’
Baltimore Professor: White People Need To Personally Give All Their Money To Black People… Read more: http://louderwithcrowder.com/baltimore-professor-white-people-need-to-personally-give-all-their-money-to-black-people/#ixzz3ud0p8rtH Follow us: @scrowder on Twitter | stevencrowderofficial on Facebook
World’s Small Farmers Fighting Back as WTO Pushes Corporate Agenda
Pot Is More Accessible Than Ever – And Guess What? Teen Use Is Going Down
Putin praises Trump: He’s a really brilliant and talented person
Neighbor of San Bernardino Attackers Faces Terrorism Charges, Officials Say
The Death of Detroit
Scott Roberts: Making Sense of It All
Fourth Position: Wrong Wing
A New Western Prehistory
Navy SEALs, a Beating Death and Claims of a Cover-Up
The Kiss of the Wind
Martin Shkreli Arrested on Fraud Charges
“Hex Signs” as Solar and Ethnic Symbolism and Other Interpretations
The Mufti Of Saudi Arabia Passes A Fatwa That A Muslim Can Cannibalize And Eat His Wife
Hitler’s Nightmare Come True: the ‘Kinderladen’ Movement
Dr. William Pierce on the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
Tacky’s Rebellion: 1760 Slave Uprising in the Caribbean (Jamaica)
The Donald Trump Endgame
Nonprofit Hospitals On The Ropes: Hedge Funds Moving In
Cancer is not just ‘bad luck’ but down to environment, study suggests
Families can safely choose antibiotics over appendix surgery for kids
Lawmakers ‘Fail the Internet,’ Sneak Cyber Bill Into Must-Pass Omnibus
Humorous People Are More Likely To Be Above-Average Intelligent, Say Scientists
Science Links Pesticides To Breathing Problems And Lower IQ In Childhood
Homeless Women and Children Booted by ‘Christian’ from Shelter to Keep Them From ‘Tempting’ Men
Netanyahu’s ex-chief of staff named as suspect in fraud case
At debate, rivals pile on Trump over Muslim comments
Jordan sends 800 asylum seekers back to Sudan
Rouhani expects Iran sanctions to be lifted by next month
PM, opposition chief spar over Breaking the Silence, anti-Rivlin comments
US Congress votes to punish banks financing Hezbollah
UN to Israel, Palestinians: Put aside political fears for peace
Report: Kim and Kanye to return to Israel for son Saint’s baptism
Jordanian air force dismisses pilot who refused to visit Israel
‘Proud Jew’ Adam Sandler rips Roger Waters, BDS on Howard Stern Show
Kuwait Airways drops New York-London route to avoid selling tickets to Israelis
Hungarian PM opposes statue honoring anti-Semitic WWII politician
German politician charged for publicly displaying Auschwitz tattoo
At mosque, Bernie Sanders criticizes Trump, mentions Holocaust
United Nations Slams Israel Over Child Prostitution Epidemic Read more: http://sputniknews.com/middleeast/20151111/1029946754/israel-child-prostitution-sex-crimes.html#ixzz3uXDmQ9Lb
Dr. E. Michael Jones on the Black/Jewish Alliance and Destabilization
Jewish Doctor Says: ‘Rape White Women and Create Half-Breeds!’
Mistrial Declared in Case of Officer Charged in Freddie Gray’s Death
GOP Debate Scorecard: The Big Winner Wasn’t Anyone on the Stage, It Was Democrats
Ferguson Nears Deal With Justice Dept. to Overhaul Police Force
Softly, Softly, Catchee Monkey
Fed Raises Key Interest Rate for First Time in Almost a Decade
New Miley Cyrus Music Video Promotes The Sexualization of Infants
E Michael Jones: Protecting The Goy From Judaism Incorporated
Nationalism as a Web
Five Big Takeaways From the Republican Presidential Debate
Tennessee teens do jail time for sagging pants
Cigarette Smoke Might Cause Infertility, Early Menopause, Study Shows
Reports: Kelly Rutherford loses custody of children
Facebook Makes Changes To Its Real Name Policy Enforcement Process
US Not Seeking ‘Regime Change’ in Syria, John Kerry Says After Meeting With Russian President
Why X-Men Fans Might Not Like Apocalypse, According To Oscar Isaac
Massachusetts teen convicted in rape, murder of high school math teacher
Despite accord, scant hope Israel finally warming to climate change fight
Israel’s envoy to Sweden calls for better protection of Jewish sites
A third of Hezbollah’s fighters said killed or injured in Syria
UN watchdog closes probe into Iran nukes, drawing Israeli ire
Hasidic man assaulted in upscale NYC neighborhood
Artwork stolen by Nazis found… at Israeli museum
Obama compares Syrian refugees to Holocaust survivors
Donald Trump (Zionist) to meet Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson (Zionist Jew) ahead of debate
Republicans to talk foreign policy, but keep eyes on Trump and Adelson
Anti-Semitic holiday messages left in mailboxes in Florida community
Kerry to New Yorker: Israel doesn’t know what it wants
Op-Ed: Why ‘good for the Jews’ is bad for the Jews
3 strategies for Sheldon Adelson (Zionist Jew) in dealing with the Trump conundrum
Top Reform bodies renew call for Redskins to change name, logo
Commentary: As ISIS expands its reach, Israel could again become a top priority
US says Hungary is responsible for fate of statue honoring anti-Semite
Trump protester shouts Nazi salute at campaign rally
‘Pentagon Papers’ Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg Explains Why We Go To War
Adolf Hitler’s Warning About the Jew World Order
Top 5 smartphones of 2015
French court rules that “Native White French” do not exist
When After Fifteen Minutes
Thief Wears Obama Mask During Robbery And Gets Caught
The Free Zone: Henrik Palmgren – Star Wars and White Genocide
Man and Technology
Threat That Closed Los Angeles Schools Being Treated as Hoax
Witness to History: the Reich Legend Uncensored
BREAKING: U.S. Lawmakers Make MASSIVE Move To Investigate Obama For Helping ISIS
Newly arrived Syrians arrested in Geneva with explosives and chemical weapons
Bill Cosby Files Defamation Countersuit Against Accusers
A Vacation Was All I Really Needed
Facebook Is Killing Photo Syncing, Asks Users To Download Its “Moments” App Instead
Mental health care would curb violence, some at hearing say
Seattle becomes first U.S. city to let Uber drivers unionize
5 BIG Reveals From the ‘X-Men Apocalypse’ Teaser Trailer
Tashfeen Malik messaged Facebook friends about her support for jihad
New Argentina government voids pact with Iran on AMIA bombing
Jews were terrorists before State of Israel, says Coppola
French far right flops in regional runoff elections
French teacher admits inventing story of Islamic State attack
Poll: 2/3 of Palestinians back stabbing attacks, armed uprising
US officials: Netanyahu ‘myopic, untrustworthy, disrespectful of Obama’
In first, Turkish Jews light public menorah
Obama says US military hitting Islamic State harder than ever
Trump backers baffled by criticism of call for ban on Muslims
Abbas: ‘Justified popular unrest’ triggered by despair of young Palestinians
EU refuses to back down over settlement labeling policy
On Newtown anniversary, grandma and parents of slain Jewish boy slam gun control foes
Jewish group condemns feminist writer for calling Taylor Swift a ‘Nazi Barbie’
NY rabbi in Jewish divorce torture ring sentenced to 38 months
Hasidic man charged in assault of celebrity cross-dresser outside Chabad HQ
Report: ISIS has started murdering babies with Down’s Syndrome
Politicians slam ‘Ha’aretz’ for removing Israeli flag at conference
Erdogan talks of positive impact of improved Turkey-Israel ties
Analysis: Turkey’s Israel charm offensive is all about Russia
Nigeria army raids Shi’ite sect; hospital says at least 60 killed
Anonymous Declares War On Donald Trump
VIDEO: 70th Anniversary of the Dresden Holocaust
The Reason Why People With Blood Type 0 Are So Special
US Soldier: “The Real Terrorist Was Me And The Real Terrorism Is This Occupation” – See more at: http://realitieswatch.com/us-soldier-the-real-terrorist-was-me-and-the-real-terrorism-is-this-occupation/#sthash.FR5rccSx.dpuf
Is Donald Trump Secretly Working To Get Hillary Clinton Into The White House?
You Might Be An Extremist If…
NBC Poll: Clinton Would Trounce Trump But Lose to Rubio, Carson
Ticket to Nowhere
Support the Legacy of the Legendary American Patriot Willis Carto
Secrets of a Lousy Public Speaker
Diversity Comes to Africa
Donald Trump Has An Absolutely Terrifying Plan For The Supreme Court
Bowe Bergdahl to Face Court-Martial on Desertion Charges
Peter Sutherland – “The Father of Globalization”
Red Ice Radio: Pete Papaherakles & Victor Thorn – America’s Racial Powderkeg
RAW DEALS: Top 9 awesome deals for the nerd in your life this holiday season
Ohio gun nut oozes white privilege as he explains his ‘right’ to terrorize black neighborhood
Why Do People Have Difficulty Seeing The Jewish Question?
Capitalism Is Jewish Usury
The Heretics’ Hour: Germar Rudolf – Have Babies or Disappear
Jew Confronts “Dirty Goyim” Christian on University Campus
Spawning a Few Demons
Jews for Jesus denounces Vatican for ‘no conversion’ policy
All eyes on Le Pen as France’s second regional elections begin
At least 16 killed, dozens wounded in Pakistan market blast
Palestinian refugee thrives at Britain’s poshest school
In historic win, Saudi woman elected to city council seat
Defense experts back IDF’s 2014 Gaza campaign, claim critics are invoking wrong set of laws
Toronto Jewish day school sponsors Syrian refugees
Hamas promises info on KIA soldiers, if Israel freees terrorists
Trump: Netanyahu’s condemnation was ‘inappropriate, but that’s OK’
The Alluring Paintings of Edward Robert Hughes
An Inmate Dies, and No One Is Punished
Centuries after excommunication, time to void ban on Spinoza?
Gambia’s president declares his country an Islamic republic
After 68 years, a Syrian great-grandmother comes home… to her Jewish family in Israel
Web sleuths identify Jews helped to flee Nazis by Japanese clerk
Islamic State presents its version of the apocalypse
Danon to ‘Post’: UN quietly admires Israel, but publicly bashes it
Lothrop Stoddard’s Into the Darkness – Chapter 9: The Battle of the Land
Nations Approve Landmark Climate Accord in Paris
Israeli forces kill Palestinian youth, 22, six weeks after killing his sister, 17 – See more at: http://mondoweiss.net/2015/12/israeli-palestinian-killing-sister#sthash.HiGQjrcq.dpuf
UK, Russia agree to work in fight against ISIL
Kiev Cozying Up to Turkey in Wake of Fallout with Russia
Muslim immigrants gang rape elderly Colorado woman in horrific ways.
The Flower Power Conspiracy
ISIS Beheads Five Russians
Woman who SURVIVED Auschwitz because Nazis ran out of gas turns 101 Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2868386/Woman-SURVIVED-gas-chamber-turns-101-Auschwitz-victim-lived-room-ran-gas-celebrates-birthday.html#ixzz3u867oHuS Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
Transfascist comes out as a ‘proud Muslim’
Apartheid Europe
School apologizes after teacher asks Muslim student if she’s carrying a bomb
Revolutionary Grocery Store Offers Healthy Options For The Same Price As Fast-Food
Africa Reveals Awesome Plan To Reforest The Continent
GOP AT WAR WITH THE PEOPLE! The American Party Is Forming!
Yes, Donald Trump Called Out Israel for Funding ISIS
Physicists Send Particles Of Light Into The Past, Proving Time Travel Is Possible?
Front National win could lead to civil war, warns French PM
Dr. Duke & Dr. Slattery Expose the Jewish Hate and Genocide Menorah at the White House while Christian Symbol
Turkish authorities arrest Israeli suspected of organ trafficking
Church in Somalia needs ‘dialogue’ following gay assassination
NYPD Officer Kicked A Man’s Leg So Much That It Had To Be Amputated
Meet the nutters (Jews and Masons) on Team Trump — the people behind the candidate’s quest for the White House
White ‘Ghosts’ from Military College in Charleston Cause Outrage Over ‘Racism’
The Brian Ruhe Show: Kyle Hunt on White People, Jews, Muslims, Hitler and Spirituality Today
Abortion falls to record low in the U.S., CDC says
Could electric cars improve Beijing’s dirty air?
Why The Fed Will Not Be Raising Rates
Anti-Defamation League: More than three dozen incidents of Muslim harrassment since Nov. 13
Xbox One vs. PS4: How to choose the best game console for you
At Least 12 Killed in Attacks on Army Bases in Burundi
Libya’s rival factions agree date to sign U.N. peace deal
How a gay Iranian poet fleeing persecution ‘fell in love’ with Israel
French far-rightists expected to lose regional vote
Greek parliament set to recognize Palestine
As Trump rises, Clinton preaches love and kindness
Assad says will not negotiate with armed groups
IDF chief: Islamic State can’t be defeated by airstrikes alone
New phase in Syria war brings Israeli disputes to light
Son of Muammar Gadhafi briefly kidnapped in Lebanon
Frontlines: Israel’s covert diplomacy
Trump Tower website has outage after Anonymous’ anti-Trump rant
Dutch rabbi hosts Muslims at lighting of giant Christian-built menorah
Suburban Chicago public menorah vandalized
Rabin ex-aide, Israeli tycoon accused of corruption in Romania
Germany Government : To release Frau Ursula Haverbeck and drop all chargers
German supreme court moves closer to banning extremist and anti-Semitic party
Everybody Knows
The 12 Days of Terror
False Flag Weekly Feuds: Jim and Kevin Fight Over “Islamophobia” and “Homophobia”
The Cannibalism of Christ
Media Discrimination Against Ethnic Europeans
A Deadly Rise In Islamophobia
U.S. mentally ill 16 times more likely to be killed by police: study Read more at Reutershttp://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-police-mentallyill-idUSKBN0TT2Y420151210#6geFKZJhRdDFko2c.99
A Learning Advance in Artificial Intelligence Rivals Human Abilities
The GOP’s Evangelical Wing Starts to Coalesce Around Ted Cruz (Latino Freemason)
Citadel cadets who wore KKK-like hoods are suspended
Scotland cuts ties with Donald Trump. He says it should be ‘thanking me’ instead.
Syrian opposition agrees to unite for negotiations with the regime
NBC/WSJ Poll: 57% Oppose Trump’s Muslim proposal
Fear of Terrorism Lifts Donald Trump in New York Times/CBS Poll
Paris a scarred city four weeks after attacks
Rivlin: Obama gloomy on Abbas’s future, restarting talks
At biblical site, researchers discover ABCs of how alphabet came to be
Vatican calls on Catholics to stop trying to convert Jews
Trump claims Netanyahu agrees with him on Muslims
Brazil likely to refuse Israel’s designated ambassador
US Islamic advocacy group’s offices evacuated after death threats, white powder in mail
Abbas claims Palestinians are facing a new ‘nakba’
Russia halts work in Turkey’s first nuclear power plant after spat
White House ‘relieved’ Trump cancelled Israel trip
Miami Beach rabbi accused of molesting 11-year-old girl accepts plea deal
Trump cancels Israel visit in wake of furor over call to ban Muslims
What the World Rejected: Adolf Hitler’s Peace Offers 1933-1939
YouTube Becomes Israel’s New Battleground Against Palestinians
Report: Kim says N. Korea has hydrogen bomb
Texans begin nightly smashing windows of Muslim family only six weeks after they move in
US cops trained to use lethal Israeli tactics
Is The ‘Saudi’ Royal Family Jewish?
The Little-Known WWII Anti-Soviet National Socialist Russian Liberation Army (VIDEO)
A 75-Year-Long Study Has Found The Secret To Happiness
Muslim Store Owner in Tears After He’s Beaten by New York Man on Mission to ‘Kill Muslims’
Bye Bye, No Child Left Behind…Hello ‘Excusing States for Student Abandonment’?
Hundreds of U.S. Groups Join Forces to Stand Against ‘Dangerous Tide of Hatred, Violence’
Why $yria Is Crucial for the Energy Future of the Mideast
‘Airpocalypse’: Beijing Issues First Ever Red Alert as Smog Reaches Deadly Levels
CNN’s Ashleigh Banfield: Should We Ban Jews Since They’ve Committed Terrorist Attacks?
The Assassination Nation
Is Western Corruption & Duplicity Fanning the Flames of ISIS?
Donald Trump Solidifies His Lead, but Leaves Many Nervous
My WordAds Review
The Only Known Recording of Adolf Hitler’s Normal Speaking Voice
Native Americans call for ban on Christians entering the US
There Are No More Human Rights In America…..
Norovirus strikes 120 Boston College students who ate at Chipotle
Paleontologists discover new hornless ‘horned dinosaur’ species
Cam Newton: unchanged, unbowed and still undefeated
Income inequality has squeezed the middle class out of the majority
Hillary Clinton Says Donald Trump Is Supplying ISIS With ‘New Propaganda’
Saudi Women Face Off Against Men for First Time in Elections
U.S. ready to send advisers, helicopters to Iraq to help retake Ramadi Read more at Reutershttp://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-iraq-usa-idUSKBN0TS1YK20151209#R0Y8xMswLSlheB6f.99
Red Ice Radio: Govan Kilgour – Islamic Invasions of Europe & The Heroes That Pushed Them Back
Swedish PM backtracks from statement that stabbings in Israel aren’t terror
Dutch court acquits Muslim rapper who insulted Jews, gays
Before White House meeting, Obama and Rivlin reaffirm strong US-Israel ties
Pardoned Jewish Kremlin critic Mikhail Khodorkovsky back on Russia’s wanted list
Israel exported $400k in gold to North Korea, against UN sanctions
Facebook’s Zuckerberg: ‘I want to add my voice in support of Muslims’
One third of Israel’s children live in poverty, report says
Bahrain’s king holds Hanukkah candle-lighting
Turkey PM: Russia seeking ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Syria
Australia’s Abbott: Western culture superior to Islam
PM rejects Trump’s comments on Muslims, but will still meet him
One-third of Israeli suicides since 2000 involve immigrants
Rouhani: Trump remarks ‘hypocrisy,’ US is supporting terror
Obama urges respect amid furor over Trump stance on Muslims
Cops Respond To Hostage Situation By Killing Victim, Who Had A Lawsuit Against Them
How America Was Conned into Fighting Hitler: The Lies, Crimes and Hypocrisy of FDR
World War II started in 1933!
Jews Caught Rescuing ISIS Terrorists in Syria
Israel seizes 790 Palestinian firms in Jerusalem
‘Craft Intl mercenaries carried out San Bernardino shooting’
Jihadi Boy Threatens to Cut Off Obama’s ‘Filthy Head’ Unless He Submits to ISIS
Israel has deep intelligence ties with Daesh: Analyst
Report: US Donors Have Pumped $220 Million Into Jewish Settlements In Israel
Colorado Shooting Suspect Declares ‘I’m Guilty’ in Court
The Nordic Paintings of Peter Nicolai Arbo
From Ivory Tower To Privy Wall: On The Art Of Propaganda
San Bernardino Suspects Spoke of Earlier Attack, F.B.I. Says
United Methodist Women: Whoring for “Climate Change” and Jewish Agitation
War Is On The Horizon: Is It Too Late To Stop It?
Angela Merkel: Time’s Magazine Person Of The Year
Mideast Retailer Dumps Trump Products After Muslim Comments
SCOTUS Hears Case That Could Kill College Affirmative Action
Obama’s National Address on Keeping America Safe (Edited for Accuracy)
Some of Your Facebook Friends Might Be Undercover Federal Agents
The German-Jewish Kulturkampf in the Weimar Republic
What is Fascism?
Politician Suggests Turning Black Kids White
Diagnosis of ADHD Surges in U.S. Kids
5 Weird Things to Do With the Google Pixel C
Russia says it hit Islamic State with submarine-launched missile for first time Read more at Reutershttp://www.reuters.com/article/us-mideast-crisis-syria-russia-idUSKBN0TR2H620151209#XB1tP0zwJ7lmuAe0.99
China military paying ‘close attention’ to U.S. plane deployment Read more at Reutershttp://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-singapore-southchinasea-idUSKBN0TS04720151209#XAVOEI3J9g6iQq1P.99
YouTube Video Allegedly Shows Marshmallow On Galaxy Note 4
Trump’s proposal to keep out Muslims crosses a line for many in both parties
Israeli breakthrough drug helped cure Jimmy Carter’s cancer
As French Jews vote for Le Pen, a case of the enemy of my enemy?
Swedish PM: Stabbing attacks in Israel not terrorism
Hamas adopts revolving-door policy on IS members in Gaza jails
New Mossad chief facing challenge of Islamic State and empowered Iran
Syria rebels fake execution of IS fighters, deliver lecture on peace
6,000-year-old artifact from Negev may be world’s oldest smelted lead object
US fumes at Iran’s reported ballistic missile test
Jewish mayor says Trump not welcome in his Florida city
Dorm at NJ university vandalized with swastikas
5 questions to ask after San Bernardino
White House says Trump’s Muslim comments disqualify him for president
Jewish groups blast Trump for call to block entry of Muslims
Russia, not US, could be miffed by Ya’alon comments
French Jewish leadership calls on community to shun far-right National Front
Amid terror fears, US House passes bill to make it harder to obtain American visa
Middle-Aged Mother Tries To Buy A Baby Off Craigslist For Her Daughter
Homan Square revealed: how Chicago police ‘disappeared’ 7,000 people
1 Journalist Dead, 3 More Arrested After Exposing Turkey Arming Syrian Extremists
Candidates for the 2015 “Hypocrite of the Year”
Germans Torch 222 Muslim Refugee Homes
Is There a Link Between Consuming Marijuana and Decreased Obesity Rates? New Study Shows a Connection
Google Spying on 40 Million K-12 Students, Privacy Advocates Call for Federal Sanctions
More than Half of Polish Youth Visit anti-Semitic Sites, Glorify Hitler and National Socialists
Zulu King: “Blacks Destroy South Africa”
When At A Food Market, This Man Came Across Two Turtles. What He Did Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity…
Weapons Makers Caught on Tape Celebrating the Financial Benefits of ISIS and Syrian War
WATCH: Larry Wilmore Ridicules Trump’s Absurd Attempt to Pander to the Jewish Vote
San Bernardino Shooting: Emotional Vigils Mourn the Victims
Donald Trump Defends Muslim Ban as ‘Common Sense’
How to Read a Newspaper
Europe and the Final Solution
Trump’s Muslim Ban Is Exactly What ISIS Wants
This music journalist has a big domestic violence problem
Wotanism: Toward an Existentialist View
Boycott Football
The Meaning of Love
The True Meaning Of Friendship
Natural Remedies for Depression (Alternatives to Prozac and other pharmaceuticals)
Russia Turns the Screws on the West: Putin Accuses Washington of “ISIS Oil Coverup”
Dr. Claud Anderson: Black people need to come out of ALL of the Political Parties
Dual US / Israeli Citizens Running American Government
Trump Takes The Kosher Seal
Common Prostate Cancer Treatment May Double Risk for Alzheimer’s
Baltimore Doctors to Perform First Penis Transplant in the U.S. on a Soldier Injured in Afghanistan
Chipotle Closes Restaurant After Boston College Players Get Sick
The Latest: Pearl Harbor Survivor Returns to Greet Shipmates
David Cameron to make final push on EU migrant benefit restrictions
Muslim writes Hebrew letter in German community’s new Torah
French far-right sees record score in first poll since terror attacks
For 3 killed in San Bernardino shooting, US was refuge from fear
US, other world powers want end to UN probe on Iran nukes
Op-Ed: Why campus anti-racism protests are bad for the Jews
Dalai Lama: Dialogue is the only way to defeat ISIS
Merkel’s government announces support for EU labeling of settlement products
Black Men Are 6% of Population, But 40% of Unarmed People Shot by Police
EPA Intentionally “Fudged The Numbers” To Make Poisonous DOW Chemical Appear Safe
A Revolving Door Helps Big Banks’ Quiet Campaign to Muscle Out Fannie and Freddie
Palatine, Hessian, Dutchman: Three Images of the German in America – Part I
Holocaust Denial by the European Union
The Pearl Harbor Conspiracy
Russia is Being Pushed to the Limit by the US and its NATO Lackeys
The Final Secret of Pearl Harbor
F.B.I. Says San Bernardino Assailants Were ‘Radicalized’
Donald Trump Calls for Barring Muslims From Entering U.S.
“Let the Valkyrie Ride” by David Lane
As Russia Bombs ISIS, US Bombs Syrian Civilian Power Stations.
Media Coverage of Europe’s Migrant Crisis Ignores Root Cause: NATO
Pavlov’s Dog: World Jewry’s Brainwashing Program
Justice Dept. Plans to Investigate Chicago Police After Laquan McDonald Case
The US and NATO Are Now Sponsors of State Terrorism
Turkey president Erdogan: Women are not equal to men
Weeks of violence dampen Christmas spirit at Bethlehem hotel
How British elite forces killed ‘Jihadi John’ — report
PM fingers Palestinian denial of Jewish state as root of conflict
VIDEO: Does the Bible inspire as much violence as the Koran?
Former US President Jimmy Carter says he is cancer free
‘Black flag of ISIS’ may be alternative to Palestinian Authority, Clinton says
5 takeaways from the Republican Jewish Coalition’s presidential forum
San Bernardino killer’s father: Son was obsessed with Israel
Turret of the Times
Everybody In!
Let Us Count a Woman’s Beauty
An African Queen to Crown All
Jews Caused The Civil War
U.S. Military Pilots Provide Solid Proof That Obama Is Helping ISIS… Here’s What They’re Saying
Bill Gates thinks the 1% should foot the bill for renewable energy, and he’s offering the first $2B.
The Nation Publishes Ethnically Motivated Anti-White Hate Propaganda Screed
Antibiotics Cause Health Problems and Candida Overgrowth
The high price of antibiotic use: can our guts ever fully recover?
How to Shame a Race-Mixer Without Causing a Scene
Op-Ed: Israel must act now to preserve the two-state solution
Analysis: Could unilateralism be the key to securing Israel’s future?
‘Pakistani in California shooting was radicalized in Saudi Arabia’
When the British captured the Holy Land
Baghdad tells Ankara to ‘immediately’ withdraw troops from Iraq
Hamas: PA colluding to uphold Gaza blockade
British royals ‘won’t visit Israel till conflict solved’
1 in 3 Americans unhappy with Israeli (Jewish) influence on US politics
Ya’alon: US is ceding leadership in Mideast to Russia, Iran
Lapid: Ending the conflict should be Israel’s only priority
Kerry: ‘Violence, settlements, demolitions’ imperiling the vital two-state solution
Selfies Linked To ‪Narcissism, Addiction & Mental Illness
Many Countries Are Fed Up With Double-Dealing Turkey Read more: http://sputniknews.com/europe/20151205/1031294107/turkey-irritation-analyst.html#ixzz3tUs1SlKi
Israel extremely nervous over Russian operations on its Golan border
Majority of World is on Putin’s Side Because US Abandoned Europe’ Read more: http://sputniknews.com/politics/20151205/1031293701/russia-us-syria-troops-conflict-turkey-erdogan-crumbling-position.html#ixzz3tUrBmuE1
Get Your Priorities Straight. Muslim Immigration Is a Trivial Issue.
How the Syrian War and Ensuing Exodus was Modeled after the Armenian Genocide.
HYPOCRISY: US Demands Russia Lift Sanctions Against Turkey…
The Reasons Historians Call WWII A ‘Jewish Creation’
Obama Attacks Whistleblowers.
The Ghosts of the Eastern Front
Why Did The Government Pass a Law That Makes Staged Hoaxes Legal?
The Chicken Bone in America’s Throat
GOP’s Self-Made Trump Dilemma: Understanding the Monster of Their Own Creation
Debunked Bunkum: Dr. Duke and Dr. MacDonald Agree, Khazar Theory Untenable
How the mainstream media became a neo-Stalinist propaganda regime for wealthy neocons
Price of some cancer drugs significantly higher in Ireland
Poor Protection Of Habitats Puts Migratory Birds At Risk In Their Journeys, Study Finds
Classic PlayStation 2 games ready to run on the PlayStation 4
China consolidates in Africa following $60 billion pledge
Cocaine found in bus where rocker Weiland died
Remembering Scott Weiland: The Rocker’s Highs and Lows, in His Words
Muslims in America Condemn Extremists and Fear Anew for Their Lives
Report: Islamic State Sinai chief in Gaza to coordinate with Hamas
Obama names backer (Zionist Jew Tom Bernstein) to second term chairing Holocaust memorial
Israel’s Iraqi, Moroccan and Algerian Jews who survived WWII to get Holocaust payments
Report: Israel practiced defeating S-300 Russian defense system in Greece
South African Buzz: What Zuma thinks of Israel
Analysis: Fighting ISIS from the inside-out
Living and loving in the shadow of terror
Sweden’s top diplomat slams Israel’s ‘extrajudicial executions’ of Palestinian terrorists
The liberators: ‘We want to eliminate ISIS in every place’
Lapid: Israel’s global standing has never been worse; I could change that
Barbados, a centuries-old Jewish haven for relaxation — and refuge
US imam says mosque got threatening call from ‘Jewish group’
California killing spurs concerns about fiance visa program
Fighting IS, Iraqi leader finds himself caught between US and Iran
Poll: 500,000 American Muslims Want People Who Criticize Islam Put To Death
Attacking Ourselves: Top Doctors Reveal Vaccines Turn Our Immune System Against Us – See more at: http://www.greenmedinfo.com/blog/attacking-ourselves-top-doctors-reveal-vaccines-turn-our-immune-system-against-us#sthash.kP4IFjVM.dpuf
Voactiv: National Socialists are Still German Jews’ Worst Enemies
German Intelligence Warns Saudi Arabia Is ‘Destabilizing Arab World’
‘Where’s the $500 million?’ Red Cross Promises Houses For 130,000 Haitians, ’Builds Only 6’
Fight Smarter, Not Harder
Islamic Terrorists Are Not Coming To America ‘Someday’ – The Truth Is That They Are Already Here
Groundbreaking Research: Cannabis Treats ADHD Better Than Adderall
Social media rumors claim the same girl, a “crisis actor,” was seen crying at tragedies in Boston, Aurora, Oregon, and Sandy Hook.
F.B.I. Treating San Bernardino Attack as Terrorism Case
Mein Kampf – the Kosher Edition
Wotanism is not Satanism
How Terrorist Sympathizers Exploit America’s Gun Laws
On The Campaign Trail
Israel the Main Buyer of ISIS Oil — Report
How Mark Zuckerberg’s Altruism Helps Himself
Report: Freemasons Order the EU: Open Borders For More and More Immigration
Full text of “Two Hundred “Six Million Jews” Allegations From 1900-1945″
Rabbi justifies illegality of mixed race marriages in Israel – mocks ancient Romans, Egyptians
Nearly half of Americans with high cholesterol are not taking medication, study says
Who Were the Victims in San Bernardino Shooting?
Denmark rejects more EU laws in blow to integration
Arsenal of explosives, ammunition found at home of San Bernardino attackers as FBI seeks motive
Trump says he’s coming to Israel ‘very soon’ to meet Netanyahu
Head of Republicans in Israel: Trump can’t be, won’t be president
Reform Jewish leader: Ask GOP candidates about gun violence
Turkey, Russia FMs hold first talks amid plane crisis
Rivlin proposes Israeli-Palestinian ‘confederation’
Rubio takes on Trump in address to Republican Jews
Netanyahu: Don’t worry, there will be peace ‘eventually’
Jewish victim of California attack had argued with shooter about Islam
ADL: Trump’s comments misinterpreted, not anti-Semitic
Rumor mill reports: Sir Elton John (Gay Freemason) to perform in Israel in summer 2016
ISIS beheads alleged Russian spy, releases video threatening Putin
GOP contenders highlight Obama as a wedge in Jewish support
Israeli television reporters called ‘dirty Jews’ in Brussels
NYPD says it has suspect in string of arsons on Bukharan Jewish homes
Indiana U. student government passes resolution condemning anti-Semitism
Jewish activist Lori Berenson returning to US after 20-year ordeal in Peru
Trump to GOP Jews: You’re not going to support me because I don’t want your money
Putin wants Russia to become world’s biggest exporter of Non-GMO food
Syrian refugee father who used to sell pens on the streets of Beirut now owns 3 businesses
EXCLUSIVE: San Bernardino Female Shooter Should NEVER Have Been Granted Visa
France Begins Shutting Down Mosques and Islamic Prayer Rooms
Another Shooting Death at Another Women’s Center: This One is In Texas
Corey Feldman Exposes Hollywood Pedophilia
How Monsanto Destroyed Rural Argentina
Jews Pretending to be Muslims and Christians
“What Future?” by Michael Walsh
Australia PM’s adviser: climate change is UN hoax to create new world order
FIFA Corruption: Top Officials Arrested in Pre-Dawn Raid at Zurich Hotel
San Bernardino, California, Massacre Suspects Could Have Terror Links
All Combat Roles Now Open to Women, Defense Secretary Says
Former Massey Energy C.E.O. Guilty in Deadly Coal Mine Blast
Dancing Israelis on 9/11 – “Our Purpose Was To Document The Event”
Another Tired Anti-White Story from “Russia Today”
The End Is Near For Me…..Or Is It
US Attacks Against ISIS Are Considered So Pathetic That Iraqis Believe The US Must Be Supporting ISIS Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2015/12/02/us-attacks-against-isis-are-considered-so-pathetic-that-iraqis-believe-the-us-must-be-supporting-isis/#ixzz3tDqAh9On
Leaked Report Reveals Ala. Cops Planted Drugs and Weapons on Black Men for Years
CDC: New Diabetes Cases in US Adults Are Dropping
U.S. health spending hits $3 trillion as Obamacare and rising drug costs kick in
Texas sues U.S., relief agency, to block Syrian refugees Read more at Reutershttp://www.reuters.com/article/2015/12/02/us-texas-syrians-idUSKBN0TL2Z920151202#LLJaQhcAd86j0ewQ.99
The Jew
Seal bearing name of Judean king found in Jerusalem
Court: PM must provide details of conversations with Sheldon Adelson
Israel honors GI who told the Nazis, ‘We are all Jews’
Erdogan accuses Russia of libel over IS oil allegations
Israel’s air superiority clouded by new Russian missiles in Syria
German Jewish group OK with publishing ‘Mein Kampf’ again
British parliament votes to launch Syria air strikes
German Parliament President: We reject settlement labeling, understand Israel’s anger
‘We must be ready for the possibility of war with Iran in 10 – 15 years’
Trump: You have to take out the terrorists’ families
US says IAEA report holds Iran accountable for its past
What Americans had to say about Jewish war refugees
Over 1,000 U.S. rabbis sign letter asking lawmakers to welcome refugees
9 questions GOP Jews want answered: A primer for the presidential candidates
How Big Tech Convinced Us to Become Our Own Informants
Family: Tennessee Church Hid Bathroom Rape of 3-Year-Old, Lied to Parents and Urged Against Prosecution
Iraq Will File Protest at UNSC if Turkey Confirmed to Be Buying Daesh Oil Read more: http://sputniknews.com/politics/20151202/1031131372/iraq-turkey-oil-trade.html#ixzz3tDMOoXt7
Anonymous Just Shut Down This Nation’s Websites For Killing Whales
Parental monitoring tied to less risky sexual behaviors in teens Read more at http://newsdaily.com/2015/12/parental-monitoring-tied-to-less-risky-sexual-behaviors-in-teens/#Q3kqyyczjRKxCowr.99
SOUTH AFRICA – Fugitive Israeli Rabbi Eliezer Berland may have surfaced once again in South Africa
BREAKING: Putin Reveals ISIS Funded by 40 Countries, Including G20 Members Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/putin-shares-intel-g20-exposing-isis-financed-40-countries/#o8VmXfqxw3cg16bL.99
Love Actually
How Israel and ISIS are Joined at the Hip
Jesse Lee Peterson and Kyle Hunt Discuss the Attack on White People
Christian author blames Freemason initiation after he’s charged in bizarre Alabama movie theater robbery
Trump interviewed by Alex Jones (White Freemason) — who thinks hallucinogenic ‘clockwork elves’ control the new world order
FBI anti-terrorism unit busts racist ‘hit group’ leader buying machine guns to ‘execute’ Jews and blacks
Fox pundit says ‘white privilege is racist’: I confront my whiteness by ‘going to the tanning salon’
San Bernardino Gunmen Kill at Least 14, Wound 17
Are The Good Times Really Over?
Police: San Bernardino shooters acted ‘as if they were on a mission’
Government Criminalizing Rainwater Collection In All Out War On Self Sufficiency
Shock Report: Police Were Engaged In Active Shooter Drill JUST BEFORE San Bernardino Massacre
Putin says Turkey shot down Russian plane to defend IS oil supplies Read more at Reutershttp://www.reuters.com/article/2015/11/30/us-mideast-crisis-syria-russia-turkey-idUSKBN0TJ2EQ20151130#OTJKCEiqBlUqAWrJ.99
Hypnotized Slaves in a Hedonistic Trance
How an $84,000 drug got its price: ‘Let’s hold our position … whatever the headlines’
Can this pill end the AIDS epidemic?
Are your holiday lights killing your WiFi?
Sony has two new $300 PlayStation bundles
What The X-Men: Apocalypse Trailer Will Likely Show Us
U.S. deploying new force to Iraq to boost fight against Islamic State Read more at Reutershttp://www.reuters.com/article/2015/12/02/us-mideast-crisis-usa-military-idUSKBN0TK50G20151202#u1pp1jT6pXrjDRuy.99
How Israel became a water superpower
Poll: German far-rightists would win 10% if vote held today
Al-Nusra frees 16 Lebanese hostages in Qatar-brokered swap
Arab paper claims Israel biggest buyer of Islamic State oil
PA busts Islamic Jihad cell planning attacks on IDF
95-year-old Auschwitz paramedic ruled fit to stand trial
With Israeli-EU relations strained, Netanyahu looks toward Asia
UN: Slaughter of 1.5 million Armenians is not genocide
Costco, America’s 2nd Largest Retailer Says No to GMO Salmon
Study Shows That Light Therapy Is More Effective Than Prozac For Treating Depression
Permissiveness: America’s Moral Rot
Mark Zuckerberg and Wife Pledge 99% of Their Facebook Shares to Charity
The neuroscience behind why white cops kill black men
Woman Remains Hopeful After She and Her Entire Family are Diagnosed With Cancer
For Robert Dear, Religion and Rage Before Planned Parenthood Attack
REVEALED: Planned Parenthood killer believed Christ’s forgiveness meant he could get away with anything
Mayor Rahm Emanuel (Zionist Jew) Fires Chicago Police Superintendent
William Joyce’s National Socialism Now: Chapter I
“Conspiracy Theorists” Are Vindicated: U.S. Senate Reports Chemtrails Are Real and Are Killing Us!
BOMBSHELL: Ambush of Russian Bomber Was Guided by US Reconnaissance
Rochus Misch, Adolf Hitler’s Loyal Bodyguard
Survival Of The Non Fittest
Jewmerica Sanctions Syria (Again!)
Why Turkey Shot Down Russia’s Plane
Mosquito-borne chikungunya may cause fatal brain infection
Opposition mounts to genetic modification of human embryos
There’s no such thing as a ‘male brain’ or ‘female brain,’ and scientists have the scans to prove it
Syrian Family of 7 Is Quickly Settled in New Jersey
Syria Question Exposes Bitter Divide in Britain’s Labour Party
Russia and Turkey will both lose from Moscow’s sanctions
Israeli real estate firm slammed for racist online ad
Spanish king (Freemason) honors Sephardic Jews exiled from Spain
Former Belgian Zionist head leads uptick in Israel immigration
Israel ‘keeping an eye out’ for chemical weapons in Syria
Turkish PM: We will not apologize for downing Russian jet
Erdogan (Crypto Jew) says he can ‘fix’ tense Israel ties
PM: Israel, Russia deepening coordination to avoid Syria ‘mishaps’
Google denies agreement to monitor anti-Israel videos
Greece to defy EU order on labeling settlement goods
Israel, Jordan unveil $800m joint plan for ‘Red-Dead’ canal
In Paris, Netanyahu and Abbas shake hands for first time in 5 years
Israel devastating the Palestinian environment, Abbas tells climate summit
‘Every day in Jordan it seems there is a protest against Israel’
How long can Russia maintain its sanctions against Turkey?
Netanyahu calls for friendly countries to change UN voting pattern on Israel
Iran’s Khameinei calls Paris attacks ‘blind terrorism,’ says Palestinians face ‘worst’ terrorism
Rio Jews, evangelicals rally for peace in Israel
National Women’s Studies Association votes to join international BDS movement
Sheldon Silver, ex-NY Assembly speaker, found guilty on all 7 corruption charges
In Ukraine, 15,000 March to Commemorate WW2 Nationalist Leader
Hey Trump! ISRAELIS cheered 9/11 attacks, not Muslims
‘Christian State’ Threatens to Kill Muslims in Belgium — “The Islamic State now has competition”
Steven Seagal Thinks Many Mass Shootings Are “Engineered” by the Government
Thousands In Europe Protest Against Bombing Syria
The Greasiest Cuckolding of All
Russian WWII Vets say “Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS Were the Best Soldiers in the World”
If “White People” Are Evil Racists, Why Do They Treat Us Better Than We Treat Each Other?
Spending Was At An All Time Low For Black Friday This Year And Corporations Lost Billions
Finland: Third minor is raped by a Muslim ‘refugee’ within a week
Why Learn About European and Western History?
Former head of US special forces admits: Islamic State would not exist if Bush didn’t invade Iraq
The Reich’s Declaration of War on the Soviet Union
Hijrah and Jihad
China’s Renminbi Is Approved by I.M.F. as a Main World Currency
What Future For Our Children?
Why Don’t Feminists Talk About the Abuse of White Women?
Following the Upward Path
I Always Knew Those Nazis Were Evil
Hero a la Mode
German ‘Antifa’ call for the Rape and Genocide of Ethnic Germans
Raped woman didn’t want to call the police: ”I feel sorry for him because he is a refugee”
Cover-up: Doctors Being Killed For Speaking Truth About Vaccines
Chicago police union stands by white cop charged with murder
Origins of the K’o’r’a’n
Israel Caught Receiving Stolen Oil From ISIS Militants
Syrian opposition say dozens killed, wounded in Russian strikes
Netanyahu seeks to wrest power to appoint PM from president
Iran’s Khamenei: Israel more ‘barbaric’ than Paris terrorists
Ban Ki-moon asks Turkey, Russia to de-escalate tension
EU to monitor Turkish commitments on refugees
Anti-corruption chief is top cop accused of sexual harassment
Iran balks at enacting nuclear deal over ongoing investigation
Netanyahu suspends contact with EU until reassessment of role in Israeli-Palestinian peace process
6 Actual Acts of Terrorism That Occurred While Everyone Was Panicking About Refugees
Records Reveal Minnesota Priests Raped Hundreds of Kids for Decades — and Church Buried the Evidence
Jewish historian argues fake “Holocaust” narrative central to Jewish power in post-WWII America
Brad Pitt Just Said that He Wants the Criminal Bankers to Pay
Study: U.S. regime has killed 20-30 million people since World War Two
Young Germans and Hollanders Physically Resist the Nonwhite Invasion
Turns Out, Russia Was Right: ISIL Oil is Going to Turkey – German Media
The Allied Battle for Bolshevism
Open Letter to NATO Supreme Commander for Peaceful Resolution to Avert World War III
Top 5 Ways for Women to Talk to Their Men About White Genocide
Prayer for Honor, Wisdom, Strength, and Courage
How Mike Pettine demoted Johnny Manziel in part for being dishonest about the partying
Armando Salguero: Dolphins’ coaches, front office seem to have different views on Ryan Tannehill The Dolphins front office thinks Ryan Tannehill is a franchise QB
US City Plans To Set Up Safe Houses For Heroin Users To Inject Drugs Under Supervision
Jewish Supremacists Exploit Paris Carnage For Political Gain
Investigative Journalist For CBS News Exposes How Mainstream Media Brainwashes The Public
Victory! President of The Gambia Bans Female Genital Mutilation
NYC: 92% Nonwhite Violent Crime
General George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war leaders claims new book
Confession of a CIA Agent: They gave us millions to dismember Yugoslavia
David Cameron (British Freemason) fails to convince public to back strikes against ISIS in Syria
The man behind the curtain: Israeli colonel captured among ISIL terrorist forces in Iraq
Turkey in for a Stuffing?
Douglas Murray’s Warning to the Jewish Community
Liberman: Israel should resume targeted assassinations
Thousands protest in UK, Spain as momentum builds to join Syria strikes
Some Jewish refugees really were Nazis, and other illuminating facts
Watch: Egyptian sheikh proselytizes in Africa, asserts ‘Jesus is slave of Allah’
Erdogan says he wishes Russian plane hadn’t been shot down
Putin orders sanctions against Turkey over downing of jet
‘Syria is dead, Israel must prepare,’ top defense official warns
Russia sometimes breaches Israeli air space, top defense official reveals
In new doc, blind Israelis learn to witness Nazi cruelty
In wealthy Paris hamlet, some Jews reconsider their future
Alan Gross: Memory of Holocaust survivor relatives got me through Cuban prison
Report: Senior Israeli officials fear PA collapse
Fifteen thousand Israeli Arabs gather to protest Israel’s ban on Islamic Movement
Report: PM’s brother-in-law says Netanyahu ‘very clearly against Palestinian state’
Liberman: Israel is the largest financial backer of Palestinian terror
Analysis: US bombing of Afghan hospital may help Israel face its own demons
Municipality apologizes to Oren for misquoting him on Obama’s ‘radical Islamic values’
Make Whites Great Again
Familiar Killers Eager to Start World War 3
Trotsky: An Ode
What Is to Be Done?
The Fiction Department
The Banned Fox News Report from 2001 Connecting Israel to 9/11
5 Depressing Signs America Just Isn’t the Country It Used to Be
Trump Supporters Thrive on His Lies and Disinformation Aimed at Demonizing Their Target Groups
Secrets Of Jewish Control Revealed
France begins jailing people for ironic comments
Study: High-potency marijuana linked with neural damage
8-Year-Old Utah Girl Battling Rare Breast Cancer
Microsoft rolls out Cortana for iOS to select beta testers
Sony: PlayStation 4 Remote Play Coming to PC, Mac
Outrage After Venezuela Opposition Leader Killed
How Professor X Goes Bald In X-Men: Apocalypse, Revealed
The Republican Party is now America’s largest hate group
Man Charged In Slaying Of 9-Year-Old Tyshawn Lee; McCarthy Vows To ‘Destroy’ Gangs Involved
10 groups Donald Trump offended since launching his campaign
Israel successfully launches new naval missile defense system
Will ice cream make you gain weight? It depends on your gut, study finds
How to make your Thanksgiving leftovers into ‘bestovers’
Poland rules out extraditing Polanski to US
Turkey ‘temporarily’ suspends Syria strikes after Russia spat
Israelis and Palestinians rally in West Bank for peace
Weapons used in Paris attacks ‘bought from German dealer’
Hollande vows to destroy Islamic State ‘army of fanatics’ as France honors dead
The ‘Kate Middleton effect’ on synagogue fashion
Saudi Arabia said planning to execute over 50 people
Israel mission not sign of changed relations, claims UAE
Italy plans to close clandestine mosques: minister
Activist Phoenix rabbi hosts Syrian refugee family for Thanksgiving
‘Paris terror ringleader planned to attack Jewish targets’
In post-war Bosnia, Jews celebrate 450 years of survival
Meet Oren Hazan, Israel’s most scandalous lawmaker
Argentinean rabbi tapped as government minister
Hasidic Jews tackle drunk man outside Australian synagogue
Why did Hollywood actress America Ferrera want to convert to Judaism, have a bat mitzva?
Is political correctness over Islam and ‘refugees’ putting lives in danger?
NYC to fund security guards for Jewish schools
Dr. Exposes Jewish Political leader in Germany who advocates the Genocide of Germans!
Home, Sweet Kleptocracy
White Americans Are The Biggest Terror Threat In The United States
Erdogan Downed Su-24 to Revenge Son’s Disrupted Oil Business – Damascus
Bargains and Backlash: Black Friday Around the World
CNN, Goldman Sachs, and the Zio Matrix
Shut It Down: As The Jewish Media Loses Power, Alternative Media Comes Under Attack
To My Brother Killed in Battle
Hooked on Weakness
A Struggle of Worldwide Importance
Gunman wounds four cops and several others outside Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs
Mississippi man guns down Waffle House waitress after she asks him not to smoke
Police Arrest Gunman After Shootout at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs
The Palestinians, The Bravest People In The World
The Day I Ran Away From Home
The 1 Percenters Are Stuffing Their Pumpkin Pie Holes on Thanksgiving
Sweden: Racial Tensions Rising as Non-White Migrants Arrive in Rural Areas
Why Did Turkey Shoot the Russian Warplane Down? Follow the Money!
Rudolf Hess was Murdered by British Agents in Prison to Stop him Revealing War Secrets
10,000 Suns – Return of the Immortals
Björn Höcke Speaks to the German Folk
Lament from the Trenches
Israel meets with Google and YouTube to discuss censoring Palestinian videos
Donald Trump’s Campaign Hits An All-Time Low As He Despicably Mocks A Disabled Journalist
Meet The Man Who Funds ISIS: Bilal Erdogan, The Son Of Turkey’s President
Thanksgiving 2015: These Fun Holiday Facts Will Amaze You
Florida man found guilty of wife’s murder after posting photo on Facebook
Cleveland Browns have best odds for No. 1 pick in 2016 NFL Draft
Google Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X Users Reporting More Handset Issues
Every Person Deserves a Place to Call Home for the Holidays
Applications for US Unemployment Benefits Fall to 260,000
U.S. new home sales rebound strongly in October
U.S. data points to moderate fourth-quarter growth
PlayStation 2 emulation comes to PlayStation 4
Wheelchair users more likely to die in car crashes
8 Ways to Trim Fat From Your 4500-Calorie Thanksgiving Day
MK loses Knesset whip post amid sexual harassment scandal
Knesset advances bill to imprison terrorist minors
Russian crackdown on Muslims fuels exodus to IS
Trump claims he can predict terror attacks
Brussels schools reopen, maximum threat alert still in place
‘Israeli intel led Germany to call off soccer match’
US infiltrating Iran with sex and money, Khamenei charges
13-year-old commits suicide after missing school trip
Netanyahu, Argentina’s president-elect agree to improve ties
Palestinians ‘disappointed’ after Kerry fails to produce breakthrough
Netanyahu said to rebuff IDF pitch to arm PA, release prisoners
Rabbinical student attacked in Florida
Ex-Kabbalah Centre exec must pay $177,500 in damages in sexual assault suit
Israeli intelligence helped Germany thwart planned terror attack
For Jimmy Carter’s chief of staff, being Jewish was a family secret
Romania native, 83, wins Miss Holocaust Survivors Beauty Pageant
Iran’s Khamenei reiterates support for Palestinian uprising
Bishops in England and Wales call for Vatican to revise liturgy concerning Jews
Obama administration: Still a ‘big no’ on supporting settlement building
ISIS kills its Austrian ‘poster girl’ after she attempts to flee Syria
Ya’alon: Israel intends to build security fence between Hebron, Kiryat Gat
Rosenberg on Bismarck
Go East Young Man
‘White Student Union’ Shut Down at UC Berkeley
The London Forum: Karl Richter – The Situation in Germany Today
“Viking Princess” by David Lane
Are We Winning?
Why the Media Refuses to Call the White Supremacists Who Shot Black Lives Matter Protesters ‘Terrorists’
My Mom Fled War Too: Finding Compassion for Syrian Refugees
How This Man Beat Type 2 Diabetes, Depression, And Lost 130 Pounds In The Process
Witnesses Say ‘White Supremacists’ Behind Shooting at Black Lives Matter Protest
Russia strikes back: Putin’s bombers hit Turkish border crossing in revenge for downed jet
Johnny Manziel’s benching could spell the end of him with Browns and 4 other takeaways: Mary Kay Cabot
Johnny Manziel’s off-field decisions cost him shot at on-field opportunity
Johnny Manziel’s partying, lack of professionalism jeopardize his career
Updates For November 2015
Newborn baby boy found in Queens church’s nativity scene with umbilical cord still attached
Chicago protesters march as police release video of officer shooting teen
CDC says at least 19 E. coli infections linked to Costco chicken salad
New Studies Show How Moms Also Benefit From Breastfeeding
Browns bench Manziel for off-field behavior; McCown to start Johnny Manziel filmed during two-night rager on bye week – ‘TMZ Sports’
Is racism on the rise? More Americans say it’s a ‘big problem’
Canada: We’ll resettle 25,000 Syrian refugees
Jewish-Muslim initiatives headline this year’s Mitzvah Day
Joe Lieberman (Zionist Jew): US-Israel relations about to become ‘very productive’
Report: Israel strikes Hezbollah positions in Syria, killing 13
Tunisia declares state of emergency after bus blast kills 12
Amazon pulls ads using Nazi insignia from NYC subway
What Patriots owner Robert Kraft (Zionist Jew) has done for the Jews
For Jewish groups, Syrian refugees are a reminder — not a threat
N. Carolina Jewish day school threat prompts closing, FBI investigation
Mass. state senators under fire for upcoming Israel trip
JCC camp counselor accused of child porn released on bond
Israel’s place in the space race
Russia warns of ‘inevitable consequences’ for Turkey after shooting down of plane
‘US believes Russian jet was in Syrian airspace when Turkey shot it down’
Israeli students to get $2,000 to spread state propaganda on Facebook
Kenyan Doctors Find Anti-Fertility Agent In UN Tetanus Vaccine
Why The Jews Love Hillary
NATO: We Fully Support Turkey’s Decision to Shoot Down Russian Jet
Prominent Israeli settler runs over 16-year-old girl, then shoots her dead
Obama vows U.S. borders open to refugees ‘as long as I’m president’
Turkey could cut off Islamic State’s supply lines. So why doesn’t it?
WikiLeaks Reveals Saudi Arabia, Turkey & Qatar Secret Anti-Syria Plot
SHOCK POLL: After Paris, Americans would prefer Putin to Obama
WaPo: Russian Jew Calls Out Other Russian Jews, Demands ISIS Invasion of US
Victory! Ringling Bros. To Stop Using Elephants In Their Circus
Big Pharma’s Adderall Is Basically Crystal Meth, Says Dr. Carl Hart
Venomous Zionist Jews Give False Witness in Paris Hoax Promote Syrian Intervention
World at War: Putin Calls Out the Backers of ISIS, Then Turkey Shoots Down a Russian Jet
5 Shot at Minneapolis Black Lives Matter Protest; Police Search for White Suspects
Million Dollar Extreme Checks Privilege at Yale
President Hollande: No French ground troops going to Syria
Emails reveal racists plotted confrontation with Black Lives Matters activists days before shooting
Red Ice Radio: Ann Corcoran – Refugee Resettlement: “Diversifying” the West
European Future Force
How Delusional Nostalgia Is Killing the White Working Class
A Persistent Hoax
Turkey Shoots Down Russian Warplane Near Syrian Border
The Last Waffen-SS Unit Defending Adolf Hitler’s Bunker was Comprised Entirely of Frenchmen
Lemons and lemon water can lower blood sugar in diabetics
The Call of the Oaken Grove (Europa Arise!)
In Defense Of the Migrant “Invaders”
The Bengal Famine: How the British engineered the worst genocide in human history for profit
Skipping breakfast can trigger dangerous blood sugar spikes in diabetics
Photographer Reveals The Heartbreaking Places Syrian Refugee Children Sleep
FDA Approves Genetically Modified Salmon, Deems It ‘Safe’ For Human Consumption
Orbán: Europeans Should Have Babies, Not Immigrants!
League, union asking why Case Keenum played after appearing to sustain concussion
Do Stimulant Meds Keep Kids With ADHD up all Night?
Defying Logic, Lasers Used to Refrigerate Water
A giant blanket of spiderwebs appeared in Tennessee, but don’t panic
Belgium charges suspect with involvement in Paris attacks
Report: Peyton Manning wants to play in 2016, but maybe not in Denver
‘Clock Kid’ Ahmed Mohamed wants $15 million, written apologies
Paris terror suspect slips Brussels dragnet as trail goes cold
Bedouin attacked by Kiryat Gat mob meets man who saved him
Judaism’s divisive conversion politics exported to Africa
Should Israel jail Palestinian kid stabbers younger than 14?
Israel braces for annual UN bashing over Palestinians
Putin visits Tehran for first time in eight years
South Africa Hosts Hamas Delegation
S. African president links Paris attacks to Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Prince Charles (British Freemason) blames Syrian chaos on… climate change
In Tehran, Putin ends ban on Iran nuclear cooperation
Israeli envoy to US: Militant Islam, not Islam, is the enemy
Netanyahu: IDF has free rein to fight terror in West Bank
In first, Orthodox Jew to head Argentina’s Jewish political umbrella group
Jewish Tulane medical student shot while stopping attempted abduction
Though confined to NY, Jonathan Pollard can explore the Internet for the first time
Mayor of Spring Valley, NY, secretly vowed to block Jewish developers
New Argentine president pledges to cancel pact with Iran on AMIA bombing
Patriots to have moment of silence for Ezra Schwartz before Monday night game
Sister of Faigy Mayer, former Hasid who took own life, hangs herself
Despite ISIS threats of attack, New York prepares for Thanksgiving parade
Report: Russian ground troops arrive in Syria in unprecedented military action
Archaeologists shed light on diets of Galilee residents 10,000 years ago
‘Macri victoy in Argentina is unequivocally good for Israel and the Jews’
Chief Rabbi of Brussels: There is no future for Jews in Europe
‘We Are The Terrorists!’
U.S. Congresswoman introduces bill to stop “illegal” war on Assad; says CIA ops must stop
Man Gets Prison Sentence For Collecting Rainwater On His Own Property
The Bravest American
“The Nation’s Fate” by David Lane
‘Nowhere to hide, Jihadi Wayne’: NY Daily News declares war on the NRA for blocking terrorist gun law
Armed protesters stalk peaceful Muslims at Texas mosque: We want to show force
That racist Trump tweet about blacks killing whites isn’t just false — it’s neo-Nazi propaganda
Jihadism Isn’t Nihilism: What Everyone Gets Wrong About ISIS
American Self-Hatred
Jews admit: “Shutting down free speech is an ancient Hebrew quest”
Israeli protesters demand separate roads for Palestinians, Israelis
Soviet and Czech Jews Responsible for Mass Slaughter of Unarmed German Innocents
Jim Rizoli Interview with John Friend
Valhöll: Hall of the Slain
The Real Reason for World War 2
Saudi Prince Denies Report He Would Back Israel in War With Palestinians
French soldiers accused of raping and abusing refugee children in Central African Republic in exchange for food in ‘leaked UN report’
Poles Protest the Islamic Invasion by Burning Jew Effigy Holding EU Flag
Debunking the “Hitler Escaped” Myths – Forensic evidence trumps rumours, theories and romantic tales
US anthropological association moves closer to Israel boycott
Pope readies for Africa, riskiest trip of his papacy
Iran sentences Washington Post journalist to prison
Cash-strapped Hamas pays Gazans with land in former settlements
IN DEPTH: The multiple opportunities France had to stop the ISIS attack on Paris
Senate approves bill targeting Hezbollah’s foreign finances
Major German department store apologizes for pulling Golan Heights wines from shelves
Assad says Syria troops advancing thanks to Russia strikes
The Abrahamic Question in the Spiritual World
Rampant Perverts
Getting Played: The Illuminati Card Game
Hitler on the Term Völkisch and the Aims of the National Socialist Movement
The Valkyries
Alabama Republican Introduces Bill to Eliminate Overtime Pay
Relationship Experts Recommend Single Women Try Bathing In Open Stream Until Suitor Glimpses Them Through Trees
We Are Who We Are
The Real Reason Why Germany Must Perish
The Who, How and Why of the JFK Assassination – 52 Years On – Part 1
General Léon Degrelle: The Story of the Waffen-SS
Russia offers puppy to France to replace police dog killed in Paris terrorist attacks
‘Get him the hell out of here!’: Trump sics supporters on black protester who gets beaten and kicked
Here’s Why Only Half Of Young Black People Expect To Live Past
ISIS Declares War On Palestine, Kills Top Hamas Commander
Nurse discovers man he tried to save in Paris attack was bomber
Knesset caucus vows to fight Pollard’s parole restrictions
Beijing to host huge Israeli business event
Ezra Schwartz had ‘unconditional’ love of Israel, helped friends overcome fears
Dozens dead in heaviest east Syria strikes since war began
PA official praises toddler son for wanting to kill ‘Zionists’
Pope: Christmas a ‘charade’ in world that has chosen ‘war and hate’
Can plight of Syrian refugees today, Jewish refugees in WWII be compared?
Belgium raises terror alert to highest level amid imminent threat
Iran trains for capture of Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa, but uses Dome of Rock model
What if the Nazis had won? Amazon’s new drama answers that question — slowly
World powers to help Iran redesign Arak reactor as part of nuclear deal
Jews and Goyim: Inhabitants of Hell
Parasitic Worm Could Boost Female Fertility Read more at: http://www.immortal.org/20683/parasitic-worm-boost-female-fertility/
Chipotle E. coli outbreak hits Northeast Ohio
Stocks march higher, ending their best week so far this year
Russian Military Says Its Bombing Sharply Cut IS Oil Incomes
Trump distances himself from database to track Muslims
Moved by moral imperative, Canadian synagogues sponsor Syrian refugees
US-Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard freed from prison after 30 years
Pentagon pressing EU, Arab allies for more help against IS
Israel has 115 nuclear weapons, says US think tank
Pollard’s lawyers say they’ll appeal ‘unreasonable, unlawful’ parole terms
Jewish Groups slam Trump’s proposed registry for Muslims in the US
ADL reports jump in anti-Israel campus activity
US Holocaust Museum: Don’t turn away Syrian refugees
Saudi Arabian court sentences Palestinian poet Ashraf Fayadh to death for apostasy
France state of emergency declared for three months, allowing authorities to shut down websites and giving police sweeping new powers
Paris ER ranks had just run routine terror emergency drill, were ready at time of attack
Family of Paris Attacker Says He’s Not Religious, ‘Never Went to the Mosque’ & Was a Petty Criminal Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/family-alleged-paris-mastermind-religious-never-mosque/#dwugXIaZbfPjFvjU.99
Major Study: Physically Strong Men are More Likely to be Right-Wing
Mossad Agents Exposed In Mali Raddison Hotel Kidnapping Hoax
By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Do War
“Gods of Our Blood” by David Lane
History Reviewed: Secret Wars and Low White Morale
Ancient Celtic Religion
Brainwashed – But How Would You Know It?
Why are Buddhist monks attacking Muslims?
None of the ISIS attackers in Paris were Syrian refugees
Hostages Seized in Attack on Radisson Hotel in Mali
A Frank Comparison Between Dr. David Duke and Dr. William Pierce
Abbas admits he rejected 2008 peace offer from Olmert
Swedish Jewish community closes synagogues amid terror threats
French PM: Some attackers used refugees crisis as cover
US ‘disappointed’ no jail time for Israeli cop who beat American teen
How much would it cost to buy Netanyahu out of office?
Clinton widens gap with Obama on Syria, calling for no-fly zone
Rare numbing disease that plagues Jews has diagnosis, but no cure
American yeshiva student killed in West Bank identified as Mass. 18-year-old
Bernie Sanders promises ‘evenhanded approach’ to Israel, says Netanyahu ‘overreacted’ in Gaza
Virginia Becomes The First US State To End Veteran Homelessness Read More: http://www.trueactivist.com/virginia-becomes-the-first-us-state-to-end-veteran-homelessness/
After Paris, Europe Is at a Crossroads
Israeli spy Pollard offers to renounce US citizenship for chance to go to Israel
New Settlements authorised in East Jerusalem
Turkey is Playing the Worst Part of Syrian Crisis – Assad Read more: http://sputniknews.com/news/20151119/1030403383/assad-turkey-role.html#ixzz3rzGNfE4M
More Doctors Confessing To Intentionally Diagnosing Healthy People With Cancer To Make Money – See more at: http://www.viralalternativenews.com/2015/11/more-doctors-confessing-to.html#sthash.BVx9regB.dpuf
The way for Americans to take on the Islamic state is to end support for Jewish nationalism – See more at: http://mondoweiss.net/2015/11/americans-support-nationalism#sthash.wPRzmfna.dpuf
Massachusetts Woman Calls for Assassination of Donald Trump at Wednesday Rally – Is Fired From Job
Head of French Jewish Lobby’s “Solutions” to Paris Attacks: More Muslims, More Wars and More Censorship
Trump crosses the Nazi line: Maybe Muslims should wear special ID badges
House Approves Tougher Refugee Screening, Defying Veto Threat
Start Worrying: Trump Sees New Surge of Support After Paris Attacks
Europe’s Funeral Pyre
The Self-Haters
White South African Squatter Camps
How Walmart Became a Sustainability Leader
Manhunt Over Paris Attacks Spreads Across France and Belgium
Houston residents told to boil their disgusting, worm-filled tap water as America devolves to third-world status Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/052016_Houston_tap_water_worm_infestations.html#ixzz3rw7G7eKr
WAR ON EUROPE! Jews Importing Millions Of 3rd World Migrants For The Final Genocide Of The White Race
Russia and France seal new ‘alliance’
42 ADMITTED False Flag Attacks
McDonald’s operator sued after diners exposed to hepatitis A Read more at Reutershttp://www.reuters.com/article/2015/11/18/us-mcdonalds-hepatitis-idUSKCN0T738420151118#MQr9A2EDg1ULL8L1.99
X-Men: Apocalypse Definitely Will Feature A Bigger Quicksilver Scene
Xbox One Is Losing The Console War So Far, But Here’s How It Can Still Pull Ahead Of Sony
Ex-NFL QB Doug Flutie loses both parents on same day, an hour apart
Gathering pace, rogue Israeli conversion court racks up new Jews
Jewish groups join call to accept Syrian refugees into US
Islamic State shows off bomb it says downed Russian plane
Israeli-Palestinian conflict to blame for Paris attacks, says Dutch pol
Netanyahu hints at possible annexations in West Bank
EU envoy: Comparing labeling to Holocaust cheapens memory
Israel said to mull downgrading ties with Europeans over labeling
Obama threatens to veto House Republican bill on Syrian refugees
‘IS sympathizers stabbed Marseille Jewish teacher in the face’
Source: Pollard to be barred from Internet on parole
Jewish, Arab birthrates in Israel about even
John Kasich (White Freemason) would create department of Judeo-Christian values as president
British Jewish lawmaker raps Twitter for handling of anti-Semitic tweets
Pollard will need US gov’t permission to travel for as long as 5 years
How America’s Borders Were Opened
Germany’s Misuse of the Law: The Case of Ursula Haverbeck
Scott Roberts: White Goy Bleed A Lot
Nigeria: 32 Killed in Boko Haram Attack on Market
After Attacks, France Increases Its Commitment To Refugees
The Paris Attacks – Who Benefits?
Latvian Independence Day – November 18
After Paris Attacks, Poland Says It Will No Longer Participate in EU’s Refugee Plan
Grandmaster Putin Beats Uncle Sam at His Own Game
Be Patient With The Girl Whose Heart Was Broken Before You Came Into Her Life
The Gloves Come Off: Putin Exposes G20’s Financial Ties to ISIS
2 Dead in Paris Raid Seeking Top Suspect; 7 Arrested
G. Edward Griffin on the Federal Reserve System
Obama Says Gun Control To Be Top Issue Of Final Year
Brain Differences May Explain Why Some With Schizophrenia Hallucinate
Raiders linebacker Aldon Smith suspended 1 year by NFL
Is Gun Control a “Nazi” Scheme?
Anti-Israel, anti-Semitic images now a ‘Facebook feature’
ISIS sees no difference between a child in Beirut and a child in Paris. And neither should we
The problem with moderate Muslims
Pollard ready to renounce US citizenship if allowed to go to Israel
The Islamic Movement’s Northern Branch — long a thorn in Israel’s side
After 43 years, Jewish dialogue with Orthodox Christians still fragile
Anonymous says it has hacked 5,500 IS Twitter accounts
Hollande, Putin agree on ‘closer contact’ in battling IS in Syria
France requests EU military backing in fighting IS
French government doing its utmost to protect Jews, says leader
The move by the government to ban the northern branch of the Islamic Movement is unlikely to be carried out in a complete fashion, since it would require a massive crackdown on thousands of Arab citizens. The northern and southern branches of the movement are highly integrated into Arab society and have the support of most Muslim citizens. Even Christian MK Basel Ghattas from the nationalist Balad party came out in the movement’s support. The Islamic Movement’s northern branch also can count on support from the more pragmatic – not moderate – southern branch, which has decided to play the political game and has the UAL party in the Knesset as part of the Joint List. Both groups operate nationally, seeking to Islamize Arab society, and eventually the state as well, just like other Muslim Brotherhood movements. Since the southern branch is not being banned, it will be difficult for security authorities to differentiate between low and mid-level members of each branch, allowing some northern branch members to appear as part of the legal southern branch. The Islamic Movement is also highly intertwined with leading Arab families and its social welfare network will continue to function under the aegis of the southern movement or it will move underground or use front organizations to hide from the authorities. Fully disbanding the movement would require a massive security operation on par with what Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has undertaken against the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt – imprisoning its members, preventing their supporters from preaching in mosques, and so forth. And even after months of security operations and killings of members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the group is still alive and kicking. Elie Rekhess, a top scholar of Arabs in Israel, who is currently the crown visiting professor in Israel Studies at Northwestern University, told The Jerusalem Post Tuesday that the Islamic Movement is very powerful within Arab society and banning it is going to be viewed by the Muslim community in Israel as an assault on Islam. “This ban represents a watershed in the state’s relationship with the Arab population and will be looked back as a transformational moment,” he said. “The move is likely going to serve as a catalyst for growing unity within the Arab political elites in Israel,” pulling together leaders from the various political and ideological streams, said Rekhess, who formerly was a research fellow at the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies at Tel Aviv University, heading the Konrad Adenauer program for Jewish-Arab Cooperation in Israel. Asked if he sees the decision as wise, Rekhess responded that he concurs with previous reports that the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) had been against the move. According to a Channel 10 report last month, the domestic spy agency believes that banning the group increases the risk of an escalation in Jewish- Arab tensions. In addition, Rekhess noted that banning the group would drive it underground, making it more difficult to monitor. Arik Rudnitzky, the current project manager of the Konrad Adenauer Program, said this is the third time Israel has taken a step to ban an Arab movement. The first group outlawed by the government was Al-Ard (The Land) movement in 1964, and the next time was in 1980, when it banned the National Coordination Committee. These two nationalist Arab movements rejected the definition of Israel as a Jewish state. “Over the past 10 years, [Northern Branch leader Raed] Salah has been given the nickname “Sheikh al-Aksa,” which hints at his public role he has taken upon himself to protect al-Aksa Mosque from damaging its holiness,” said Rudnitzky. The government viewed Salah’s activities as harsh moves against Israeli sovereignty on the Temple Mount. “The question is whether Salah’s political Islam can exist in a country that defines itself as Jewish and democratic,” he said. “For now, it seems the country’s democratic tolerance has come to an end.”
Analysis: Move against Islamic Movement will not be implemented
Israeli gov’t to pay for new West Bank synagogue that was built illegally
Chicago rabbi found guilty of sexually assaulting teen
Dalai Lama: Stop praying for Paris — humans created this problem and humans must solve it
Spain Issues Arrest Warrant For Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Over 2010 Gaza Flotilla Attack
History Has Been Made. Female Genital Mutilation Banned In Nigeria.
Modern Educayshun
Red Ice Radio: Millennial Woes & Lana – Friday the 13th Paris Massacre
Politics is no Place for Amateurs
The Meaning of the Paris Attacks
Palestinian state recognition will be a ‘grave mistake’, Netanyahu warns France
israel’s threats & whining being ignored, another EU country, Belgium, set to recognise Palestine
Russia Confirms Bomb Brought Down Plane in Egypt
Mossad’s Fingerprints On Paris Attacks
Can Everything Truly Be Blamed On The Jews
Coffee could literally be a lifesaver
Huawei Teases Fast-Charging Batteries
After Paris Attacks, a Darker Mood Toward Islam Emerges in France
Israel to allow in 9,000 more Ethiopian immigrants
Trump says he might close certain US mosques
German ‘Nazi grandma’ jailed for Holocaust denial
‘French now realizing they, and not just Jews, are targets’
Jittery French Jews urged ‘home,’ but some wonder if Israel can handle flood
Iran vows to intercept Islamic State on its borders
Marco Rubio (Latino Freemason): Israel, Europe, US in same fight against terrorism
Obama: Paris attacks were ‘terrible’ setback in fight against IS
Putin told Assad ‘go or you’ll be made to go,’ Israeli officials say
Israel not too worried by Islamic State, defense chief says
The victims of the Paris terror attacks
French PM warns of new attacks being planned as over 150 suspects raided
Belgian mastermind of Paris rampage linked to thwarted attacks
WATCH: Islamic State threatens the US in new video
US states turn back on Syria refugees after Paris attacks
First French Jews immigrate to Israel after Paris attacks
Hollande: Destroying Islamic State is a global concern
Republican candidates urge escalated fight against IS in Syria, Iraq
Obama: Despite Paris, no boots on the ground in fight against IS
Anti-Israel ads OK’d to run in Boston subways
How JTA helped a Christian hate monger change her ways
Prof who lost U. of Illinois job offer over anti-Israel tweets wins $600K settlement
Ayoub Kara: Hire Jordanian workers, not African migrants
Bennett: It’s either Israel or ISIS in the West Bank
Israeli ambassador to Washington: Confront ISIS in Syria or face consequences in Europe, US
Israel condemns ‘hostile’ Swedish comments linking Paris attacks to Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Rumor Has It: Charlie Sheen To Announce Positive HIV Status
The Marxist Murderers
Forget the War on Christmas, What About the Theft of Paganism?
Political Author Gearoid O’Colmain Discusses the Paris Attacks
Europeans or Whites? The Advantage of Using Accurate Terms
Hollande Calls for New Powers to ‘Eradicate’ ISIS After Paris Attacks
France Strikes ISIS Targets in Syria in Retaliation for Attacks
The Nation’s Auctioneer
U.S. Warplanes Strike ISIS Oil Trucks in Syria
Beyond Good and Evil: The Divine and The Decay
In The End, It Is The Soul That Matters The Most
US Jews will abandon Israel over religious exclusion, warns delegation
Jewish owners recently sold Paris’s Bataclan theater, where IS killed dozens
IS leader in Libya likely killed in US airstrike
Deadly Paris attacks reveal ‘next stage of IS’: experts
Kerry and Iran’s Zarif discuss sanctions relief in Vienna
Diplomats set 18-month timeline for change in Syria
What’s next for Jewish-Catholic ties
Jewish French MP: Terror in Paris is the same terror as in Israel
Belgium: 2 Paris terrorists were Frenchmen living in Brussels
French Jews call for ‘merciless war’ on jihadists
French president to ask parliament for 3-month state of emergency
Obama, Putin agree on need for UN-negotiated Syria ceasefire
Iraq warned of attacks before Paris assault
France issues warrant for 26-year-old suspected in Paris attacks
World leaders vow vigorous response to Paris terror, but no details
Paris death toll rises to 132, say hospital officials
Paris police say reports of fresh gunfire in terror-struck city were false alarm
Far-right settler rabbi: Paris attacks are payback for the Holocaust
Analysis: To defeat ISIS, West must be willing to pay the price with soldiers’ lives
15 Sudanese killed, 8 injured while trying to cross into Israel
EU: US-Russia cooperation crucial to defeating ISIS in Syria
Day after attacks, French Muslims fear backlash: ‘Better to be mistaken for a Jew’
Hasidic Jew stabbed in Milan
Op-Ed: On the streets of Paris, ADL chief spots yarmulkes, senses fear
Netanyahu: Same terrorism driving attacks in Israel and Paris
Before terror, Paris’ Bataclan theater threatened for pro-Israel events
Nordstrom’s pulls Hanukkah sweater seen as insulting to Jewish women
Ohio plane crash: 7 employees of Jewish family company among dead
Israeli intelligence helping Paris attacks investigation
Clinton leading Sanders by nearly 20%, poll finds
Why People Are Called Sheeple
Paris Attacks Kill More Than 100, Police Say; Border Controls Tightened
Three Teams of Coordinated Attackers Carried Out Assault on Paris, Officials Say; Hollande Blames ISIS
Paris Shootings…Good For The Jews?
Manhunt Underway as Investigation of Paris Attacks Widens
There were 44 people killed and 249 injured in Beruit in ISIS terror attack last Thursday — so where’s the media?
Now the truth emerges: Here’s how the US fueled the rise of ISIS in Syria and Iraq
A Battle with No Fronts
Revolt Against the Modern World
Paris Massacre: Another False Flag Attack
How Our Children Curse Us
What if the Nazis Won WWII and Took Over America?
Multi-Site Emergency Exercises Conducted the Morning of Paris Terror Attacks
Why The Migrant Invasion of Europe?
Slaughter is a Jewish Sport
Poll: Third of Jewish Israelis favor urging Arab Israeli emigration
A relaxed Netanyahu meets receptive American Jewish crowd
Jewish man with Nazi-raised identical twin dies at age 82
In Ukraine, Jews connect with ‘kosher-style’ dose of Judaism
Netanyahu rekindling bipartisan ties, Democrat senator says after meeting
Obama accused of treating Netanyahu worse than Khamenei
EU sets guidelines on labeling settlement goods, drawing Israeli anger
Film explores gay Israeli-Arabs’ identities under rockets’ red glare
Syria says Israeli airstrikes hit near Damascus airport
Israel briefly suspends diplomatic dialogue with the EU to protest labeling
Future of ‘Zionist dream’ predicated on peace, Kerry says
Mexican president: Jews give their best for Mexico
The Orthodox punk rock-loving guitarist behind the sounds of ‘Jewish Afrobeat’
Jews across US, Twitter rally for $15 minimum wage
Is EU discriminating against Israel by labeling settlement goods?
Top Five Reasons We Need Women in The Movement
Women Are Our Existence, Our Survival, and Our Future!
Saudi-Led Coalition ‘Deliberately’ Targeting Hospitals in Yemen: ICRC
Don’t Thank Me For My Service
Hillary Clinton Hires Former Monsanto Lobbyist To Run Her Campaign
Koh-i-Noor: India sues the Queen for return of ‘stolen’ £100m diamond
US-Led Coalition Against ISIL Spends $10Mln on Airstrikes in Iraq Weekly
TPP Is A Jewish Affair
X-Men: Apocalypse Gets more Plot Details for the Public, Film Is Starting to Sound Emotional!
The Realities Of Wage Slavery
Minority of One
Vaccine reduces cholesterol in mice, monkeys
Study: Medicines don’t degrade faster in space
Netflix, Hulu and more won’t count against data on T-Mobile anymore
The New Xbox One Experience plays favorites, allowing titles from Xbox 360 but not the PC
Study: Religious kids not as kind as secular peers
Why are innocent Israeli citizens going to jail?
In bid for more aid, Netanyahu invokes cost of America’s wars
Recognize Israeli annexation of Golan, Netanyahu hints to Obama
Iran said to cease dismantling centrifuges
Netanyahu: Israel, US must work together on Iran
PM: Unilateral W. Bank pullout ‘possible, I suppose’ if security conditions met
3 Jews, 2 of them Israeli, charged in ‘breathtaking’ theft of hundreds of millions
Conservative Jewry’s numbers plummeting, but core engagement steady
36 senators sign bipartisan letter against EU labeling guidelines
Jewish groups call for protection of Jewish students at U. of Missouri
Democratic senators call on Obama to strengthen security memo with Israel
Virginia men arrested in plot to attack Jews and blacks
Netanyahu gave red line to Putin on Syria intervention
A case in Kenya threatens Israel
After Obama, Netanyahu now turns attention to burying hatchet with US Jews
Study: 84% of Israelis say they wouldn’t emigrate
Netanyahu: Israel to invest directly in its Conservative, Reform communities
The Book That Changed History
For black Millennials, a determined hope tempered by frustration
One of the driest places on Earth, the Sahara Desert, once ran with water
Barack Obama: The first Jewish president? Chicago Jewish circle nurtured him all the way to the top
The Mass Murder of Russian Christians and the Destruction of their Churches
With Mass Civil Disobedience, Young Activists March Against ‘Broken System’
Europe To Make Linking To Other Websites ‘Illegal’
Christian Zionism: A Racial and Moral Cancer
We Are Taught
With Open Gates: The Genocide of European Nations
Eddie Martin, Voice Actor From San Diego
We Don’t Need No Water: German Volunteer Fireman Refuses to Put Out Burning Refugee Centers
The Myth Of The One Drop Racial Rule
No source found for E. coli outbreak related to Chipotle; restaurants could reopen midweek
Fossils of rats as big as dogs found in Southeast Asia
Obama will not intervene to allow Jonathan Pollard to leave for Israel
Myanmar election: Aung San Suu Kyi’s opposition NLD wins early seats
Scott Weiland says Guns ‘N’ Roses original line-up to reform
Are Australia and Israel destined to be best mates in high-tech?
Israel said to okay initial plans for over 2,000 new settlement homes
Executions in Saudi Arabia at a 20-year high, says Amnesty International
Russia warns against pressing demands for Assad’s ouster
Obama, Netanyahu said to agree to expanded US military aid
Netanyahu calls meeting with Obama ‘one of best’ they’ve had
Gallup poll: Growing number of Palestinians believe in ‘armed struggle’ against Israel
Brazilian Jews rally for Israel in five cities
Arab Knesset member: Israel like Nazi Germany before Kristallnacht
British Jewish student ‘bombarded’ with anti-Semitism on Twitter
New Girl is newly Jewish: Actress Zooey Deschanel converts to Judaism
‘Hell yeah’ Jeb Bush (White Freemason) would kill baby Hitler
‘American Girl’ Magazine Under Fire After Doll Maker’s Publication Promotes Homosexual Couple To Young Readers
Fernando Cortes – Can Americans and Mexicans Unite to Defeat a Common Enemy?
What the World Rejected: Hitler’s Peace Offers, 1933-1939 – Time to face the facts!
Anti-White Propaganda
Alfred Rosenberg Explains National-Socialism
University of Missouri President and Chancellor Step Aside Amid Protests
The Second Week of Arthur Topham’s “Hate Speech” Trial in Canada’s Supreme Court
Red Ice Radio: Lana – Lana’s Llama: Non Toxic Clothing and The “Green” Scene
US Ground Troops in Syria Is ‘Illegal, Big Mistake’, Russia Warns Obama of ‘Unpredictable Consequences’
Will Turkey Invade Syria?
Even if you win the lottery, the government can refuse to pay your winnings (because they’re broke)
Almost A Third Of Americans Could Imagine Supporting A Military Coup In The US
95% of Violent Conflicts Around The World are Muslim.
Whites Surprisingly Chill About Becoming Minority
Arguing with Enemies is a Waste of Time
Dr. William Pierce: Our Cause
E. Michael Jones: Europe and the Jews
The Return Of Adolf Hitler 2015-2016
With the Disappearance of Malaysian Airlines MH-370, Jacob Rothschild Became the Sole Owner of ‘Freescale Semiconductors’ Patent
Controversial Russian media mogul found dead in Washington
Visiting Israel, interfaith couples find Jewish roots
Islamic State releases 37 Christians in Syria
Russia slams Charlie Hebdo for ‘sacrilegious’ cartoons on Egypt crash
British jihadis may have been part of Sinai plane bombing
Investigators ‘90% sure’ bomb brought down Russian jet in Sinai
Biden says ‘no tolerance’ for comments from PM’s media czar pick
PM stresses defense aid ahead of Obama meeting
Analysis: Britain’s Cameron under criticism for hosting Egyptian president Sisi
American Jews need to have more babies, says outgoing JFNA chair
Report: Lebanon arrests three people accused of ‘spying for Israel’
Israeli troops rescue Africans seriously wounded by Egyptian troops
Michele Bachmann (Zionist, Freemason) : Bring into Christianity ‘as many Jews as we can’
Reform Jews cheer Joe Biden’s (Freemason) criticism of settlements — and support for Israel
“The New Jewish Question,” or The End of Guillaume Faye
Failings of the Counter-Revolutionaries
“The Diary of Anne Frank” is a Fraud
The Rothschilds own 80% of Israel,
The Talmudic Roots of Jewish Supremacism by Dr. David Duke
Zoe Saldana’s Response To Anti-Immigrant Hate: ‘You Can’t Kill Us. You Can’t Send Us Back’
Where Women Lead the Way
Mass immigration is on the verge of DESTROYING Europe, blasts LEO MCKINSTRY
Hungarian PM says Europe ‘cannot build its future on immigration instead of families’ and says leaders must make it easier for parents to have children ‘for the survival of our civilization’
The Fight For Racial Survivial
Russian Plane Crash: Was Israel Responsible?
Patriotism for Sale: The Pentagon’s Pro-War Propaganda Scheme with Pro Sports
Coma Patients In Vegetative State May Have Damaged Fiber Connections In Brain, Making Them Aware But Unable To Respond
Young People Are Shifting the U.S. Towards Becoming a Less Religious Nation
White Race Traitor Vows to Stand by Black Serial Rapist Branded One of the Most Dangerous Offenders the Judge had Ever Dealt With
Settler group calls on supermarket chain to stop hiring Arabs after West Bank terror attack
Report: Israel worried Egypt’s Sisi might fall to jihadist insurgents
How Russia’s military presence in Syria complicates Israeli affairs
White House hopeful Carson bristles under intense scrutiny
Lebanese man ‘lures father to Syria to be beheaded by IS’
Egypt says West hasn’t helped in war on terror
Yitzhak Navon, Israel’s fifth president, dies at 94
Egypt to execute 188 Muslim Brotherhood supporters
Ads Against Apartheid Arrives in Dallas
China and Russia: the world’s new superpower axis?
Zionism’s Dead End
Germany plans curbs on Syrians’ asylum status
2 Louisiana Officers Charged With Second-Degree Murder in Killing of Boy, 6
Stephen McNallen: Celts and Germans
Anonymous leaks identities of 350 alleged Ku Klux Klan members
The Purpose Of Sports In Any Society
Dirty Jews Working to Racially Destroy WHITE LANDS
FDA approves single-pill HIV treatment
California reports first infant flu death of the season
Brennan: Kick Greg Hardy out of NFL after release of photos
Toyota invests $1 billion in artificial intelligence in U.S.
Dozens arrested, 3 officers injured in massive anti-capitalist protest in London
Nicholas Hoult teases details of X-Men: Apocalypse
Brussels gets 1st gay Jewish organization
Report: Madrid jihadists planned to kill Jews in Paris copycat action
Obama wants to hear how Netanyahu will preserve 2-state option
Analysis: Why the West should worry about Turkey
Analysis: What Netanyahu hopes to gain from his meeting with Obama
Israel steps up efforts to persuade EU to drop settlement product labels
The ISIS affiliate in Sinai that is eluding Egypt’s security dragnet
After Erdogan’s big election win, tentative hope of reconciliation
Jonathan Pollard’s lawyer hopes release will mean minimal restrictions
Reform leader slams Israel’s West Bank policies, growing intolerance
Jewish porn star says Orthodox parents accept her
NY state senator pushes bill with teeth to combat BDS
BREAKING: Declassified Docs Show That Obama Admin Created ISIS In 2012 To Use As A ‘Tool’
Algerian minister: France will admit to its crimes in Algeria sooner or later
Despite Optimistic Claims, Brazil’s Amazon Rain Forest Is Disappearing Fast
Common Core 4th grade reading: Obama biography portrays whites as racist…
Man Dies After Tapeworm Inside Him Gets Cancer
Artificial Skin Could Give People with Prosthetics a Sense of Touch
Red Ice Radio: David Dees – Art Against the New World Order Zionist Agenda
Strong Growth in Jobs May Encourage Fed to Raise Rates
Patriots or Traitors?
Putin Suspends Flights From Russia to Egypt Amid Security Fears
The Aryan’s Salute
Citing Climate Change, Obama Rejects Construction of Keystone XL Oil Pipeline
Historical Documents Prove the Connection Between Jews and Bolshevism
Weeks After Mass Shooting, Oregon County Votes To Nullify Gun Control Laws
Ben Carson Admits Lack Of Understanding On Policy Issues
Why the US Navy Is Going to Be Destroyed in the Next Global War
Russia May Start Training Civilians to Deal With Nuclear Attack
Muslim Man Warns Germans: “We Will Marry Your Daughters And Conquer You With Births”
Sugar Babies: More and More College Students Are Literally Becoming Whores to Cover Rising Tuition Costs
Report: US Shot At Victims Fleeing Bombing of Doctors Without Borders Hospital
Women Are The Keys For Racial Futurism
Live tapeworm, ‘still wiggling,’ removed from California man’s brain
Chipotle’s E. coli outbreak threatens sales, emboldens critics
Religion Makes Children More Selfish, Say Scientists
US STOCKS-Wall St slips after mixed earnings as jobs report looms
The New York Times’ virtual reality app puts you inside the story
Netanyahu Looks Beyond Obama to Make Amends With Democrats
Attack on rabbi seen as sign of unchecked Jewish extremist violence
Poll: Most Jewish Israelis say terrorists ‘should be killed on the spot’
PM’s new media czar criticized Netanyahu himself in 2014 post
Obama rules out Israeli-Palestinian peace deal before leaving office
Is it just me, or are there neo-Nazis everywhere? (OK, it might just be me)
Donald Trump (Zionist) sought support from major pro-Israel givers Sheldon Adelson (Zionist Jew), Paul Singer( Zionist Jew)
‘Name of shop is Hitler and I like him because he was the most anti Jewish person’
Netanyahu heads to US to push for $50b. military aid package
The Rape of Europe Prevented: Rise of the Freelance Brigades
The Traitor Dies
Native-born Canadian Ted Cruz (Freemason) has a birther problem
Transcending Materialism
The Reich’s Jewish Resettlement Scheme
Jew Explains Plan for White Disarmament, Genocide
Netanyahu’s new media czar called Obama ‘anti-Semitic’
Are The Jews Racists…..Yes They Are!!!
Ben Carson: Israel will have a very strong friend if I am president
Widow of runner slain at random by machete-wielding former Texas A&M football star kills herself three weeks later
Croatia Under Siege: Migrants vs. Mad Germans
South Korea Is Helping Students Stage Fake Funerals To Overcome Depression
Pentagon Expert Says Russians Would ‘Annihilate’ US Army on Battlefield
First They Jailed the Bankers, Now Every Icelander to Get Paid in Bank Sale
Depopulation-advocating globalist Bill Gates (Freemason) comes out in full push for totalitarian socialism, says ‘democracy is a problem’
Report Documents Big Business Using Police To Attack and Kill Indigenous Peoples
The Jewish Billionaire Behind a New Christian Anti-Iran Group
Germany and The Long Defeat
Orbán vs. Merkel: Can Europe’s Conservative Populists End the Migrant Crisis?
Peter Tatchell: Schools should promote mutual masturbation as alternative to sex
Reform Jews poised to pass landmark transgender resolution
US lawmakers back protection for Europe’s Jewish communities
US officials: Israel requesting $5 billion in annual defense aid
PA claims Israel harvesting organs of dead Palestinians
UK suspends flights to Sinai, says jet may have been downed by bomb
Islamic State insists it’s behind Russian plane crash, won’t say how
Islamic State bomb may have downed Russian airliner, US officials say
Detentions, arrests for rioting in Israel hit ‘unprecedented’ levels
Israeli professor shouted down at U. of Minnesota
Forbes ranks Janet Yellen (Zionist Jew) , Mark Zuckerberg (Zionist Jew) and Benjamin Netanyahu (Zionist Jew) among world’s ‘most powerful’
Senate Initiates Inquiry Into Spikes of Drug Prices
Guns N Roses New Album Coming In 2016; Axl Rose & Slash Reuniting For New Music
Meanwhile in Finland: Endless Enrichment
Mexico’s Supreme Court Opens Door to Legalizing Marijuana Use
Louisiana police kill 6-year-old boy in passenger seat of fleeing car
The White Slaves of Europe
We Are a Nation of Sheep Being Led to the Slaughterhouse
The Science Behind Why Working Before 10 Am Is Equivalent To Torture
The Pentagon Is Pushing Americans Toward Another Vietnam In Syria
12 Corporations Profiting From The Prison Industrial Complex
Syrian Refugee: ‘Russia is Fighting Terrorists, US is Looking for Oil’
National Media Ignores Black-on-White Hate Crime Assault
Before and after the “Holocaust”: Jewish population numbers in 1933 and 1948
EPA Used Monsanto’s Research To Approve Monsanto’s Pesticides
Israel´s “Final Solution” for Palestine and Greater Israel.
In The End, Everyone Will Go Away….
US, NATO vs. Russia War Will Be The End Of Humanity
Cleveland Hospital Kicks Out McDonald’s. Says Food Contributes To Chronic Diseases
Obama must be removed to avoid war with Russia, China: Journalist
Ireland to ‘decriminalise’ small amounts of drugs, including heroin, cocaine and cannabis, for personal use
Historians Finally Admit Hitler Did Not Shoot Himself In The Head
Calorie counts on fast food menus not changing eating habits
T. Rex Bone Holds Clues To Dinosaur’s Cannibalistic Ways
Chipotle now linked to 35 confirmed E. coli cases
British Labour leader condemns Jewish lawmaker’s comments about ‘Jewish money’
Austrian party expels lawmaker for agreeing with anti-Semitic Facebook post
Harvard starting Jewish and Israeli law program
House resolution condemns anti-Israel incitement in PA
Sudanese man tries to kill Jewish-Israeli on Ethiopian Air flight
Pew survey: 57% of U.S. Jews eat pork and Torah study more popular
Hamas: Erdogan’s victory is a victory for Palestine
Syrian opposition figure welcomes more Israeli attacks
Oslo architect: Netanyahu will withdraw unilaterally from much of West Bank
In apparent about-face, Russia says Syria’s Assad can step down
Khamenei: Washington ‘will not hesitate’ to destroy Iran
2,000-year-old Maccabean-era fortress unearthed in Jerusalem after century-long search
Russian, US jets drill together to avoid tie up over Syria — Kremlin
Iran says Lebanese-American arrested for ‘intelligence ties’
Children of intermarriage’s attachment to Judaism most fluid in college
American Jews growing more religious, poll indicates
Leaders of China and Taiwan to Meet for First Time Since 1949
12 Days Before ’08 Crash, Congress Was Secretly Told to Sell off Their Stocks
Blacks Monkeying Around in Class: Is This a Good Case for Segregation?
1935 German Film Confronts “Love Thy Neighbor” Sickness
Ahmad Chalabi (Zionist Puppet), Iraqi Politician Who Pushed for U.S. Invasion, Dies at 71
Top army general calls Russia ‘#1 threat’ to US
Multiculturalism is a Jewish War Weapon
White House Admits US Troops In Syria Will Go On Combat Raids
Pentagon Admits They Are Preparing For Mass Civil Breakdown
School Vaccinated Children Without Parents Permission
10 Reasons Why Denmark’s ‘Democratic Socialism’ Is Much Better Than America’s Crony Capitalism
Depression Is An Allergic Reaction To Inflammation, Research Suggests
Couple seeks right to marry. The hitch? They’re legally father and son
Holocaust survivors’ grandchildren call for action over inherited trauma
State Law Makes it a Felony to Touch a Police Officer Even Off-Duty and Out of Uniform
Police Ignored Native American Woman, Telling Her To ‘Quit Faking’ As She Died In Jail Cell
Most-read article at Washington Post calls Israel ‘savage, unrepairable society
Northern Lights May Glow Over Northeast, Midwest This Week
Why bearded boys are BAD boys: Facial hair makes men ‘more likely to be sexist, cheat, fight and steal’, studies claim
Brushing your teeth in the dark could be the key to a better night’s sleep
For The People Who Have My Loyalty….
167,427 Pounds of Beef Recalled for Possible E. Coli Bacteria
Death Rates Rising for Middle-Aged White Americans, Study Finds
Dallas mother accused of forcing 4-year-old to eat poison
Colorado Springs Gunman Was 33-Year-Old Recovering Alcoholic
Merkel’s Shift on Refugees Alienates Her Allies on the Left
ADL condemns anti-Semitic remarks by Austrian MP
X-Men: Apocalypse May Focus A Lot On 2 Classic Mutants
Obama Sees Work on Race Relations as Key Part of Legacy
ADL director Jonathan Greenblatt (Zionist Jew) urges French Jews to stay despite rising anti-Semitism
Iran has begun dismantling centrifuges, nuclear chief says
Knesset approves minimum jail time for rock throwing
Jordan fences off Israeli embassy amid pro-Palestinian protests
Peres: Netanyahu was never sincere about making peace
A year after Gaza war, Israel’s military experts wonder: Was it worth it?
Greek Jews protest newspaper’s Shylock caricature
Roman Polanski cannot be extradited to U.S., Polish court rules
Haredi rabbi: Henkins’ murder was punishment for gay pride parade
Austrian lawmaker walks back anti-Semitic Facebook comments
In tense eastern Jerusalem, Arabs and Jews hunker down
Ukrainian Jewish politician arrested on embezzlement charges
Italian soccer chief: ‘Nothing against’ Jews and gays, just keep them away from me
Jordanian sheikh stirs controversy with fatwa against killing Jews
Azerbaijan: Israel’s secret Muslim friend
Al-Qaida leader praises stabbing attacks in Israel, offers plan to ‘Liberate Palestine’
Jews ARE safe here and I will keep it that way: Cameron says the UK is ‘a country Jewish people are proud to call home’ after Netanyahu calls for ‘mass emigration’ to Israel
Treasure hunters dig up Holocaust victims’ graves
Germany Becomes The First Nation To Ban ‘Chick Shredding’
Civil war erupts in Sweden as irate Swedes burn nine Muslim refugee centers to the ground
Muslim Gangs Drug and Rape Children All Over The UK
Mayors flatly deny Klan membership after Anonymous releases names online
The Miner Who Overthrew a Dictator
Eisenhower’s death camps — a stain on American history
FBI Knew Jared Fogle Was a Pedophile, Let Him Continue Molesting Children for Years
Mooch Gives Big US Money To Schools In Muslim Countries As Our Kids Struggle In Shoddy Public Schools
US refuses to label Israeli attacks on Palestinians ‘terror’
Russia Destroys The Greater Israel Dream
Caught on Video – Muslim: “Islam Is Coming and Your Daughters Will Wear the Hijab”
The Jews who fought for Hitler: ‘We did not help the Germans. We had a common enemy’
3 Wild Herbs For Lucid Dreaming
George Soros (Zionist Jew) Demands Europe Accept a Million Muslims Annually
Wikileaks Exposes Secret Deal To Get Saudi Arabia On UN Human Rights Council
Big Win for Farm Workers as EPA Moves to Ban Dangerous Pesticide
Europe’s Campaign Against Bolshevism: A World War II German Perspective (VIDEO)
Herbert Von Karajan: Unrepentant National Socialist
The Arab Muslim Slave Trade Of Africans, The Untold Story
Who was the Real Slave Master?
Wear Your Slur With Pride
The Spoils of War: Afghanistan’s Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade
Fatah posts German anti-Semitic book cover to social media
Experts say jihadists could not have downed Russian plane
A country divided, 20 years on
EU gives €28 million to Syria refugees in Jordan
Russian plane broke apart ‘in the air,’ say experts
Austrian MP: ‘Zionist money Jews are the global problem’
The Sinai plane crash: Did ISIS do it?
Abbas denies intent to cancel Oslo Accords
Billionaire investor Paul Singer (Zionist Jew) throws support to GOP’s Marc Rubio (Spic Freemason)
Israel offers condolences to Russia over Sinai plane crash
The Virus of Islam
Fighting Loneliness With Cuddle Parties
Fukushima Radiation Hits Home: Thyroid Cancer Rises Among Children
Why Does America Have More Prisoners Than Any Police State?
Why Community Banks Are Dropping Like Flies Across America
First-Ever U.S. Presidential Candidates’ Forum Held Abroad in Jerusalem, Israel, November 2-4, 2015
Arson Suspected in Massive Fire at Monsanto Research Facility
Stop the price-gouging at the for-profit Hospital Corporation of America
Operation Save ISIS? U.S. Special Forces To Invade Syria As “Advisers” To “Rebels”
US officials: Hezbollah upgrading its arsenal against Israel
Christian Terror Group in Central African Republic offers Muslims ‘convert or die’ ultimatum
Noahide Law against theft… Jews can steal from non-Jews
How China’s One-Child Policy Backfired Disastrously
The Haunted History of Halloween
Holocaust Blackmail
Red Ice Radio: Dr. David Duke – Manufactured Crisis in Europe and True Human Rights
Troubled White Children: Prisoners for Profit
Varg Vikernes: About Halloween
Arbitration Everywhere, Stacking the Deck of Justice
Rivlin meets with Bill Clinton (White Freemason), ‘a true friend of Israel’
Islamic State beheads 4 Iraq Kurd fighters after US raid
‘I came to defend Israel,’ says immigrant cop who shot attackers
Now part of the 2016 elections platform, Jewish groups drive ‘Lead on Leave’ push
Reports: IAF targets Hezbollah assets in Syria
Pastor Makes Congregants Suck His Privates In Church, Says It Has Holy Milk Which Will Heal Members
Students Protest Firing Of Spring Valley High School Officer
Classified Evidence: US Soldiers Raped Boys In Front Of Their Mothers
Thirteenth Holistic Doctor (MD, PhD) Dies- Allegedly Jumped from 20th floor
Russian Plane Crash in Sinai Peninsula Kills 224
Scientists Can Now Make Leukemia Cells Kill Each Other
They Might Sound Gross, But Intestinal Worms Can Actually Be Good Tor You
An Enormous Crack Has Suddenly Appeared In The Mountain Range Near Yellowstone
The Government Wants to Stop Payday Loans; Good Show I Say!!!
To Charge Or Not Charge, That Is The Question
Study: Racial gap in breast cancer diagnoses has closed
Fossil unearthed in Spain sheds light on ape evolution
Largest U.S. banks face $120 billion shortfall under new rule
Romanian nightclub fire leaves 27 dead, 155 injured
Obama Sends Special Operations Forces to Help Fight ISIS in Syria
Marco Rubio (Latino Freemason) big Jewish backer and 7 other things to know about him
Why so little outcry over civilian deaths in Syria, Yemen, as compared to Gaza?
Donald Trump: ‘Obama hates Israel, Jewish state safe with me’
Ignite hope, end the violence
Nations agree on new Syria talks, but say little about Assad
Trudeau tells Netanyahu there’ll be friendly ties but a ‘shift in tone’
Abbas: I don’t seek full ‘right of return’ and I won’t cancel Oslo
Israel legalizes hundreds of West Bank settler homes
I didn’t mean to let Hitler off the hook for the Holocaust, Netanyahu says
ICC mulls war crimes charges against Israel, Palestinians amid ongoing violence
Dutch food authority recommends banning kosher slaughter
Palestinians say IDF tear gas killed 8-month-old near Bethlehem
George ‘Tax the Rich’ Soros Owes Uncle Sam $6.7 Bln in Back Taxes
Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion Fulfilled!
‘They treat us like dogs’: 27 women detained in Texas immigration center begin hunger strike
US Senate Passes CISA, a “Cybersecurity” Bill Critics Say Will Expand Mass Surveillance
Vatican marks historic end to official anti-Semitism
Wifi Networks Can Now Identify Who You Are Through Walls
Germany: Hundreds of Treason Complaints Against Merkel over Foreign Invasion
Bolivia declares Israel ‘terrorist state’, scraps visa exemption agreement
10 Misconceptions About Race
Scott Roberts: Revolution Is The Only Solution
This is Islam!
Requiem for Adolf Hitler
Red Ice Radio: Jay Weidner – The Imminent Fall of the West
UPDATE: Cop Who Slammed Black Student Gets Good News as New Video Reveals What We DIDN’T See Before
The Hitler Test
Israel must end its 50-year occupation of Palestine, the White House says
Irish Holocaust denier sentenced to 5 months in jail
Israel sends medicine to Greece for Syrian, Afghan refugees
Snowden hails ‘extraordinary’ EU vote on protection offer
WATCH: Bernie Sanders (Zionist Jew) hugs Muslim student, vows to fight racism as a Jew
Bill Clinton (American Freemason) Attacks George H.W. Bush (American Freemason) on Israel and Opposes a Palestinian State
Poll: Israelis unhappy with foreign policy, global standing
Evangelicals to join Argentinian Jewry in support of Israel
ADL slams British MP for accusing Israel of fabricating terror attacks
IDF legalizes homes in four West Bank settlements
India – Israel relationship emerges from the closet
Report: Iran signals readiness to compromise before key Syria talks
Netanyahu’s New Ethnic Cleansing Scheme: Forcibly Displacing East Jerusalem Arab Residents
Stop the Putin Worship! He’s a Former KGB Thug Working for the Bankers
Injustice System Lets Assassin Who Killed Malcolm X Live Free In New Jersey
Google and YouTube now engaging in wholesale censorship of content they don’t want the public to see
Donald Trump (American Zionist) : “We have to stay with Israel and stay with them big time”
Crazed US Senator Attacks Defense Secretary for not Planning War With Russia
Why the CDC pushes flu season fear like clockwork: $1.6 billion in annual revenue for Big Pharma
Alarming Uptick of Earthquakes in Kansas Linked to Fracking With 52 in Just Last Two Weeks
US Plans $1 Billion Annual Hike In Israel Military Aid
He Told The World: The Immortal Words of Adolf Hitler (VIDEO)
Sex offenders including paedophiles should be allowed to adopt, Theresa May told
Russian air strikes in south Syria ‘raise potential for friction’ with Israel
Honoring the Ancestors: The Case for Metagenetics and Folk Consciousness
Rejecting Islam: What The Mainstream Media Will Not Tell You
China to End One-Child Policy, Allowing All Families Two Children
Hitler Gun Control Facts: U.S. Pro-Gun Advocates Have More in Common With Hitler Than They Think
California Signs Law Allowing Illegals To Vote
The Political Power of the Sacred Swastika
Do ‘Rabbis for Human Rights’ protect Palestinians or the Jewish State?
Researchers Can Now 3D Print A Human Heart Using Biological Material
The Truth About The School System In A Two Minute Video
335 Attacks in 238 Days on Non-White Invader Centers in Germany, Reports Police
Saudi prince arrested on private plane with 2 tons of drugs – reports
The Easiest Way To Kill Off Pornography….
Tuberculosis deaths nearly halved since 1990, but 4,400 dying daily from disease – UN health agency
Real-life tractor beam levitates objects using sound waves
China Pushes Back Against U.S. Influence in the Seas of East Asia
Nigerian Military Says It Has Rescued Over 300 Held by Boko Haram
Inside the Sensational Business of “Rescuing” Sex Workers
Deputy fired for throwing South Carolina student, even though ‘she started this,’ sheriff says
Israel and Colorado sign deal to promote R&D
Why Israel’s Labor Party never recovered after Rabin
Does a gritty ex-cop’s move to Israel symbolize the end for France’s Jews?
Qatari FM to Israel: ‘You are offending 1.5 billion Muslims’
UN resolution would freeze settlements, Palestinian lawsuits
Why Netanyahu won’t approve a Palestinian state
US official: Europe could become more involved in Syria
Executions in Iran could top 1,000 in 2015, says UN
Ben Carson is a Seventh Day Adventist. Here’s why it matters
Abbas calls on UN Security Council to ‘protect’ Palestinians from Israel
After uproar, Walmart pulls Israeli soldier costume, Arab nose
German officials: Muslim leaders must help fight anti-Semitism
Anti-Semitism among migrants a concern for German Jews
Ex-porn star Jenna Jameson to have reality show about her conversion to Judaism
Pope Francis: Attacks on Jews are anti-Semitism, as are attacks on Israel
Kerry: US steps up diplomacy, rebel support to end Syrian ‘hell’
Iran accepts invitation to Syria peace talks in Vienna
Report: Russia transporting Iranian weapons into Syria in violation of UN embargo
Scott Roberts: The War in Syria and Anti-American Sentiment
Petition Demands Don Lemon Be Fired For Antagonizing And Defaming Black People
Whites Have “No Grasp” on America’s “History of Racial Violence”, Said Ben Carson in 1999
Where Angels Fear to Tread Hitler Willingly Went
Top 5 Reasons I Won’t Vote in 2016
Europe in Flames: Cause and Solution
800,000 Refugees Returning to Syria Thanks to Russia
Why This Website Is So Successful…..
Cutting Sugar Made Obese Kids Healthier in 10 Days
Five things we just learned about PlayStation’s 2016 lineup
HTC One A9 review: Not the winner this company needs
Cryotherapy death calls benefits of the health trend into question
Carson builds his platform but leaves many details unexplained
Spring Valley High School officer suspended after violent classroom arrest
Obama Agrees With Moms Everywhere—Kids Take Too Many Standardized Tests
Reading the Koran in Yiddish
Walmart taking heat over Israeli soldier costume for Halloween
Wiesenthal Center alarmed over anti-Semitism in Morocco
J.K. Rowling cites Dumbledor in latest argument against Israel boycott
Report: Russia strikes Syrian rebel targets near Golan Heights for first time
In reversal, US willing to sit with Iran to discuss Syria
British Jewish history expert David Cesarani dies aged 58
Muslim family hangs Israeli flag in their Miami store window
Concern as controversial rightist party wins Poland’s election
The isolated Jews of rural Kenya: Starting from aleph with a lulav and etrog
Israel only country at UN to join US in supporting Cuba embargo
Some fear refugee center planned for Amsterdam’s Jewish heart
Rabin never backed Palestinian statehood, Ya’alon claims
Op-Ed: Obama could learn from Bill Clinton (White Freemason) how to be a true friend of Israel
Higher Education: Capitalism at Its Most Despicable
Alliance Between Turkey, US May Fall to Pieces Amid Syrian Campaign
Stephen Cohen: ‘There is no Alternative’ to Putin’s Strategy in Syria
Stephen Cohen: Washington an Obstacle to Peaceful Multipolar World
Washington Irritated: Russia’s Foreign Policy in Syria Wins New Allies
Russia, Iran Making Progress in Syria as US Middle East Policy Fails
Iran to Be Invited to Participate in Syria Talks – State Department
Boots on the Ground: Pentagon to Launch ‘Direct Action’ in Syria and Iraq
Israeli Historian: Palestinians Are Biological Descendants of Bible’s Jews
Reflections on Jewish Intermarriage into Native Elites
Netanyahu: “We Will Forever Live By The Sword”, Indefinitely Control All Palestinian Territory
Johnny Depp To Buy Site Of Wounded Knee Massacre, Give It Back To Native Americans
US Ally Bombs ANOTHER Doctors Without Borders Hospital
Russian warships may be shutting out Israel’s air-force access to Syria
Corey Jones was phoning roadside assistance when cop shot and killed him: report
There are Hidden Wires Stretched Above American Cities to Mark Jewish Territory
Poll Watch: Ben Carson Edges Ahead Nationally in Times/CBS News Poll
Hobby Lobby’s Christian owners under federal investigation for importing looted Bible artifacts from Iraq
King James and His Pet God
Red Ice Radio: James Lancia – Why the Establishment Turned on White Cops
Processed Meats (and Probably Red Meats) Can Cause Cancer, Says Controversial WHO Report
As Harvest Season Begins, Israeli Settlers Burn 100 Palestinian Olive Trees
Donald Trump: the world would be better if Gaddafi and Hussein still ruled
It’s On: Obama Sends Destroyer To Chinese Islands, China Vows Military Response
Zionism is a Racist and Sexist Centralized MASTER/slave System
Tolerance: The Real Reason The White Race Is Dying Out
Costs for Dementia Care Far Exceeding Other Diseases, Study Finds
Nearly 200 sickened by Shigella outbreak in San Francisco area: officials
Parts Of Persian Gulf Could Be Too Hot For Humans By Century’s End
​African lion populations could be cut in half by 2035
Facebook Begins Rolling Out Revamped Notifications Tab On Mobile
Google Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X Review: Google’s Best Smartphones Yet
5 Britons Killed After Whale Boat Sinks off Vancouver Island
Why U.S. Jews Aren’t Tearing Netanyahu Apart Over His Hitler-Mufti Bungle
Sweden Opened its Doors to Mass Muslim Immigration and Today it is The Rape Capital of The West
Russia Today removes satirical video suggesting Hillary Clinton (White Freemason) is the ‘Illuminati’s candidate’
World’s 100 Richest Could End Global Poverty 4 Times Over
Liberman seen most able to deal with terror — poll
Poland lurches right, as anti-migrant, eurosceptic party wins election
As EU bickers, Slovenia says it’s being overwhelmed by migrants
Morocco pro-Palestinian event pretends to hold Jews at gunpoint
PM confirms he’s mulling revocation of Jerusalem Arabs’ residency
US warns against PM’s idea of revoking residency for some Jerusalem Arabs
20,000 Israelis sue Facebook over incitement to violence by Palestinians
Indians eager to enhance bilateral relations with Israelis at all levels
Grand mufti: There was never a Jewish Temple on Temple Mount
How GOP bogeyman Sidney Blumenthal advised Clinton on Israel
Rightist party that made Auschwitz joke wins Polish Parliament
Ben Carson (Nigger Freemason): Rabbis agree gun control contributed to Holocaust
Meet the ‘lifelong Zionists’ who called for an Israel boycott in the Washington Post
343 UK scholars pledge boycott of Israeli universities
J.K. Rowling (British Freemason) defends decision to oppose cultural boycott of Israel
This is Europa – Imagine a World Without Anti-Whites
Torture and Testicle Crushing at Nuremberg
Jews and the Witch Craze
Jews torture and massacre priests, nuns, and choir boys in Marxist upheavals in Spain
Netanyahu asks US to help Israel avoid war crime charges
40 Reasons Our Jails and Prisons Are Full of Black and Poor People
Red Ice Radio: Ingrid Carlqvist and Conrad – Sweden, Get Ready for the Collapse
Red Ice Insight: School Attack in Sweden – an Opportunity for the Establishment
Arthur Topham and The Jews: The Controversy Over Freedom of Speech in Canada
British clampdown on free speech accelerates
Two More New York Infants Get Herpes From Controversial Jewish Circumcision Rite
‘Which side are you fighting for?’ Russia blasts US for refusing to share intel on ISIS
10 Hard Hitting Facts that Show America Cares Far More About War than Education
Die ganze Welt weiß es – nur das deutsche Volk nicht
GOP, Dems moving in opposite directions after a pivotal week
How a Holocaust legacy helped launch Kind bars
US, Saudis urge international push on Syria
Netanyahu denies Palestinian claim that he agreed to settlement freeze
Storm buffets Israeli coast, killing one and downing trees
For Palestinians, social media is source of news — and anger
Subway Guy Jared Fogle pays $1 million to victims
Netanyahu nixes vote on latest Jewish State bill
Europe’s refugee crisis: Jews must tread carefully
What happens if you type ‘Death to Jews’ into Google Maps?
Police: Beersheba attacker was in contact with Hamas, planned attack well in advance
Tony Blair (British Freemason) partly apologizes for Iraq War, but glad Saddam Hussein was brought down
Why More Black People Are Taking Their Kids Out of Public Schools and Home-schooling Them
Germany: Thousands Rally Against Anti-White Traitor Angela Merkel in Erfurt
Multiculturalism And the Disease That Created It
Banks and the State
The Disproportionate Risks of Driving While Black
Dr. William Pierce: On George Lincoln Rockwell
Jews play a “leading role” in promoting multiculturalism in Europe
The True Nature of the Jew Scam
Controversial billboard that reads America first over Israel put up in Detroit
The downside of diversity
Police Shoot Man For Recording Them With Phone, Claim They Feared For Their Lives
Vladimir Putin Is Morally and Intellectually Destroying the New World Order
Obama Administration Calls for Limits on Testing in Schools
‘US responsible for crimes being committed in Palestine,’ Hezbollah chief says
Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters rips Howard Stern (Zionist Jew) after Israel comments
Kerry: Netanyahu agrees to maintain exclusive Muslim prayer right on Temple Mount
Lavrov urges moves towards elections in Syria
Israel must maintain Temple Mount status quo, Abbas tells Kerry
US cutting aid to Palestinians by $80m in reported ‘message’ to Abbas
Kerry: Israel, Jordan agree on steps to ease Temple Mount tensions
The Myth of German Villainy
Ben Carson Says He Will Outlaw ‘Liberal’ Speech On College Campuses, Not Conservative Speech (AUDIO)
Ben Carson (Nigger Freemason) Says Government Should Silence People with “Extreme Political Bias”
More Than 2,200 Muslims Crushed to Death During Hajj Stampede in Mecca
Finally A Decision Has Been Made For Good
40,000 Germans Demonstrate in Dresden for First Anniversary of PEGIDA
Support John Friend’s Free Speech!
You may be a pizza-holic: Research says some foods addicting
ESPN pulling videos from YouTube due to rights issues
Hurricane Patricia to Intensify Heavy Rains in Texas, 10M Under Flood Watch
Thanks To Putin, The Battle For Aleppo Is Raging Again
Microsoft Basing Success on Xbox Live User Numbers, Rather Than Xbox Console Shipments
Donald Trump repeatedly interrupted by protesters during rowdy Miami rally
Student shooting survivors leave hospital; suspect at large
43 Killed in Southwestern France as Bus and Truck Collide
Hurricane Patricia weakens, but still ‘extremely dangerous’
Berkeley panel rejects Israel divestment resolution
New video exposes severity of Eritrean man’s ‘lynching’
4 suspects in mob attack on Eritrean man freed on bail
WATCH: Jewish extremist attacks Israeli activist with knife
Report: Israel breached Iran airspace in 2012 in what US thought was dry run for strike
Nasrallah calls Israel a ‘tool of American occupation’
Mosque blasts kill 55 in Nigeria
Is this the end of the two-state solution (as we know it)?
Eichmann ‘wasn’t a bad person,’ says his daughter-in-law, dooming her political career
No common ground between PM and Abbas, and thus no prospect of end to violence
Hungarian justice minister Laszlo Trocsanyi to ‘Post’: It is important to recognize Jewish participation in Hungary
‘Netanyahu will soon find himself ruling from the Jordan to the Mediterranean’
Adolf Eichmann’s daughter-in-law defends him in Argentina, quits mayoral bid
WATCH: Jews incite too, says pro-Israel lawmaker
Purported ISIS video threatens to wipe out Jews, in Hebrew
Dutch chief rabbi: Refugees’ anti-gay abuse requires tolerance education
Court orders town to allow Bloomingburg mikvah
David and Victoria Beckham Exposed as Jews
Despite Dismal Human Rights Record, US Approves $11.25 Billion Warship Sale To Saudi Arabia
Report: Israeli trade deficit hits $467m in September
Jews Cry after PEGIDA Speaker Makes Concentration Camp Reference
Trevor LaBonte on Press TV: Tidal wave of global disgust building against the Jewish state
U.S. Tells Iraq: If You Ally With Russia Against ISIS, “You’re Our Enemy”
The Irish Slave Trade – The Forgotten “White” Slaves
Exposing the Genocide of German People (VIDEO)
Veronica Clark Says Europeans Need to Mass Convert to Islam
Dr. William Pierce: Why We Will Succeed Where Others Fail
Rainbow’s End
National Socialists Are Marching to Power
10 Reasons to Kill Your TV
DoJ Teams Up with SPLC to Attack White Americans
Dr. William Pierce: Marriage and White Survival
Israel: Racist mob lynches migrant as violence intensifies
Guess Who is Behind the Islamic State: Israeli IDF Colonel Leading ISIS Terrorists Arrested in Iraq
Neo-Nazi Groups Furious At Netanyahu’s “Attempt to Give Credit For The Fuhrer’s Final Solution to a Dirty A-Rab”
Comeback of the Hitler Youth haircut worries Jewish and progressive groups fearing intolerance
French Mayor: “We Must Ban the Muslim Faith in France”
An Introduction to Holocaust Revisionism
The Edict of Expulsion of 1290
Judgement: A Tool For Self Defense
IDF Kills Hebron Peace Activist, Hashem Azzeh
Evolution Made the Human Fist Fit for Punching
Bing profitable, but Microsoft revenue down 12 percent as shift to cloud continues
Portugal President Reappoints Prime Minister, Despite Lack of Majority
T-Mobile $0 Down Trade-In For Samsung Galaxy S6 This Weekend
John McCain (White Freemason) Calls on US to Provide Stingers Missiles to Syrian Rebels
University of Georgia Bows to Sharia Law Installs ‘Foot Washing Stations’ At Taxpayer Expense
Why is Benjamin Netanyahu trying to whitewash Hitler?
George Soros (Zionist Jew) Funding Plan to Naturalize Millions of Immigrants for the 2016 Elections
How Deleting A Facebook Post May Violate Free Speech (and Lead to a Lawsuit)
‘The good teachers are starting to leave’
Teacher killed, 2 students hurt in sword attack on Swedish school
White House pans Netanyahu’s ‘inflammatory’ mufti remarks
Analysis: Israel quiet over ‘hotline’ with Russia on Syria
Most religious Zionists want Arabs out of Israel, study finds
Will Justin Trudeau (White Freemason) win erode Canada’s support for Israel?
Israeli soldiers kill Jewish man they thought was terrorist, echoing Beersheba incident
Family of Mavi Marmara victim sues Ehud Barak
J.K. Rowling (British Freemason), 150 prominent Brits come out against boycotting Israel
Dimona teen who stabbed Arabs to be charged with aggravated battery, not attempted murder
Hamas’s Mashaal: ‘Jerusalem intifada’ will continue
Jews and Arabs come together to rescue injured pelican
‘We don’t feel at all safe here’
House resolution would accuse Palestinian Authority of incitement
The Jewish Bernie Sanders who only Vermonters know
Who was Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini?
Mounds of Evidence for European Settlements in America Before Columbus
Iceland Just Jailed Dozens of Corrupt Bankers for 74 Years, The Opposite of What America Does
6 Mostly Black Churches Burn in St. Louis
Red Ice Radio: Tanstaafl – Race, Biology and Modus Operandi of Jewish Extremists
U.S. Soldier Is Killed in Raid to Free Prisoners of ISIS in Iraq
The plan for the end of Europe: the new USSR
1,000 Estonians Protest Against the EU’s Foreign Invasion
Leading Democrat Candidates Choose “Black Lives Matter” Over “All Lives Matter”
Full official record: What the mufti said to Hitler
The Jewish Occupation Of Germany
True Diversity
The Lies Force Fed To Immigrants In America
Antibiotics Are Linked To Type-2 Diabetes
Too Many Antibiotics May Make Children Heavier
93 Sick After Shigella Outbreak at California Restaurant
The Torture and False Confession of Rudolf Höss
Marijuana Use In America Has Doubled In the Past Decade, Study Says
YouTube launches subscription service for $9.99 a month
Microsoft finally has a laptop to compete with Apple
NYPD officer fatally shot while chasing robbery suspect
Xbox Live Deals With Gold: Get ‘Saints Row’ & ‘Fallout’ Games This Week With As High As 70% Discount
Albuquerque road rage: Man in custody after 4-year-old shot, killed
The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Russia’s Early Soviet Regime
Iraqis Look to ‘Hajji Putin’ to Save Them From ISIL
Countries ‘Liberated’ by US Ask Russia for Help in Fighting Terrorism
Texas is so crazy Norwegians are literally using ‘Texas’ as slang for ‘crazy’
Hungary Says Border Fence Has Stopped Foreign Invasion
These Florida Tea Partiers plan to set up a secret vigilante court to arrest — and possibly execute — Obama
Benjamin Netanyahu Comes Out in Defense of Adolf Hitler
Human rights activists thank Lauryn Hill for canceling upcoming concert in Israel
Freedom Caucus Majority Backs Paul Ryan (White Freemason) for House Speaker
Facebook Will Now Warn You if Your Account is Targeted by Government
Eritrean mistaken for terrorist was killed by gunfire, not beating
Bolstered Assad makes surprise visit to Moscow
UN chief says ‘ending occupation’ needed to halt violence
Palestinians drop bid to name Western Wall part of Al-Aqsa
Palestinians, Jordan reject Israeli offer to limit non-Muslims on Temple Mount
UNESCO condemns Israeli ‘aggression’ on Temple Mount
Anger, fear permeate memorial for Eritrean victim
Biden says won’t run for president in 2016, boosting Clinton
Netanyahu blames Jerusalem mufti for Holocaust, is accused of ‘absolving Hitler’
Merkel sets Netanyahu straight on German culpability for Holocaust
What To Do About the Jewish Slaveholders?
Jewish public policy umbrella calls Armenian massacres ‘genocide’
Entire House Jewish caucus rips UNESCO on Temple Mount vote
Netanyahu tones down claims about Jerusalem mufti and Holocaust
Israel consistently spends 17% extra on defense and 8% less elsewhere, study finds
Khamenei okays nuke deal, says West should eliminate Iran sanctions
‘Netanyahu trivializing Holocaust by claiming mufti persuaded Hitler to kill Jews,’ Herzog says
Merkel: ‘We expect Abbas to condemn acts of terrorism’
Pro-settler lobby: Apply Israeli law in settlement building
Ministers approve banning boycotters from entering Israel
“Controversial” Arab-Israeli MK Zoabi to speak on Israeli racism at Dutch Kristallnacht event
Four suspects arrested for mob attack on Eritrean asylum seeker mistaken for a terrorist
Netanyahu’s Holocaust distortion obscures Mufti’s collaboration, say historians
Five West Bank terrorist attacks leave 7 Israelis wounded
Analysis: The differences between the current wave of violence and past Palestinian uprisings
What do Jews do for a Living?
No Shame: The Reality of White Racism
Joe Biden Will Not Run for President in 2016
German Nationalists Have a Noose Reserved for Angela Merkel
Say No to War: Thousands of Germans Demand Withdrawal of US, UK Troops
Scandinavian airline (SAS) ends service to Tel Aviv due to ‘political instability’
Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess – A Courageous Hero For Peace
Police Leaders Join Call to Cut Prison Rosters
UK – London teacher banned from classroom ‘indefinitely’ after antisemitic Facebook post
Eugenics To Improve Education and Eliminate The Welfare State
Russians to the Israelis: Back Off or Face War!
Yahoo Strikes Search Deal With Google
American Cancer Society says women should start mammograms at 45
States could be sanctioned for public health failings: WHO boss
Dogs May Have Come From Central Asia
Millennials and extended families could qualify for easier mortgages
Report: ESPN plans to cut 350 jobs
Texas teen arrested over clock is moving to Qatar with his family
Emotional Reunions for Korean Relatives Separated Since the War
Taliban Kill Afghan Policemen as Fighting Intensifies in Northwest
Google Nexus 6P (Unlocked)
Verizon tips upcoming Droid Turbo 2 with shatterproof screen on video
Calling for abolition of monarchy is still illegal, UK justice ministry admits
ISIS In “Retreat” As Russia Destroys 32 Targets While Putin Trolls Obama As “Weak With No Strategy”
Obama’s New Appointee To Head The FDA Is A Big Pharma Mega-Lobbyist
8 Damn Good Reasons Not to Get the Flu Shot
The Liberation of the Concentration Camps: Facts vs. Lies
US Aid to Israel Jumps to $11 Million Dollars Per Day; Over $4 Billion Dollars A Year
In Germany, Interest in Hitler at Record Levels
CNN Exposed – Emmy Winning Former CNN Journalist, Amber Lyon, Blows The Whistle…. Simultaneously Answers One of my questions….
Meet the Islamic Movement, Netanyahu’s newest public enemy
Son of late PM Pierre Trudeau (White Freemason) becomes Canada’s new PM
Yitzhak Rabin’s murder: US public radio examines the holes left behind
US military chief: Russia unlikely to expand airstrikes to Iraq
Netanyahu: Settlement construction slowed on my watch
WATCH: ‘I want to stab a Jew,’ young girl tells her teacher father
Pro-Palestinian protesters in Sweden chant ‘slaughter the Jews’
Eritrean killed in Beersheba ineligible for terror victim status
Many Madoff victims to get all their money back
Jewish, Muslim cemeteries vandalized in Austrian town
Program teaches parents to raise curious kids – Jewish style
Praying for a World Series berth, Cubs fans turn to Orthodox rabbi
As Europe takes in migrants, Israel tries to keep them out
In Israel’s terror wave, African migrants find danger where they sought haven
Israel can ride Colorado’s wave of pot revenue, says Governer John Hickenlooper (White Freemason)
Olmert, Sharon, and Barak built more in settlements than I did, Netanyahu says
Abbas to call for protection of Palestinians at UN Human Rights Council session
Marco Rubio (Spic Freemason) Just Said He Would Risk WW3 To Enforce No-Fly Zone In Syria
Switzerland election: Victory for nationalist Swiss People’s Party
Lessons of the Mengele Affair
In Canada, Surprise Win for Justin Trudeau
The Time Has Come To Overthrow The Nigerian Government
Ancient crystal suggests life on Earth appeared 4.1 bln years ago
High school graduation rates are on the rise in most states
Bans on Assault Weapons in New York and Connecticut Are Upheld
Why the E.U. Is Offering Turkey Billions to Deal With Refugees
Poll: Trump Hits Highest Mark Yet, But Carson Is Close Behind
Jihadi John top of Putin’s hit list: Russia makes hunting brutal ISIS killer a priority
The City of San Diego is Suing Monsanto for Poisoning its Marine Life and Polluting its Bay
US pledges more military support for Israel
Rabbi Gets 22 Years for Baltimore Child Sex Abuse
Israeli Arbitrary Killings and Brutalities Caught On Camera. Euro-Med Monitor Report
European Court confirms Perinçek’s right to freedom of speech
Kerry rejects calls for international presence on Temple Mount
Israeli hummus restaurant gives Jews and Arabs 50% off for eating together
In NYC, Orthodox man assaulted and synagogue robbed
ADL honors Matisyahu for standing up to anti-Israel boycott
Petition demands MSNBC fire reporter after misleading report on Jerusalem terror attack
Analysis: Why the German foreign minister’s Iran trip flopped
Analysis: The potential legal fallout of the killing of an innocent Eritrean in Beersheba
Mistaken killing jars African migrants, NGOs
‘When we told them we were Jews from Israel, they kissed us’
Israel and Canada beef up free trade agreement
In Canada election, support for Israel not up for discussion
Israel summons French envoy over call for Temple Mount observers
Israel rejects Jordanian offer to manage Temple Mount
Israeli, US officials put Iran deal behind them to team up on energy
Israel slams UNESCO vote calling Western Wall Muslim
Joe Biden (White Freemason) said to announce imminently whether he’ll run
Soul-searching in Israel after mob beats Eritrean misidentified as terrorist
Is the Mighty McDonald’s Empire Facing Its Final Days?
Coca-Cola’s Sneaky, Evil Politics: How Big Soda Twisted Race and Used the Koch Brothers (White Freemasons) to Fight a Tax
Did American Spy Agencies Miss Early Signs of Putin’s War in Syria?
Putin’s Syria Adventure May Backfire at Home
The Holocaust™ and the Phony Six Million
16 U.S. States decided to Ban “Shariah Islamic Law”
Hitler and the Slavs in Historical Perspective
The Absurdity of Hitler-Bashing
In Defense of Hitler and his National Socialism
Art World Shakeup: Painting by Adolf Hitler Sells for Three Times a Picasso
Facebook Israel vandalised after refusing to take down anti-semitic pages
Russia Destroys most ISIS Heavy Weaponry, U.S. Promptly Airdrops 50-Tons of Weapons into Syria
The Dire Consequences of Race-Mixing
UN to investigate plight of US Native Americans for first time
The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon
Nigeria, Israel strengthen non-oil ties
Cuba denies sending troops to fight in Syria
Anti-Israel protesters stop traffic in London
Nasrallah: All Muslims should stand with Palestinians
Netanyahu: Israel is solution, not problem, on Temple Mount
Kerry, Netanyahu to meet as Obama acknowledges Israel’s right to defend its citizens
U.S. Chairman of Joint Chiefs arrives in Israel to discuss Iran, Syria
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (White Freemason) meets Israeli terror victims
Enrique Iglesias set to return to Tel Aviv
The Jew Behind the Famous Civil War Lament
Anti-Rape Activist Resigns Post After Admitting She Raped Someone
Irony: Open Borders Activist Brutally Stabbed by Migrant Gang
Putin Warns Israel: Don’t Send Deadly Weapons to Ukraine
Anderson Cooper and CNN Caught Staging Fake News about Syria to Justify Military Intervention [videos]
Israel’s Friday Bloodbath. Washington absolves Israel of Blame
Kids In Philadelphia Can’t Graduate Without Taking African-American History
Russia and Israel start joint training exercise for safe flights over Syria
Russia holds Israel responsible for Jerusalem tension
Everything People Believed about Hitler’s Intentions Toward Britain was a Myth Created by Churchill
The War On White Americans Takes Many Forms
The Zionist Poodles
‘If violence continues, Israel to begin banishing Palestinians to Gaza’
Israelis and Palestinians march together in Jerusalem solidarity rally
Palestinian rioters set fire to Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus
State faces conundrum in prosecution of teen terrorist
German FM: Iran nuclear deal is an ‘opening’ for diplomacy
Poll: Arab Israelis see Al-Aqsa protection as key to end violence
PM rejects ‘absurd’ call for international observers on Temple Mount
Russia will Attack Israel in the Golan Heights
Jew: “The idea that there exists a unique Swedish People is an anti-Semitic canard”
“Holocaust” unfortunately never happened – Brave heroes celebrate it anyway
Patriotic Germans Demand Angela Merkel Be Hung for Attempting to Genocide the German People
The first migrant shot dead while trying to enter Bulgaria
Video: Did Israeli soldier plant knife on teen killed by settler?
Red Ice Radio: Marcus Follin – Will Sweden Sink or Swim?
America Furious at Russia’s Stunning Successes in Syria
The Riches of Ben Carson (Nigger Freemason), Ted Cruz (Spic Freemason) and Bernie Sanders (Zionist Jew)
Jost Turner: The Swastika
Kai Murros: National Revolution in England
Is Our Society Manufacturing Depressed People?
All You Need Is Hate Lyrics
Lyndon Johnson (Freemason) led a ‘coup d’etat’ against JFK: Scholar
Ukrainian National Socialists Successfully Disrupt American Black Racist Rap Concert in Kiev
Vitamin D, Calcium a Bust for Preventing Colorectal Polyps
Study: Most People Don’t Really Need 8 Hours Of Sleep
Johnny Manziel pulled over after arguing with girlfriend, admitted to drinking
Tampa Bay area unemployment rate drops again
Turkey: Europe’s Offer of Migrant Deal ‘Insincere’
To Stem Migrant Flow, Hungary to Close Border With Croatia
Alienware Steam Machine First Impressions: Will It Kill The PlayStation 4 And Xbox One?
Teen beaten to death at reclusive N.Y. church wanted out, police say
Tensions escalate between the Bush and Rubio campaigns
Lamar Odom said to regain consciousness, speaks
We Need Criminal and Civil Justice Reform
U.S. Claims Russia Is Secretly Killing CIA Operatives In Syria
Did Russia’s Intervention Derail Turkey’s Plan to Invade Syria?
Israel Exports Agricultural Know-How to Africa
An Israeli astronaut by 2020? New deal with NASA makes it feasible
Dutch cafe owner: Time to ‘smite down’ Israeli tourists
Greek drug firms’ rep warns parliament of Jewish conspiracy
Right-wing Polish leader: Migrants carry diseases to Europe
How a Kuwaiti Muslim made a Jewish home in Jerusalem
Jordanians protesters call for end to peace treaty with Israel
Study: Ultra-Orthodox will make up half UK’s Jews by 2031
Distancing From Israel Won’t Help U.S. Relationship With Arab States
Holocaust trauma psychiatrist Henry Krystal dies at 90
Argentine court requests arrest of Hezbollah member in ’92 embassy bombing
WATCH: Lauryn Hill joins activists in equating black, Palestinian struggles
Israel will never agree to international forces at Temple Mount, Danon says
The States Where $15 Isn’t A Living Wage
Blaming the Jews — Ron Chapman
GREAT NEWS: Texas Passes Law Permanently Banning Muslim Sharia Laws
Disarm Black Males
Schoolboy, 15, screaming ‘Allahu Akbar’ as he shoots his teacher with BB gun in class is arrested by French police and admits he intended to ‘die a martyr’ after being radicalised
Updates October 15, 2015
Should the Saints look to move on from Sean Payton and Drew Brees?
Wishes Do Come True: Lucky Charms Is Releasing Marshmallow-Only Boxes
Skype for all: Microsoft lets users send direct links to chat with anyone via Skype
Yahoo Mail moves to phase out passwords, but risks alienating some users
Dollar rises on inflation data; Wall St. gains
Is Obama’s health overhaul losing steam?
Hillary Clinton Vince Foster murder/suicide coverup, The strange death of Vincent Foster, Christopher Ruddy investigation, NewsMax articles resurrected by Citizen Wells, Scathing Foster investigation articles, Clintons’ reach extends?
Hitler Note and Paris Communique
How Reality TV Is Teaching Us to Accept the American Police State
Gambling Regulators Block Daily Fantasy Sites in Nevada
Adelson said warming to presidential hopeful Marco Rubio (Hispanic Freemason)
US presidential hopefuls to attend conference in Israel
DC Jews flip through their Rolodexes as Congress searches for a speaker
Maccabi Tel Aviv legend Nate Huffman dies at 40
Witnesses say dozens killed in suicide attack at Nigeria mosque
Lamar Odom On Life Support, Suffered Brain Damage After Using “Every Drug Imaginable”
Black Power: Why Black Americans Are Niggers To Me
Feds Fight To Make Bankrupt Man, Unemployed For A Dozen Years, Pay Back Student Loans
Trump Rally Turns Violent As His Supporters Push And Spit On Immigrant Advocates
Huckabee Suggests Poor People Should Be Sold Into Slavery For Stealing
Jewish frat AEPi issues anti-Semitism security warning
Jamie Zimmerman, medical doctor and ABC reporter, drowns in Hawaii
US religious freedom report: Anti-Semitism ‘major problem’ around globe
Washington: European anti-Israel sentiment crossed the line into anti-Semitism
Cash Drops and Keystrokes: The Dark Reality of Sports Betting and Daily Fantasy Games
Adolf Hitler: The Most Lied about Man In History
Amazon revealed to sell Holocaust denial, anti-Semitic and white supremacist books
Japan opens pocketbook, not doors, to refugees
It Looks Like Jeb Bush is About To Drop Out
Obama to Announce Halt of U.S. Troop Withdrawal in Afghanistan
National Socialism: A Philosophical Appraisal
University of California Genetic Study Confirms Gays Not Born That Way
Why The Black Lives Matters Movement Will Fail
After Kunduz, Taliban is now targeting other Afghan cities
We Now Know More About Sexually Transmitted Ebola
India: Four Year Old Boy Beheaded And Sacrificed To Hindu Goddess Kali
Colonial Americans Drank Roughly Three Times as Much as Americans Do Now
California Muslim Shoots Mother, Cuts Out her Heart and Masturbates on her Body
The Chemist’s War
Police fear losing control of Stockholm after fourth night of riots leaves restaurants gutted and ruins smoking
The Most Common Lies Told By Corrupt Politicians
Secrets and Lies of the Bailout
Rand Paul (White Freemason) : ‘Idiots in the Republican Party’ Want War in Syria and So Does Hillary Clinton
Poll: 29% of Registered Voters Believe Armed Revolution Might Be Necessary in Next Few Years
In Germany, a Turkish Muslim educates immigrants not to hate Jews
In Democratic debate, Israel barely bears mention
Egypt’s election likely to produce powerless legislature
US pulls back from linking settlements to violence
Portugal issues 1st passport under new law for descendant of Sephardic Jews
John Kerry (American Jew) blames Palestinian violence on settlements, says he’ll visit region soon
With Jewish fans, Bernie Sanders wins Democratic debate on social media
Israel Space Agency, NASA (Freemason agency) sign cooperation agreement
Dutch Jews express ‘grave concern’ over refugee center in heavily Jewish town
European lawmakers call for Holocaust restitution
New parliamentary group created to encourage minorities to join army
‘Never Again’ means standing with Israel
Blogger campaigns to make Israel’s voice heard in NY Times
Poll finds nearly half Israelis feel two-state solution is dead
US: Iran likely violated international missile laws
Muslim Marries Pregnant 12-Year-Old “Girlfriend”… Then Gets Nasty Surprise He Never Saw Coming
The Mutilation of the American Dream
Radio 3Fourteen: Syrian Girl – Why the Globalists Hate Syria
‘Pants On Fire’: Analysis Shows 60% Of Fox News ‘Facts’ Are Really Lies
Vladimir Putin says Russia will fight for the right of Palestinians to their own state
Norway: Crime Drops as Police Deport Record Number of Nonwhite Invaders
My Opinions On Vladimir Putin
Baby survives surgery after fatal diagnosis
NY Giants’ Daniel Fells’ MRSA Battle Highlights Infection Risk in Contact Sports
New Orleans, Miami could be washed away by rising seas
JPMorgan Revenue Falls on Trading, Profit Misses Estimates
Turkey warns U.S., Russia against backing Kurdish militia in Syria
U.S. to raise Iranian missile test at U.N. Security Council
New York Woman Sues Young Nephew for Hugging Her Too Hard and Breaking Her Wrist
New California Bill Will Allow Illegal Aliens to Vote
Dennis Ross (White Freemason) book exposes bitter divides in Obama administration on Israel
Insurgents shell Russian embassy in Syria
Can Israel benefit from sheriff Putin policing the Middle East?
3 killed, over 20 injured as terror attacks rock Jerusalem, Ra’anana
South Africa ruling party discourages travel to Israel
US condemns Palestinian terror; UN chief laments Israeli ‘excessive force’
New Depressing Study Shows How Terrified White People Are Of Black-Sounding Names
The War and White Authenticity
Red Ice Radio: Colin Flaherty – The Untold Story of Black on White Crime
Taliban Withdraw From Kunduz After Days of Fighting
Germany investigates mock gallows for Merkel at anti-Islam rally
Indian president ignores terrorism in two public addresses in the Palestinian Authority
Netanyahu: Israel will settle scores with those killing civilians
Iran’s parliament OKs nuclear deal it may have violated
In Putin’s policing of Middle East, some see a boon for Israel
Gulf states looking to buy Israel’s Iron Dome system for protection against Iran
7 Jewish Playboy playmates from 62 years of nudity
Understanding Parasitic Jews
NATO To Send Troops To Protect ISIS From Russia
Why are we still celebrating Columbus Day?
Black explorers we should celebrate instead of Columbus
Spanish History Lesson: When Jews Took the Arab Muslim Side Against White Europeans
Maxine Waters: Americans are Bigots for Opposing Sharia Law
Terrorist Jews in Early America
It’s Becoming Harder To Live As A Misanthrope and Nihilist
A rat brain has been partially reconstructed in a computer, new study claims
Genetic changes could make pig organs usable for human transplant
Study reveals why gowns and gloves can be so dangerous for hospital workers
Tom Brady calls out Coca-Cola, Frosted Flakes as “poison for kids”
Florida QB Will Grier suspended for one year: 5 things to know
TSU ramps up security after 3rd shooting in 3 months
Deadly Ankara Attack Not Enough to Unify a Polarized Turkey
UPDATE 3-Zimbabwe will not charge U.S. dentist for killing Cecil the lion
Why X-Men: Apocalypse May Be The Most Emotional Movie In The Series
Steve Sarkisian fired as USC’s football coach
Putin thanks rabbis for Jews’ fight against ‘attempts to revive’ Nazism
Israelis buy pepper spray, sign up to self-defense courses as stabbing attacks surge
Is Google making us into electric sheeple?
US aviator who fought for nascent state of Israel, dies at 92
Buried Nazi tunnels? Polish province drills down to learn
Observers question landslide Belarus election win
Threatened Jewish academic assaulted in Paris
Muslim vendor was target of NYC attack, not yeshiva students
Obama’s ex-pastor: Israel is apartheid state, ‘Jesus was a Palestinian’
Islamic State prime suspect in Ankara bombing – Turkey PM
Armed with rocks and knives, the ‘children of Oslo’ come of age
Wright: ‘Them Jews’ keeping him from Obama
Op-Ed: How to teach kids to support Jewish causes
JCPA chief: Jewish community must be more open to Israel criticism
Russia claims to foil Islamic State plot on Moscow
Ex-city worker runs so called anti-Semitic website
Did the CIA Assassinate JFK? Fresh Evidence Comes Forward
Did U.S. weapons supplied to Syrian rebels draw Russia into the conflict?
The Muslim Rape Jihad Against European Women and Children
Putin’s No-Fly Foils Jewmerica
2012: Putin Praises Creation of Israel as “Victory” and Pledges to Combat Holocaust Questioners
Has Vladimir Putin Become the New Moral World Leader?
Has Vladimir Putin Become the New Moral World Leader?
Obama Says Americans Having Guns is Worse Than Islamic Terrorism
Lubavich Jews Setting Up Armageddon
Huge Rise In Patriotic Germans Attacking Homes Of Non White Invaders
Spencer: I don’t know if Xbox One can beat PS4
Apocalypse Is More Relatable Than Expected In X-Men: Apocalypse
Post WWII Zionists used concentration camps to detain Palestinian civilians
Death toll in bombings at Turkish peace rally soars to 95
New Study Shows Evidence That Vitamin K2 Positively Impacts Inflammation
Facebook Outlines Measures to Combat “Racist and Xenophobic Content”
Anti-Patriotic Repression in Germany
Jew Seth Rogen Tweets “F*ck You” to Negro Ben Carson Over Holohoax Comments
After rocket fire, Israel hits 2 Hamas targets in Gaza; mother and baby said killed
Ross: U.S.-Israel relations suffered because Rice failed to communicate
Palestinian woman detonates explosives in car near Jerusalem
Ohio to pass anti-BDS law
What Syria’s refugees think about Israel might surprise you
Sharp increase in firearms applications across Israel as terror wave continues
India pres. ahead of Israel trip: ‘Palestine belongs to Arabs like England belongs to English’
Student Committed Suicide After Being Accused of Smelling Like Marijuana
The Backstory on Bernie Sanders (Zionist Jew) and Israel-Palestine – Why Is He So Quiet About the Mideast Tragedy?
Adolf Hitler: German Nationalist or Aryan Racialist?
Pravda: Putin Threatens to Release Satellite Evidence of 9/11
ISIS so weakened by Russian airstrikes and desertion it could be destroyed in HOURS
Israeli Officials Call for Starving Millions of Iranians!
Doctor’s Without Borders Takes Unprecedented Action Against US Military
Just 158 families (Jewish and White Freemason Families) have provided nearly half of the early money for efforts to capture the White House.
Israel and the Palestinians slide deeper into conflict
Out of Pakistan, a fiery feminist film takes on child marriage
73% of Israelis dissatisfied with Netanyahu amid terror upsurge
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio (White Freemason) to visit Israel, talk anti-Semitism
Connecticut day school has ‘soft lockdown’ after threatening call
Dennis Ross: Susan Rice sees Israel ‘more of a problem’ than partner
Analysis: Israel is one major terror attack away from Operation Defensive Shield 2
PA calls on UN to investigate Israel for ‘crimes’ against Palestinians
Jews and the Civil Rights Movement
Jews in the Civil Rights Movement
WATCH: Unarmed black woman beaten and tackled by Florida cops for filming arrest of her husband
The remarkable thing that happens to poor kids when you give their parents a little money
Read Here: Nurses share heartbreaking stories of what happens to babies who survive abortions
Norwegian hairdresser denied Muslims access to the salon
Google ‘Nazi death camps’ game incurs furious backlash from Holocaust survivor groups
Remains of Nazi doctor’s horror ‘human collection’ recovered in France
The Myth of the Welfare Queen: How Classism Has Worked Against Black Women
Russian Leaflet Dropped on Syrians Names the Jew as ISIS Controller
Over 1,000 Militants Surrender To Syrian Army In Last 24 Hours
Are Women Really Smarter Than Men?
Scottish Nurse Who Recovered From Ebola Is Back In Isolation
California acts to regulate pot industry
Twitter Expected to Begin Layoffs and Stop Headquarters Expansion
Pentagon plans major shift in effort to counter the Islamic State in Syria
1 fatally shot at Texas Southern University housing complex
Islamic State closes in on Syrian city of Aleppo; U.S. abandons rebel training effort
Second College Shooting Today as Obama Pushes Gun Control in OR
In Syria, IS advances on Aleppo despite Russia airstrikes
Dennis Ross: Netanyahu agreed to West Bank pullout in 2010
Edelstein: Romania strong ally in fight against anti-Semitism
NGO accuses IDF of collateral damage in home demolitions
Does Susan Rice think Benjamin Netanyahu is a racist?
Why I Avoid Black Niggers As An African Man
Most Syrians back President Assad, but you’d never know from western media
Extermination camps: When the Khazars Punked the World by Dr. Robert Faurisson
Risk of Self Harm May Rise Following Bariatric Surgery
Mars once had long-lived lakes, upping odds it harbored life
Why Elephants Don’t Get Cancer—and What That Means for Humans
Everything we know so far about Facebook’s new reactions
Massive school fight in Spring leads to cancellation of some homecoming activities
Here’s What X-Men: Apocalypse Will Be About
US mass shootings are staged to tighten gun laws: Researcher
Russia Brings In New Law: Pedophiles Will Be Castrated
Toys ‘R’ Us Brings Temporary Foreign Workers to U.S. to Move Jobs Overseas
The Tools of Our Enslavement
Hillary’s Homosexual Platform
Jewish Media Throwing Hillary Under the Bus
Kevin McCarthy (Freemason) Drops Out of House Speaker Race, Adding to G.O.P. Chaos
Top US Jewish official (Joel Rubin) running for Congress
Palestinian delegation to US decries Howard Stern’s ‘racism’
Senate passes defense bill that supports US-Israel partnerships
WATCH: Disguised as stone-throwers, undercover Israeli forces arrest Palestinians
Aiming for Syria, Russian cruise missiles hit Iran — Pentagon
Ben Carson (Black Nigger) blames gun control for the Holocaust
Israel: Settlement expansion ongoing, but best not to talk about it
Rabbi appointed Pope Francis’ ‘comedic advisor’
‘The Muslims Are Coming!’ ads must run in NY subways, judge rules
Foreign Ministry Of Israel urges Google to remove videos encouraging terror attacks
Barkat to ‘Post’: Jews with gun licenses should carry pistols
Bennett calls for Israelis to ‘eliminate the enemy’
Man loses job after Facebook post about 3-year-old boy
Pistol-whipped cop hesitated to shoot, says he didn’t want to be a ‘headline’
The Future Belongs To Russia
Meet The Healthy, Functioning Man Who Survived With Almost No Brain
President Putin Tells United States Citizens Not To Give Up Your Guns: We Learned From Experience Fighting Rothschild’s Banking Schemes!
Meet America’s First School District to Serve 100% Organic Meals
Jews Are Fleeing Russia Because Of Putin
Facebook criminals murder free speech in desperate attempt to stop “anti-Semitism.”
As The World Turns…
Putin spends his 63rd birthday playing hockey with NHL stars
Angela Merkel overheard confronting Mark Zuckerberg over the need to ‘do some work’ about racist posts on Facebook
TPP: The Secret Deal to Destroy the Last Vestiges of Freedom
Enemy Jews Not Satisfied with Exterminating Europeans – Asians Must Also Mix and Be Destroyed!
Russia Just Exposed Obama’s MASSIVE Secret About ISIS… He NEVER Thought This Would Get Out
Elin Krantz: Just Another Dead White Liberal Female Raped to Death by Non-White Invader
Orangutan Mother Tortured By Villagers For Trying To Feed Baby
Doctors reattach infant’s head after ‘decapitation’
Major oil reserve said found on Golan
The Trump swagger is seen, but not always loved, worldwide
Doctors Without Borders seeks probe of deadly strike
Russian warships strike Islamic State targets with cruise missiles
US denies ultimatum over West Bank settlements
US: Over 90% of Russia’s Syria strikes don’t target jihadists
As ministers blame Abbas, IDF says he’s working against violence
Senate set to pass bill funding Israeli anti-missile programs
Israel asks YouTube to pull inciting, pro-terror videos
Facebook to launch Israeli-made satellite to bring Internet access to Africa
Howard Stern rips Roger Waters over BDS support
Bernie Sanders finally opens up about Jewish childhood
Ben Bernanke memoir: Classmates thought I had Jew horns
For Doctors Without Borders strike, US declines to give itself Israel treatment
Matisyahu says he was proud to ‘stand up’ to BDS movement
Analysis: Report card on 50 years of German-Israel relations
Analysis: Abbas holding back a new intifada, but for how long?
Big U.S. firms hold $2.1 trillion overseas to avoid taxes: study
Snowden: I’d go to prison to return to U.S.
The Big Ugly Truth About Pretty Little Liars
Ernst Zündel: The Hitler We Loved and Why
Mexican drug cartel lord has a $100 million bounty on Donald Trump
Donald Trump fever starting to break
NATO says Russian ground troops in Syria, Turkey’s airspace violated again
California Governor Signs Law Targeting Gender Wage Gap
Top United Nations Official Is Accused in Bribery Scheme
Islamic State kills 22 in attacks on Yemen government, Gulf troops, mosque
When will your phone will get Android Marshmallow?
How ancient hands and feet shed light on human evolution
San Francisco Is Changing Face of AIDS Treatment
10 African Kingdoms No One Talks About But Should
Russia To The Rescue
Sanders campaign apologizes for ejecting pro-Palestinian group from rally
Actor James Franco has bar mitzvah
Protesters call for closure of nightclub where intoxicated woman (Israeli Jew) filmed engaging in sex acts on bar
In light of tense situation, Netanyahu shortens trip to Germany
Germans give Hitler actor a warm welcome
‘PA instability adding to unrest’
No chance Netanyahu, Obama will heal their rift, says J Street
Palestinian activist aims to ‘start an intifada against Israel in the US’
Netanyahu and Abbas supporters enraged by perceived weakness from leaders
Russian entry into Syria’s air wars raises worries
Israel lifts ban on Palestinian access to Old City
‘US won’t veto UN vote on settlements if Israel builds anew’
Is Boko Haram a CIA Covert Op to Divide and Conquer Africa?
The Myth Of Racism
US deeply involved in Saudi war on Yemen: Analyst
Netanyahu warns U.N.: Israel ‘will do whatever it must’ to check Iran
A Shifting Approach to Saving Endangered Species
Facebook to beam free internet to Africa with satellites
Netanyahu: No Limit on Israeli Security Confronting Palestinian Violence
Android M 6.0 Marshmallow Update Release Date: Moto X, Moto G, DROID Turbo, and More Detailed by Motorola
NATO warns Russia over airspace violations as Syria airstrikes widen
U.S. military struggles to explain how it wound up bombing a Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan
King Edward VIII Wanted to Ally with Hitler and Blamed “Jews and Reds” for WWII
Seattle Mayor Wants Interest Free Housing For Muslims
Iran mobilises forces on Syrian border ahead of ground operation
The US Has Ceded Control of Major Cities to the UN
The Story of the Real German Flag
Thousands of Germans March to the Border to Protect it from Islamic Invaders
Stone-age Europeans ‘were the first to set foot on North America’
Israel, India aim to step up bilateral ties during Mukherjee
US approves revolutionary drug to fight lung cancer
Clinton: Ousting Assad top priority in Syria
Iran claims Russia has started delivery of S-300 missile defense system
Why this Jewish lawyer is defending a synagogue vandal
Abbas tells PA forces to urgently quell West Bank protests
Why Israelis are fearing a third intifada
Israel eager to put rift with Obama over Iran deal in past, Netanyahu says
Palestinian Authority does not want to ignite third intifada, senior PA official says
Analysis: Palestinian rebellion underway
Terrorist attacks cause tension inside Netanyahu’s coalition
Fantasy Sports Employees Bet at Rival Sites Using Inside Information
Islamic State destroys Palmyra’s triumphal arch
77 Palestinians said injured as clashes rock West Bank
Geraldo Rivera (Sephardic Jew, Real Name Jerry Rivers) Calls The Constitution “Bull***t”… Goes On Epic Rant Then Slams Americans
Jordan MP’s son joins Islamic State, becomes suicide bomber
France urges Moscow to avoid ‘wrong targets’ in Syria
Israel announces series of punitive measures against Palestinian terrorism
Assad says Russian-Iranian campaign in Syria will decide fate of Middle East
Spain grants citizenship to 4,302 descendants of Sephardic Jews
Italian synagogue damaged in severe storm
Oenothera biennis (Common Evening Primrose)
In a few days, Russia has probably inflicted more harm on IS than US did in a year
Attacks on Jews rise to five-year high in Germany – more than any country in Europe
Vladimir Putin ‘wants to regain Finland’ for Russia, adviser says
The Mysterious Genealogy of Russian President Putin
‘Labyrinth of Lies’ explores Holocaust denial in post-war Germany
Oregon gunman was army dropout who studied mass shooters
Conservatives nominate Zac Goldsmith (Jew) for London mayor
Malaysian PM calls for ‘new dawn’ in Muslim-Jewish relations
Syria claims Israel propping up rebel forces
Khamenei: Iran will support anyone who strikes at Israel
Suspected US strike on Afghan hospital kills 9 Doctors Without Borders staff
Merkel: Iran’s stance on Israel ‘unacceptable’
Jerusalem Post confirms Israel knew USS Liberty was American
As Syria Reels, Israel Looks to Expand Settlements in Golan Heights
Mass. High Students Allegedly Mock, Threaten to Lynch First Black Senior Class President
BREAKING!! WW3 ALERT: China Sent Warship To Syria To Assist Russians Fight ISIS & U.S.
South Africa ‘a country at war’ as murder rate soars to nearly 49 a day
VIDEO: Israelis Chant “N*ggers Go Home” Carrying ISIS-Style Flags At Anti-African Rally
Russian Air Strikes in Syria to Last Three-four Months: Source
Chris Brown says Ebola is a form of population control
Five-month-old girl shot dead in Cleveland: Crying police chief vows to catch and lock up ‘thugs’ who killed ‘angelic’ baby in her mother’s car
The Jew World Order Explained
The Reason The White Race Will Not Survive
Islamic Holocaust: Western wars have killed AT LEAST 4 million Muslims since 1990
Robin Williams’ Family Ends Legal Battle Over Estate
Surprise: Ad Blockers Make the Mobile Web More Pleasant
Weak Jobs Data Can’t Keep U.S. Stocks Down
Oregon shooting: Gunman was student in class where he killed 9
Guns are deep in the culture of Oregon town beset by school shooting
Threat causes lockdown at Spring Branch ISD schools
The US is Arming ISIS, Struggling with Russia, and Attempting to Disarm Americans
If It’s Not the Jews …
British Army Calls for More White People to be Replaced by Colorfuls
Why Should Jews Celebrate a Torah That Calls for Genocide and Homophobia?
Lackluster Jobs Data Raise Concerns on Economy’s Course
Hungarian PM: ‘Not fair’ Israel, US not absorbing refugees
US to Russia: Focus airstrikes exclusively on Islamic State
South Africa won’t push ‘anti-Semitic’ dual citizenship ban
After PM’s silence at UN, US Jewish groups offer quiet praise
At funeral of slain couple, president vows terror won’t halt settlement building
New Brazilian Dictionary Removes Insulting ‘interpretations’ of Jew
Council of Europe seeks ban on circumcision without ‘requisite skill’
Obama administration earmarks $12M for Holocaust survivors
Fatah unit claims responsibility for murder of Israeli couple
EU official to act as envoy on anti-Semitism
Is it really a shock that 1/3 of Americans wouldn’t hide Jews?
Jewish doctor’s murder case featured in hourlong ’48 Hours’ episode
Why you won’t find Starbucks in Israel
Bill to ‘fix’ Iran deal backed by Dems, even deal supporters
FBI destroys evidence linked to Medicare fraud among Orthodox Jewish community in New York
Normal ties between Iran and US unlikely despite nuclear deal
World Jewish Congress sends sympathies to Saudis after hajj disaster
Council of Europe cancels anti-circumcision measure after joint Jewish-Muslim effort
Criminal complaint filed against German Mayor for anti-Israel and anti-Jewish hate
What Does Your Last Name Say About You?
‘Bon Jovi stands with Israeli settlers who burn Palestinian babies,’ Roger Waters says
Obama: US will not make ‘proxy war’ with Russia over Syria
Killing The Race Traitors Won’t Solve Racial Matters…..
Amazon to Ban Sale of Apple, Google Video-Streaming Devices
Derek Carr, Amari Cooper fast-track Raiders’ rebuild
Israel’s Netanyahu offers an olive branch of sorts to Obama on Iran
X-Men: Apocalypse – Everything You Need to Know
Gun laws must be changed, gun owners must speak up: Obama
Slate Jew Jacob Weisberg Says Mass Non-White will Lead to New Golden Age
The Synagogue of Satan 740-1818
Oklahoma Sheriff Indicted After Investigation Into Fatal Shooting Of Unarmed Black Man
Umpqua College student says mass shooter ordered victims to state their religion before opening fire
Russia’s Foray Into Syria Is a Matter of National Interest, Not an Imperial Adventure
‘Labyrinth of Lies’ film explores Holocaust denial in postwar Germany
Putin Hints Russia Will ‘Clip Israel’s Wings’ Over Syrian Skies
Assad advisor: The intentions of the U.S. in Syria was not to fight terrorism at all
Russia establishes ‘no fly’ zone for NATO planes over Syria, moves to destroy “ISIS” – Pentagon freaks out
Russia: Apple Investigated for Spreading Homosexual Propaganda
Attacks on Immigrant Shelters in Germany More than Doubled, Police Say
German Domestic Intelligence: Nationalists Organizing against Foreign Invasion
The Bottom Line About Germany
Palestinian official: Abbas did not cancel agreements with Israel in UN speech
Report: Netanyahu cancels dinner reservation to avoid awkward run-in with Pakistani PM
US weighs options as Russia continues attacks on Syria rebels
Oregon Shooting at Umpqua College Kills 10, Sheriff Says
GOP candidate Ben Carson (Nigger) warns of ‘Hitler’ in the US
Trump on Syrian refugees: ‘If I win, they’re going back’
Evangelicals flock to Jerusalem for Israel love fest
Islamic State gaining ground on Golan border as moderate rebels wither
The cyborg revolution is here. Is it good for the Jews?
Dr. Duke and Dr. MacDonald expose the preeminent Jewish role in every aspect of the Syrian Horror and the Refugee Crisis
My New Tattoo Is My First Tattoo
Aspirin doubles survival rates in certain cancer patients
Israel undermines U.S. peace effort, Palestinian Abbas tells U.N
Jews: “It shouldn’t be illegal to rape animals!”
Dr. Tony Martin – Jewish Tactics In The Controversy Over Jewish Involvement in The Slave Trade
Saudi Arabia calls on Assad to leave or be removed by force
ISIS cut out healthy captives’ kidneys and corneas and drain their blood for transplants… while others are forced to endure daily torture, reveals prisoner who escaped their clutches
Shocking truth: How UK helped kill millions of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan
Holocaust Film Season is Here Again, Goyim! Surprise! More Holocaust Movies!
A look at Russia’s military involvement in Syria
Russia notified Israel ahead of Syria airstrike
Hungary warns of instability from Europe’s migrant crisis
‘Jewish mafia looting Mideast antiquities’
Israel should take in Syrian refugees
Dear Israel, America is just not that into you
Abbas: Palestine a state under occupation, no longer bound by Oslo accords
Putin: If terrorists win in Syria, they will reach Russia
Ya’alon in West Bank: There will be no settlement freeze
Israel a popular target for critique in UN debate
Abbas: Peace process must be multilateral effort
Op-Ed: Israel-China romance is based on ancient values
Melbourne Jewish school board under scrutiny in sex abuse case
Why are non-Jewish American celebs buying real estate in Israel?
Huge Nazi banner for film causes outcry in France
Abe Foxman takes position at Israeli think tank
2 pro-Palestinian groups: Israel advocates threaten free speech on campus
Russian parliament grants Putin right to use military force in Syria
Report: Russia demands that American planes stay out of Syrian skies
Speakers at anti-Semitism confab accused of Holocaust distortion
Spain begins review of Sephardic Jewish citizenship applications
Chief rabbi of Jerusalem Amar criticized over comments on homosexuality
Putin: We respect Israel’s interests, but are concerned over its attacks on Syria
Abbas: No bilateral talks with Israel while it’s an occupying power
Analysis: German, Austrian Jews worried about anti-Semitism from refugees
Eastern Europe vs. refugees: A suppressed historical memory?
My Vision For African National Socialism Revealed!
White People Make Up 42% of the Poor, But Take in Whopping 69% of Government Benefits
Saudi prince arrested for sex crimes in LA
Death Row Inmate Kelly Gissendaner Given No Clemency Despite Pope’s Plea
It’s TIME For The iPhone 6s To Shine: Apple Ships 13 MILLION In First Week
Google launches new phones, streaming devices
Burkina Faso Army Attacks, Takes Over Coup Plotter Barracks
Motorola DROID Turbo 2 release date: Tipped for Oct. 15
Police: Mom Tossed Newborn Out 7th-Story Window in New York
Ban honey? Review says fructose is bad for health
First patient receives stem cell treatment for blindness
Scientists find their first biofluorescent reptile, a Pacific sea turtle
Google announces Pixel C tablet; priced at $500 for 32GB, $600 for 64GB (hands-on)
“Forbes 400” list reveals America’s wealthiest
‘Debt is a cleverly managed reconquest of Africa’ – Thomas Sankara
A Nation of Liars
Israel Escalates ‘Water-Apartheid’ As Illegal Settlers Contaminate Palestinian Water
Rabbi: Jews Are Jewish Not White & Must Fight “Racism”
The collapse of American education continues as rich families pull their kids out of private schools
Hitler didn’t start indiscriminate bombings — Churchill did
Obama and Putin: Awkward moments, few breakthroughs
Egyptian leader: Palestinian plight a major ‘pretext’ for terror
Congress: US fails to stop most of those who try to join ISIS
While Rouhani speaks, Iranian-Americans protest rights abuses
Rouhani, at UN, slams US for supporting ‘inhumane’ Israel
British archaeologist aims to pinpoint Nefertiti’s tomb
Palestinian economy plummets for third straight year
Israel not coordinating with Russia in Syria, defense minister says
Russian rabbi: Flagging of Jewish group adding to community’s insecurity
Cartoon in Norwegian daily foments anti-Israel feelings, embassy diplomat says
Iran’s Rouhani at U.N.: Israel ‘only impediment’ to nuclear-free Mideast
‘Israel concerned with build-up of Iranian forces in Syria near Golan border’
World Bank: Average Palestinians getting poorer
Trump backs Russia, Iran efforts to fight ISIS
Ukrainian rebels call for Israeli media censorship
Australian Jewish school may be investigated for abetting flight of molester
PM underlined to Russia that Israel will continue to protect interests, says Ya’alon
UPDATED !! Liisa Maria Pori in Finland forced by legislation to 1 250 000 refugees!
Gene test finds which breast cancer patients can skip chemo
Two-drug combination helps older adults with depression
UK scientists start stem cell trial of potential blindness cure
How a Fossil Can Reveal the Color of a Dinosaur
Facebook goes down for the third time in 3 weeks
Stocks Pummeled: Dow Dives 300 Points, S&P Down 2.5%
At U.N., Castro says U.S. must end embargo to have normal Cuba ties
Whenever the slimy Jew shows his slithering Hebrew hand – Stab it with your bayonet
Poles Rise Up En Masse to Oppose The Invasion
Poland furious after Russia blames them for starting WWII
Obama to UN: US ready to work with Russia and Iran on Syria
Europe’s Leading Rabbi: Jews Must Begin Carrying Guns
A Letter from Soros: At Least a Million “Asylum Seekers” a Year in Europe, Goyim
German Embassy in France: Protesters Chant “F*ck Merkel” and “Europe Awakens”
Op-Ed: Why Jewish educators need to teach the Palestinian perspective
Pro-Palestinian minister speaks in NY state despite Jewish opposition
Op-Ed: Ann Coulter is not an anti-Semite
Analysis: How Egypt’s Sisi can save Israel from the threat of BDS
Why has the Iranian women’s movement failed?
US support for Israel stokes terrorism worldwide, Rouhani says
PA’s Erekat slams Obama for neglecting Palestinians in speech to UN
Abbas adviser suggests US pressured Palestinian leader to nix UN speech ‘bombshell’
World Bank: ‘High risk’ of renewed Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Norwegian comic strip likens Israel to Nazis, North Korea
Pro-Israel hopefuls line up to fill power vacuum in US House
UN speeches reveal sharply different approaches on Syria
Putin at UN: Coalition against IS akin to alliance against Nazis
Obama, Putin open talks with deep differences over Syria
Putin said to be concerned about Israeli airstrikes in Syria
NASA Confirms Signs of Water Flowing on Mars, Possible Niches for Life
Ben Carson Wants Forced Vaccines
The Real Reason America Used Nuclear Weapons Against Japan. It Was Not To End the War Or Save Lives.
Analysis: New top cop reflects rise of religious Zionism in Israeli society
British Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn: Osama bin Laden was framed for 9/11
Putin says Russia has no plans to deploy combat troops in Syria
Long-time Israel ally Martin Dempsey (Freemason) steps down as US military chief
Poll: 31% of Americans would refuse to hide Jews from Nazis
France carries out first airstrikes on IS in Syria
Iraq steps up anti-IS coordination with Iran, Syria, Russia
Moscow enters the Syrian fray, but to what end?
Solving Palestinian issue could ‘change face of region,’ Sissi says
IDF Gears Up for Possible Ground Operation with Russian-Armed Hezbollah
Can we really separate Judaism from Zionism?
WikiLeaks reveal that Ban Ki-moon (Freemason) secretly worked with Israel to undermine UN report into Gaza war crimes
The Jewish Monopoly on Opium Still Fuels Chinese Resentment Today
Now Unfriending on Facebook Qualifies as Bullying
Rabbis urge David Cameron to speed up refugee scheme
After Inciting a Race War Against Whites, Jews Are Now Giving Up Their “Whiteness”
Russian Intervention in Syria Threatens Israel
Iran vows to take Saudi rulers to court over hajj disaster
Islamic State making inroads in Afghanistan, UN warns
France warns Russia: Syria could be your ‘second Afghanistan’
Germany sees many migrants falsely claiming to be Syrian
Enough proof to charge Bangkok bomb suspect — Thai police
Bible in hand, Trump woos evangelical Christians
Obama’s war on the Islamic State isn’t collapsing — it isn’t there
Hitler and the Banksters: The Abolition of Interest-Servitude
Dissecting IDF propaganda: The numbers behind the rocket attacks
Zionist Ted Cruz (Freemason) Praises Rothschild’s “State” Of Israel: Gets Booed Off Stage At D.C. Conference.
The Real Holocaust Victims Were the Victims of British Firebombing in World War II
Hezbollah leader welcomes Russia’s growing presence in Syria
New Drugs Prove More Effective in Treatment of Kidney Cancer, Studies Find
Polio no longer spreading in Nigeria, WHO says
All Ears: Ancient Fossils Reveal Hearing Abilities of Human Ancestors
After Beheading 100 People This Year, Saudi Arabia Joins U.N. Human Rights Council With U.S. Support
Ivory Coast embargoes skin lightening products
Joseph Goebbels on “The Jew”
Reykjavík wasn’t ready for “brutal” Zionist backlash, says Israel boycott author
Nazis ‘offered to leave western Europe in exchange for free hand to attack USSR’
Israel is still occupying Saudi Arabian islands
Ann Coulter Calls Fury Over Jewish-Debate Tweet “Fake Outrage”: “I’m Pro-Israel”
Jews demand: “Europe MUST become multicultural whether Whites like it or not”
Senior Israeli archaeologist casts doubt on Jewish heritage of Jerusalem
Netanyahu: Israel Must Become a World Power
Boyfriend gets engaged to dead love by placing ring on her finger and sharing image online
ISIS Turning Churches Into Torture Chambers To Force Christians To Convert To Islam
Islamophobia: Israel’s Most Cherished Weapon Of Mass Destruction Destined To Destroy The West If Not Stopped!
Trump, Carson have Republican Jewish establishment worried
Now Boehner can tell us what really happened with Netanyahu’s speech
Speaker John Boehner (Freemason) to resign, leave US-Israel crisis behind
Hillary Clinton talks to Lena Dunham about feminism, college years
Jewish coalition for Syrian refugees awards $148K to groups working in Hungary, Turkey
Trump rally incident, Carson anti-Muslim remarks spur civility call by 2 Jewish groups
Meet the Last Jews of Cairo
Sepp Blatter, FIFA President, Faces Criminal Investigation in Switzerland
In 1976 interview, Rabin likens settler ideologues to ‘cancer,’ warns of ‘apartheid’
Ministers toughen measures against stone-throwers
Pope Francis and the Jews: The weakness of goodness
Meet ‘that Jewish guy’ (Danny Strong) behind Fox’s African-American hit ‘Empire’
On ‘South Park,’ Trump raped to death
Will it be ‘Jew’ vs. Muslim in London’s next mayoral election?
Netanyahu vows commitment to pluralistic Judaism
Russian ‘visitors’ receive warm welcome in coastal Syria
British museum sorry for branding Jewish WWII fighters ‘terrorists’
German Jews fear backlash from country’s welcome of refugees
Bernie Sanders’ Foreign Policy Includes Military Aid To Israel, Saudi Arabia
Jews in America struggled for decades to become white. Now we must give up whiteness to fight racism.
The End Game Of Jewish Supremacy
Paralyzed Man Walks Again Using Brain-Wave System
Giant Killer Lizards Lived Among Ice-Age Aussies
Bombings at Mosque in Yemen Kill at Least 25
Freemasonry, Bolshevism and Dirty Little Secrets You Weren’t Supposed to Know: The Stalin-Churchill Pact
Quotations In Support Of White Genocide
History is the Propaganda of the Victors: Don’t Blame Adolf Hitler for World War II
Putin threatening Turkish President: if necessary, We can stage a swift military coup d’état against you, I will defeat you and your American master in Syria
Controlled Media Blacks out German Mass Opposition to Nonwhite Invasion
Syrian army uses new Russian jets to strike Islamic State: monitor
Creation of the slave state
TOP KEK: Rabbi Calls for Iceland to be Nuked Over Israel Boycott
Russia Reopens Investigation into Jewish Slaughter of the Romanov Family
‘My pastor was my rapist’: Alabama preacher accused of sexual torture, abuse of multiple children
How a Muslim Student Became the Controversial Leader of a Pro-Israel Group
Whistleblower claims she was penalized for reporting Hasidic Medicaid fraud
After Iran deal battle, unity declared by 53 Jewish groups
Israeli volunteers are aiding Syrian refugees in Europe
Greek government minister resigns over anti-Semitic, homophobic tweets
Russia threatens response if US places new nukes in Germany
Anti-Semitic 9/11 truther resigns from Greek goverment
Croatia says 51,000 migrants have entered
Russia, US said to reach ‘tacit agreement’ to end Syria war
NY synagogue said to fire worker for being pregnant at her wedding
NATO concerned about Russia buildup in Syria
Death toll in Mecca hajj stampede jumps to over 700
‘Israel, Russia to coordinate in air, sea, and electromagnetic arena’
In first, a policy speech from Pope to Congress
Ivanka Trump’s Jewish family growing with third child on the way
British Labor Party chairman Jeremy Corbyn to speak at pro-Israel event next week
Pope Francis Says You’re NOT Christian if You Support Gun Manufactures
Stampede Near Mecca Leaves at Least 220 Dead
Refugee Crisis Or Political Ploy?
Alief I Hardly Knew Ye….
Weight-loss surgery may not increase health costs for diabetes
Study: Tooth enamel began on scales of ancient fish
Evidence of New World’s oldest decapitation found
Asian shares tentative as global growth concerns linger
Refugees explain why they fled Syria
Johnny Manziel deserved to be benched again
5.6 million fingerprints stolen in U.S. personnel data hack: government
‘Philanthropist’ Bill Gates Openly Admits Support For “Death Panels” And Depopulation
CAIR Founder: Islam Isn’t in America to Be Equal to Any Other Faith, But to Become Dominant
Fighting for Pedophilia – It’s Official U.S. Government Policy to Allow Afghan “Allies” to Rape Little Boys
Jimmy Carter says democracy is dead: You need at least $200 million to run for president of US ‘oligarchy’
How News Outlets Help Convince You That Most Criminals Are Black
Refugees from war-torn Syria claim racism in Germany is so extreme they want to GO HOME as growing unrest and anti-Muslim feeling sees attacks on foreigners soar
Religon of Peace: Muslims Attack Three Hundred Girls With Poisonous Gas
Surprise — “Clock Boy’s” Older Sister Was Suspended For Bomb Threat When She Was In Middle School
Nearly 2,000 Palestinian children killed since 2000: Rights group
Spanish Fascists Hold Rally to Mark the Anniversary of General Franco’s Death (VIDEO)
Race Relations in U.S. at Lowest Point in Recent History, PBS Poll Indicates
Why 58 recruits, from 17 countries, defected from Islamic State
Israel to compensate church torched by Jewish extremists
Marine Le Pen to stand trial for Muslim-Nazi comparison
Local US news station uses Holocaust badge for Yom Kippur story
Outcry as anti-Semitic 9/11 doubter joins Greek government
Palestinian witness disputes Israel account of woman’s death
Report: Putin plans air strikes in Syria if no US deal reached
US updating contingency plans for possible war with Russia: US officials
Michelle Obama: We Must Teach Young Blacks To Always Vote Democrat ‘No Matter Who’s On The Ballot’
Amazing video shows Zio-led invasion of Greece and all of Europe
75 more Train-and-Equip Program Gunmen Enter Syria from Turkey
The Two State Non Solution Of Palestine
Report: Doctors Are Screwing Up Diagnoses — And Patients Should Speak Out
Heart Attack Survivors, Rejoice: Sex Is Still Okay for Some
New duck-billed dinosaur found in Alaska, researchers say
Amazon Prime Is Offering Discounted Prices, Get The Details
iPhone 6S And iPhone 6S Plus Reviews: Will You Love Apple’s Attractive Upgrade?
Los Angeles Puts $100 Million Into Helping Homeless
Israeli arms fuel atrocities in Africa
“White Privilege” or “Jewish Privilege” : The Ultimate Racism in America
Nationalism Rises as Third World Invasion of Europe Continues (VIDEO)
California city commissioner fired for proposing Israel divestment
Hungary: The army and police may shoot illegal immigrants
Citing Kindertransport, British Jewish clergy urge UK to take in more refugees: Zio-Watch, September 22, 2015
Gaddafi prophesied Europe’s refugee crisis: ‘The Mediterranean will become a sea of chaos’
Arson attack destroys planned German refugee center
Vervain (Verbena spp.)
European Union Ministers Approve Plan to Distribute Refugees
Iran: Moscow, Tehran to use ‘all means’ to end Syria crisis
Syrian regime airstrikes kill 38 IS fighters — monitor
Hezbollah said pulling back from Syria fighting
Israeli, Russian armies plan Syrian coordination talks
2 Jews shot with BB guns in Orthodox section of New York City
Here’s what Ann Coulter meant by ‘f—ing Jews’ — I think
Palestinians cool on two states, warm to armed intifada, poll finds
Hungary posts ads in Lebanon, Jordan warning off migrants
Israel’s SodaStream offers to take in Syrian refugees
Why Jeremy Corbyn’s rise makes British Jews afraid
Jewish studies professors are struggling, survey finds
Netanyahu to receive conservative think tank’s award on day he meets Obama
Pro-Palestinian protesters demonstrate at Pharrell Williams concert in South Africa
91-year-old woman charged as accessory to murder for SS work at Auschwitz
Yom Kippur chicken-swinging ritual spurs not one, but two lawsuits
Goldman Sachs’ Lloyd Blankfein announces he has cancer
Will German welcome of refugees come at Jews’ expense?
Czech Magazine Withdraws Article Which Revealed that Czechs Would Vote for Hitler
Russia to Start Bombing in Syria ASAP
Death Squads and International Gag Orders
Syria: Germany Leaving US Alliance Against Russia
As ISIS Retreats, Cache of Israeli Weapons Found
A Life Of First World Problems
Patient mold infections leads UPMC to shut down transplant programs at Presby
How much do American kids love apples? They account for 29% of fruit consumed each day
Scientists astonished after snake has virgin birth
Meet the computer that could pass high school geometry
Low gas prices may doom Social Security raise
Tsipras’s next act — governing
Burkina Faso coup leader faces military pressure to step down
What X-Men: Apocalypse Will Deliver, According To The Producer
Scott Walker, an early contender, makes surprise exit from 2016 race
Jewish Mind Control Programming
Obama cites Israeli Supreme Court to justify killing Americans without trial
If Assad asks, China can deploy troops to Syria
Iceland’s Anti-Semitism
Pope Francis to Find a Church in Upheaval
30 East Jerusalem streets given Hebrew names, enraging Arab residents
After $127-million exit, entrepreneur wants users’ 2¢, too
Israeli-born tiger Oz kills New Zealand zookeeper
Israeli motorists pelted with stones in several West Bank areas
Putin indicates to Netanyahu that Syria in no position to open front against Israel
How Pope Francis is building on 50 years of Jewish-Catholic entente
New pope, Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Argentina, has Jewish connections
In Greek elections, neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party sees slight gain
Jewish publication may drop Coulter over ‘f—ing Jews’ tweet
Ex-teacher at Russian Jewish school on trial for inciting racial hatred
In Austria, a Jewish sheep breeder shepherds migrants
Why Monsanto is Pilloried as Most Evil Corporation in the World
Monsanto Timeline Of Crime 1901-2014
Pharma firm hikes life-saving drug price by 5,500%
Top scientist resigns from post – admits Global Warming is a scam
Kremlin: Only Syrians Should Decide on the Future of Assad
Immigration/Racism Distract From Jew Infestation
‘If you are worried about refugees, stop supporting terrorists’ – Assad interview
The Myth Of German Culpability The 2nd World War The True Sequence Of Aggression
Jewish origins of the Saudi Royal Family
From the Jewish Telegraphic Agency : As Europe takes in migrants, Israel tries to keep them out
Germany & The False Israel : The Success of the “Winter Assistance Work” Program by Adolf Hitler
The ‘Refugee’ Crisis and the Creation of Greater Israel
Is US Attempt to Change Regime in Syria All ‘About Oil and Pipelines’
JFK Killed After Shutting Down Rothschild’s Federal Reserve; List of US Presidents Murdered by the Rothschild Banking Cartel
Patriotic Germans Burn Down More Facilities Planned for Non-White Immigrants
‘The West killed Gaddafi so they must deal with immigrants’ – Zuma
More than 3,000 ISIS jihadists are in Britain NOW ready to launch attacks, warn security sources
Chinese Government Gets Sick Of Islamic Violence, Take 13 Muslim Jihadists And Execute All Of Them
The Jews of Smyrna, 1840
Iceland capital retracting decision to boycott Israel
‘Brazilian president rejects settler leader as Israeli envoy’
Yair Lapid endorses Saudi initiative for two-state solution
Saudi official: We won’t cooperate with Israel as long as ‘Palestine is occupied’
U.S. to Increase Admission of Refugees to 100,000 in 2017, Kerry Says
US Can no Longer Impose Its Will to Other World Powers in Syria
New Facebook Dislike Button Will Delete Posts With 10 Dislikes
Do 1% of Americans really think Obama is Jewish?
Syrian girl dies as another refugee boat sinks off Greek coast
Breed and conquer Europe, al-Aqsa preacher exhorts Muslims
Al-Qaeda in Syria executes 56 regime troops, monitor says
Wiesenthal Center tells Jews not to go to Reykjavik
Kerry: Assad has to go, but timing can be negotiated
Terror leader’s son says Islam only has 10 years left before it destroys itself
Pope Francis To Followers: “Koran And Holy Bible Are The Same”
Israeli regime crimes shortening its life: Iran cleric
Wall Street Journal: Israel Caught Red-handed Aiding al-Qaeda in Syria
Timeline Of The Jewish Genocide Of The British People
Fake Leaders for Fake People
Second 93-Year-Old Auschwitz Guard Faces Trial
German mayor blames Israel for Syrian refugee crisis
Anti-Semites Flock to Ann Coulter’s Side
35 Million Nonwhites Set to Invade Europe, Warns Hungarian Foreign Minister
Is The British Royal Family Secretly Jewish?
China And Russia: Two More Nations Doing The Bidding Of The Jews And Masons
Tel Aviv-Toronto flight makes unscheduled stop to save freezing dog
Case of Houston child, 3, with diabetes highlights increase among children
Study: 95.6 percent of deceased NFL players tested positive for CTE
Nexus Phones Have Shorter Support Lifespan Than iPhones
17,000 Migrants Stranded in Croatia by Border Crackdown
U.S. Begins Military Talks With Russia on Syria
Exclusive: Democratic donors urge Biden to challenge Clinton in U.S. 2016 race
VIDEO: “Exterminate All Whites” Says Jew Professor Noel Ignatiev
US spends more on military than all major nations combined: Analyst
Document Confirms British were Plotting to Invade Germay Before Germany Invaded Poland
A New Feminist Study Concludes: You’re Racist if You Don’t Have Interacial Sex
Jewish Supremacists Using “Holocaust Fable” to Promote Third World Invasion of Europe
Black Nations are Failures and Own Worst Enemies: Jamaican Govt. Official
Jew Run Google Soliciting Donations to Support Non-White Invasion of Europe
Corbyn blames BRITAIN and the US for the rise of ISIS: Labour leader rejects bombing Syria because it will spark more ‘mayhem’
Muslim Countries Refuse to Take A Single Syrian Refugee, Cite Risk of Exposure to Terrorism
Report: Minority Teachers Are Quitting at Rapid Rates
One million Yemeni fighters prepare to invade Saudi Arabia
Native American child sent home by Utah school for wearing traditional Mohawk hairstyle
Israel, US working to prevent discussion of ‘Israel’s nuclear capabilities’ at IAEA meeting
Assad Accurately States Jew-Funded Terrorists Responsible for Exodus
New Google Chromecast may debut this month, report says
Another drowned Syrian toddler said to wash up on Turkish beach
SoCal looks to Israel to solve its water problems
UK terror threat worst in 30 years, says intelligence chief
Israeli economy has slowed to crawl, new figures show
Jewish MP accepts post under new Labour boss Corbyn
With Obama slow to act, Putin moves into Syria, upgrades Mideast influence
Khamenei joins Coulter in lamenting GOP pandering
Iceland President First Foreign Head of State to Address Knesset
The Jewish don of Latin American TV says ‘adios’ after 53 years
Britain’s Labor leader, controversial among Jews, claims Jewish ancestry
Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn and British Jewry may need to make up
Journalists blast Ukraine for blacklisting Israelis
Jewish official (Ronald Lauder) warns Iceland of ‘negative repercussions’ over Reykjavik boycott of Israel
Barring apology, right-wing Zionists demand Fox News fire Ann Coulter for ‘f—ing Jews’ tweet
No, Israel Does Not Have the Right to Self-Defense In International Law Against Occupied Palestinian Territory
Diabetes drug drives down fatal heart attacks, strokes, study finds
Cattle virus linked to breast cancer
Military In Burkina Faso Confirms Coup And Dissolves Government
‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ news: Simon Kinberg talks about Apocalypse, says his costume is ‘cosmic’
Inside The Jewish Lobby—The Most Powerful Racist Organization in the U.S.
Anger as British MP tells Government: ‘Let’s keep accepting refugees until Britain BREAKS’
TEXAS: Where White Kids Open Carry, And Muslim Kids Get Arrested For Clock-making (IMAGES)
VIDEO: Danish Girl Punched, Kicked, Stoned and Thrown into Lake by Muslims as She Walks her Dog
Holocaust Survivors – Genetically Damaged
STASI-veteran will assist German government in Facebook censorship
The Kurds, Turkey, oil and Israel
Military source: Syrian army starts using new weapons from Russia
IAEA rejects proposal on oversight of Israeli nuclear facilities
Analysis: Netanyahu can’t stop Putin, but he can coordinate with the Russians in Syria
Hungarian police fire tear gas at migrants on border
Court okays Yom Kippur chickens ritual in New York
Israel troubled by potential conflict with Russian forces in Syria
Gaza kids say they aspire to ‘blow up the Jews’
On Rosh Hashanah, Sanders courts evangelicals
GOP candidates united in disdain for Obama, support for Israel
Iran deal adoption to take place Oct. 18, no date set yet for sanctions relief
Israel rearrests Palestinian hunger striker after he recovers
Candidates in GOP debate divided on whether to honor Iran deal
U. California regents rap intolerance statement for not mentioning anti-Semitism
Ann Coulter accuses GOP candidates of pandering to ‘f—ing Jews’
The Fake Drug Industry Is Exploding, and We Can’t Do Anything About It
Fed Leaves Interest Rates Unchanged
The Role of Islam in African Slavery
Arabs and Slave Trade
African Slaves In The Arab World
The East African Slave Trade
Jewish Role in African Slave Trade Admitted by Rabbi in New Jewish Book
The Credit System Scam In America: A Tool for Jewish Economic Enslavement
New Book Rips Veil, Reveals Gandhi Was A Racist Who Hated Black Africans
U.S. Training Helped Mold Top ISIS Commander
Nigerians 4 Truth: National Socialists From Different Races
Coffee has secret trick to stop sleep
Antidepressant Paxil Is Unsafe for Teenagers, New Analysis Says
Marine life dipped by 50% in 40 years
How many Syrian refugees to accept? Poll finds U.S. divided
Putin Sees Syria as Russia’s Path Back Into Good Graces of West
Merril Hoge Rips Johnny Manziel (Again), Calls Quarterback ‘Reckless’
Iceland capital to boycott Israeli products
Austria declines ADL’s plea for Jewish historian’s freedom
The Jewish writer and actor who’s ‘the voice of black America’
Canada court lets women wear veil for citizenship oath
Israel must free Marwan Barghouti
Assad blames Europe for refugees flowing out of Syria
Solving refugee crisis requires taking care of Syria, Obama says
Health Care Gains, but Income Remains Stagnant, the White House Reports
Netanyahu to tell Putin that Russian weapons transfers to Syria threatening Israel
Football fans wave banner saying ‘Refugees not welcome’
Ben Carson’s Fractured Foreign Policy
University Of Illinois ‘Israel’ Scandal
Bro Nathanael—If I Were President
How suburban whites get rich from black people in prison
Updates For September 15, 2015
Leaders of Jewish Organizations Have Psychological Breakdowns as Mein Kampf Rises
Jew Faggotry Now Set Loose Upon America
Muslims Get Their Way – Illinois Will Permit Wearing Burqas in Driving Licenses Photos
Rabbi Wants an Islamic Europe as Jewish Revenge! — With Dr. Duke Commentary
The Alliance Between Israel And Saudi Arabia
Why it is essential to learn the true history of World II
As Berlin Opens Arms to Refugees, Why Are German Jews Silent?
Diabetic women 40 pct likelier to suffer from heart attack than men
Making Kids Play Outside Reduces Rates of Myopia in Study
Want the new iPhone 6S/6S Plus? Here’s the cheapest way to get one
Facebook working on ‘dislike’ button, Zuckerberg says
These New PS4 Controllers Look Pretty Sweet
Google found guilty of abusing position in Russia
HP says it will cut up to 30,000 jobs
Six more Mexican citizens reported dead in Egypt desert attack
Everything You Need to Know About Apple’s iPhone Financing Plans
CBS/NYT poll: Hillary Clinton’s lead over Bernie Sanders cut by half
Hungarian police arrest hundreds of migrants under new laws
Nine injured in Galilee factory ammonia leak
Hungary seals border to migrants as Germany slams ‘disgraceful’ EU
Australia’s new PM may be Jewish, but hasn’t given it much thought
Iranian elections to feature Rouhani-Khamenei power play over nuclear deal
Israel vows to stop Palestinian stone throwers ‘using all means necessary’
‘Miles to go before I sleep’ – On the front lines of the migration crises in Europe
Former French lawmaker: Germany ‘took our Jews and gave us Arabs’
Today in Politics: In New Poll, Ben Carson Pulls Up Alongside an Idling Donald Trump
BREAKING: Will Smith Makes SHOCK Donation to Black Muslim Who Called for Murdering Whites
Why Jews Push Race Mixing: An Evil Plot To Kill Off The White Race
Why Should People Even Bother With Race Mixing….
Preliminary results suggest Mediterranean diet reduces breast cancer risk
Michigan resident tests positive for plague
Children getting drunk on hand sanitizer, health officials warn
New study asks why birds fall in love
UPDATE 1-Ten killed in air strike on Sanaa as fighting starts in central Yemen
Tech Guy review: Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus
Fatal shooting of professor at Mississippi college might be linked to earlier homicide
Does Iran deal rift mean Jews will go GOP in 2016?
Why Israelis are ditching Turkey for Georgia
Arab Americans look to Jews for help on Syrian refugees
EU deadlocked on agreement to distribute refugees across countries
US officials say Russia positioning tanks at Syria airfield
Europe and Israel may have found common ground on ‘defensible borders’
After Iran deal, Obama may not be able to regain Israel’s trust
Obama, Netanyahu, and the Future of the Jewish State
Israeli dies of injuries after suspected Jerusalem rock-throwing attack
Germany could take in 1M refugees this year, says vice chancellor
12 killed as Egypt fires on Mexican tourists by mistake
Egypt’s ‘largest-ever’ operation in Sinai – again
US troops return to Iraq to battle Islamic State — report
Israelis dissatisfied with religious policy, survey finds
Why We Need To Stop Telling Women They’re Equal To Men
Migrant chaos – Norway is considering closing the border with Sweden
Secret Plot For World Domination Exposed, Perps Revealed, WW3 Averted … For Now
Top Feminist Want to Put Men in Concentration Camps
Israel deploys German-donated nuclear-armed subs off Iranian cost
And so It begins…ISIS Flag Among Refugees in Germany Fighting the Police [Pictures]
Putin touts Jewish values in Rosh Hashanah message
Livni: Israel took a huge step backwards this year
UK may impose state supervision on rabbis, imams, priests
New UK Labour leader Corbyn said to consider a ‘minister for Jews’
As Perry drops presidential bid, Trump steps up bullying
Rabbi apologizes for mikvah-peeping, but must Jews forgive?
Germany Announces Emergency Border Controls Amid Migrant Crisis
‘No More Immigrants — We’ve Had Enough!’
Israeli government to refugees: Go back to Africa or go to prison
Australian children to be sterilized without parental consent under new eugenics law
TENNESSEE: Public Middle School is forcing non-Muslim students to praise Islam and “Allah as the only god”
An amazing story emerging: US military revolt against Obama’s decision to support Al Qaeda in Syria.
Israel lobby bribes US officials: Analyst
Last surviving 9/11 rescue dog gets NY birthday party
Weizmann, Churchill and ‘British Schindler’ were on Nazi hit list
Building barriers to surmount walls
In symbolic vote, US House goes on record against Iran nuclear deal
Little miracles on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro
UN: EU refugee plan not enough, ultimately millions could flee
How the US plans to welcome 10,000 Syrian refugees
For Syrian refugees in Italy, Israel remains enemy #1
‘Islamic State spies hacked emails of UK ministers’
Anti-Israel Jeremy Corbyn is new UK Labour leader
Beat Cancer With 35% Hydrogen Peroxide
NWO Agents and Satan Worshipers Plotted to Destroy Europe Through Massive Refugees
European Jews urge aid to refugees: Is it good for the Jews?
Why I Fight Against Islam….
Dark chocolate, red wine could benefit Alzheimer’s patients
Chipotle Linked to Salmonella Outbreak in Minnesota, Health Officials Say, Prompting Investigation
How pro is the Apple iPad Pro?
Bought Alienware Gaming Laptop With Haswell Or Broadwell Chips? You Might Be Eligible For Free Skylake Upgrade
How the White House kept Democrats from killing the Iran deal
Rick Perry suspends presidential bid
At least 107 killed by falling crane at Grand Mosque in Mecca
California Legislature Approves Assisted Suicide
U.S. Drops Charges That Professor Shared Technology With China
House edges toward legal action against Obama on Iran deal
PM: EU vote to label Israel settlement products echoes Nazi era
US intelligence chief: Iraq, Syria may not survive as states
Florida Jew arrested for posing as online jihadist, encouraging terrorism
In Germany, Syrian refugees seek out a Jewish welfare organization
Germany: 10,000 Protest Islamic Invasion of Country in Dresden (VIDEO)
Bobby Fischer Compares Jews to the Devil
Common Mullein (Verbascum thapsus)
Netanyahu: Israel determined to be ‘world power’
Apples, green tomatoes may prevent muscle weakness in old age
Struggles with sleep linked to heart disease risk
2nd death linked to salmonella-tainted cucumbers
‘Mind Blown’: Is Human Ancestor Discovery the Long-Sought Missing Link?
Apple’s iPhone installment plan threatens carriers’ ties to customers
Leaked X-Men: Apocalypse Pic Offers A Great New Look At The Titular Villain
PlayStation 4 outsold Xbox One and Wii U once again in August
Obama declares victory as Senate Democrats block vote on Iran resolution
Europe, Migrants, and the Jewish Question
Why Putin embraces Jews, but not gays
Final tally: 19 of 28 Jewish lawmakers back the Iran nuclear deal
Dutch schoolbook says Britain endorsed Zionism to woo Jewish bankers
Teen pleads guilty to vandalizing synagogue in his D.C.-area town
Jewish Refugees in Japanese-held Shanghai Live on Starvation Diet; Funds Needed
Understanding Hitler’s Anti-Semitism
Donald Trump’s Rise Sparks Widespread Angst Among Jewish Republicans
ISIS blasts Muslims fleeing to Europe as ‘sinners’
New Species in Human Lineage Is Found in a South African Cave
The Time Has Come To Kill Off At Risk Youth and Their Parents
Study Finds Warning Signs of Diabetes Can Show Up in Just a Few Days
Brain region that plays central role in addiction identified
Whales Have Dialects Just Like Humans, Study Finds
It’s alive…again! Scientists waking up 30,000-year-old ‘giant’ virus
Apple announces Siri-enabled Apple TV
Russia, Germany, France and Ukraine Discuss Peace Deal
Alienware X51 R3 Review: Console-Sized Gaming PC Gets Skylake Infusion
Seattle teachers strike on first day of school
Anti-Iran deal rally to showcase unlikely Trump-Cruz alliance
Is there a place for Jews in a Corbyn-led Labour Party?
President says he is no longer speaking to Netanyahu
Everything you always wanted to know about Islam, but were afraid to ask
Traitor Tom Cotton (Freemason) To Obama: You’re Not My President, I Take Orders From Netanyahu
The Expulsion Of The Germans: The Largest Forced Migration In History
Iran’s Supreme Leader: Israel will not exist in 25 years
3 members of N.Y. Jewish family killed in Catskills car crash
Grandchildren of prominent Cincinnati rabbi feared kidnapped
Israeli expat killed by kidnappers in Nigeria
Mikvah-peeping rabbi Barry Freundel issues public apology
Israel Hopes Khomeini’s Death Will Spur Better Ties with Iran
What Dick Cheney Has Learned From History
Israel in a Post-Deal World
Israel Could Grow Into A Global Cannabis Startup Superpower
If French Jews Trade Zionism For Safety, They Might As Well Give Up
Israel is only true defense Europe has against radical Islam, Netanyahu says
Clinton: I won’t shrink from military action against Iran if needed
As My Depression Continues To Worsen
Did AIPAC just admit treason against USA?
One third of diabetes in the U.S. is undiagnosed
Siblings are likeliest source of whooping cough infection among babies, study says
Researchers say they’ve discovered new ‘superhenge’ near Stonehenge site
The ‘missing link’ was more ape than man: Shoulders shed new light on human evolution and our common ancestor
Verizon to begin trials of 5G wireless next year
Block Ads With Adblock Browser for iOS, Android
Macy’s to close up to 40 stores
Jury recommends death penalty for white supremacist who killed 3 at Kansas Jewish sites
How to get Apple’s newest iPhone for free
Queen Elizabeth II becomes longest-reigning UK monarch
Kim Davis Freed From Jail in Kentucky Gay Marriage Dispute
Baltimore Reaches Settlement in Death of Freddie Gray
Ukrainian nationalists destroy Hasidic tent city at rabbi’s grave in Uman
Hungarian Jews collect money, food for Middle East refugees
Holocaust survivor couple robbed in Amsterdam, called ‘dirty Jews’
With backing of 2 more Jewish lawmakers (Ron Wyden and Richard Blumenthal), Senate can block Iran deal rejection
Switzerland to buy 6 Israeli-made surveillance drones
UK activists denounce Netanyahu visit, urge Israel sanctions
As crisis grows, US faces pressure to take in more refugees
Moved by own history of woe, Italy’s Jews extend refugees an open hand
Poll shows few Israelis willing to take in Syrian refugees
Israeli missing in Muslim country, family fears he’s held by IS
Manchester gang took ‘great joy’ in beating up Jewish kid, says his father
The partnership: How a bold American imam and his skeptical Israeli host bridged the Muslim-Jewish chasm
France says taking all refugees would be victory for ISIS
Opposition MKs attack Netanyahu for canceling media interviews
French chief rabbi calls for solutions for Mideast refugees
Syrian Boys Body was Moved Before Photos were Taken
Pope Francis assures atheists: You don’t have to believe in God to go to heaven
This Gay Judge is Refusing to Perform Straight Marriages, No Jail Time – No Media Outrage
When It Comes to Killing in the Name of Religion and Nationhood, Christians Hold the Modern Record
A Solution To The Refugee Problem Not Yet Spoken….
As Europe Grasps for Answers, More Migrants Flood Its Borders
U.S. Revamping Rebel Force Fighting ISIS in Syria
Glowing in the dark, GMO chickens shed light on bird flu fight
More Teens Using E-Cig Devices to Vaporize Pot, Researchers Say
Ice age mammoth, bison fossils unearthed at California
Predator Numbers Don’t Always Increase with Prey
Discovery of Farthest Known Galaxy Brings New Questions About Early Universe
The iPhone 6S won’t be Apple’s most important announcement Wednesday
UPDATE 7-Oil falls more than 3 percent on oversupply, China equity losses
Labor Day: Where does it come from?
Kerry: Russia could escalate Syrian conflict
NFL RUMORS: Marcus Mariota Better Than Jameis Winston in Year 1?
The dentist who killed Cecil the lion talks
Europe’s Refugee Crisis by the Numbers
S. Africa may cancel dual citizenship to curb IDF enlistment
Israel bolsters Jordan border to keep out terrorists, refugees
Abbas set to annul Oslo accords, declare Palestine a state under occupation
Australia, New Zealand to take in Syrian refugees
Palestinian mother wounded in Duma firebombing dies
Palestinian man gets threats for saving US Jewish students
Anti-Semitic, Islamophobic hate crimes soar in London
Manchester teen beaten unconscious in suspected anti-Semitic attack
‘Europe is not Israel’s enemy’
South African Jewish groups: Proposal to cancel dual citizenship motivated by anti-Semitism
Neo-Nazi gang attacks Spanish teen, carves swastika into arm
Elderly Jewish couple subjected to anti-Semitic abuse in Amsterdam armed robbery
Third Reich
‘We can’t prove sex with children does them harm’ says Labour-linked NCCL
History Teacher Denies Native American Genocide, Native Student Disagrees, Gets Expelled
German museum’s ‘Jew against Zionism’ talk sparks outrage
Fun Facts – The Holohoax for Dummies
ISIS smuggler: ‘We will use refugee crisis to infiltrate West’
Ousted French far-right leader Le Pen forms new group
Israeli gazelle in danger of extinction
Putin confirms Russian involvement in Syria’s civil war
UK minister: To solve migrant crisis, Assad, IS must be crushed
Cyprus rescues 114 fleeing Syria in fishing boat
Arabs seethe at Gulf state inaction over refugees
Iran says it foiled sabotage at Fordo nuclear site
PM: Israel not indifferent, but ‘too small’ to take in refugees
Europe’s challenge: How to prevent Islamic extremism entering along with its victims
Who are the Evildoers? — List of names
Bolshevik Jews Plotted The Ukrainian Holocaust
The Greatest Mass Murderers of all Time were Jews, says Jewish Columnist
Times of Israel writer insists “Jews are not white”
Anti-Whites Upset by Stagnation of Mixed-Race Couples in Canada
Black Activists Call for Lynching and Hanging of White People and Cops
Far Eastern Trend: National Socialism on Rise in Japan
10 Reasons Why You Should Quit Watching Porn
Tony Blair Lands Role Fighting Anti-Semitism At The European Council On Tolerance And Reconciliation
Russia Begins Military Intervention In Syria – Media
How for-profit prisons have become the biggest lobby no one is talking about
Don’t Hoax Me, Bro: Being on the Lookout for Disinfo
Holocaust Or Holohoax? 21 Amazing Facts
At a Berlin church, Muslim refugees converting in droves
IS forces Syrian Christians to pledge to abide by Islamic rules, pay special tax
Amsterdam to repay Jews fined for late rents during Holocaust
Even Driving Cars Has Become About Greed….
​Cucumbers recalled after deadly salmonella outbreak
Paralyzed man walks thousand steps with robotic exoskeleton
Fundamental law sheds light on declining lion population
Windows 10 is starting to win over Microsoft’s most valuable customers
Conservative group trying to mount anti-Trump ad campaign
Russian Moves in Syria Pose Concerns for U.S.
Argentina welcomes Syrian refugees, eases entrance through program begun last year
Uncharted 4 to Have Single-Player DLC Because of The Last of Us Read More: Uncharted 4 to Have Story DLC Because of The Last of Us | http://arcadesushi.com/uncharted-4-story-dlc/?trackback=tsmclip Visit Us at Uncharted 4 to Have Story DLC Because of The Last of Us
Microsoft Corporation Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Gets New Title; Changes To Xbox Live Reputation System
Nexus 6 price drops to just $349 ahead of expected Google announcement
Google will hold Nexus event September 29 in San Francisco
At West Point, Annual Pillow Fight Becomes Weaponized
Hungary, Bulgaria ask Israel about barrier to keep out migrants
Islamic State blows up three of Palmyra’s famed tower tombs
UN to EU: Admit 200,000 migrants throughout continent
Hungary shuts border with Serbia after migrants flee camp
2 American yeshiva students hurt in Hebron firebombing
How Donald Trump Helped Pass the Iran Deal He Opposes
Palestinian bid to fly flag at U.N. headquarters set to pass
Biden: Iran deal opponents seek regime change
Who’s behind Broadway’s hip-hop hit ‘Hamilton’? Jewish biographer Ron Chernow
French Jews advised to avoid use of the term Zionism
Ask Google: Who runs Hollywood? Answer: The Jews
Does Donald Trump know the difference between Hamas and Hezbollah?
Migrants Can Enter Austria and Germany, Official Says
Jobs Report Gives Ammunition to Both Sides of Fed Rate Debate
Marriage Licenses Issued in Kentucky County, but Debates Continue
Yarrow (Soldier’s Woundwort)
Nettle (Urtica dioica)
Plantain (Plantago spp.)
Muslim Flight Attendant Refuses to Serve Infidel… But What Happens Next Is Even Worse
Aussie Jews lash out at PM Abbott for saying ISIS jihadists ‘worse than Nazis’
Three-year-old ultra-Orthodox Jewish children told ‘the non-Jews’ are ‘evil’ in worksheet produced by London school
Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
Dear Trump Supporters: You’re Being Manipulated By A Compulsive Liar
David Rockefeller Praises Chairman Mao’s Slaughter of 45 Million People in Four Years
Jews Against Humans, by JB Campbell
ISIS is working on Mossad/CIA Plan to Create Greater Israel
Who Runs the Media — The Amazing – Documented Chapter from Jewish Supremacism
Brazilian Wasp Venom Kills Cancer Cells, But Not Healthy Cells
How Adolf Hitler Tackled Financial and Economic Crisis Within Three Years
Britain to take more refugees as Cameron bows to pressure after more than 100,000 back our campaign
How the West is responsible for all the problems in the Middle East
How Hitler Defied The Bankers
German Man Convicted for Facebook Post Wishing a Jewish ‘Friend’ Gassed to Death With Zyklon-B
More ADHD cases being diagnosed at younger ages, report finds
CVS: 95M fewer packs sold since cigarette ban
Truvada for HIV Prevention Proves Highly Effective
‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ star Amanda Peterson died of accidental overdose, coroner says
Millennials don’t think much of themselves, report says.
Canada has taken in 1,000 Syrian refugees this year
‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ news: Oscar Isaac talks about his experience playing Apocalypse in the ‘X-Men’ universe
11-year-old shoots and kills home intruder in north St. Louis County
J Street U’s new Muslim president says she’s ‘culturally Jewish’
Zero-tolerance policy on anti-Semitism, Belgian PM vows
The Iran nuclear deal, and how Obama finally learned to win the summer
Republicans Weigh New Ways to Upend Iran Nuclear Deal
On barren hilltop, Israeli settler vigilantism blurs into Jewish theocracy
Judge Erases Tom Brady’s Suspension; N.F.L. Says It Will Appeal
Drowned Syrian toddler was denied asylum in Canada
Leaving West Bank, SodaStream chief accuses boycotters of anti-Semitism
Donald Trump: Nuclear deal calls for US to defend Iran against Israeli attack
German politician: Israel’s security fence is worse than communist Berlin Wall
Otto Pérez Molina of Guatemala Is Jailed Hours After Resigning Presidency
Kim Davis’ son Nathan refuses to issue same-sex marriage licenses in Kentucky after mother is jailed
Prosecutors to Seek Death Penalty for Dylann Roof in Charleston Shootings
Clerk Rejects Proposal to Let Deputies Issue Marriage Licenses
41 men targeted but 1,147 people killed: US drone strikes – the facts on the ground
Israel asks Egypt to stop efforts to monitor Israeli nuclear facilities
Angela Merkel calls her own constituents “vile” for not wanting to race-mix Germany
Dr. Goebbels prescribes the Proper Attitude toward Jews
Q&A with Holocaust denier David Irving: ‘I’m not an anti-Semite, yet’
China Will Cut Its Military by 300,000
Forget Hitler – it was America that snubbed black Olympian Jesse Owens
In The End, I Care About Her Too Much….
Trump’s deportation idea similar to 1930s mass removals
Propaganda Alert: The Lockerbie Bombing. Who was Behind It? Libya, Iran … or the CIA?
Murder of elderly couple in Sicily fuels Italy’s growing anti-immigrant sentiment
The True Nature of the Jewish Scam
AMERICA VANQUISHED, Part 2: America under Jewish Rule
AMERICA VANQUISHED, Part 1: America as an Israeli Colony
Death toll in Legionnaires’ outbreak in Illinois rises to eight
It’s Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, so man up and make sure you get screened with a PSA test
More Men With Breast Cancer Opting for Double Mastectomies
You live on a planet with 3.04 trillion trees
Former Football Star Lawrence Phillips Charged With Murder
Motorola unveils two new Moto 360 watches
ISIS claims responsibility for bombings at Yemeni mosque
Stan Lee’s X-Men: Apocalypse cameo is his “favorite so far”
Kim Davis, Kentucky Clerk Blocking Gay Marriages, Has Had Her Own Marital Strife
IDF shoots unarmed Palestinian swimming in from Gaza
Clinton confidant: Netanyahu driven by desperate need to please father
Abbas’s resignation from the PLO would be largely symbolic
Auschwitz removes offensive outdoor showers after uproar
Life Unexpected: Married for 40 Years
Poll: Majority of Republicans believe Obama is a Muslim
Arabs who love Israel? This film producer wants the world to hear their stories
‘CIA launches secret drone campaign to hunt down top ISIS terrorists’
Khamenei calls to increase air defense
Obama Clinches Vote to Secure Iran Nuclear Deal
Sources close to Netanyahu indicate he’ll keep fighting Iran nuclear deal
Kerry: U.S. will use ‘all tools’ to confront Iranian destabilization
What America will offer Israel after the nuclear deal
Merkel: Unacceptable how Iran continues to talk about Israel
Merkel: Unacceptable how Iran continues to talk about Israel
Solve the Jewish Problem Or We All Die
Norwegian bank issues anti-Semitic credit card, says sorry
Orange Jewelweed
The Differences and Similarities Between Neo Nazis and National Socialists
Cause of Mysterious, Fatal Brain Disease Linked to Mad Cow Disease-Like Proteins
Less sleep leads to more sickness, study says
Tests help shed light on autism genetics
Fossils from 460 million year old human-sized sea scorpion unearthed in Iowa
You Think the Stock Market Is Crazy? Look at Oil Prices.
The Latest: Names Released in Atlanta Police Shootings
Kentucky clerk still refusing same-sex marriage licenses
Pope Francis Tells Priests to Pardon Women Who Have Abortions
Stock Markets Fall as Worries About Global Issues Persist
Hundreds hold pro-Israel march in Stockholm
Jews want to see a future in Turkey, but doubts linger
Foreign Ministry: Jewish-Israeli man planned to join IS
A New Year: Another New Beginning
VIDEO: Peace for Germany – Retired American Army Officer Apologizes to Germany for U.S. Death Camps
Dementia now striking people in their 40s as mercury from vaccines causes slow, degenerative brain damage
The Predominantly Jewish Marxist Terrorists Behind Nelson Mandela – ‘Never Forget’
New Tactics Will Be Needed In This War
PNAC dominated by Jews & Crypto Jews.
Trump: Israeli Separation Wall Does Good Job Keeping Mexicans Out
Obama says it hurts when he’s accused of anti-Semitism
Slovakia will only take Christian African/M.East migrants (19Aug15)
What the World Rejected Hitler’s Peace Offers, 1933- 1939
Israel Wants ‘Compensation’ For The Iran Deal – Because $3 Billion A Year Isn’t Enough
Unveiled: It’s now NO burqa or €405 fine in Netherlands
How The Racial Hoax Of The Jews Was Exposed
The Zionist Infestation Of Africa: Zimbabwe To Uganda, Congo To Somalia And Beyond
US, UK and Allies Support Horrific Terrorists in Syria—All for Israel’s Sake
Sleep Fights Colds, Study Finds
New Ebola death in Sierra Leone sets back efforts to beat epidemic
Regulations may make kids’ fast food meals healthier
Ocean Plastic Could Be Found in 99 Percent of Seabird Species by 2050
Samsung, LG and Sony show off their plans for new smartwatches
Blue Bell Ice Cream Returns to Store Shelves in Select Cities
This new Iowa poll could be bad news for Donald Trump
244 Arrested in Southern California Immigration Sting
Frazier Glenn Cross found guilty of murder in Jewish center shootings
Hungary’s Border Fence Isn’t Stopping Desperate Syrian Migrants
Ukraine guardsman killed in nationalist protest outside parliament
New Xbox One Bundle Comes With 1TB Hybrid Drive, New Elite Controller For $499
Soccer match in Germany ends in brawl amid anti-Semitic insults
Israel to receive first Turkish visit since Marmara crisis
US industry union votes to boycott Israel
ALERT: Seattle Mayor Launches Rules to Force Local Businesses to Comply With SHARIAH LAW
Muslims take over Australian security companies
Two-state solution for Ukraine?
Christie defends plan to monitor immigrants like FedEx tracks parcels
Germany warns Facebook: Clamp down on Holocaust denial – or else
Confronting anti-Israel views in Sweden
3 arrested for swastika vandalism at Michigan Jewish camp
U.S. Police Routinely Travel to Israel to Learn Methods of Brutality and Repression
Italian group makes massive natural gas find near Egypt
Women register to run for office in Saudi first
Neurologist Oliver Sacks, scientific consumer of life, dies at 82
Pro-Israel Harper faces drubbing as Canada heads toward vote
Iran official: We will never end fight against Israel
Vienna Jews: City ignoring Muslim anti-Semitic incitement
Middle East, Israel to be water scarce by 2040 — report
Will increasing LGBT acceptance shift the tide for gay Jews too?
Meet the Jewish woman getting ready to live on Mars
Watch as amazing GcMAF treatment kills cancer cells in real time… holistic doctors ‘suicided’ over this stunning breakthrough
Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s Extensive Jewish Family Tree
Tila Tequila Kicked Off Celebrity Big Brother Over Past Hitler and Nazi Holocaust Comments, Then Apologizes
Removing Israel from American politics
The Endgame – Full White Genocide documentary
Astonishing Israeli Profits From White Sex Slavery
Absolute Proof Virginia TV Anchor Shooting Is A Gun Control Zionist Plot
Facebook employees reveal 22 awful things about working at Facebook
LGBT Rainbow Flag Recovered From WDBJ KILLER’S Apartment… BAN THAT FLAG!
New York Rabbi Charged with Stealing $12.4 Million from Disabled Kids
Two Fanatics Maced At “Impeach Obama” Protest In San Diego
Donald Trump kept book of Hitler speeches on his nightstand, ex-wife claims
Virginia shooting victim’s father says he will need to buy gun to defend himself
National Socialism, Not “Racism”
A 20-year-old guy successfully sued his own mom for a $5,000 Bar Mitzvah gift
DNA Evidence Debunks the “Out-of-Africa” Theory of Human Evolution
Poison Hemlock, Water Hemlock, and Fool’s Parsley
Queen Anne’s Lace (Wild Carrot)
Dr. Duke’s message being well received in black community!
A Simple Solution To The Illegal Immigration Problem
Mom of Conjoined Twins Gives Birth Despite Knowing Only One Child Will Survive
5 Things We Can Expect from the 32nd MTV VMAs
Did Huawei just reveal that Android smartwatches will pair with iPhones?
The Million-Man-March in New York will push for peace on Kashmir says Fai
X-Men: Apocalypse Teasers Show Some Interesting New Settings!
Owen Labrie of St. Paul’s School Is Found Not Guilty of Main Rape Charge
After father’s death, sons find they are heirs to huge Nazi-looted art collection
Visting Italy, PM says Israel to seek bigger role in African development
UN envoy: US will be isolated if Iran deal rejected
Abbas building $13m. presidential palace near Ramallah
200 feared dead in latest migrant disaster off Libyan coast
Plunder-filled Nazi train worth millions has likely been found
Kansas City shooter: ‘I had a patriotic intent to stop genocide’
15% of West Bank settlers are Americans, new research finds
Petition to End Gaza Blockade Signed by Over 500,000 in One Day
Jewish leader warns west will ‘pay heavy price for appeasing Iran’
Unvaccinated Children Called a Threat
See a Pair of Twins Hear Their Mom for the First Time
Facebook hits 1 billion users in one day
Oil Heads for Biggest Weekly Gain Since April Amid U.S. Growth
Colombia, Venezuela Recall Ambassadors Amid Dispute
Greece appoints first female prime minister
Another 1,400 migrants rescued off Libya, 52 found dead
Larry King in Israel: I don’t think Trump can win presidential race
Chabad expands campus presence in bid to combat anti-Semitism
US Orthodox more similar to evangelicals than to other Jews, study finds
Secret file reveals Haganah feared Eichmann infiltration post-WWII
Antisemitism has no place on the left. It is time to confront it
Nepal halts surrogacy, removing option for Israeli same-sex couples
Report: Jeb Bush to assemble Jewish leadership team
How the Pew study reveals a gulf between U.S. and Israeli haredi Jews
Grisly Discovery in Migrant Crisis Shocks Europe
Virginia shooting: Dead gunman’s manifesto cites racial grievances, Charleston church attack
Trump’s Deck Of Jewish Cards
Police in North Dakota can now use drones armed with tasers
Utah man justifies child molestation: ‘The Bible did not set limits on the ages between two partners’
US military to send 3000 troops to Peru
Jews and the Opium Wars
Would Whites Even Win A Race War?
Blood test ‘detects cancer relapse’
What the dust in your house reveals about you
Galactic butterfly spotted in deep space
The Appeal of Free: 75 Million Users Download Windows 10 in First Month
Wal-Mart to Stop Selling AR-15s and Similar Weapons
September’s Xbox Live Games With Gold Revealed
The Story of the Disclaimer
Part Two: The Case for Natural Medicine
Jews Promote Homosexual Marriage in America but Outlaw it in Israel
Heroic Black Woman Debunks #BlackLivesMatter Meme
Consumer Reports Study Finds that Nearly All Ground Beef Sold in America Has Feces in It
Khazar Jews Deny Being Khazars, Say To Hell With Science
US Congresswoman Asks For Halt On Military Aid To Israel
US “blows lid off” Israel’s nuclear weapons, hydrogen bombs program — and nobody cares!
Hollywood is “Run by Jews”—Gary Oldman Joins Marlon Brando in Naming Movie Industry Bosses
Who is Behind Gun Control?
Deadly Polish Plane Crash Still Mired in Mystery
Stock Market Surges in U.S. as Global Indexes Show Signs of Stability
The Matisyahu affair: In Europe, conflating Jew and Israel
Most Orthodox Jews are Republicans and 11 other findings from Pew
Curt Shilling compares Muslims to Nazis and gets suspended from ESPN
Suspect in Virginia Shooting of News Team Commits Suicide
UK government dismisses petition to arrest Netanyahu
Macaque monkeys descended from Jews, claims Sudanese writer
Complaint claims US taxpayer dollars subsidizing Jewish terrorism in Israel
Israel to Ship African Illegal Aliens to Sweden
Parents sue after doctors decide their child is a girl
Dr. David Duke: The Zio Media Lies: I have not endorsed Donald Trump!
No Country For Gentiles
Snowden of the Sea: Researchers Name New Crayfish After NSA Leaker
White House jumper killed after pulling knife at Pennsylvania court
Samsung’s Note 5 wins on design
This touchpad could change the way we interact with laptops
Cecil the Lion Halloween Halloween Costume Creator Defends Controversy
One Direction believe break is healthy
Stock Market Rebound Falls Apart as Indexes Reverse Early Gains
Ashley Madison ‘Discussed Hacking Competitor Site’
Larry Cohler-Esses on Jewish life in Iran: “They’re not miserable. But they have discriminations.”
Germany still failing to live up to its obligation
Netanyahu’s Iran lobbying causing invisible but severe damage
Arad mayor orders police to block migrants from city
Assad: First we’ll deal with the rebels, then Israel
Iranian Intel chief: Israel’s Mossad plotting to undermine stability in Iran
The North Korean threat to Israel
ADL slams Spanish government for allowing ‘half hour of pure anti-Semitism’ on state radio
Anti-Semitism was Punishable by Death Under Communism
Freemasonry: A Greater Danger Than Jewish Supremacy
The Nuclear Nightmare: Jews Behind the Atom Bomb
How The Roman Catholics Created Islam And Why They Did So
Echinacea (Purple Coneflower)
Sharing Child Care May Mean More Satisfying Sex
Sierra Leone’s Last Known Ebola Patient Leaves Hospital
An aspirin a day – for years – may keep colon cancer away
The surprising byproduct of conflict in the Middle East? Cleaner air.
Rick Perry’s Iowa chairman quits: ‘Time to move on’
Roomate of man accused of killing trooper found dead
Japan PM Abe to skip visit to China for war anniversary
Dutch man offers money on Facebook to kill ‘devilish’ Jewish neighbor
Israel said to import $1 billion in oil from Iraqi Kurds
President to settlers: Our right to land not debatable
The method in Obama’s madness
Iran rules out diplomatic ties with ‘illogical’ US
Rivlin praises settlers for resilience
Stock Markets Tumble as Upheaval Continues
Jews promote black rappers advocating murder and rape of whites
US Presidential Candidate (Merlin Miller) says, “Israel Did 911” Zionists Control US Politics.
How The Islamic Invaders Conquered Africa
Auschwitz survivor Bejerano sues abusive Facebook user
Natalie Portman: Holocaust is no more tragic than other genocides
Was anti-Semitism behind the mass food poisoning of Israeli youth soccer team in Bulgaria?
Israeli youth soccer team suffers food poisoning in Bulgaria
‘IS may be losing on the battlefield, but it’s winning at recruitment’
Holocaust survivors pass the genetic damage of their trauma onto their children, researchers find
Woman Fired And Banned From Mall For Remarks Insulting Islam And Muslim Terrorists
The Negative Impact Of Islam On African Culture
‘In 1971, Muslims murdered 2.4 million Hindus and raped 200,000 Hindu women’
As Americans Reject Fake Food, McDonald’s Sales Rapidly Decline
1,000 African-American activists announce boycott of Israel
Secret archive reveals how Russia showed huge support for ‘Christian crusader’ Nazi invaders who had come to fight ‘godless communists’
Most extremists in India are not Muslim – they are Hindu
Muslim Population Will Grow to Equal Christians Worldwide by 2050; While Christians in the US Will Decline, Pew Study Finds
Hindu Extremist Leader Calls for Christians to Be Forcefully Sterilized to Control Population; Demands Hindu Gods Placed in Churches
Hinduism and Terror
Sumatran rhino now extinct in Malaysia: researchers
Nelson Mandela’s grandson charged in South African court with raping 15-year-old girl
Donald Trump won’t win the GOP presidential nomination and here are the reasons why
‘White power!’: Trump’s Alabama ‘pep rally’ brings out folks who want to shoot ‘illegals’ at the border
For Texans Rick Perry and Ted Cruz, Iowa polls could be the end of the trail and Trump is to blame
Texas woman’s body stolen from inside her coffin after her funeral
‘Israel called off 2012 strike on Iran because it coincided with joint US drill’
Khamenei urges Islamic unity against real enemies: US and Israel
Islamic State has Damascus in its crosshairs
Poroshenko to visit Israel for first time as Ukraine president
Islamic State No. 2 killed in US strike — White House
Matisyahu to perform at Spain festival after ban rescinded
Trump’s Foreign Policy Hawk ‘Advisers’
Media silence: Finland intends to take a 20 000 – 30 000 asylum seekers each year
What Would True Christianity, True Christians Look Like?
Is early breast cancer overtreated?
New Study Identifies 9 Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s Disease
Autistic traits linked to creative problem-solving
Ted Cruz, Ellen Page spar over gay rights in Iowa
Samsung to let iPhone users try their phones for $1
Actress Megan Fox files for divorce from Brian Austin Green
Americans Foil Gunman on French Train, Officials Say
Islamic State destroys ancient monastery in central Syria
Bar Refaeli cancels Istanbul visit after protests
As South Sudan bloodies itself, Israeli arms sales questioned
Israel hits positions on Syrian Golan after rocket attack
Becoming a Jewish Mother–By Way of Adoption–in Japan
Does ‘Half Chinese, Half Jewish’ Condemn Me To Being Neither?
French Rightwing Leader Expresses Skepticism About the Holocaust
Brooklyn Jewish businessman charged with not paying employees
Barak: Netanyahu was ready to bomb Iran in 2010, 2011
France’s far-right National Front boots founder, Jean Marie Le Pen
Stocks Plunge Sharply for a Second Day on Wall Street
Germany demands Britain urgently takes MORE migrants to help Europe cope with growing refugee crisis
Kissinger: ‘Breaking Russia has become objective for US’
Poll: 85% of Greeks Believe the Jews Have Too Much Power Over Global Finance
Obama vows to up Israel defense aid if nuke deal approved
Barack Obama: The Nobel Peace Prize Winner Who’s Bombed 7 Countries
Assange Reveals That The West is Behind ISIS And Ukraine Crisis And Israel Behind Hamas
10 Pieces of Evidence that Prove Black People Were First in China
The Desperate Cover-Up of the Zionist Orchestrated Genocide of Armenian Christians is Now on Full Display
In Iran, ‘death to America’ doesn’t mean what you think it means
Ashkenazi Jews descend from 350 people, study finds
YouTube Enabling Anti-Semitism
Racist Donald Trump Fans Allegedly Beat, Urinated on Sleeping Latino Homeless Man
Spanish public broadcaster says Jews promote Satanism
Sharp rise in heterosexuals contracting HIV
Israel defense chiefs see war with Hezbollah as matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’
Help Me To Help Others
Study Investigates Weight Loss Benefits of Type 2 Diabetes Drug Liraglutide
Hard work really can kill, as longer hours increase risk of stroke
The Biggest Planets Grow From Tiny Space Pebbles
U.S. crude prices fall towards $40 on global glut
Kazakhstan currency plunges after free-float decision
Mother of 5 dies after knife attack at southern Main supermarket; suspect charged with murder
The Best Free Cloud Storage – DropBox vs Google Drive vs Box & Others
X-Men Apocalypse Set Video Shows Off Storm’s Apartment
Rival Koreas exchange artillery fire
Protests Erupt After St. Louis Officers Fatally Shoot Mansur Ball-Bey
White Man Charged with Manslaughter for Killing One of Two Negros Who Broke Into His Home and Threatened Him
#BlackLivesMatter Activist Goes on CNN to Explain Why Saying ‘All Lives Matter’ Is ‘Violent’
Hillary’s Weird Family Values
Muslims, Christians, Jews, and Freemasons Are Still Trying To Kill Me…..And Are Failing At It
Some Hope For The Jews After All
US investigates illegal military equipment shipments from Israel to Iran
US may pull out Sinai force that helps keep Israel-Egypt peace
Hamas claims to nab Israeli spy dolphin
Menendez (Zionist Spic): I will vote against Iran deal, support veto override
Remains of Jewish victims of Portuguese Inquisition found in ancient garbage heap
Spanish festival apologizes to Matisyahu, reinvites him to perform
Israel demolishes nearly 40 illegally built Palestinian buildings
Jewish woman to be White House’s first openly transgender staffer
IDF soldier wounded by explosive on road near Jerusalem
Here’s why Hamas and Israel may be secretly negotiating
World’s Oldest Humanlike Hand Bone Sheds Light on Evolution
Premature delivery could be the result of unhealthy vaginal bacteria – new study finds
Tropical Storm Danny forecast to strengthen over the Atlantic; could become a hurricane
Zimbabwe charges farmer over killing of Cecil the lion, but not American dentist
ISIS beheads 82-year-old archaeologist in Palmyra, Syrian official says
Motel 6 in Bremerton, Washington, Rocked by Gas Explosion
Manifesto of First Anti-Jewish Congress (Dresden, Sept 11, 1882)
White House hires first transgender official, Raffi Freedman-Gurspan
Pastor Plans On Arming Church Members With Guns After Charleston Shooting
Blacks Excluded From Juries for Being Too Old, Young, Single, Divorced, Poor, Bad Posture…
Study: Misbehaving White Kids Get Treatment; Black Kids are Criminalized
Zionists Fake Holocaust Cremation Deaths Using 35 Year-Old Train Wreck Images
French Mayor: “We Must Ban the Muslim Faith in France”
When a Dutch Jewish woman taught SS officers how to dance
I met anti-Semites before they were anti-Semites, Labour frontrunner says
340 US rabbis sign letter urging Congress to support Iran deal
Iran says it will sign deal for Russian air defense system next week
Goldie Steinberg, reportedly the world’s oldest Jewish person, dies at 114
A tally of how Jewish lawmakers are voting on the Iran deal
Where does Bernie Sanders, the Jewish candidate for president, stand on Israel?
Givaudan recalls nearly 4,000 pounds of beef tallow in United States
Violent Videogames Trigger Aggression
125-130 million year old mythical ‘first flower’ identified
Google Hangouts gets a dedicated website
Mainland Chinese Stocks Tumble 6.2%
U.K. Inflation Ticks Up in July
Gay couples win, but still lose after federal judge’s order in Kentucky same-sex marriage case
Police release footage of suspect in Bangkok bombing
History Of Jihad Across The World
Spielberg ‘working on Obama film’
Do Whites Deserve Their Genocide?
The Greatest Obstacle We Are Facing
Tears of Jihad: The Murders In The Name Of Islam
THE CRUSADES Cause and purpose
IDF plans for possible Syria operation as jihadist, Hezbollah threats mount
Khamenei: Fate of nuclear deal unclear, US wants to use it ‘to penetrate’ Iran
Second San Antonio synagogue vandalized with anti-Semitic graffiti
Hamas, Israel reportedly negotiating long-term accord
World Jewish Congress head outraged after Spanish music festival drops Matisyahu
British MP called ‘Zionist scumbag’ after criticizing party leadership candidate
Jihad and Girl Power: How ISIS Lured 3 London Teenagers
The ‘only town’ in America where cops grant amnesty to drug addicts seeking help
Is this the Flying Spaghetti Monster? Siphonophore filmed on seabed off the coast of Angola
Drinkable Book developed to filter water
Microsoft under fire for Windows 10 update FAIL
Japanese economy shrinks in the second quarter
Egypt Passes Anti-Terrorism Law Amid Growing Islamist Insurgency
Syria’s Civil War: Douma Airstrike Toll Nears 100
Sony to publish Call of Duty: Black Ops III for PS4, PS3 in Japan
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 vs Apple iPhone 6 Plus: Which is best?
Donald Trump Gives Anti-Immigration Republicans Their Dream Plan
China explosions: Tianjin residents hold protests
Final Solution: Germany’s Madagascar Resettlement Plan
Obama Administration Warns Beijing About Covert Agents Operating in U.S.
Trump: Israel was sold out by Kerry and Obama
Most Americans would vote against Iran deal, poll finds
In second attack Saturday, Israeli policeman stabbed in West Bank
70 killed, hundreds said injured in Syrian strike
Iran deal will bring nuclear holocaust – Trump
US to pull Patriot missile batteries out of Turkey
Huckabee headed to Israel to discuss Iran deal, raise money
UK Labour frontrunner invited radical Israeli-Muslim cleric to Parliament for tea
Chattanooga shooter was a ‘perverted jihadist,’ Biden says
Chicago Jewish Federation comes out against Iran deal
Spanish fest cancels Matisyahu gig over refusal to endorse Palestinian state
Iran must lead ‘resistance axis’ to fight US influence in Mideast, Khamanei aide says
Donald Trump: Move the Palestinians to Puerto Rico
A MOST UNCIVILIZED MEANS OF WARFARE – Genocidal British Bombing Policy During World War II
Breaking: Donald Trump–Undocument Immigrants “have to go”
Israeli Organ Trafficking and Theft: From Moldova to Palestine
Is Chuck Schumer an Israeli Spy?
Rand Paul Backs Confederate Flag Removal, Calls It Symbol of Racism and Murder
Dutch Newspaper Headline “Nigger Are You Crazy?” Sparks Controversy
Latvia: Thousands Hold Stop White Genocide Rallies
Swindler’s List: A Brief Look at the Holocaust Reparations Racket
AT&T Helped N.S.A. Spy on an Array of Internet Traffic
Supreme Leader opposes nuke deal, says Iranian hard-liner
US Jewish groups on alert after bin Laden’s son calls for attacks
IDF soldier hurt in attack at West Bank checkpoint
Japan emperor feels ‘profound remorse’ over WWII
Nasrallah: 2006 war shifted balance of power away from Israel
Updates August 14, 2015
Zionists infuse guilt on goys, but being Jewish means never having to say your sorry
Israeli defense minister promises to kill more civilians and threatens to nuke Iran
IDF Reveals Defense Strategy for First Time in 60 Years
Open Letter to Pharrell Williams: “Please cancel your concert in Tel Aviv, Palestine’s children deserve Freedom”
Study: Playing Tetris can help ease cravings
Trying to lose weight? This tip is better than cutting carbs
Air pollution kills over 4,000 every day in China
UPDATE 2-Openly gay NFL draft pick Michael Sam to ‘step away’ from football
Android Circuit: Galaxy Note 5 Abandons Loyal Users, Google Kills Google, Samsung’s Dangerous Gamble
IMF Says China’s Yuan Isn’t Undervalued, Despite Decline
Challenge Stops Confederate Statue Move at Univ. of Texas
Western wildfires: Wind, heat, dry land fueling large blazes
Japan and South Korea mark 70 years since end of WW2
‘Godzilla’ El Nino May Be on the Way
U.S. female hostage raped by Islamic State leader before death: U.S. officials
How Many German Jews Died In The Holocaust?
Fluoride And Aggression
Turkey hotel stages fake terror attack
UK’s Labour heads to polls with anti-Israel MP favored as new leader
US prof: I would say ‘dirty Jewish Zionist thug’ again
Israel’s new Rome envoy raises concerns among Italian Jews
Danny Danon, opponent of Palestinian state, to be Israel’s UN ambassador
What it’s like to be an Iranian Jew
London paper demands Labor leader prove he is not ‘enemy of Britain’s Jewish community’
Al Franken (American Jew) backs Iran deal, 5th of 9 Jewish Senate Democrats to do so
Hitler had no Jewish grandfather — and he wasn’t part-Negro either, you nut!
The Arab Muslim Slave Trade Of Africans, The Untold Story
30 cars and buildings spray-painted with anti-Semitic graffiti near San Antonio synagogue
Ben Carson: Planned Parenthood Clinics Put In Black Neighborhoods To ‘Control Population’
Black Panthers Stage Threatening Protest in Texas
This Site Went Viral AGAIN Today as Blacks Advocate MORE Black on White Violence, Especially Yours Truly
Hillary Clinton Attacks Israel, Says They’re Conquerors Who “Deny Dignity”
19-year-old Tweets Fear of Dying Young a Week Before Being Gunned Down by Rookie Cop
Canada criminalizes criticism of Israel: Analyst
Deporting Millions Of Muslims May Be Necessary – Geert Wilders
Florida couple accused of raping orphaned teen for years — and using the Bible to justify it
Donald Sterling says Jews help their own, but successful African Americans do not
DEVELOPING NOW — Hillary Clinton May Go to Prison Up to 20 Years Over ‘Top Secret’ Emails
Anonymous attacks Israeli government for baby Dawabsha
White girl brutally attacked by four black men, Zio-media won’t mention race
Psychologist: Modern Colleges Are Making Kids Dumber
UN Resolution: Israel the World’s Only Violator of Economic and Social Rights
Alligator bites off Florida Jewish swimmer’s arm
US Jewish journalist tells of relative freedom on rare trip to Iran
Abbas to resign within two months, report says
Nefertiti’s tomb may have finally been found
Official fears US ‘national interest’ being hurt by partisan Iran row
The Growing Danger of Israeli Teens Waging Jewish Jihad
Labor Party hopeful in Britain defended 9/11 anti-Israel conspiracy theorist
Carter: ‘Zero chance’ for two-state solution, and Netanyahu’s to blame
Bernie Sanders pulls ahead of Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire poll
Procreation: The Key To White Survival
The Jewish War on Nordic Sweden: Israeli Government openly exports African illegal immigrants to Sweden
Greek Economy Grows Unexpectedly in Second Quarter
Evolution of beer have been tracked down to the 15th Century Bavaria by researchers
Trans-fat increases mortality risk by 34%: Study
China explosion: Tianjin death toll rises in port blasts
Truck Bombing at Baghdad Market Kills 62; IS Claims Blast
Myanmar power struggle: ruling party chief ousted, security forces surround ruling party headquarters
Julian Assange ‘disappointed’ as sex assault case dropped
There’s No Place For The Common Man In The New Democratic Party
Manhunt underway after Tampa-area deputy shot
Jimmy Carter Says He Has Cancer
Media in Tears as “Nazi-Themed” Cafe Reopens in Indonesia
CIA Admitted to Staging Fake Jihadist Videos in 2010 – Questions arise after experts say ISIS beheadings video likely “staged”
Hillary Clinton blasts ‘unfair’ world reaction over Gaza, cites anti-Semitism as factor
‘Money hungry’ Georgia church kicks out 92-year-old woman because she didn’t tithe while ill
Former Rabbi Of Israel Says All We Non-Jews Are Created To Serve Jews
ISIS Planning to Kill the Queen of England – Next Saturday
Jewish leader threatens to sue European companies who support Iranian terror with trade
12 Things You Were Not Told About Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany
Video shows Ralkina Jones’ chilling words before dying in police custody: ‘I don’t want to die in your cell’
Obama says Anyone that Opposes Him is a Terrorist
Kill Civilians? The Talmud Tells Me So
Diversity Free Iceland Ranked Most Peaceful Nation on Earth
Jewish leader threatens to sue European companies who support Iranian terror with trade
Germany Set To Recognize Genocide In Colonial Namibia
Over a hundred locales expelled Jews before “Zionism” was even a factor. Why?
U.S. anti-Semitism envoy opposes criminalizing anti-Semitism
Ex-Israeli agents want to shine a flashlight on the dark web
Islamic State says it beheaded Croatian hostage
WATCH: British reporter in Ferguson finds whites openly carrying rifles and peaceful blacks being arrested
Black Activists Know Feds Are Monitoring Them, Yet Refuse to Be Intimidated
The Situation For Blacks In Racial Futurism
Picture of mother breastfeeding friend’s son and her own child causes controversy
Knockin’ on heaven’s door: Project shows universe experiencing a slow death
Here’s Where All The ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Are After The Time Jump
How texting a Corvette could stop it in its tracks
India hits Nestle with $99 million lawsuit after noodle scare
IEA sees oil glut persisting in 2016 despite soaring demand
Activists: Syrian Airstrikes Kill 27 Near Damascus
Indonesian President Reshuffles Cabinet to Boost Economy
How Obama could salvage the Iran deal
Man lights himself on fire during an anti-Japan protest in Seoul
Thought Police…Prison Without Bars
Tax Records Show George Soros Funded the Ferguson Riots
Mutilate The Jewish Stillborn Lyrics
Britons sign petition, urging Netanyahu’s arrest
Celebrating Hiroshima, WSJ columnist insinuates US should nuke Iran
Analysis: Germans are using Holocaust street memorials to bash Israel
Zionism is part of Canada’s political fabric
Southern White Couple Adopt Eight Children from Sierra Leone
Fake Muslim Preacher Omar Bakri Busted as Mossad Mole – Tied to Woolwich
BREAKING: Shariah Law Gets BANNED by Alabama… Muslims Are Going Crazy
GOP Sen. Rand Paul Urges Cutting Aid to Israel
Israel/Zionist control of UK government
Failure attempt by Israeli settlers to burn another Palestinian house
Fourteen Incredible Facts About 9/11
Study: Israel spends twice as much on settler students
Iran proposes splitting Syria into mini-states to fight IS
WATCH: Gay couple cursed at in Jerusalem
Treason claims leveled at Jewish senator opposed to Iran deal
I’m a Mizrahi Jew. Do I Count as a Person of Color?
Historic former French synagogue burns down
The end of life is different for Holocaust survivors
No consensus on Assad’s fate as Saudis, Russia walk away from talks
Exclusive: Muslims harass congressmen visiting Temple Mount
The Implementation Of Racial Futurism
Testosterone therapy may help older men live longer
Newly Identified Tadpole Disease Case of Declining Frog Populations Worldwide
For the first time, ISS astronauts to eat lettuce grown in space
Universe is losing its twinkle as stars die out, say scientists
China’s devaluation raises currency war fear as Greece strikes deal
Greece, lenders clinch bailout deal after marathon talks
Mississippians charged with trying to join Islamic State
Japan restarts nuclear reactor, 4 years after Fukushima. What’s at stake?
‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Photos Tease Archangel & New Costumes
Zimbabwe Lifts Hunting Ban After Just Nine Days
Rick Perry campaign stops paying staffers in South Carolina
Ferguson, Under State of Emergency, Falls Into an Uneasy Calm
Wikipedia founder supports Israel, but keeps site neutral
How Britain tortured Nazi PoWs: The horrifying interrogation methods that belie our proud boast that we fought a clean war
Biography of Porn Slut Samantha Saint, Real Name Elizabeth Ann Weaver
British Foreign Secretary Says EU Laws Must be Changed to Allow Deportation of Africans
Documentary Film Exposes “Anti-Semitism” Trick
Trump’s Jewish Entrapments
Why The ADL Doesn’t Touch Me….
Scotland Announces Total Ban on GM Crops
I don’t intend to lose battle over Iran deal, vows defiant Obama
Knifing victim says Arab onlookers didn’t help him
‘Palestinian witnesses alerted IDF to terror attack’
Assailants fire shots at US Consulate in Istanbul
First openly gay UK ambassador ‘proud’ to be in Israel
Israel releases at least 9 Jewish suspects in firebombing of Palestinian home
How Jewish family values keep Ivanka Trump classy
Opposing Iran deal ‘is not meddling in US affairs,’ Israeli official insists
The Willie Lynch Letter: The Making Of A Slave!
Israel destroys thousands of acres of crops in Palestine
World’s population will soar to 11 billion by 2100 and HALF will live in Africa, claims report
Jewish Man Caught Spray Painting Swastikas & Making “Anti-Semitic” Threatening Phone Calls
Israel cuts water to Palestinian village, causing deaths of hundreds of farm animals
BREAKING: Gun Confiscation for Veterans Begins… But First Victim Had a Sheriff, 2 State Reps and 100 Local Patriots Show Up at House Yesterday to Stop It
Untreated hearing loss and neglecting aid leads to depression and dementia, study says
Coca-Cola funds scientists who shift blame for obesity away from bad diets
Why do kittens have vertical pupils?
iPhone 6s and iPhone 7 release date, rumours and specs
Oil Trades Near Five-Month Low as U.S. Drillers Deploy More Rigs
Greece, lenders in final push to seal new bailout
Hillary Clinton to roll out $350 billion, 10-year college affordability plan
Suspect in Houston killings handcuffed 8 victims, then shot them, authorities say
Illegal immigration: Minister pledges crackdown on ‘rogue employers’
Stampede in India Kills 10 Pilgrims Attending Hindu Festival
Turkey attacks: Deadly violence in Istanbul and Sirnak
Peaceful rallies in Ferguson give way to violence, gunfire
America rules the world but Israel rules America
Extreme Wahhabism is the Brainchild of British Intelligence Agency
Eisenhower on the use of Atomic weapons on Japan
Israel Cracking Down on Human Sex Slave Trade for Fear of losing American Aid
Rivlin too minor to assassinate, says far-right activist
Obama says Israeli interference in US affairs over Iran deal unprecedented
Report: Iran furious at Hamas’ warming ties with Saudis, cancels delegation’s visit to Tehran
Bernie Sanders event shut down by Black Lives Matter activists
U.S. Government Finally Admits that Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells
Bill Gates Says Life Would Be Much Easier With A World Government
Republican Voters Declare Rand Paul The Biggest Loser in Thursday’s Debate
“I killed 13 Palestinian kids today” says Israeli sniper
Growing Up Half Asian American: Curse or Gift?
International Red Cross Report Confirms the Holocaust of Six Million Jews is a Hoax
DRINKING FROM THE POISONED CHALICE OF JUDAISM: Woman Runs London Marathon Without a Tampon, Bleeds Freely to Raise Awareness
Charly Lucas’ Big Mistake
Texas police kill unarmed 19-year-old black college student Christian Taylor
20 Black Inventions Over The Last 100 Years You May Not Know
AIPAC striving to hijack the US government: Ex-US Senate candidate
Watch “America’s Multicultural Nightmare” on YouTube
Masonic Jews Plot To Control World
BREAKING: Netanyahu Endorses Candidate in U.S. Presidential Race
The Columbian government says US soldiers have been molesting young girls and filming it
Burning The Palestinian Children Alive And Its Religious Roots (Judaism)
Name of Satan
CNN says More Whites Were Killed From Police Brutality in 2014
US neocons, Zionists destroying Israel’s enemies by creating divisions: Journalist
Israeli-occupied US Congress seeks war with Iran: Analyst
US Senate trying to sabotage Iran nuclear talks: Analyst
U.S. Using Iran Inspections to Tweak Targeting in Event of “Military Option”
Bernie Sanders (American Jew) , after call from Obama, backs Iran deal
Is Abbas about to quit? Israel had better pray he isn’t
44 dead, hundreds wounded in lethal wave of Kabul bombings
The Cost
A Life Sentence for James Holmes, Aurora Theater Gunman Who Killed 12
The Prophet Muhammad Never Existed
Job Growth Steady in July, Possibly Easing Path for Fed Action
Texas ID Law Called Breach of Voting Rights Act
Republican Committee Quietly Rejects Anti-Gay Marriage Resolution
Study: More Sex Could Make You Less Happy
Was Opposition to Interracial Marriage Motivated by Christianity?
Racemixing is Not Christian
Adolf Hitler and the Army of Mankind
Windows 10 can disable pirated games and unauthorised hardware
The Decline of Christian America
The Real Reason Christianity is Still in Decline
A Fitting End To My Summer
When it comes to Jewish ties, no GOP candidate trumps Trump
NYC Legionnaires’ outbreak death toll hits double digits
Body-building supplements may trigger eating disorder
Refined carbs could be linked to mood in older women: study
‘Downright Scary-Looking’ Anglerfish Found in Deep Sea
Amid agony, scientists discover world’s first venomous frog
List of 49ers star Aldon Smith’s 5 arrests since 2012
Google is making this major change to Android
Nearly a year after Michael Brown’s death, Ferguson residents move toward healing
U.N. Security Council votes to pursue chemical weapons users in Syria
Fourth Blogger Hacked to Death in Bangladesh
Islamic State Seizes Dozens of Syrian Christians in Homs Province
7 dead after Islamic extremists attack hotel in Mali
‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Photo Brings Destruction, Is Magneto to Blame?
Rivlin: Another political murder ‘possible,’ but I have no fear
Ukraine Jewish headstones, Hungary Holocaust monument smashed
Israeli-Canadians raise $2,000 to get pro-Israel prime minister re-elected
Shreveport: Black Shooter, Dead White Cop–This is Getting to be Tiresome
Lesbians Burn Down Their House, Blame Neighbor, Call It A Hate Crime
At Yitzhar, heartland of settler extremism, hostility to State of Israel is no secret
N. Korea creates its own time zone, because…
Bat-wielding attacker smashes Florida synagogue doors
Iran: Jewish Newspaper Was Granted Visa in Rare Move
Novel on Nazi-Jewish affair roils romance lit world
Why Multiculturalism Has Failed Us and Why We Need an Intercultural Dialogue
The Failure of Multiculturalism: Community Versus Society in Europe
Multiculturalism Is a Failure
New FBI Stats: Blacks More Likely To Commit Hate Crimes Than Any Other Race
The Proof of Arabs and Black Nazis 1942-1944 – YouTube
Unarmed white teen killed by police. Family asks: Where is the outrage?
The Real Holocaust of World War Two – The Genocide of 15+ Million Germans
The War On Terror Spreads to Africa: U.S. Sending Troops to 35 African Nations
Jewish Scholar Refutes The Holocaust
Soros Foundation may leave Russia
“Master Race” A Term Never Used By The National Socialists
The Truth About Ayn Rand (Russian Jew, Real Name Alice Rosenbaum) and Objectivism
Understanding National Socialism – It’s foundation, what it really stood for, opposed, and why
Who are the radical rabbis inspiring Israel’s most violent Jewish settlers?
Fitness fundamentals still challenge Americans, poll finds
Birth control pills may lower uterine cancer risk
Experimental gel could prevent genital herpes: study
EPIC shots of the moon’s dark side
Salma Hayek: Hollywood studios ‘don’t want me’
Apple Music hooks 11 million trial members, App Store has record July
Researchers hack a Tesla Model S, bring car to stop
Jobless claims edge up, but labor market still solid
Before and after: Ferguson during the protests over Michael Brown and now
Louisiana police officer killed in shooting was honor graduate
Netanyahu anti-Iran drive strains U.S. ties, isolates Israel: president
Hiroshima marks 70 years since atomic bombing with calls to end ‘absolute evil’ of nuclear weapons
Taiwan and Mainland China Brace for the Wrath of Typhoon Soudelor
Will Sophie Turner Be the REAL Jean Grey/The Phoenix in X-Men: Apocalypse?
The Surprising Jewish History of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
In pivot, Egyptians and their leaders are warming to Jews, Israel
Three NC Men Arrested for Jade Helm Revenge Plot: FBI Set Up or Real Deal?
Radical Jewish group’s head advocates burning churches
The Vienna Accord only postpones confrontation with Iran
The end of the two-state solution
Taking sides in Syrian civil war? Obama authorizes airstrikes ‘to defend’ US-trained rebels
Israeli army admits aiding al-Qaeda in Syria
Police Brutality Increasing In Schools, Even Elementary Schools
Greek forces to train in Israel as Syriza-led government deepens alliance
Saudi king blamed Mossad for 9/11
Black Love, Or Lack of It
Farrakhan Calls For Army Of 10,000 Assassins To Murder 400-Year Old White Enemy [Video]
The Economics Of National Socialism
BREAKING: FBI Makes HUGE Move Against Hillary That Could End Her Career… Spread This
The Era of Multiculturalism is over says Hungarian PM
General George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war leaders claims new book
General George S. Patton was assassinated to silence his criticism of allied war leaders claims new book
I Don’t Deny Any Holocaust… Do You?
Clinton aide may have ‘delivered favors’ for friends, IG finds
The Zionist-Created Scofield ‘Bible’
Shadia Abu Ghazaleh, Arab Freedom Fighter
Feminism Is A Jewish Invention
Yelp, ProPublica pair to give consumers more data on health care facilities
Another Reason To Love Spicy Food
Superbug forecast: Infections will increase in US
MMR vaccine offered free to University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign students
Zombie spiders are slaves to their manipulative wasp masters
Microsoft Just Dropped An Update For Windows 10 But Isn’t Really Explaining What It is
Ferguson’s legacy: for blacks, empowerment amid sense of injustice
Texas AG Faces Contempt Hearing Over Gay Marriage Rights
Zim hunter who lured Cecil has case postponed
Pope Francis says remarried Catholics should be welcomed, not shunned
Will Channing Tatum’s Gambit Fight Villain Storm in X-Men Apocalypse?
3 top Jewish Democrats ( Rep. Ted Deutch, of Florida; and Rep. Nita Lowey and Rep. Steve Israel of New York) in House oppose Iran nuclear deal
Study: N.Y., Boston and Miami are America’s 3 most Jewish cities
Obama: Israel only country outwardly opposed to Iran deal
At least one Jewish suspect in Israeli administrative detention has U.S. citizenship
Survey: Nearly 1 in 4 Romanians want their country free of Jews
Obama: If Congress kills Iran deal, rockets will fall on Tel Aviv
Amazon drama imagines Nazi-conquered America
Teenage girls for sale for $124 — IS circulates slave price list
Melanoma cure may be within reach, Tel Aviv U study shows
Czech President Blames Western Invasion Of Middle East For Illegal Immigration In Europe
Cecil the Lion: Hunter’s Guide Theo Bronkhorst Says He’s Done Nothing Wrong
Your Jewish Guide To The Media
After baby’s murder, Israeli sniper kills another Palestinian child
236 references to 6,000,000 Jews prior to the Nuremberg Trial announcement
Do Whites Have A Future In America?
Women Not Getting Lifesaving Cancer Treatment, Study Finds
Picky eating is usually harmless but can signal young children’s emotional woes, study says
Printed Pills to Model Hearts: How 3-D Printing Is Changing Health
Going Ape: Bonobos Make Sounds Like That of Human Babies
Report of shots fired near Camp Shelby in Mississippi: CNN
Google has its own car company called ‘Google Auto’
Yahoo ads accidentally spewed malware
Windows 10 will fix the Xbox One’s disastrous UI this November
Apple and interest rate jitters weigh on Wall Street
Sandra Bland’s family files lawsuit over her death in Texas jail
All Future Xbox 360 Games with Gold Titles Will be Backwards Compatible on Xbox One
Seven dead, 86 infected as New York officials identify and disinfect cooling towers filled with Legionnaires bacteria
Anti-Semitism, Islamophobia, and the Future of Religious Racism
Freshmen Congress members visiting Israel ahead of Iran vote
Kanye West to perform in Israel
Frenchman beaten after waving Israeli flag on Temple Mount could be charged
After ‘Trainwreck’ shooting, Amy and Charles Schumer (American Jews) join for gun control
Israeli settlers attack Palestinian mosques
Israelis Threaten Their President With Death For Condemning The Burning Alive Of A Palestinian Baby (IMAGES)
Israel root cause of insecurity in Mideast: Official
Texas Pulls Back Welfare For Illegal Immigrants
Faked Pictures Of World War 1
Secret Deal Between Turkey And U.S. Will Sell Out The Kurds
Iran is Telling the Truth About its Nuclear Program
Millionaire, the refugees could colonize Finland, because here is a few inhabitants and lots of space.
An Orthodox Historian Finally Acknowledges: There is No Evidence for Nazi Gas Chambers
Auschwitz – Why The Gas Chambers Are A Myth HD (full)
White House aide Jonathan Greenblatt to succeed Abraham Foxman as ADL director
The ADL’s War On White America
Obama Gun Control Rant: ‘Gun Control Would Have Saved Children Gunned Down In Their Classroom’
Indiana public school punishes 7-year-old with ‘banishment’ for not believing in God: lawsuit
Gun Rights: The Key To Nihility
Growing signs Schumer (American Jew) will oppose Iran deal
Mural on remnants of Berlin Wall hit with anti-Semitic graffiti
Massive Jerusalem fire deliberately set
2 observant Jews sue N.Y. apartment building over electronic keys
Urine Test Might Find Pancreatic Cancer Early, Study Suggests
Vitamin D may not benefit postmenopausal bone health
Pediatric brain injury may lead to attention problems
Drinking excessive amounts of coffee may be linked with dementia and Alzheimer’s
Scientists discover how some of the world’s first animals reproduced
Hitchhiking robot destroyed in Philadelphia, ending cross-country trek
New insect-like robot can jump on water
Apple may add voicemail transcription to Siri’s abilities
Sony unveils smartphones with 13-megapixel front camera for selfies
Weak auto demand crimps U.S. consumer spending
Greek stocks plunge, banks hammered, after five-week crisis shut down
Even Darren Wilson says the Ferguson Police Department is screwed up
Zimbabwean operator says American hunter didn’t break law
Turkey, Kurd Rebels Gear Up for Return to All-Out Conflict
‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Video Shows Olivia Munn’s Fight Skills
Senate to vote on halting federal aid to Planned Parenthood — 5 things to know
Donald Trump plows ahead in a new poll — but the best news belongs to John Kasich
Is Chabad a Racist Criminal Terrorist Jewish Cult?
Disarm the Police
Trump fires Jewish aide after racially charged Facebook posts
Palestinians file ICC report over deadly Duma firebombing
How Israel handcuffed itself in the fight against Jewish terror
16-year-old girl stabbed at Pride Parade dies of wounds
World becoming more and more aware of the criminal nature of the Jewish state
WATCH: Robert Mugabe urges Africans and African Americans to work together
The burning of Palestinian toddler: not an exception, but a result of Zionism
Jewish Killers Massacre 66 Million in Soviet Gulag
Major Study Finds The US Is An Oligarchy
ZIONISM and WAHHABISM: The Twin Cancers Destroying the Middle East (and their Dark Origins)…
Race-Mixing: Not Just for Losers Anymore?
‘Price Tag’ Of A Jewish State
Invisible Jewish Control Lyrics
Veins Of Masonic Control Lyrics
Dutch King Willem-Alexander declares the end of the welfare state
David Duke discusses why understanding truth of race is critical to human peace and freedom!
US military-industrial complex needs Russia as an enemy: Ron Paul
Rivals of ISIS Attack U.S.-Backed Syrian Rebel Group
Joe Biden Said to Be Taking New Look at Presidential Run
Israeli condemnation ‘not enough,’ say US Jewish groups, after baby killed
Iran FM urges ‘nuclear’ Israel, other states to disarm
Osama bin Laden’s relatives die in UK plane crash
Mark Zuckerberg and his wife are expecting first child
‘Make him uneasy’ — Clinton emails reveal debate on handling Netanyahu
US lawmakers to meet Netanyahu in Israel over Iran agreement
The Dire Consequences of Race-Mixing
Study: Mixed-race people have identity problems.
Adolf Hitler vs The Jew World Order
Non-Jews as seen in the Jewish Talmud:
The Talmud Exposed
Gay marriage puts the world’s Christians at risk of violent revenge attacks
Arabs, not Islam, spread by the sword
Spreading Islam by the Sword
How Israel protects its settlers who burn Palestinian children alive
A Story To Tell Of Great Kindness
Israel Grants First Golan Heights Oil Drilling License To Dick Cheney-Linked Company
The Khazars Full Video
HPV Vaccine Rates Still Lag
WHO Says Ebola Vaccine Effective in African Trial
Queen Bees Vaccinate All of Their Babies
Today is a blue moon: What does that really mean, anyway?
Earth magnetic shield is older than previously thought
Deadly Fungus Could Threaten U.S. Salamanders
Nvidia recalls all Shield tablets due to battery fire fears
Facebook built a giant drone to deliver Internet to the world
Mozilla boss slams Microsoft for lack of browser choice in Windows 10
Smallest U.S. Wage Increase on Record Puts Dent in Pay Prospects
U.S. wage growth brakes in second-quarter; consumer sentiment slips
Big oil companies’ profit hits decade low
U.S. Judge: Virginia Can Ban Future Confederate License Plates
Why Mullah Akhtar Mansour’s taking over Taliban leadership may be a win for Pakistan
IOS 9 makes the iPhone a smarter smartphone
‘Temporary’ not guilty plea entered for Charleston suspect
X-Men: Apocalypse News – New Pics of the Cast
Bush, Clinton Court Black Voters at Urban League Meeting
Obama in call to arms: Stop big money from quashing nuke deal
Palestinian infant killed in apparent Jewish arson attack
THE TRUTH ABOUT KHAZARS (the so-called Jews)
DEVELOPING — Secret Service Agents Claim Clinton Marriage ‘Total Fake’…
​If Jews leave, Europe will face ‘economic disaster’, Jewish leader warns
Racial Separation in a New America; The Case For Racial Futurism
Is the Holocaust a Hoax?
Masonry And Politics
List of Freemasons Around The World
Judeo Masonry & The Ruin Of Europe
The Purga of 1668 and Catholic Suppression of Science
Dark History of the Evil Monsanto Corporation
Gaza crisis: ‘Nothing is more shameful than attacking sleeping children’
Jews Secretly Push Through Draconian Gun Law
The new face of hate? Matthew Heimbach
Israel’s Foreign Ministry chief: Sunni Arab nations are our ‘allies’
6 marchers stabbed at Jerusalem gay pride parade
Neo-Nazis attack Orthodox Jewish man on Zurich street
Are Latinos Even A Race?
Five subtypes of prostate cancer identified, paving way for more personalized treatments
Outbreak of Legionnaire’s Disease Sickens 31 in NYC
Obama marks 50th anniversary of Medicare, Medicaid
Galaxy S6 fails to reverse Samsung’s fortunes as profits fall
Don’t bother with Microsoft Windows 10 until you read this
P&G sales fall for 6th straight qtr as strong dollar hurts
Trans Woman Found Beaten to Death in Florida Believed to Be 10th Murder of Trans Woman This Year
Average US Rate on 30-Year Mortgage Falls to 3.98 Percent
Shell to Cut 6,500 Jobs as Profit Drops
The Latest: Hate crime not ruled out over Confederate flags placed near MLK center, police say
China Accuses US of Militarizing South China Sea
Sony has sold 25 million PS4, sales double that of Xbox One and Xbox 360
Afghan Taliban Confirm Mullah Omar’s Death, Choose Successor
Economy bounces back: GDP grows 2.3% in second quarter
Why aren’t libertarians rejecting Rand Paul’s fight against Planned Parenthood?
Dramatic rise in anti-Semitic incidents recorded in UK
X Men Apocalypse First Look & New Details
U.S. Threatens Sanctions Against Israel, Makes Excuses for Iran
Once again, the Kurds are betrayed
Erdogan’s Daughter Joins ISIS
Obama Releases Another Illegal Alien Who Murdered And Raped Americans [Video]
The New World Order And The Talmud
City University professor: Whites may start race war against Latinos
Israeli strike on Syrian town kills five pro-regime forces: monitor
Only four Northern White Rhinos remain on the planet
Israel simply has no right to exist
Another Awkward Encounter….
India Will Be Most Populous Country Sooner Than Thought, U.N. Says
Boy, 8, Is First Child Ever To Receive Double Hand Transplant
Finding inhabitable planets might not be out of our scope
Exploding stars reveal how lithium is formed
Microsoft wants to stream PC games to your Xbox One
Weak home purchase contracts hint at pause in sales activity
Smoking is not cool. But cigarette stocks are hot.
New York state man charged with supporting Islamic State
Israel Could Lose America’s Democrats For A Generation
Study: Most Jewish students faced hostilities on North American campuses
Nigeria president visits former rival Cameroon amid growing Boko Haram threat
Minnesota Vikings OC Norv Turner: ‘Teddy Bridgewater can become a top
‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Film Update: Bryan Singer Teases Egypt Set
Sam Bradford the Next Drew Brees? Chip Kelly Thinks So
US Intelligence Officer: “Every Single Terrorist Attack In US Was A False Flag Attack”
Cover My Life Saving Procedure – HSCT for Julie
Netanyahu approves 300 new West Bank homes as lawmakers call for calm
US won’t let Pollard move to Israel for five years, official says
Pollard parole will do nothing to improve US-Israel ties, experts say
Afghan Spy Agency Says Mullah Omar, Taliban Founder, Died in 2013
Donald Trump has spent years courting Hillary and other Dems
Perfect Nihility Lyrics
IDF, Planned Parenthood Harvest Organs from Palestinian Babies
Bernie Sanders Calls for Sweeping Gun Ban That Would Outlaw All Self-Defense Firearms
Why I Left The Cause Behind
Nasal Balloons Help Treat ‘Glue Ear’ in Children
Experimental MERS vaccine shows promise in animal studies
Americans report improved health, better healthcare: study
Leading scientists call for ban on killer robots
Israeli training drives US police brutality
Tom Brady’s Four-Game Suspension Is Upheld by Roger Goodell
Your Android smartphone could be attacked with a text message
Motorola Announces Trio of Updated Moto Smartphones
Review: Goodbye, Windows 8; hello, Windows 10
VW surpasses Toyota as world’s largest automaker in first half of 2015
Plunge in Consumer Confidence Exposes Risk for U.S. Economy
City not releasing audio recording of 911 call from Oklahoma home during attack on family
Santa Cruz police: Teen boy lured 8-year-old girl into apartment, then killed her
NATO pledges ‘strong solidarity’ in Turkey’s fight against terrorism
Zimbabwean officials: American man wanted in killing of Cecil the lion
Israel and Cyprus To Cooperate On Security Issues
Obama Draws Criticism For Declaring Ethiopia A Democracy
Forced removal of 200 Israeli settlers shakes Netanyahu gov’t
Nasrallah to Arab states: Don’t cozy up to ‘cancerous’ Israel
LA Jewish mother raises awareness — and guilt — against texting and driving
What happens if Congress overrides veto? Kerry’s not saying
Canadian couple plotted to kill Jewish kids at synagogue
Police swarm illegal settlement buildings, 50 arrested
What Makes A House A (Jewish) Home?
Teen symbol of migration to Germany wants Israel to disappear
CNN poll: Majority of Americans want Congress to reject Iran deal
More than 200 French Jews arrive in Israel as new immigrants
N.Y. woman identified as ex-Hasid jumps 20 stories to her death
Longest-serving Jewish member of Congress says he’s backing Iran deal
5 ex-U.S. ambassadors to Israel back Iran deal
Gaddafi’s son, 8 other former government officials sentenced to death by ‘Libyan militia’
White Phosphorous War Crimes Connect Israel To Monsanto
What’s wrong with the Jews?
Illegal Immigrants Outnumber Unemployed Americans
The abortion industry is led by extremist Jews
Nigeria Celebrates One Year Without Polio Case
11 shot in violent South L.A. weekend; residents on edge
Poll: Most Americans oppose compensating Israel for Iran nuclear deal
Boy Scouts End Ban on Gay Leaders, Over Protests by Mormon Church
Le Pen to be Charged with Holocaust Denial
Safed rabbi indicted on multiple rape counts
Israel and the U.S. CREATED Hamas, Hezbollah and Al Qaeda
Legal claims can be served via Facebook, High Court judge rules
Detroit man who murdered two white teens declares ‘black lives matter’ during sentencing
Are Jews Even A Race?
This Guy Converted His Motorcycle To Run On Water! Now He Will Have To Watch His Back
Israel and “Self-Defense”
ICC prosecutor says she won’t reopen probe into flotilla deaths
Teens Using E-Cigs More Prone to Take Up Smoking
Some serious drug side effects not told to FDA within 15 days
Razer confirms Ouya purchase in bid to take over Android TV gaming
China growth fears crush oil and commodities
U.S. Stocks Trade Lower
Sandra Bland’s death divides Texas county with ugly history of racism
India police on high alert after rare Punjab police station attack
Hold Up! Why Was Patrick Stewart Chilling on Set of the ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Film?
Obama and leaders discuss possible sanctions, force for South Sudan
Palestinian suspect killed during West Bank arrest operation
Rouhani mocks US claim that all options are still on the table
Surprise IDF drill simulates strikes from north and Gaza
Nicole Kidman’s Father Silenced by Ninth Circle Satanic Cult
Kenyan President to Obama: You Will not Impose The ‘Gay Rights’ Agenda In Kenya
Executioner ‘Jihadi John’ flees ISIS fearing for his own head – report
EXCLUSIVE: Bobbi Kristina Brown Dies at 22
The Kaaba originally a PAGAN Temple!!!
Introduction to Exposing Islam
The Leading Cause of Death for Young Blacks is Young Black Males
Israel exploits Syrian chaos to plan looting of Golan oil
Leaked emails reveal Hollywood execs at work for Israel
Dollar Stores: Phase out toxic chemicals found in your products and stop exposing your customers, their children, and your employees to unnecessary risks.
Australia’s Labor Party signals support for Palestinian state
1881 document suggests Palestinian ownership of Susya
Nasrallah: US remains ‘Great Satan’ before and after nuke deal
Is Barack Obama Gay?
Obama Used His Daughters To Cover Up His Gay Marriage Lie [VIDEO]
The Original Rachel Dolezal Was a Jew Named Mezz Mezzrow
Beyond the Jewfro: Rachel Dolezal story touches historic nerve for Jews
Illinois first state to divest pensions from companies that boycott Israel
Op-Ed: For black Orthodox Jews, constant racism is exhausting
U.S. preparing to release Jonathan Pollard: Wall Street Journal
Pollard paroled release set for Nov. 21, barring parole board objections
German Green party admits to paedophile links
Germany’s Green Party leader regrets campaign to ‘legalise paedophilia’
Mullins’ NEW HISTORY of the JEWS
La. gunman was a Tea Partier who hated Obama, admired Hitler and wanted women to shut up in church
How the UK government colluded with Israel in trading illegal arms used in Gaza
How Britain helped create a humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen
How the UK government’s war policies threaten the lives of its own citizens
Westboro Baptist Church to Picket Funerals of Lafayette Victims
Vikings question No. 3: What will Teddy Bridgewater do for an encore?
Rudolf Hess – Friedensflieger für Deutschland! Rudolf Hess-peace flyer for Germany!
‘Rape dungeon’ and students hunted down and killed as they tried to escape: Report details a century of horrific abuse at notorious Florida reform school
Microsoft clears the air on Windows 10 “keylogger”
Nathan Abrams on Jews in the American porn industry
Jewish Dominance in the Porn Industry
The Ten Most Famous Jewish Porn Stars
Lisa Ann Biography: Porno Wiki Leaks
Kerry Indicates The U.S. Will Defend Iran From Israel Including Military Assistance [Video]
Israel kills dad as he tries to help injured son
Israel could be blamed if Congress rejects Iran deal, warns Kerry
Islamic Jihad: Israel Supporting Takfiri Terrorists in Gaza
Saudi Arabia Plans to Disintegrate Yemen into 3 States
Official: Saudi Regime Ordering Pro-Hadi Militants to Behead Yemeni Civilians ~ #UnitedNations
Man dons Knights Templar costume to scare away Muslims from New York military recruiting center
Lafayette gunman who killed two women during ‘Trainwreck’ aired radical anti-feminist views on local TV
The Family Unit Must Be Destroyed
Iran passes ‘pedophilia’ law to let men marry adopted girls
Jews in America: Jewish Gangsters
Genetics study may lead to eye drops for cataracts
Women Who Suffer From Dementia Decline Faster, Says Study
World’s first malaria vaccine, from GlaxoSmithKline, wins approval from EU
Four-legged fossil sheds light on mysteries of snake evolution
Stunning Hair Ice and the Mechanics Behind It
NASA estimates 1 billion ‘Earths’ in our galaxy alone
WWE terminates contract with Hulk Hogan; wrestler sorry he used ‘N-word’
Fiat Chrysler recalls 1.4M cars to prevent computer hacking
Dow, S&P lower on mixed earnings; Nasdaq rises
Amazon’s Rise and How It Became Bigger Than Walmart
Sandra Bland’s Fellow Inmate: ‘Positive’ It was Suicide
Do Twitter, Facebook have obligation to aid terror fight?
Burundi: President Nkurunziza Wins Third Term Amid Unrest
Barack Obama admits US gun safety laws ‘greatest frustration’ of his presidency
Why Turkey Has Finally Declared War on ISIS
Trump: No third-party bid ‘if I’m treated well’
Louisiana Theater Shooting: Gunman John Houser ‘Always a Little Off,’ Ex-Lawyer Says
Jordan gets Israeli choppers to fend off Islamic State
Court sends teen to chemo in handcuffs
Canada’s support for Israel leading to its isolation, Iran warns
Amnesty protests ‘staggering execution spree’ in Iran
Saudi FM: Iran deal may stop Tehran from getting a nuke
Assad did not give up entire chemical weapons arsenal — report
Does Iran gets to inspect its own suspect nuke sites? US won’t say
Kerry: Israeli strike on Iran would be ‘huge mistake’
Louisiana Theater Shooting: Gunman Opens Fire During ‘Trainwreck’ Screening
Germany and EU to Legalize Pedophilia and with it, Child Pornography as well!
Libya: Chaos – The Result of Western Intrusion
Congress Votes to BAN GMO Labeling TODAY Under ‘DARK Act’
Axis Of Evil – Documentary Of Zionists, Israel, United States, Canada, Britain
U.S. Supreme Court says No License Necessary To Drive Automobile On Public Highways/Streets
Poll Finds Most in U.S. Hold Dim View of Race Relations
Karl Marx Openly Advocated for European Genocide
Talmud Pedophilia: The Jewish Religion Allows Sex with 3-Year-Old Baby Girls and Little Boys Under Nine
UK’s Cameron: Conspiracy theories involving Jews must be challenged
‘Netanyahu cheered up by US missile offer’: how the Onion scooped Haaretz
The Remains of a 200,000-Year-Old Advanced Civilization Found in Africa
What really is Netanyahu’s Game Plan for America?
Turkey to Allow Use of Key Air Base for U.S. Warplanes to Bomb ISIS
350 lb Liberal Says its Tax Payers Fault She is Fat and They Owe Her More Money
Israel could use dirty nuke in false flag attack in US: Ex-CIA contractor
A Life Of Perpetual Pain
U.S. Oncologists Decry High Cost of Cancer Drugs
HIV discoverer: ‘To develop a cure is almost impossible’
Benefit of End-Stage Chemotherapy Is Questioned
New Drug Shows Promising Results for Alzheimer’s Disease
Sorry, boa constrictors, we’ve misjudged you
Taylor Swift apologizes to Nicki Minaj for Twitter to-do
Microsoft Bing Accepting Revenge Porn Removal Requests
‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ is now confirmed for PC/PS4
U.S. jobless claims lowest since 1973; leading index rises
Bickering complicated life on the lam for escaped prisoners
A raging wildfire is threatening the iconic Glacier National Park
Bombs Kill 53 as Nigerian Leader Says US Hampering Fight
Will Obama visit his ‘homeland’? Western Kenyans hold out hope.
Five Found Dead in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma; Two Teen Relatives Detained
Egypt Is Struggling to Cope With Its ISIS Insurgency
Over 900 settlement units to be okayed, for first time in year
‘Schindler’s List’ producer donates Oscar to Yad Vashem
IDF soldiers shoot, kill Palestinian during arrest raid
Italian PM: Palestinians must ‘recognize reality’ of Jewish state
British FM: Israel wants permanent standoff with Iran
Israel fears ‘major escalation’ by Iran-backed terror groups after deal
Twins married to twins give birth minutes apart
After hard-liners push back, Rouhani rebukes nuke deal critics
World Jewry ever more uneasy with Israel, major study finds
Black Man Praises Hitler
Black Panther Tells Crowd Of 200 In Charleston: “Kill Every Last [White Man] And Kill All Of Their Goddamn Families”
Israel Slowly Kills America – ‘US-Israel Timeline AIPAC Doesn’t Want You To See’
The Death of Sandra Bland(They’re killing Sistas too)
The Death of Sandra Bland(They’re killing Sistas too)
A Flag can represent Pride…not always hate!
The Death of Sandra Bland(They’re killing Sistas too)
Warped Logic of the Media(Transgender Nonsense)
A Flag can represent Pride…not always hate!
WARNING:The Coming Creation of a Transracial/Androgynous Culture
Alex Jones and Jewish Wife
Exposing The Race Mixing Agenda
Should you get Windows 10?
Will Jews Bust Iran Deal?
Obama Family Vacations Surpass $100 Million
Leaked Document: Nearly One-Third Of 847,000 Vets With Pending Applications For VA Health Care Already Died
Revis on Mark Sanchez: ‘We didn’t have a quarterback’
The Truth Is The Hardest Pill To Swallow
Dylann Roof, Charleston Shooting Suspect, Is Indicted on Federal Hate Crime Charges
My ‘Constitutional duty!’: Wisconsin man arrested for threatening to shoot ‘usurper’ Obama
Obama Gives $1.9 Billion in Weapons as Welcome Gift to Israel’s Racist Government
Video: Hitler’s Victory – A Final Appeal For Peace and Sanity, July 19th, 1940
This Diabetes Drug May Also Protect You from Parkinson’s Disease
Early intervention can prevent sexual transmission of HIV
Scientists identify the surprising taste of fat
At LAST! Software which can understand that presentation from Marketing
First Americans came from Siberia 23,000 years ago
NASA’s New Horizons Discovers Second Mountain Range in Pluto’s ‘Heart’
Inside Taylor Swift’s Twitter Spat With Nicki Minaj
Microsoft rolls out ‘Send’ in-mail chat app, first on iPhone
McMuffin for dinner? McDonald’s moves toward all-day breakfast
U.S. Stocks Drop, Weighed Down by Apple, Microsoft
Existing home sales surge as prices hit record
Poll shows Clinton trailing Republicans in every swing state tested
Boehner vows fight to scuttle Iran nuclear deal
Alexis Tsipras and His Syriza Party Clash as Greece Faces Another Deadline
Suicide bomber on motorcycle kills 15 near Afghan market
Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Helps Sell Consoles, Microsoft Says
X-Men: Apocalypse Is Going To Destroy A World Capital, See The Evidence
Obama slams ‘lobbyists, money’ working against his Iran deal
Two Israelis facing extradition to US for ‘pump and dump’ scam ordered kept in custody
Mariah Carey to perform in Israel on August 18
Israel and Canada beef up free trade agreement
Saudis seek US stand against Iran ‘interference’
Texas Gold Depository To Circumvent Federal Reserve System; Will Accept Bitcoin
They Are After Our Guns And Our Minds
NEW WORLD ORDER EXPOSED (Myron Fagan speech)
US reportedly to offer Israel ‘unprecedented’ arms deal
War Profiteers: Victoria Nuland (real name Nudelman, A Jew) and Co. Making Money on Endless Wars
Hateful Human Instincts Lyrics
Nests Of Human Control Lyrics
An Uneasy Alliance With Christians, Muslims, and Orthodox Judaism
Study: Irregular Sleeping Patterns Linked To Cancer
Dad bod? Men gain 3 to 5 pounds when they become fathers, study suggests
Novavax’s Ebola vaccine shows human immune response
Inside Stephen Hawking’s $100 Million Search For Alien Life
Tennessee shooting suspect’s uncle detained by Jordan, lawyer tells AP
Spouse-cheat breach: Hackers threaten to expose 30 million users of AshleyMadison.com
Hacked infidelity website Ashley Madison offers free profile deletion
Weak results from IBM, others send US stock indexes lower
Gov. Kasich enters GOP White House race touting ‘skills and experience’
Father of slain S.F. woman Kathryn Steinle supports anti-“sanctuary city” laws
Greece looks to seal bailout deal in weeks
David Sweat Describes Details of Daring NY Prison Escape
Unrest in Burundi As President Seeks Third Term
John Kerry ‘walked away three times’ from nuclear talks with Iran
Turkey bombing suspect identified after 32 killed
Xbox Live Games With Gold For August 2015 Leaked, Includes Ryse: Son of Rome, Fallout: New Vegas And More
Study: Women With Mild Memory Problem Worsen Faster Than Men
North Korea Not Interested in Iran-Style Nuclear Deal With U.S.
Iran dismisses Germany’s call for Israel recognition
Iconic Nazi-built Berlin stadium to host Maccabi games
Zarif says UN won’t resume sanctions
Top Iran aide: We still support Mideast ‘axis of resistance’
Syria army missile kills 18 civilians – report
Palestinian teen dies in Hebron after ‘exorcism’ beating
AIPAC girds for rare high-noon showdown with White House
Major Jewish UK body stands behind Queen after surfacing of Nazi-salute photo
Pro-Israel caucus in US House of Representatives aims for Jerusalem recognition
On last day as ADL chief, Foxman says Internet biggest factor in rising anti-Semitism
Jewish billionaire funding $100 million project to find life in space
5 Most Powerful Families That ‘Secretly’ Control The World
Why the Jews sacrifice babies and eat Gentile blood in the matzo
Pelosi Proposes Lowering the Voting Age to 16
How Human Resources Manipulates and Spies on You, Even While You’re Not at Work
A Desire To Be Left Alone
Doctor Fashions 3D Printed Titanium Implant – To Rectify Chinese Toddler’s…
Submarine and robot find Napoleonic-era shipwreck – quite by accident
Here’s what Windows 10 won’t change: Window 8’s plans to tie you to Microsoft services
UK’s Cameron Offers Plan to Counter Attraction of Extremism
Zarif lashes out at those making military threats against Iran despite nuclear deal
U.S. Airstrike Kills Seven in Afghanistan
PSN Vs. Xbox Live: Why Sony Corp Needs To Improve Its Underwhelming Online Service
‘X-Men: Apocalypse’: Josh Helman Will Return As Stryker
Banks reopen, first repayments start as Greece aims for return to normal
Reports: Deadly ‘terrorist’ blast strikes Turkish town near Syria
Chattanooga gunman’s kin encouraged his trip to Jordan
US defense chief to arrive in Israel bearing gifts
Obama Celebrates Muslim Holiday On Day Mohammad Murders Four Marines [Video]
It’s Official: The Pentagon Finally Admitted That Israel Has Nuclear Weapons, Too
‘Not the son we knew’: Tennessee gunman’s family says he suffered from depression
Germany Must Perish! Again?
Auschwitz ‘Bookkeeper’ Gets Jewish Justice
X-Men Apocalypse Trailer Comic-Con
Secret History Revealed — Putin Played Critical Role After The Pre-Planned Collapse Of The USSR
Israel detains and deports American Jews because they are Black
The Ku Klux Klan opens its door to Jews, homosexuals and black people in bizarre recruitment drive
The Ku Klux Klan Was Created by Jews
Wesley Clark Promotes Internment Of ‘Radicalized’ US Citizens
Plans for Muslim cemetery stir apprehension among Farmersville residents
Genocidal Kaufman and Hooton Plans for Germany, became the Reality for all of Western Europe
The United Nations Exposed: Who Is In Control?
Federal Inquiry Turns to a Text Sent by Gunman in Chattanooga Rampage
Rabbi A. Romi Cohn has sucked 25,000 baby penises – “it’s a joyous occasion”
Bill Cosby Deposition Reveals Calculated Pursuit of Young Women, Using Fame, Drugs and Deceit
Watch Tennessee neo-Nazis boast recruiting is up following Charleston shooting: ‘We’re a white nation’
Klan and black groups expected to go head to head at protests at South Carolina state capital
The Agenda Behind ISIS’ Cultural Genocide
Iran Deal: Ploy for Future Sabotage? by Brandon Martinez
Britain’s royal family fumes over video of queen’s ‘Nazi salute’ as child
‘Hezbollah arrests 175 of own men for refusing to fight in Syria’
Syria Kurds say IS used chemical weapons against them
Palestinian teen brought to tears by Merkel to stay in Germany
Inquiry Focusing on Chattanooga Gunman’s Trip to Jordan in 2014
Public Enemy? At Home in Mexico, ‘El Chapo’ Is Folk Hero No. 1
BREAKING NEWS: Jonathan Pollard Likely to be Released Later This Year
The Difference Between Blacks And Africans
SHOCK REPORT: A Florida Church Puts A Woman In COLLECTION . . . Ruins Her CREDIT . . . All Cause She ‘FAILED TO TITHE’ The Required $1,000!! (Wow . . . They Really Want THAT MONEY)
Jewish Group Tells Samsung Removal of ‘Nazi-Like’ Cartoons is Not Enough
Cannabis could help heal fractured bones
Miniature brain in a dish reveals an outsized secret about autism
2 salmonella outbreaks leave 10 ill, prompting chicken recalls
Planned Parenthood under fire: Is fetal tissue donation legal?
Science detects how mosquitoes always end up biting you
Polar bears inch toward extinction as summers lengthen
Google self-driving car was rear-ended early July, causing injuries
Google pushes Nasdaq to record; Dow, S&P slip on oil
Bombings blamed on Boko Haram kill dozens on Muslim holiday
Mexican officials confirm U.S. had sought ‘El Chapo’s’ formal extradition
Nuclear Deal Opens Path to International Cooperation, Says Iran’s Foreign Minister
Kerry: ‘very, very hopeful’ Iran will release detained Americans
Pop group Fifth Harmony to perform free concert Sept. 4 at New York State Fair
The first look at ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ is here, and fans are not pleased
Greek Bailout Moves Ahead After Germany Gives Its Backing
Poll: 47 percent of Israelis back Iran strike following nuke deal
AIPAC to fight White House head-to-head in battle over Iran deal
Republicans are against Iran deal, with or without reading it
Moscow’s Jewish museum chief shot in the neck
Chattanooga shooter an ‘all-American kid’… with a bitter blog
US warns Israel against demolishing Palestinian town
Media Ignore: Dems Defending Planned Parenthood Got $43K from Abortion Giant
The Hidden Hand of Controlled Opposition
Donald Trump Donates Over $100,000 to Israeli Emergency Rescue Service
Israel: India’s ‘Most Trusted Ally’ in the Middle East, Among Top Friends in the World
Royal Family may be investigated in child sex inquiry
EU Poll Names Israel As The Biggest Threat To World Peace.
James Holmes Guilty in Aurora Movie Theater Shooting
Four Marines Killed in Chattanooga Shootings
The Only Racist State In The Entire World….
Study: Smart Phones Accurately Detect Depression
Why are scientists so excited about fossilized worm sperm?
Newly discovered Jupiter twin hints at new solar system similar to Earth’s
New Species of Feather-Winged Dinosaur Unearthed in China
Blake Lively Showcases the Perks of Breastfeeding in Bangkok
Report: Google Android M Supports Visual Voicemail
U.S. jobless claims fall, point to solid labor market
Greece Might Be Better Off Outside Eurozone, German Finance Minister Says
Obama Greeted by Confederate Flag Wavers in Oklahoma
Civilian deaths and ‘spy drone’ put chill back in India-Pakistan ties
Former president George H.W. Bush hospitalized after fall
Inside ‘El Chapo’ Guzman’s cell: a fortress, but not secure enough
Sony Corporation Should Improve PSN Service To Compete With Xbox Live In The Long Run
Xbox One August System Update: Deals With Gold, Spotlight Sale Already Out
South Carolina judge extends order sealing church massacre documents
Big loser in any nuclear deal with Iran may be Russia
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Rocket Attack on Egyptian Navy Ship
Iran’s conservatives take aim at nuclear deal
The Truth Of Democracy By William Luther Pierce
The White Middle Class Deserves To Suffer: William Pierce
Greece At Geopolitical Crossroads
BREAKING: Texas Just Made a HUGE MOVE to Stop Islamic Sharia FOREVER!
Sex between brothers and sisters should be LEGAL, says German government’s Ethics Council
Who Controls the Southern Poverty Law Center?
Jews Boast of Owning Hollywood—But Slam Gentiles Who Say the Same
The Church In Same-Sex America
Pentagon Concludes America Is Not Safe Unless It Conquers The World. US Plans War against Russia.
Updates: July 15, 2015
Vaginal douches linked to increased phthalate exposure
Antidepressants And Painkillers Together May Raise The Risk Of Brain Bleeds
Most Women Who Have Abortions Don’t Regret Them
Are human hands really more primitive than chimp hands?
Chiefs make Justin Houston richest linebacker in NFL history with $101M deal
Tina Fey mistaken for a prostitute, Amy Poehler helps Yoko Ono in ‘True Confessions’
HTC Desire Smartphones Are Colorful, Affordable
Amazon Prime Day vs. Walmart: How to Know Who Has Better Deals
Jailed pedophile carnival worker charged with MURDER of sisters who vanished from a Maryland mall in 1975
In Texas, a Military Exercise Is Met by Some With Suspicion
Google Is Making Shopping on a Smartphone Much Easier
Rear-end train collision sends 20,000 gallons of lube oil seeping onto ground
WATCH: ‘We look so desperate, and it’s a disgrace,’ says Donald Trump on Iran deal
Benjamin Netanyahu Defiant in Face of Isolation After Iran Deal
Bryan Singer Shares ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Character Details
Former Cosby Show Actor: ‘Of Course Bill Cosby Is Guilty’
Taliban Leader Announces Backing of Landmark Peace Talks
Oskar Groening Trial: ‘Accountant of Auschwitz’ Sentenced to 4 Years in Jail
Military option against Iran still on table, says Biden
Over 30 dead in triple Islamist attack in Nigeria
NATO unveils plan for biggest exercise in 13 years
ANC official threatens students who visited Israel
French Jewish family apparently targeted in home attack
For Israel, Iran deal could signify a renewed military option
Mazel tov! Nicky Hilton marries Jewish banking heir
Terror attack: Palestinian woman stabs IDF soldier in back in West Bank
FBI Raids Michigan Jewish College For Defrauding Federal Gov. Of Millions In Aid
Russia unveils beautiful “Straight-Pride” flag to celebrate traditional marriage and I’m not mad at it!
Netanyahu says Israel not bound by Iran deal as he hints at military strike
Trump calls in FBI after death threat from ‘El Chapo’s son’
Donald Trump says he is no apprentice when it comes to Israel
Timing is everything: major Christian Zionist summit coincides with Iran deal
The Myths And Truths Of Homophobia and Heterophobia
Testing for Abnormalities in Fetus Finds Cancer in Mom
CERN Scientists Claim Discovery of New Particles
New data reveals that Pluto’s heart is broken
Whoopi does a 180 on defending Cosby
Looking for something nearby? Wi-Fi Aware could find it for you
More Americans Are Getting Their News on Facebook, Twitter
Rouhani derides failure of ‘warmongering Zionist regime’
‘Homosexual behavior leads to death’: Ford engineer sues for religious right to harass gay co-workers
Feds: Police captain’s son plotted to plant bombs at college
Dozens killed in stampede at India religious festival
Hunt rages for Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman after he escapes prison
Here are all the new characters introduced in the leaked ‘X-Men’ trailer
Retail Sales in U.S. Unexpectedly Fall on Broad-Based Drop
United Nations chief: World is on track to end AIDS epidemic by 2030
Congress unlikely to block Iran deal
Iran Nuclear Deal Is Reached With World Powers
Plan Would Let Transgender People Serve Openly in Military
Obama wants Israel to give up nukes
House votes to ban Confederate flags at federal cemeteries
Liberals Create Homosexual Version of the Bible That Won’t Offend Gays
Gay Man Files $70M Suit Against Bible Publishers Over ‘Homosexual’ Verses
How the NYPD Uses Facebook to Surveil, Entrap and Arrest Teenagers
A Story To Tell Of A Great Betrayal
The Truth About The So Called British “Royal Family”: They are ALL Jews!
TIME Admits ISIS Bringing Arms, Fighters in From NATO Territory
Why don’t magnets stick to plutonium? Scientists find out.
Scientists find ‘surprisingly high’ heat beneath West Antarctic Ice Sheet
It’s showtime for Pluto; prepare to be amazed by NASA flyby
Comcast boosting its Chicago Internet speeds
Microsoft Calls on Fans to Help Launch Windows 10
Oil Production Shows Signs of Flagging
Wal-Mart to Counterattack Amazon’s ‘Prime Day’ With Online Sale
Father remains at large in Shasta County missing baby case
Clinton pledges U.S. income equality, bashes Wall Street
Starbucks-led Coalition Promises to Hire 100,000 Young Workers
Man accused of threatening top US Congressman to go on trial
Stocks rally as Greece agrees to bailout deal
Why Marcus Mariota Is the Late-Round Quarterback Worth Taking A Chance On
Iraq launches operation against ISIS in Anbar province
Woman executed in UAE for killing American teacher
Cousin of Michelle Obama to serve as ‘black chief rabbi’
ADL chief warns anti-Semitism worst since WWII, even US Jewish kids feel intimidated
Lawmakers warn Iran deal won’t have easy time in Congress
Scott Walker Declares Presidential Candidacy, Looking to Regain Momentum
European Leaders Reach Deal to Resolve Greek Debt Crisis
Iran launches ‘missile strike’ on Israel in game app
Khamenei: Iran will fight against US arrogance regardless of nuke deal
An unlikely alliance between Hamas and Islamic State
“Death to Islam” signs popping up all over the country
Jimmy Carter: White Americans Have ‘Feelings of Superiority to People of Color’
‘I’m Better off Dead’ 11-Year Old Escapes Arranged Marriage (Video)
The Most Dangerous U.S. Cities For Women
African Multiculturalism: “No White Person Will be Allowed to Own Land”, Zimbabwe President Says
‘Gay’ Couple Face Trial for Raping at Least 5 of their 9 Adopted Sons…
The Coming Race War in America , A Wake-up Call By Carl T. Rowan
Endless Predictions of the Syrian Regime’s Collapse, but Why Hasn’t it Happened? An Interview with Kamal Alam of the UK based Institute for Statecraft
An Empty Jewish Throne Lyrics
Negate The Christian, Negate Christianity Lyrics
Israel confiscates money allocated to help poor in Ramadan
An Apology To All My Followers And Subscribers
Homosexuals Throw Human Excrement At Christians, And Wipe Their Anuses With Pages Of The Bible
Iran deal ‘done,’ Israeli report says, after major US concessions
Ex-British envoy to US: West should ally with Iran
Nasrallah: Iran is the last hope for region, Palestinians
Israeli imam backs Islamic State, calls Netanyahu ‘a Jewish dog’
Rugby star bound for NFL: ‘Jews killed Jesus’
Jewish boy beaten, robbed in Paris anti-Semitic attack
Black America’s Bill Cosby Nightmare
How Israel Used F-16s and High-Tech Soldiers to Devastate Gaza
Would America Stop Locking Up Teens If They Were Mostly White?
Whitewash: New Texas history books will downplay slavery, omit KKK and Jim Crow
Multiculturalism in Europe:Who is Behind It? by David Duke
The Sun Will Destroy Life On Earth In 1.75 Billion Years By Drying Up The Oceans, Researchers Say
CNN guest says it’s ‘cultural genocide’ against whites to remove Confederate flag from SC capitol
Dick Cheney will stand trial for war crimes, International Court Judge says
Obama Celebrates Removal Of Confederate Flag
Warmongering Iowa Republican Voters Want To Send Ground Troops To Iraq and Syria
Argentine President Refuses to Apologize for Antisemitic Slur
City council votes to dig up remains of Confederate Civil War general
Leaked Documents Show FBI, DEA, & Army Can Control Your Computer
Psychologists Shielded U.S. Torture Program, Report Finds
Background Check Flaw Let Dylann Roof Buy Gun, F.B.I. Says
Abortion, A Tool To Advance Eugenics
Katherine Archuleta, Director of Office of Personnel Management, Resigns
US September 11, 1973 Bloody Chile Coup
George W. Bush, War Criminal
Killer squirrel virus claims three lives, should you be worried?
CORRECTED-Study links Prozac, Paxil use with birth defects
Should you take painkillers? FDA bolsters safety labels, warns of heart attack, stroke risk.
Pandas literally evolved to be lazy
Bumblebees dying, losing ground due to climate change
Activists Call For Removal Of Bill Cosby’s Star From Walk Of Fame
Forecast Says Oil Price Could Fall Amid Weak Demand
Dad who let 15-year-old drive pleads guilty in crash that killed 3
US Personnel Chief Resists Calls to Resign Amid Data Hack
India, Pakistan Take Steps to Ease Tensions
Why Russia is unwilling to call Srebrenica massacre genocide
Germany shooting: two dead in attack say police
South Carolina takes down Confederate flag
Is This The First Look At Apocalypse In X-Men: Apocalypse?
Israel bars Palestinian-funded TV channel from operating
Chanting ‘Death to America, Israel,’ millions march in Iran on al-Quds Day
Utah teacher, 36, who sexually abused three male students and continued a relationship with one while out on bail is sentenced to up to 30 YEARS behind bars
Disturbing text messages reveal final moments before 7-month-old Aaden Moreno’s death
In long-predicted shift, California Latinos outnumber whites
Autistic Boy Gains Ability to Speak After Just 2 Days of Cannabis Oil Treatment
Obama Thanks Muslims For “Building The Very Fabric Of Our Nation”
This video illustrates how slavery led directly to today’s mass imprisonment of black Americans
Fight over one of the world’s largest tech companies turns anti-Semitic
Office of Personnel Management Says Hackers Got Data of Millions of Individuals
A Life Built Around Fantasy
Presbyterian Church Proposal to Wipe ‘Israel’ off the Map
United Church of Christ to Boycott Israel
Six Jewish Companies Control 96% Of The World’s Media
Federal agents raid Jewish Institute in Southfield
Medicare to cover end-of-life counseling
Cheap drug could improve treatment for half of breast cancer patients
Dinosaur having head frill adorned with curly horns found in Canada
What will Pluto mission discover?
U.S. futures rise as China stocks rebound
Many worry about safety of their financial info, but not all act to protect it
Bank of England keeps interest rates steady as fears of Grexit grow
Alan Grayson says he’s in Florida’s U.S. Senate race
Donald Trump leads GOP field in North Carolina: poll
Nigerian military: ‘Mastermind’ of deadly bombings arrested
Democrats: The GOP is the ‘Retrumplican Party’
In wake of San Francisco shooting, Jeb Bush calls for end to sanctuary cities
Syrian refugee population rises above 4 million, U.N. says
Thai consulate in Turkey attacked for deporting Uighurs
US National Strategy: Washington Has Right to Invade Any ‘Non-Ally’
The slow death of white America: How will the great melting pot adapt to the millions of black and Hispanic voters who swept Obama back to power, asks TOM LEONARD
Jewish Professor Boasts of Jewish Pornography used as a Weapon Against Gentiles
Israel army publishes fake image of huge “Gaza shopping mall”
US leaving Israel in the dark on Iran talks, say Israeli officials
WATCH: Gay Kentucky couple insulted and abused by county workers when they ask for a marriage license
Snapchat takes Tel Aviv, sparks anti-Israel outrage
Are Cultural Mixings The Same As Miscegenation?
Paula Deen’s last lesson: What her family’s brownface disgrace reveals about racism in America
Trial scientists: the benefits of breast cancer screening are vastly overestimated
WHO not equipped to handle crisis like ebola, report says
Discovery Of Opal On Mars Hints At Existence Of Alien Life
3 Killed, 1 Injured in Mass Shooting Near University of Maryland-Baltimore Campus
Why Bernie Sanders’s Momentum Is Not Built to Last
Wii U’s End—And a New Nintendo Console—Might Be Here Soon
The hacker who ruined Christmas for Xbox Live and PSN gets off easy
‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Movie Will Be ‘The True Birth of X-Men,’ Says Bryan Singer
The Latest: Greece Makes Proposal for 3-Year European Loan
Unexpected twist in deadly San Francisco shooting
Greece Given Until Sunday to Settle Debt Crisis or Face Disaster
Islamic Battalions, Stocked With Chechens, Aid Ukraine in War With Rebels
Confederate flags just the beginning? Other controversial symbols which may soon be history
Greeks find cause of all their woes: the Jews
Reza Aslan urges Muslims to embrace LGBT rights: ‘Either we are all equal, or the whole thing is just a sham’
An Alternative To Facebook
The 7 Best Facebook Alternatives You Didn’t Know About
A New Louisiana Law Plans To Fine Anyone Caught Sagging Their Pants, Do You Support This Law?
Study of 1,000 38-year-olds shows ‘biological age’ ranges from 30 to 60
Step away from the burger: Why a ‘Western’ diet is bad for your health
Secrets of 15-Million-Year-Old Monkey Skull Revealed
Real-life Transformers: US challenges Japan in mega-robot duel
BBC reveals Micro:bit, a programmable PC that fits in your pocket
Google’s self-driving cars hit the roads in Austin, Texas
Trade deficit widens in May as exports struggle
Dollar rise threatens US growth and emerging markets, IMF warns
Iran talks deadline extended, again — this time to July 10
Dragon Age Inquisition’s Future DLC Won’t Be On PS3 Or Xbox 360
Big Brother’s Forced Vaccinations
Bill Cosby Said He Gave Quaaludes to Woman Before Sex: Court Documents
Biden: Jewish leaders helped gay marriage succeed
Biden: Jewish leaders helped gay marriage succeed
IMF admits: we failed to realise the damage austerity would do to Greece
White Professor Calls All White People To Mass Suicide Over Slavery
13 Reasons Why The Holocaust Is A Big Lie
Supreme Court Strikes Down Unconstitutional ‘Three Strikes’ Law
Mayor of Russian City Threatens Local LGBT Community With Paratroopers
Why Josephus’ So-called Testimonium Flavianum Must be Rejected
Sen. Baldwin: 1st Amendment Doesn’t Apply to Individuals
South Carolina Senate Casts First Vote to Remove Confederate Flag
Iceland Recovering Fastest in Europe After Jailing Bankers Instead of Bailing them Out
Supreme Court Basically Rules That Majority-White Neighborhoods Are Racist
The Confederate Flag: A Symbol Of Southern History
Democratic Republic of Congo survives mass Ebola scare
Weight-loss surgery ‘superior to lifestyle interventions’ for type 2 diabetes
How a seahorse tail can help scientists build a better robot
Philae’s Comet May Host Alien ‘Life’: Astronomers
Stocks Fall Amid Persisting Greek Uncertainty
Greece: Here’s What Happens Next
Greece’s Tsipras wins broad political backing for aid talks
Man Charged With Threatening Obama’s Life in Online Post
Iran demands end to U.N. missile sanctions, West refuses: envoys
Boko Haram Intensifies Attacks on Civilians in Nigeria
Late For Work 7/6: Police Hunting Down Joe Flacco Look-Alike
Spencer Explains Difficulties Devs Faced While Working On Xbox One Backward Compatibility Feature
South Carolina legislature set to begin debate on flag removal
Iran general: We’ll never be on good terms with US
Israel gears up to battle Iran deal in Congress
23 Cents an Hour? The Perfectly Legal Slavery Happening in Modern Day America
Hillary Clinton signals to Jewish donors: I’ll be better for Israel
Catholic Priest Says Homosexuality Is Gift From God, And That The Bible Is Not The Word Of God, And Then Pope Francis Kisses His Hand And Praises Him
Israel Planning False Flag Attack In US To Justify Iran War
Attorney General Candidate Says He Would Have Defended Interracial Marriage Bans During Jim Crow
REVEALED: Democratic Congresswoman Sent Letter Praising Holocaust Denier
Early Returns Show Greeks Reject Terms of E.U. Bailout
Saudi-led naval blockade leaves 20m Yemenis facing humanitarian disaster
ED BAKER FOR PRESIDENT 2016 Not a Member of any Political Party
More French Jews said to join Islamic State
Another American Jew Stops Supporting Israel
Islamic State militant was booted from Hamas
Does Judaism really favor pluralism?
Head of Israel Police fraud unit commits suicide
Israel losing Democrats, ‘can’t claim bipartisan US support,’ top pollster warns
Sickening! Oregon orders bakers to pay $135K to lesbian couple they refused to make wedding cake for. Heartbroken, they close shop
Condoleezza Rice, Charged with War Crimes at Rutgers, withdraws as Commencement Speaker
Obama Commutes Non-Violent Drug Sentences To Reduce Mass Incarceration
Indonesian ban on foreign currency payments comes into force
US the Only Country to Stand with Israel Against War Crimes Charges
Jewish Lesbians Give Sex-Changing Hormone Treatment to 11-Year-Old Adopted White Son
VIDEO: Israel’s Long-Term Goal Is To Exterminate Palestinian Population By Genocide
Obama a ‘controlled Jewish president’: Ex-US representative
Obama’s Cabinet is 70% Jewish Plus Other 30% Consist of Non-Whites
‘F*ck the Jews’ scrawled at London Jewish school
An Israeli secret agent in King Farouk’s court
Iran ‘at forefront’ of fight against extremism, Zarif claims in video clip
World powers, Iran reach tentative deal on sanctions relief
Washington Post Cries 6,000,000 Buckets of Tears Over Rising Jew-Hatred in France
Obama: I Am Jewish in My Soul
Someone just found an original Sony/Nintendo PlayStation prototype
The Myth Of American Independence
Chilean girl Valentina Maureira, 14, in euthanasia plea
Could insulin pills prevent diabetes? Big study seeks answer
Sniff test –the new and most natural method of detecting autism in children
Scientists warn of irreversible damage to world’s oceans
Plex Forums Breached, Hacker Holding Data for Ransom
Iceland makes blasphemy legal
Mastercard testing facial recognition security app
Greek villagers facing deeper bank crisis have secret weapon: Grow your own food
UPDATE 1-China says to reduce IPOs amid stock slump
Jim Webb Announces Democratic Bid for Presidency
Job Market’s New Normal: Smaller Workforce, Sluggish Pay
Oil Prices Fall on Strong Shale Supply
Will Joe Biden run for president? Drumbeat picks up.
Suzanne Somers Exposes Underground Doctors Quietly Curing Cancer
ISIS says it destroyed archaeological pieces from Palmyra
Xbox LIVE Ultimate Game Sale begins next week
Greece referendum: Tsipras says IMF report justifies No vote
Bernie Sanders’s Revolutionary Roots Were Nurtured in ’60s Vermont
Hispanic Leaders Tell Republican Party To Stand Up To Donald Trump
Obama’s counterterrorism policy facing mounting criticism
Israeli army says Hamas helping Islamic State in Sinai
Israeli flags not welcome at London rally against anti-Semitism
Everyone Who Changed Their Facebook Photos To Rainbow Just Got Duped
If Jesus Never Existed, Religion May Be Fiction
Jesus Never Existed Says New Report That Finds No Mention Of Christ In 126 Historical Texts
Some Confessions To Make
Diabetes drug’s happy side effect: Weight loss
Aquatic Worm Species Can Inject Its Own Head With Sperm To Reproduce, Scientists Discover
48 Million-Year-Old Relative Of The ‘Jesus Lizard’ Lived In The Tropics of Wyoming
Facebook’s new video ad feature could worry Google
Yahoo begins testing search partnership with Google
Whole Foods apologizes for ripping off customers: “Straight up, we made some mistakes”
Massive evidence turned over in Freddie Gray Death case
Indonesia plane crash: Why was military flying civilian passengers? (+video)
At least 35 dead after ferry capsizes in Philippines
Does Bryan Singer Latest X-Men Apocalypse Tease Suggest Ancient Aliens
Bernie Sanders Catching Up to Hillary Clinton in Iowa
BP settles 2010 U.S. oil spill claims for $18.7 billion
Liberia investigating animal link after Ebola re-emerges
So-So Jobs Report Still Spurs Stocks Higher
U.S. Economy Adds 223,000 Jobs; Unemployment at 5.3%
Perfect Misanthropy Lyrics
When You Kill Ten Million Africans You Aren’t Called ‘Hitler’
Baptist pastor bans gays from his Tennessee hardware store: ‘No, I’ll never regret this’
Pennsylvania Prisoners Poisoned By Coal Ash
I Used To Live In A Cake, Now I Live In A Hole
Ebola crisis: Liberia’s new outbreak spreads
Citrus consumption may be linked to increased melanoma risk
Long-term life support on Mars should be possible someday, study says
What’s in a song? Babbler birds structure calls similar to way humans do
Macy Dumps Donald Trump
Facebook’s Zuckerberg defends controversial ‘real name’ policy
YouTube’s 60fps Video Playback Goes Mobile
Teen charged with killing math teacher wants trial moved
Death toll from military plane crash in Indonesia rises to 135
Bryan Singer Confirms X-Men: Apocalypse Hall H Appearance
Xbox Live Gold now gets 2 more free games a month
Islamic State threatens to ‘uproot’ Israel, topple Hamas
Death toll in Sinai rises to 50 as jihadists attack Egypt’s army
Tsipras Signals Greece May Accept Bailout Terms
U.S. private payrolls rise solidly; factory activity picks up
Sri Lanka’s Ousted President Seeks A Comeback
Islam could be forbidden in France in 2017
U.S stock market loses $900 billion in value, as Dow plunges 350 Points – worst drop of 2015
Irish Slaves – What The History Books Will Never Tell You
US Jews among biggest backers of same-sex marriage, data show
Has Christianity Really Been Usurped By Jews?
SIX black churches stretching from Georgia to Ohio are burned down in seven days: Fears of tide of ‘racist’ violence as three are confirmed as arson
Affordable Housing Crisis Grows Across the Country, as Apartment Rents Skyrocket
High Blood Pressure Linked To Reduced Risk of Alzheimer’s
Cuba first country to end mother-to-infant transmission of HIV and syphilis
Nearly one in three Americans owns a gun
‘Hairy Monster’: Scientists discover new species of ‘super-armored’ worm
113 feared dead in Indonesian military plane crash
Islamic State scores up gains and losses in Syrian fighting
It looks like Apple is headed to the Supreme Court
Always click the first Google result? You might want to stop doing that
New York prison break: David Sweat says he, Matt practiced escape, official says
How to turn off Apple Music’s auto renewal
Ebola Death in Liberia Sparks Fears of New Outbreak
Chris Christie Announces Run, Pledging ‘Truth’ About Nation’s Woes
How Corporate America Propelled Same-Sex Marriage
Israeli official: Syria is dying, the funeral will be declared in due time
David Sweat Says Prison Guard Gene Palmer Not Involved in Escape: Prosecutor
MEANWHILE, as the Jews ram gay marriage down the throats of America, Putin Signs Law Banning Gay proseltyzing Among Children
Jewish Tyranny At Supreme Court
Italy is “Close to Collapse” from African Immigration
The Real Ramifications Of The Supreme Court’s Ruling On Gay Marriage
On Tuesday, the world gets a ‘leap’ second. Are we all gonna die?
Daydream believer: Rats dream of a better future
Memory, thinking tests may indicate Alzheimer’s earlier than thought
Parasites Immune to Water Treatment May Still be Lurking in Pools
UPDATE 2-Vitae-Boehringer diabetes drug fails as add-on therapy in trial
Infographic: Charting the world’s sixth mass exinction
Report: Next iPhone to add Force Touch
Samsung and LG develop advanced battery tech to extend life of mobile devices
LeBron James will be free agent July 1, according to sources
Egypt’s Top Prosecutor Hisham Barakat Dies After Convoy Is Attacked
Supreme Court Will Reconsider Affirmative Action Case
U.S. Pending Home Sales at Highest Level in Nine Years
China central bank eases policy again to support economy
Texas Attorney General Defies Same-Sex Marriage Ruling
‘Life can go back to normal’: Residents, authorities glad to see weeks-long NY manhunt come to a close
Supreme Court Allows Use of Execution Drug
World markets plunge, bank lines grow as Greece financial crisis deepens
Tunisia arrests suspects associated with beach hotel attacker
Watch: ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ Star Olivia Munn Sharpens Her Sword Skills
U.S. Has World’s Highest Incarceration Rate
Second New York Prison Escapee Said to Be Shot and Captured
My son is innocent, says father of Briton held on terror charges in Bangladesh
Police swoop on British man accused of running arms factory ‘orphanage’ as deadly weapons cache is revealed
Pedophiles Want Same Rights As Homosexuals
Jewish Supremacists, Homosexuality and Divide and Conquer
Trap Them In A Corner Lyrics
Leader of Personal Sacrifice: Adolf Hitler
What the World Rejected: Adolf Hitler’s Peace Offers 1933-1939
Texas pastor denies plan to set self on fire if gay marriage was legalized, was only quoting a song
On ISIS’ Terms: Courting a Young American
Richard Matt, Escaped Prisoner in New York Manhunt, Is Fatally Shot
As Many As 150,000 Jews Served In Hitler’s Military
The Jewish Debasing Of American Culture
Tracing America’s Enslavement To Jewish Bankers
The Jewish Take Over Of Canada
How The Jews Took Great Britain
We Will Need Help From Jews And Freemasons To Advance National Socialism
Scientists say genetically-modified wheat fails to repel aphids
Could Brain Scans Help Guide Treatment for OCD?
China stock swoon could signal end of bull run
Pennsylvania company targeted in French ‘terrorist attack’
Study Suggests Fiber Optic Networks Can Travel Faster and Longer Through “Combing”
Bristol Palin Announces Her Pregnancy
NBA draft winners and losers
Decapitated body, scrawled with Arabic, found at French blast site
Chicago teachers break off contract talks
Same-Sex Marriage Is a Right, Supreme Court Rules, 5-4
Terrorist Attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait Kill Dozens
Apple Bans Games And Apps Featuring The Confederate Flag
Israeli diplomat in Berlin: Maintaining German guilt about Holocaust helps Israel
Unarmed Man Shot by Officers in Maryland Has Died, Police Say
Obama’s Own Words On Supreme Court Ruling On ObamaCare
Children’s Lives Must Be Sacrificed For The Cause
Very Large Telescope spies galactic cannibalism
Nasa’s Hubble Telescope Spots Hydrogen Cloud Around Exoplanet
Vaccine panel gives weak endorsement to new meningitis shots
Republicans Are Waging An Unprecedented War Against The New Dietary Guidelines
How The iPhone Is Powering A Massive LGBT Health Study
Alert in Airports Across India for MERS, Other Respiratorial Diseases
Pappochelys was ‘grandfather’ of all turtles
How a blind, bristled, heat-loving yeti crab thrives in frigid Antarctica
‘Screech’ to serve 4 months for stabbing
Univision cuts ties with Donald Trump, ‘Miss USA’ over Mexican remarks
10 key players in the 2015 NBA draft
U.S. Consumer Spending Soared 0.9% in May
US jobless claims rise; four-week average falls
T-Mobile sweetens phone-upgrade program, axes fee to join
Samsung accused of disabling Microsoft security updates
Powerful Russian army is ‘guarantor of sovereignty’: Putin
Mother, baby rescued 4 days after Colombia plane crash in jungle
Family terrorized by stalker called ‘The Watcher’ in New Jersey
Shark bites 8-year-old North Carolina boy: How attacks can be prevented
2nd prison guard arrested after New York inmates’ escape
UPDATE 1-Obama, Nigeria’s Buhari to meet July 20, discuss Boko Haram
Islamic State Launches 2 Major Attacks in Northern Syria
7 reasons the NBA draft is way better than the NFL draft
Korean Gamer Destroys an Xbox 360, Alleges Microsoft Isn’t Trying
The Jews Behind Michael Jackson’s Life And Death
Should We Bless The Jews?
Krisiun- Hateful Nature
Boston Marathon bomber says he’s sorry for the first time
Federal Hate Crime Charges Likely in South Carolina Church Shooting
A Story To Tell Of A Strange Friendship
Erectile dysfunction drug can increase your risk of skin cancer
Ebola Linked to Rise in Malaria Deaths in Guinea
With more MERS cases, South Korea says outbreak at a crossroads
Wide Variability In Potency Plagues Medical Marijuana Edibles, JAMA Study
Shark Files: Rare Basking Shark Catch Adds to Science
​Highly invasive snail-eating flatworm found in US for first time
Kim Kardashian: Naked, drunk woman tried to break into my hotel room
Rapper Rick Ross Arrested on Kidnapping, Aggravated Battery Charges
Broncos deny report they tried to trade Peyton Manning before restructuring his contract
Ahold Deal Would Create One of the Largest U.S. Grocery Chains
Greek crisis: deal unravels as both sides reject reform measures before crunch finance ministers meeting
Lexus Testing ‘Slide’ Hoverboard
Hurdle in Iran nuclear talks harks back to 1980s war with Iraq
Former White House chef drowned while hiking: What to do in a flash flood
Senators reportedly considering new gun control push after Charleston shooting
Northern Lights could return to Britain tonight
France Calls in US Envoy Over Spying, Holds Security Meeting
World Immigration reform 2015: After Hillary, Bernie Sanders promises to expand Obama executive order
Poll finds massive drop in Israelis’ approval of Obama
Parents say Spring Branch ISD covered up sexting case | Latest News – Home
Broken Song Sparrow
Sony Announces Two New PS4’s
$1 rap concert brings large crowd of frustrated fans
A Facebook Truce At Last
1 in 5 Teens May Be Bullied on Social Media
Smartphones harmful for people with pacemaker
Over two-thirds of Americans overweight: study
Solar storm could allow parts of the US to see polar auroras
Modern humans had sex with Neanderthals in Europe
Dear white allies after Charleston: Please understand this about your privilege
Marc Maron, Obama, and what conservatives don’t understand about the N-word
Solar is growing fast, but coal will continue to dominate
Kaspersky software reverse engineered by NSA, GCHQ: Report
Damning Diddy details emerge as security video vigil commences
German private sector grows, points to 0.3 percent growth in second-quarter: PMI
Sales of new US homes likely increased slightly in May
How Xbox 360 games will be played on Xbox One
Afghan forces recapture key district from Taliban
North Korea blocks access to Instagram
Dylann Roof’s Cousin: Being Spurned by a Girl for a Black Guy Sent Roof ‘Over the Edge’
Haley of South Carolina Calls for Removal of Confederate Battle Flag
Why Christian Fundamentalism Is Still a Big Deal in U.S. Politics, And How It Got That Way
10 Careers With the Most Psychopaths
A Nihilistic View Of The Charleston Massacre
Effect of Saudi Arabia Decisions on Global Crude Oil Supply & Demand
Titan’s dissolving surface created its mysterious lakes
Self Repairing System In Moon Jellyfish Help Them Regain Symmetry
Fasting Diet Proven Effective
South Korean Retailers Pinched by MERS
Kim Kardashian, Kanye West expecting a boy
Billy Graham’s grandson, Tullian Tchividjian, resigns from Florida megachurch after affair
EU extends sanctions against Russia, cites ‘destabilizing role in eastern Ukraine’
Over 100 die in Pakistan heatwave
Charleston: Forgiveness and frustration after first church service since massacre
Markets enjoy relief rally amid Greek deal optimism
Sony Announces New 1TB PlayStation 4 Ultimate Player Edition
Hugh Jackman will be back as Wolverine in X-Men: Apocalypse
U.N. Report on Gaza Finds Evidence of War Crimes by Israel and Palestinian Militants
Campaign Donations Linked to White Supremacist
Summer Solstice: Thousands Watch Longest Day Break at Stonehenge
Dylann Roof Confesses: Says He Wanted to Start ‘Race War’
Bombing of Gaza children gives me “orgasm”: Israelis celebrate slaughter on Facebook
Brazilians say women in revealing clothes deserve rape – poll
Rape As A Justifiable Act
Why Men Are Justified To Hate Females; The Case For Misogyny
Dylann Roof Deserves The Death Penalty
Johnny Manziel: ‘I feel bad’ about being a distraction last season
McDonald’s Is Closing Hundreds of Stores This Year
Seventy Two Killed Resisting Gun Confiscation In Massachusetts
Lakota Warriors Vow To Crush Dirty Rainbow Hippies
Wiesenthal Re-Confirms: ‘No Extermination Camps on German Soil’
Dylann Storm Roof Photos Found on Website
Israeli man killed in West Bank terror attack
Oren: Obama may reach out to Islam because 2 Muslim father figures abandoned him
An interfaith appeal for unity at Charleston vigil
US: Iran’s sponsorship of global terror is ‘undiminished’
Jewish and Muslim women connect in joint UK Mitzvah Day
Brazil nabs Israeli fugitive convicted of killing Palestinian
Cameron: Some UK Muslims ‘quietly condone’ IS ideology
New York Prison Officer Is Placed on Leave Amid Escape Investigation
Texas pastor threatens to set himself on fire to stop gays from marrying
Charleston Massacre: Mental Illness Common Thread for Mass Shootings
FBI Agent: The CIA Could Have Stopped 9/11
In Charleston, Raw Emotion at Hearing for Suspect in Church Shooting
South Carolina House overwhelmingly passes unlicensed concealed carry
Mix It Up: Miscegenation and the Death of a Nation
A Leap Of Faith….
US-Russia military lineup raises fears of war: Experts
Iowa court allows for dispensing of abortion pill remotely
Study: IUD use effective for pregnancy prevention
Chocolate is good for the heart, study finds
MERS crisis: Do we need a NATO-type war strategy for potential epidemics?
Saturn shows off its rings in a stunning new photo
Venus may have active volcanoes: study
It turns out kangaroos are lefties
Samsung says it’s fixing Galaxy software that hackers could breach
FCC Moves To Block Robocalls
Greek Leader, Pressuring E.U. Lenders, Cozies Up to Putin in Russia
Yemeni foreign minister says no ceasefire agreed, blames Houthis
‘X-Men: Apocalypse’: Jean Grey (Sophie Turner) Will Possess Archery Skill
Brian Williams apologizes, blames his ego for telling false tales
Charleston Church Shooting: Tributes Paid to ‘Kind-Hearted’ Victims
Dylann Roof, Suspected Charleston Church Shooting Gunman Has Troubled Past
Suspected Charleston terrorist backed apartheid states — including the Confederacy
SICK: Starting In Kindergarten Children Will Be Taught Heterosexual, Homosexual, Bisexual, And Transgender Lifestyles [Video]
Obama Pivots to Gun Control: ‘This Type of Mass Violence Doesn’t Happen in Other Advanced Countries’
Teachers To 7th Graders: There’s No Such Thing A Boy Or Girl
The Hypocrisies Of The ADL
Five-decade study links pesticide DDT to breast cancer
WHO Chief Reassures South Korea as Its MERS Deaths Reach 23
Is baby recession over? US births up after years of decline
Authorities arrest 243 people in $712 million Medicare fraud
Astronomers find evidence of oldest stars in ancient galaxy
Astronomers Have Measured the Mass of a Supermassive Black Hole
A permanent cloud of moon dust could cause trouble for space travel
This Attachment Makes Your Phone’s Pictures Way Better
How AT&T Plans to Fight $100 Million FCC Fine Over Unlimited Data
Supreme Court says Texas can keep Confederate flag off license plates
Midwest braces for tropical storm remnants; Texas spared brunt of system
Why We NEED The Last Of Us 2!
Sony’s PS4 Vs Microsoft’s Xbox One: Which E3 2015 Press Conference Was Best? [POLL]
60 million people displaced due to wars, conflict by 2014: UN
Jobless claims fall to nearly 15-year low
Suspected terrorist Dylann Roof captured in North Carolina
Shooter at South Carolina church sat with churchgoers before opening fire: police
Charleston terrorist reveals his motive: ‘You rape our women and you’re taking over our country — and you have to go
Charleston Church Shooting Leaves 9 Dead; Gunman Identified
A former KIPP teacher comments on her experience
Israeli Roots of Hamas are being exposed
Soul Food Is Slave Food
White People Live In Terror
White People Must Pay The Price
In Arlington County, Virginia, Public Profanity Will Cost You $250
Nine Killed in Shooting at Church in Charleston, S.C.
Video: Israelis film themselves shooting unarmed Palestinian
Zionism and Judaism Are Of The Same Roots
Attending breast cancer screening reduces risk of death from breast cancer by 40%
Healthcare, drug stocks surge, but at what cost?
More medical research needed to confirm benefits of pot, doctors say
Tropics were once so harsh that even giant dinos shied away, say scientists
Methane discovered in Martian meteorites: A sign of life?
A third of world’s biggest groundwater basins are overstressed
‘Pretty Little Liars’: 5 Most Shocking Moments From “Songs of Experience”
Square Enix explodes at E3 with Tomb Raider Deus Ex and Final Fantasy
Massive security flaw may threaten millions of Samsung Galaxy phones
Nintendo showcases Star Fox Zero and co-operative Legend of Zelda at E3
Confirmed: James Murdoch to succeed father as Fox chief in July
Texas shudders as rain lashes, threatens many regions
Russia to increase nuclear arsenal as U.S. plans more firepower in Europe
Escaped zoo tiger kills man in Tbilisi, Georgia
Ian McKellen Denies X-Men: Apocalypse Rumors, Says X-Men Movies Are Superior
N.B.A. Finals 2015: Drought Ends in Style as Warriors Win Title Over Cavaliers
‘I identify as black’: Historical precedent for Rachel Dolezal (+video)
Judaism, Zionism and Freemasonry
Explaining Israel’s Booming Economy
Pope Francis says charity isn’t enough: True Christians give all their money to the poor
How The IMF Really Works
How Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Will Actually Work
The Inhuman Bombing Of Germany, 1940-1945
The Inhuman Bombing Of Germany, 1940-1945
Mark Weber: Dr. Goebbels and the “Big Lie” Legend
Will Israel’s “whiff from hell” weapon be used to crush US protests?
Will Israel’s “whiff from hell” weapon be used to crush US protests?
Purim: A Festival of Hate and an Insight into How Jewish Supremacists view Gentiles
Haaretz says Many Orthodox are Taught to See non-Jews as “Not Quite Human”
Haaretz says Many Orthodox are Taught to See non-Jews as “Not Quite Human”
Outrage! Young Boy at ‘Pride’ Event Praised by LGBTs for Dancing Sexually to ‘Fight Homophobia’
Outrage! Young Boy at ‘Pride’ Event Praised by LGBTs for Dancing Sexually to ‘Fight Homophobia’
The Little-Known WWII Anti-Soviet National Socialist Russian Liberation Army (VIDEO)
The Little-Known WWII Anti-Soviet National Socialist Russian Liberation Army (VIDEO)
Jeb Bush – The early years
The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia (Updated)
Top Jewish Film Critic Declares that Jews have “Devoured” and Replaced the Real America!
ISIS Leader Admits: We Are Being Funded By The Obama Administration
What Utopia Would Really Look Like
Underage Drinking Dipped Over The Years, Study Reveals
MERS patients in South Korea receive experimental plasma therapy
F.D.A. Gives Food Industry 3 Years to Eliminate Trans Fats
Goldman Sachs to venture into small loans
U.S. Building Permits Soared to Their Highest Level in Nearly Eight Years
E3: Sony unveils Last Guardian, Final Fantasy VII remake and Shenmue 3 Kickstarter
Tropical Storm Bill blasts into saturated Texas
Beachgoers cautious after North Carolina shark attacks
Al Qaeda Confirms U.S. Strike Killed Nasser al-Wuhayshi, Its Leader in Yemen
5 dead, 8 injured in balcony collapse in California, police say
Watch Donald Trump Make a ‘Major Announcement’
Egyptian court sentences former president Morsi to death
Stephen Curry’s mother: Trip to Israel ‘transformed’ my life
Oren: Obama intentionally abandoned core principles of Israel’s alliance with America
Hamas officials arrive in Qatar to discuss potential long-term truce with Israel
KRISTALLNACHT Instigated By Communist And Freemason Jews to Promote War Against Germany!
Microsoft announces new, customisable ‘Elite’ Wireless controller
Genetically white woman now claims self-identify as black: If you can choose your gender, can you also choose your race? What about your species? Can a human claim to be a llama?
Another Huge Milestone
Summer Update June 2015
Xbox One Gets Backwards Compatibility; Microsoft Takes Shots At Sony
ISIS Colonel Was Trained by Blackwater and U.S. State Department for 11 Years
Genes of brain-eating tribe members shine light on prion protection
There’s No Excuse For Our Lack Of A MERS Vaccine, Say Scientists
Americans, their physicians should take sleep seriously, experts say
Hawkmoths Slow Brain to Dine in the Night
SpaceX to build test track for futuristic Hyperloop high-speed transport
Ancient DNA Sheds Light on Language, Culture Evolution
Sony already has over 30 Project Morpheus VR games in the works
Bethesda pins hopes on new Fallout, Doom to get it to the top of the game-maker heap
U.S. archbishop resigns over sex-abuse scandal
Trade in your Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3, get $175 off on the price of an Xbox One
Jeb Bush Files Paperwork to Run for President
Israel shifts to offense ahead of UN report on Gaza war
Israel blocks visit of UN human rights envoy
General who headed Gaza disengagement comes out against 2-state solution
Syrian rebels accuse Kurds of ethnic cleansing
New York Prison Worker Joyce Mitchell Was Investigated for Sexual Incident With Escapee
Rachel Dolezal Steps Down as President of Spokane, Wash., N.A.A.C.P.
109 Locations whence Jews have been Expelled since AD250
Hateful In The Dumps Lyrics
Jews Created Communist China
Is Elena Kagan a Lesbian? Media Ignores Four Harvard Students Outting Supreme Court Nominee, CBS News Muzzled by White House
Kagan promoted Shariah
Who Controls America? Who Controls the Supreme Court?
U.S. Poised to Put Heavy Weaponry in East Europe
Israel ‘exceeded legal standards’ in Gaza conflict, military group tells UN
Hungarian ex-mayor fired over anti-Semitic tirade
Anti-Semitic incidents in Canada reach all-time high
Mexican girls’ cheer-dance team does Nazi-themed routine
Untold Stories: First-ever US Nakba Museum opens in Washington DC
History is the Propaganda of the Victors: Don’t Blame Adolf Hitler for World War II
Why Is Washington Still Pushing for War With Russia?
Jewess teaches masturbation techniques inside a church
Eugenic Laws Against Race Mixing
Biological Problems with Mixed-Race Families, Marriages Relationships & Adoptions
Historical Background on Miscegenation
The Evils Of Miscegenation By Thomas Fair-weather
Miscegenation; a severe health risk for white females
Alex Jones, freemasonry, and the cult of Constitution
Why Is The ADL Promoting Alex Jones?
Is Alex Jones A Zionist Shill?..Controversy Swirls
Is Alex Jones Linked To Zionist-Jew Bronfman?
New York Prison Worker Is Arrested on Charges She Helped 2 Killers Escape
The Failures Of Feminism
Mark Weber: The Jewish Role in the Bolshevik Revolution and Soviet Regime
Worst of MERS outbreak may be over in South Korea
World’s first penis transplant patient to father a child
Anti-Rape Program Halved Number of Campus Assaults
U.S. Kids Not Drinking Enough Water Each Day
Cutting to the White Meat: The Real Issue With Rachel Dolezal
Modern Europe was formed by milk-drinking Russians: Mass migration brought new genetic make-up to continent 5,000 years ago
Egg or sperm? Scientists identify a gene that makes the call
Jury Convicts Female LA Officer of Assault in Deadly Arrest
NASA’s New Horizons Probe Gets Clearest Look to Date at Pluto’s Complex Surface
‘Orange is the New Black’ binge recap: ‘Bed Bugs and Beyond’
Google’s New Site Will Help You Find the Perfect Android
Controversy swirls around NAACP chapter president’s racial identity
Armed group storms Tunisian consulate in Libyan capital, kidnap 10 staff
Can Hamas hold back Islamic State in Gaza?
LG G4 Review
Cleveland Judge Finds Probable Cause to Charge 2 Officers in Boy’s Death
In Their Own Words: Soviet Russia Oppressed Christianity and Permitted Judaism
Why Hillary Clinton Could Win
How black slaves were routinely sold as ‘specimens’ to ambitious white doctors
New Evidence Shows The Duke Of Windsor Plotted With Adolf Hitler
FIRED! Texas teacher let go after saying McKinney pool party ‘almost’ shows need for racial segregation
Shocker, I Was Once A Christian….
Women trained to resist sexual assault far less likely to be raped: study
U.S. experts urge approval of second cholesterol drug
Heartburn drugs may increase risk of heart attack
South Korea cuts rates as MERS clouds outlook; 10th patient dies
Nasa’s Hubble Telescope Shows Brighter Side of Lonely Galaxy
NASA Gets Best View Yet of Mysterious Bright Spots on Ceres
Deep Blue: Is this our first glimpse of a great white SUPER shark?
Josh Duggar moving houses amid molestation scandal
Rick Ross arrested on misdemeanour marijuana charge
Twitter wages war on trolls
E.U. Antitrust Regulators Investigating Amazon’s E-Books Business
FOREX-New Zealand dollar hits five-year low on rate cut, USD eyes data
Jobs cuts announced by J. Crew on the back of a poor first quarter
Embattled Nobel Scientist Tim Hunt Resigns After Sexist Remarks
India Is Using Its Military Incursions Into Burma to Send a Message to Other Countries
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 should charge much faster, but will skip a big feature
Why manhunt for escaped prisoners expands to Vermont (+video)
Top Ten Countries With Highest Reported Crime Rates
Looking Down The Christian Cross
I Really Hate You Lyrics
Arizona pastor prays for God to rip out Caitlyn Jenner’s heart: ‘I hate him with a perfect hatred’
Cornel West: ‘Black faces in high places’ not enough to fix America’s racist law enforcement
White woman suspended from job after allegedly instigating McKinney pool fight
Casaulties In This War Will Be Unavoidable
Creativity may increase risk for schizophrenia, bipolar disorder
FDA advisory panel approves novel cholesterol-lowering drug
Woman Has Baby With Transplanted Ovarian Tissue
Chimps go ape over alcoholic sap, backing ‘drunken monkey’ theory
The Simpsons’ Homer and Marge are separating
Web Beauty Star Ingrid Nilsen Comes Out as Gay in YouTube Video – Watch Now
Apple Music faces antitrust scrutiny in N.Y., Conn.
Spotify tops 20 million subscribers
Female prison worker gave killers tools to escape prison, sources say
Pope Francis urged to take tougher stance against Vladimir Putin
The Wolverine Fan Film You Might Have Missed Out On
In Herzliya, Netanyahu thumbs his nose at the Palestinians – and the world
‘Israel-linked virus hacked hotels where nuke talks were held’
Remains of almost 600 exhumed at Iraq massacre site
Escaped Murderer Richard Matt Could Seek Revenge, Accomplice Says
U.S. Adding Military Advisers to Reclaim Ramadi, Officials Say
Police Officer in McKinney, Tex., Resigns Over Incident Caught on Video
Court Upholds Texas Measures That Imperil Abortion Clinics
Is White Supremacy A Myth?
FDA Approves Mid-Stage Trial of Vaccine to Reverse Type 1 Diabetes
Statins not to blame for memory loss:Study
Stanford scientists build water-powered computer
Microsoft launching 1TB Xbox One next week
Apple Pay comes to Britain: what you need to know
Number of US Job Openings Jumped to a 15-Year High in April
Greek Proposal on Bailout Standoff Not Acceptable, European Officials Say
HSBC to cut 50,000 jobs in quest for higher dividends
New York prison escape: Killers still on the run as prison employee questioned
Turkish Opposition Likely to Demand Limits on Erdogan’s Role
Texas pool party incident sparks protests – and police support
A Period Tracker App Is Coming To Your iPhone
US Jewish groups slam administration’s ‘hypocritical’ view on Jerusalem
Growing Up Jewish
Jewish Control Of Turkey’s Military & Flotilla Murders
Jewish Young Turks Were Murderers!
Erbakan criticizes Israel, accuses Erdoğan of being part of Jewish conspiracy
Erdogan Slams ‘Jewish’ Media for Criticism of His Rule
Erdogan: ‘Jewish capital’ behind New York Times
A Simple Message: Kill Those Who Race Mix
Noninvasive prenatal testing used to detect cancer
South Korea MERS Outbreak Began With a Cough
Samsung Galaxy S6 active is announced, rugged high-end Android phone available only at AT&T
FOREX-Dollar drops even as Obama denies report on currency remarks
Turkish Election: Erdogan’s Election Plans Ruined
Russia, Iraq dominate Obama’s agenda at G-7
Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ crowned as ‘best guitar riff
Go back to your Section 8 home’: Texas pool party host describes racially charged dispute with neighbor
Source: Employee questioned in New York prison escape
Elections For Jews Only
Supreme Court Backs White House on Jerusalem Passport Dispute
Former South Carolina Officer Is Indicted in Death of Walter Scott
Turkey’s Ruling Party Loses Parliamentary Majority
TX teachers mock special ed students with ‘ghetto awards’ – insist they didn’t mean to degrade anyone
Transgender woman pushed onto NYC subway tracks in possible hate crime
Minnesota Files Criminal Charges Against Archdiocese Over Handling of Sex Abuse
British Nationalists Planning Demonstration against Jewish Privilege
The NFL: Nigger Football League, The NBA: Nigger Basketball Association; An Argument Against Greed
Houston’s skull-scalp transplant is just one of city’s medical firsts
MERS has killed 4 people in South Korea — and the health community is worried
FDA panel approves ‘female Viagra’ despite side effects and warning it could be the new date rape drug
Facebook rolls out ‘Lite’ version
Steam Machines, Steam Link, and Steam Controller Now Up for Pre-Orders
Tariq Aziz, top minister for Saddam Hussein and Iraq’s longtime international spokesman, is dead
Netanyahu slams telecoms giant Orange’s decision to leave Israel
Bernie Sanders Is Surging Among White Democrats, Minorities Love Hillary
Bruce Jenner’s Jewish Enablers
“Yes, Diversity Is About Getting Rid Of White People” admits a professor
“Diversity officer” at UK University won’t be fired for anti-White rants.
20 Reasons Why Amazon.com Warehouses Are Terrible Places
Worse than Wal-Mart: Amazon’s sick brutality and secret history of ruthlessly intimidating workers
Maybe I Am A Human Being After All….
9th baby dies after heart surgery at a Florida hospital
Study: Painkillers, anti-anxiety meds raise homicide risk
Alcohol use disorder on the increase, often untreated
South Korea reports third death from Mers outbreak
Scientists create first lab-grown limb
Behold the latest dinosaur discovery: Hellboy!
Seven New Mini-Frogs Found—Among Smallest Known
U.S. Jobless Claims Fall to 276,000
Pamela Geller Calls Allegedly Being Targeted for Beheading by Terror Suspect ‘Chilling’
Tens of Thousands Gather in Hong Kong to Remember the 1989 Tiananmen Massacre
Ex-Egypt president Hosni Mubarak to be retried over killing of protesters
IMF warns U.S. Federal Reserve should delay rate hike until 2016
Rick Perry Joins the 2016 Presidential Race
Report: Russia withdraws support from Assad as regime disintegrates
It’s About Time: New Bill Requires Police to Report All Shootings & Uses of Force
Freedom Or Freedumb
Melanoma: Two Drug Combo Halves Death Risk
South Korea scrambles to try to contain MERS outbreak
Flying Saucers — What Took So Long?
3 Reasons Why the Warriors Can End Their 40-Year Title Drought
U.S. private sector adds 201,000 jobs in May: ADP
India poised for strong growth; GDP to rise 7.3% in 2015: OECD
Houston man accused of killing son, 3, over potty training
South Korea Says It Tested Missile That Can Strike Anywhere in North
Texas set to execute man who has spent three decades on death row
Black family faces jail time for cheering teen at a Mississippi high school graduation
Supreme Court Rules Police DO NOT Need A Warrant To Search Your Home
Man Under Surveillance by Terrorism Investigators Is Shot Dead
Senate Votes to Curtail U.S. Surveillance; Bill Goes to Obama
Blame It On the Jews
Good Is Now Evil And Evil Is Now Good
Kelly Wells Biography; Real Name Jessica Walls
Studies revealing immunotherapy success represent ‘new era’ for cancer treatment
South Korea Confirms First Two Deaths From MERS
Florida fish have babies by ‘virgin birth’
It’s Official: Fallout 4 Announcement Is Coming Tomorrow
Clinton to autograph seeker: ‘Go to the end of the line’
Allies back Iraq plan against Islamic State, Baghdad calls for more help
1TB PlayStation 4 and new Xbox One bundle, controller tipped ahead of E3
US accuses Syria of backing ISIS advance near Aleppo
Black bus driver endured racist slurs at Brooklyn Jewish school, suit says
Here’s why American billionaires may not be able to buy the 2016 election
‘There is no such thing as marital rape’: Christian website says wives must yield for sex ‘no questions asked’
Denver Ex-Cop Says He Was Fired for Refusing to Destroy Video Evidence of Abuse of Inmate
Cruz: Universities That Boycott Israel Should Lose Federal Funding
Hypocrisy Might Be Justified In This Case…..
Democratic moneyman Monte Friedkin says he’ll only support Hillary if she promises support for Israel
Asia MERS Outbreak Alarms Authorities
Contact lenses may alter bacteria in the eye
Researchers hail new cancer treatment: Unlocking the body’s immune system
Lost Memories Can be Retrieved by Light
Scientists probe mysterious wave of antelope deaths
Windows 10 Arrives on July 29
A Muslim woman beat Abercrombie & Fitch. Why her Supreme Court victory is a win for all Americans.
Supreme Court Throws Out Conviction for Facebook Threats
United Nations Official Pushing to Include IDF on Terror Blacklist
Key Parts of Patriot Act Expire Temporarily as Senate Moves Toward Limits on Spying
Barack Obama’s Anti Semitism Test
Violent Antisemitism Surged Forty Percent In 2014
Native American Tribes Declare Sovereignty, Break Away from State of Maine
Joseph R. Biden III, Vice President’s Son, Dies at 46
China Warns Of World War 3 Unless The US Backs Down On South China Sea
A Story To Tell Of Justified Murder
How Monsanto Could Get Even Bigger and More Powerful
Live anthrax found in U.S. military shipment to Australia: official
Sister meets man with her brother’s transplanted face
Mice with ‘amnesia’ have memories restored by light
Scientist says dinosaurs were warm-blooded
Fossils of ancient beaver species found in Oregon
Modern humans migrated out of Africa from Egypt unlike previously believed
The secret reason Tim Tebow was signed by the Eagles
Report: iPhone text bug also hits Snapchat, Twitter
Anheuser-Busch Producing Canned Water for Flood Victims
4 essential Google Drive add-ons
Six things to know about Martin O’Malley
Early signs point to Josh McCown being unchallenged as Browns starting quarterback
With Colts, Andre Johnson rediscovering love for the game
U.S. Economy Contracted 0.7% in First Quarter, Signaling Weaker Start
Why Middle School Should Be Abolished
How Getting Rid of High School Could Save America’s Schools
Drew Brees’ selfishness to blame for New Orleans Saints’ start
Trapped In A Corner
Grandpa, Put That Glass Down: Moderate Drinking May Cause Heart Damage in the Elderly
Tattoos last, but for 1 out of 10, so does the pain
Don’t Wait To Start HIV Treatment, According To Groundbreaking Global Study
A 500,000-year-old clue reveals world’s oldest known murder
Phone Subsidy for Poor Extended to Broadband in FCC Proposal
It’s so hot in India right now the roads are literally melting: At least 1,400 dead in month-long heatwave
Vladimir Putin Says U.S. Is Overstepping With FIFA Probe
Pataki Announces Run For 2016 GOP Presidential Nomination
Killing Like Cool Kids Lyrics
Rick Santorum: Freemason and a “Knight of Malta”
Rick Santorum Officially Announces Presidential Run
Nebraska Abolishes Death Penalty as Lawmakers Override Veto
Are Muslims Truly Innocent Victims Of The Judaic Order?
Police say Conn. pastor’s shooting may be linked to his tolerance for gay community
Two drinks per day may be harmful to elderly
Scientists to study whether Ecstasy may relieve social anxiety in autistic patients
Scientists use herpes virus to treat skin cancer
Messaging bug discovered in iOS that can crash iPhone
Criminals want your tax returns. Here’s what you can do about it.
Obama Announces New Rule Limiting Water Pollution
Hooray, Now You Can Kill Kids in Skyrim; Now To Do The Same In Real Life….
ISIS In Great Israel’s Scheme
U.S. Appeals Court Rules Against Obama on Immigration Plan
A Road Trip Of Realizations
Austrian teenager receives two-year in prison after downloading bomb plans to Playstation
Analysis: Are Belgium’s Jews any safer now?
Sudden Infant Death Risk Greater in Mountains
N.J. patient dies of Ebola-like Lassa fever after Liberia trip
Scientists Thought The Panther Chameleon Was One Species. It’s Really 11
Dollar rallies on data, Europe woes; stocks, commods fall
U.S. Stocks Sharply Lower
Iraqi forces launch operation to drive ISIS from Anbar, Salaheddin
UN officials let child sex abuse claims linger
Inside the Malaysian jungle camps: Human cages, 139 suspected graves
Storms kill eight in Texas, Oklahoma; Houston hard-hit
Washington Coming To Its Senses? (No)
30 Most Unforgettable Porn Stars Who Recently Retired
Proof Women Shouldn’t Be Employed As Supervisors……Or At All….
Homo Sum By Decapitated
Bloody Coats
Eight In A Million
Mosquito Diseases can be Eliminated by Switching Sex in Mosquitoes
B.B. King’s Daughters Allege Blues Singer Was Poisoned Before His Death
Is Android M For ‘Macadamia Nut Cookie’? Features & Release Date Here!
Sunnis Seize Key Military Sites from Houthis in Yemen
Narendra Modi deserves his five years to change things
Texas, Oklahoma Floods: 12 People Missing as More Rain Forecast
Astronomers observe possible ‘cannibalistic’ star
Volcano erupts in Galapagos Islands, home to unique pink iguanas
Battle ropes are the new workout craze in U.S. gyms
Kill The Christian By Deicide
Reasons not to become a teacher
21 Harsh Truths Black People Don’t Want to Hear
Ireland Becomes First Country to Legalize Gay Marriage by Popular Vote
In Early Vote Count, Ireland Appears Set to Legalize Gay Marriage
Senate Blocks Bill to End N.S.A. Bulk Collection of Domestic Phone Records
I Am Back…..But For How Long….
Interaction with Animals May Ease Anxiety in Autism
Flavor Flav arrested in Las Vegas on allegations of DUI, marijuana possession, speeding
Apple could give old iPhones and iPads new life with iOS 9
Obama: Iran agreement will help Israel
Colombia Rebels Cancel Unilateral Cease-Fire After Army Raid
Most influential Jews in the media
Likud MK says Obama’s criticism of Netanyahu has ‘a bit of hypocrisy’
Jeb Bush finds area of disagreement with his brother
Wall St. Slips as Oil Prices Slide
ISIS extends hold on Syria’s ancient city of Palmyra
15 of the Most Hateful Tweets About NFL Hopeful Michael Sam Coming Out
The Fight Is Over; I Have Given Up
Pastor: Black families made a lot more progress as slaves
Arkansas pastor’s wife turns him in after finding ‘tens of thousands’ of child porn files
The Munich Agreement Did Not Cause World War II, The Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression Pact Did
Philippine ambassador dies in Pakistan helicopter crash
Video shows white officer kicking black man in face
WHO adds hepatitis C drugs to essential list, urges lower prices
Novartis says lung cancer drug Zykadia gains EU approval
Landslide: British PM Cameron, Tories trounce Labour party
Russia Hopes Next U.S. President Will ‘Cure’ Ties: Putin Aide Peskov
The legacy of cheater Tom Brady won’t be ruined by Deflategate
U.S. Economy Adds 223,000 Jobs; Unemployment Rate Dips
Fag Killer Lyrics By The MeatShits
Tell Congress: Don’t reauthorize the PATRIOT Act
Free Speech Is Not for Everyone: Sylvia Stolz has been Jailed Again for Questioning the Holocaust
British Exit Polls Point to Strong Showing for Conservatives
Justice Department Will Investigate Baltimore Police Practices
Senate Overwhelmingly Passes Iran Nuclear Bill
Some New Found Hope For The Future
UC Berkeley engineers convert smartphone into microscope to detect parasite in blood
CO2 levels reach monthly record
Appeals court strikes down government’s phone surveillance program
Saudi Arabia Proposes Cease-Fire in Yemen
Japanese zoo is sorry it named a baby monkey Charlotte after Britain’s princess
Under Kim Jong-un, North Korean property prices are soaring
Israel’s New Government Promises Little Progress on Peace Talks and Unstable Rule
John Kerry Meets Yemen’s Exiled President Hadi in Saudi Arabia
Jobless claims hold near 15-year low
Boston Bomber Tsarnaev Faces Prison Hell if He Escapes Execution
VIDEO: Media in Tears as Swastika Flags Fly on Illinois Home
High-Profile Tennessee Republicans Lash Out at Koch Brothers Group: ‘We’re Aggravated By It’
Nebraska woman claiming to represent God files federal lawsuit against all ‘homosexuals’
CA Attorney General Kamala Harris’ aide busted over ‘3,000-year-old’ Knights Templar police force
Netanyahu Manages to Form New Israeli Government
Patriots Probably Deflated Footballs on Purpose, Report Says
The Sin Guilt Will Be What Destroys Mankind….
The perils of running on a treadmill
CDC Releases First National Study On Hispanic Health
Astronomers find a galaxy really far, far away
Wendy’s to Sell Bakery Business, Over 600 Restaurants
Iran determined to regain its share of oil export market -oil minister
The rehabilitation of Stalin: Putin rewrites history to convince almost half of all Russians that megalomaniac dictator was just a man with ‘good intentions’
Baltimore Seeks Justice Department Inquiry Into Its Police Practices
Germanwings Co-Pilot Appears to Have Rehearsed Fatal Dive, Report Says
Assad in rare public appearance says losing battles doesn’t mean war is lost
US offers millions for information on four ISIS leaders
Analysis: Syria’s al-Assad regime in trouble – CNN.com
Greg Cosell’s NFL draft preview: QB Marcus Mariota’s pro transition
Greg Cosell’s NFL draft preview: Examining QB Jameis Winston
Greg Cosell’s draft preview: Are there any starting QBs outside the top two?
What Really Happened To Freddie Gray
Obama discusses Baltimore on last David Letterman appearance: Many blacks don’t trust the cops
‘Pandering to idiots’: Jade Helm 15 fears continue crossing over from fringes to political mainstream
Couple faces 15 years behind bars after a grandma records them having sex on Florida beach
Christian developer behind ‘Kill the Faggot’ game promises next release will be even more offensive
I Might Have Reported You on Facebook, But They’ll Never Tell
The Summer To End All Summers
What happened when an anti-Semite found he was Jewish?
The Trade That Was Never Going to Happen
How Winston Became the Buccaneers’ No. 1 Hope
Could a few extra pounds help diabetics live longer?
As bird flu costs mount for egg industry, questions arise about how virus is spreading
Giant whales have unique nerves like a bungee cords, researchers say
Chris Brown is a suspect in Vegas beating
Mike Huckabee Joins Republican Presidential Race
Hillary Clinton May Push Envelope on Immigration Reform
The Last of Us Cinematic Supercut Tells the Whole Story
PlayStation 4 Hits 2 Million Milestone In UK; Console Becomes Sony’s Fastest-Selling Hardware In The Country
ISIS claims responsibility for Texas shooting but offers no proof
Bill Advances in France Giving Spy Agencies Vast Powers
Hitler’s Bunker To Be Rebuilt In Germany
What Drives High Achievement At Harmony Charters?
Violent Revolution Lyrics by Kreator
Black Sheriff Says if Black Lives Mattered They’d Protest at Abortion Clinics
New Plantations Prove How Little Things Have Changed Since The Days of Frederick Douglass In Baltimore
Why the Government is so Afraid of the Self-Reliant
One World Religion: Former Israeli President Proposes Pope to Head ‘UN for Religions’
Two Videos of the Same Arrest in Baltimore Shows How MSM Does Not Give You the Whole Truth
Isis reportedly killing Christians in Libya
Official Identifies One Suspect in Attack at Texas Anti-Islam Event
Carly Fiorina, Republican, Announces 2016 Presidential Campaign
More Evidence That Proves A Misanthrope Can’t Be A Racist…..Whatever That Means….
Scientists Confirm That Ebola Could Be Transferred Through Sex
New insight into retinal disease gene therapy
Bush warbler’s song alerts scientists to new species
Horribly bleak study sees ‘empty landscape’ as large herbivores vanish at startling rate
‘Warning lights’ flash over Greece and France as manufacturing stumbles
Baltimore police tensions: One officer’s perspective
Police say 4 people, including suspect, killed in Wisconsin shooting
China’s Xi warns against Taiwan independence: Xinhua
Did Kim Jong-un snub Putin because Russia refused to sell him anti-aircraft missiles?
Ethiopian Israelis: ‘A community crying out’
ISIS-linked Twitter accounts reportedly claim responsibility for Texas shooting
Two Killed in Texas After Firing on Anti-Islamist Group’s Event
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Report: Muslim Brotherhood plotted to kill Morsi in order to spark revolution
Allegations of corruption, bribery weigh on Ahmadinejad as jailed ex-deputy speaks out
Gulf states seek quid pro quo of US assurances, weapons, for support in Iran deal
Report: Damascus warns Alawites to flee capital as Syrian forces crumble under rebel offensive
Baltimore Lifts Citywide Curfew Put in Place After Rioting
New York Senate Leader To Be Arrested
Atlanta police fatally shoot handcuffed woman after gunfight inside patrol car
Racist trolls pose as black looters on Twitter to smear Baltimore protests
Baltimore man detained with Freddie Gray: Police are using me to ‘cover their ass’
Freddie Gray’s Second Amendment rights were violated — where is the NRA?
The Purpose And Meaning Of This Webpage
Dog spreads plague to four people
This beetle’s butt is basically a machine gun
Prosecutor Cites ‘Probable Cause’ for Homicide Charges in Freddie Gray Case
What Animals Are Likely to Go Extinct First Due to Climate Change
NFL Draft 2015: The Biggest Steals from Round 1
Jeb Bush is shaping his still unannounced campaign around the Latino vote
Air strikes kill civilians in Yemeni capital
LG G4: First Impressions
Jews Who Own The American Media…
Banco Santander: The epitome of bankster evil
White House addresses Jade Helm 15 exercise as conspiracy theories grow even wilder
‘We call it Mount Ghetto:’ Colorado HVAC company won’t service ‘colored’ neighborhood
Rise of far left policies signals Democrats’ embrace of Bernie Sanders progressivism
What If Teddy Bridgewater Was a Cleveland Brown?
It’s Time For The NFL Draft….Yay!!!
Marcus Mariota Is Projected To Be Better Than Jameis Winston
Americas Region Becomes World’s First to Eliminate Rubella
‘Bizarre’ bat-winged dinosaur discovered in China
People with tattoos report the Apple Watch is having trouble determining they are alive
Jobless Claims in U.S. Decrease to Lowest Level in 15 Years
In key development for Fed, wages pick up in the first quarter
Bernie Sanders: The Populist Preacher Runs for President
Kim Jong-un snubs Vladimir Putin, cancelling planned visit for Russia WWII anniversary
‘Islamist attack’ thwarted in Germany, official says; 2 arrested
Stalin Posters Removed From Public Spaces In Makhachkala
6 Reasons to Try Microsoft’s Edge Browser
‘At times I thought I was dead,’ says teen rescued from Nepal quake rubble
Over 100 Arrested in New York Protest Over Death of Freddie Gray
Baltimore Police Finish Inquiry Into Death of Freddie Gray
Fleeing the Country to Avoid Student Loan Debt?
Profile of admitted freemasons presently serving in U.S. Congress
In search of the Hill’s Freemasons
Jewish Members of U.S. Congress: 114th Congress (2015-2017)
Baltimore Riots…Prelude to Urban War
Why I Have Grown To Hate America….
Gaming Is Not Just A Habit, But A Way Of Life
Potato Salad causes over 20 Cases of Botulism in Lancaster
Twitter stock keeps falling. Can it bounce back?
U.S. pending home sales rise 1.1% in March
Gaza rally for Palestinian unity ends in scuffles
Australia wary of escalating rift after Indonesia executions
New Saudi King Brings Major Change at Home and Abroad
Japanese Premier Dodges WWII, Pushes Trade Deal in Address to Congress
Uganda reportedly reaffirms denial of deal with Israel to absorb African migrants
U.S. Attacks in Afghanistan Stretch Limits Announced by Washington
Baltimore official battles CNN host: Just call rioters ‘niggers’ if you’re going to call them thugs
Can traditional schools learn a lesson from charters’ efficiency?
Indonesia Executes 8, Including 7 Foreigners, for Drug Convictions; One Wins Stay
Justices Appear Deeply Divided on Right to Same-Sex Marriage
Toward a Policy of Race Futurism
Overpopulation Is A Problem…..Here’s The Solution
Fed could give clues on first interest rate hike
Tyson Foods Strives to Eliminate Human Antibiotics From Broiler Chicken Flocks by 2017
Police identify 2 fatally shot outside church; 4 injured
Tsarnaev defense: spare him the death penalty, put him in supermax prison (+video)
Why James Holmes insanity case is so unusual for Colorado (+video)
Smiley Faces Make Healthy Food More Appealing for Kids
Iran slams Israel, nuclear powers at UN atomic treaty meeting
Bomani Jones: The Jameis Winston – Jamarcus Russell Is Equivalent To A Racial Slur
T. rex had a weird vegetarian relative, say scientists
Tsipras presses for May debt deal, says referendum possible
“I am both Muslim and Christian”
Maryland Governor Declares Emergency in Baltimore and Activates National Guard
I Don’t Do This Very Often But Just For Today….
Baltimore Police Clash With Youths Near Funeral for Freddie Gray
Why I Fight Against Public Education…..
RPT-INSIGHT-Increased human protections offered as H5N2 outbreak spreads
Count of botulism cases tied to Ohio church meal rises
Albuquerque police seek UFC fighter Jon Jones in hit-and-run
Call of Duty: Black Ops III is launching this November
Long odds for insanity defense in Colorado theater shooting trial
Why Blacks Running From Cops Is Entirely Logical — and So Common
Baltimore Erupts Into Violence, Chaos as #BlackLivesMatter Riots Rage
Why are teachers quitting in the middle of school?
The New Jewish Class Wars
The ‘Holocaust Denial’ Debate
Will the White Race Survive?
Top Rabbi Exposes Jewish Racism!
Article: Australian-based doctor added to Uganda’s most-wanted list
The Jews Killed John F. Kennedy
Revisiting why Browns passed on Teddy Bridgewater for Johnny Manziel
A year later, Vikings’ long look at Teddy Bridgewater paying off
Jameis Winston’s Publix Story Is Garbage
Jameis Winston’s new explanation for crab legs theft could cause problems for Florida State
Jameis Winston seen as having same faults as ’07 bust JaMarcus Russell
Communication Is The Key For Real Change In This World
World’s First Viable Malaria Vaccine Shows Success in Trials
Jeni’s Ice Cream recalls all products for listeria risk
Scientists can make you feel literally invisible
Researchers locate huge magma reservoir beneath Yellowstone
More fighting, air strikes in Yemen, civilian death toll exceeds 550
Why Turkey won’t say the G-word when it comes to the Armenians
Italy: Al-Qaeda cell planned suicide attack on Vatican
10 Things You Should Know About Black Skinheads
Pornowiki Leaks Bio: Lupe Fuentes
Porno Wiki Leaks Bio: Mariah Milano
Porno Wiki Leaks Bio: Phoenix Marie
Porn Wiki Leaks Bio: Bree Olson
Porno Wiki Leaks Bio: Monica Foster
Pornowiki Leaks: BiBi Jones
Latino leaders’ silence is killing blacks
How to shoot and kill a Latino college student and only pay a $500 fine
Latino Gang Members in Southern California are Terrorizing and Killing Blacks
Why are there so many Americans against Latino immigration?
Comcast Is Said to End $45 Billion Bid for Time Warner Cable
David Petraeus Is Sentenced to Probation in Leak Investigation
My Interesting History With The Jews….
The key to losing weight? “You can’t outrun a bad diet”
California Bill Would Ban Vaccination Opt Out Based on Personal Belief
Health Benefits of Yogurt Could be Overrated
China shocks world by genetically engineering human embryos
Samsung Galaxy S6 Performs Below Estimates in South Korea
Rubio, Clinton Early Favorites for 2016 White House Run
U.S. Drone Strike in Pakistan Killed American and Italian Held by Qaeda
Why Ghetto Gaggers Needs to GO
The Racist Side Of The Nation’s Largest Industry: Ghetto Gaggers
Ghetto Gaggers Speak out
Shut Down The Gonzo Porn Site, Ghetto Gaggers
Viral Video Shows Exactly How Misinformed Americans Are Due to War Propaganda
Mark Zuckerberg Is Grandson Of David Rockefeller. Real name. Jacob Greenberg.
A Message To My Facebook Friends: I Haven’t Given Up The Fight!
Cheaper Cancer Tests Carry Risks As Well As Benefits
There is NO link between MMR and autism – even in high-risk children, landmark study declares
Tabletop Detector Can ‘See’ Electrons – And Maybe Neutrinos Too
Vampire squid lurks in dark waters, lives longer than we thought
Kris Jenner ‘didn’t know Bruce Jenner wanted to become a woman and the subject was not discussed until after they divorced’
Sandra Bullock Is People’s “World’s Most Beautiful”
Google may launch US wireless service powered by T-Mobile and Sprint as early as this week
Twitter threatens abusive trolls with account lockdown
Princeton becomes 5th New Jersey town to ban tobacco sales to those under 21
DEA chief to step down after sex parties controversy
Taliban Are Said to Target Hazaras to Try to Match ISIS’ Brutality
France arrests terror suspect after he apparently shot himself by accident
Jameis Winston finally explains what happened with the shoplifted crab legs
Facebook’s WhatsApp Will Be How the World Makes Phone Calls
Saudi-Led Coalition Ends Yemen Military Operation
E.U. Charges Russian Energy Giant Gazprom With Abusing Its Dominance
Texas Chef Faces $2,000 Fine For Feeding The Homeless
Himmler never mentioned Holocaust to wife despite her dislike of Jews – letters
Army ROTC program allegedly pressured cadets to walk in high heels for ASU event
Ron Paul: Race, Ritual and the Scottish Rite
Ron Paul Exposed: High Ranking Rosicrucian Freemason
D.E.A. Chief Is Expected to Resign
400 Blackwater Mercs Deployed In Ukraine Against Separatists, German Press Reports
ISIS, Taliban announced Jihad against each other
New Black Panther Leader Says He Gonna Hunt Down White People And Kill Them To Totally Destroy White Supremacy [Video]
Metro UK: Cancer patient given 18 months to live is cured by cannabis
Virginia Democrat says he’s okay with extermination of five million Americans
Lindsey Graham on 2016, Immigration and Israel
So, It Was My Birthday Yesterday…..
78 US counties have become minority White in just 13 years.
1 out of 4 Brits may be non-White by 2051
Ex-President Sarkozy still wants to destroy White France
The ‘bookkeeper of Auschwitz’ asks for forgiveness: SS sergeant who tallied victims’ gold and jewels goes on trial for 300,000 counts of accessory to murder
Auschwitz guard trial: Oskar Groening admits ‘moral guilt’
Anti Semitic Teacher Is Fired For Saying Jews Are Ruining America
Homeless People Were Asked To Write Down A Fact About Themselves. Their Answers May Surprise You
Two immigrant MPs heading to Parliament
U.S. most armed country with 90 guns per 100 people
Thousands of women smuggled into Israel for sex trade
80 percent of police force resigns after Missouri town elects first African-American mayor
Alleged ISIS Supporters Arrested in California, Minnesota
It’s Adolf’s Birthday: Learn The Truth About Him
Russia Demographics Are Now Reasonably Healthy. Birth Rate the Highest in Europe
Latest black man killed by police said he was going to start a “black revolution”
An Army General Discusses 911, Military Drills On US Soil, And Geoengineering
Year: 1939 A Jewish newspaper, predicts that “the coming world war would be the annihilation of six million Jews
The day Canada’s white supremacists saluted Stephen Harper
Why Jews Don’t Believe In Jesus
BREAKING: ISIS Training Camp Discovered 8 Miles From Texas Border… And Look What’s INSIDE
Islamic Terrorism: Why There Is None in Japan
Jade Helm: Another Neocon Hoax
ADL spokesman denounces SPLC’s fake “hate group” map
Memphis station profiles 13 year old gangbanger
Why is The World Media silent on killing Burma’s Innocent Muslim?
Pelosi: Hillary’s Record Doesn’t Matter, What’s Important Is She’s A Woman
Rodney Shakespeare: More secrets on 9/11 to be spilled as story unravels
Take Your Money Out of the Bank Before Jade Helm Ushers in Martial Law
The power of lies: Abraham Lincoln was a tyrant, not a hero – Paul Craig Roberts
Jade Helm 15 and the Coming False Flag Attack Upon the Banks
Teacher beaten unconscious inside New York Middle School
Ted Cruz woos Orthodox Jews
Johnny Manziel Apologies to Browns Fans After Troubled Rookie Season
10 Sure Ways to Spot a Shill
PUTIN – just another oligarch Jew
9/11 Conspiracy Author Phillip Marshall, His Dog and 2 Kids Found Dead in California
Fewer Americans Believe in God Than Before
A Week That Began With A Bang Ends With An Epiphany
‘No lifting of sanctions until Iran abides by nuclear deal,’ Baker says
Italian State Refuses Ministry Request To House African Migrants
Allah flyers put up in Cardiff tell Muslims not to vote
Ancient Confession Found: ‘We Invented Jesus Christ’
Peace should be enforced before negotiated: It’s time for a paradigm shift in EU policies towards the Israel-Palestine conflict
Germany approves export of 5th submarine to Israel
Rafael Cruz complains about diversity: ‘Totally the opposite of what made America great’
Israel Launches Initiative to Have Antisemitism Recognized as an International Crime
Italian police: Muslim migrants threw Christians overboard
Woman On Welfare Wants Taxpayers To Pay For $15,000 Wedding, Being A Bride Is A ‘Basic Human Right’
A Zionist Egypt has emerged under Al-Sisi
Hungary Kills The Rothschild Banks: Ordered To Vacate Country.
Netanyahu to Putin: S-300 missile sale to Iran undermines Middle East
Teacher who had sex with 2 students gets probation
Tetanus vaccines found spiked with sterilization chemical to carry out race-based genocide against Africans
Lesbians4Hillary Is Clinton’s First Major Endorsement
Ukrainian parliament recognizes militia that collaborated with Nazis
Ziobots Invade Facebook
AFP PODCAST: 9-11 Cop Who Arrested Dancing Israelis Speaks
U.S. Hoax museum program mandatory for new FBI agents
When Will Black Americans Fix Their Communities….
Rand Paul moves to ban aid to Palestinians until ICC bid withdrawn
Another Attempt On My LIfe Has Been Made…..And Has Failed As Usual
Bad Start With Hillary
The Controversy of Zion
Gay Porn Model Commits Suicide Following Workplace Shooting
UK Labour Party: “We will introduce state funded Islamic schools in 2015″
Pastor condemns fellow clergyman for not supporting death by stoning for gays
Aaron Hernandez, Former Patriots Star, Found Guilty of First-Degree Murder
New Study Shows That Atheists Have Higher IQs and Self Esteem Than Religious People
India Holds Bill Gates Accountable For His Vaccine Crimes
Armed New Black Panthers are openly preparing for race war
The numbers are staggering: US is ‘world leader’ in child poverty
“More on the Khazar Theory”: Koestler Admitted He Wrote His Book to Further Jewish Interests
If Judaism is “Just a Religion,” Why Does an Atheist want to be the “First Jewish Prime Minister of Britain” ?
Rethinking The Khazar Theory
Meet the CEO Who Took a Pay Cut to Set His Employees’ Minimum Wage at $70,000 a Year
Silence Is Proof of Guilt
Now a breath test to stop stomach cancer: Screening spots chemical signals that are linked to development of tumours
Hang up your apron: meet the robot chef that can cook dinner
Millennials, more jobs and high-end buildings will push average US rent higher
Goodbye, Lenin: Ukraine moves to ban communist symbols
Barack Obama not ready to formally endorse Hillary Clinton
Nigeria’s President Can’t Promise Chibok Girls Will Be Found
Large Cities All Over America are Degenerating into Black Gang-Infested War Zones
Israel alarmed at news Russia to supply Iran advanced air defense system
The UK is one of the least religious countries in the world, survey finds
Historic First: Hillary Clinton Hires an Openly Gay Man to Be Her Campaign Manager
There Is No Hell Fire; Adam & Eve Not Real – Pope Francis Exposes
Marco Rubio Announces 2016 Presidential Bid
Monsanto’s Zionist Bedfellows
Atlas Shrugged Outlines The Illuminati Purpose And Plan For World Takeover
President of Ecuador Tweets ‘Heil Hitler’
Walter Scott probably attacked Slager after all
POLL: Israelis think Holocaust will one day be forgotten
Hillary Clinton Announces 2016 Presidential Bid
University Professors Legitimize Child Rape Saying it’s ‘Natural’ for Men to Want to Rape Children
Jews, Zionists Behind Armenian Genocide Holocaust
Refuting Jews For Judaism
Valerie Jarrett Orders “Gender Neutral” Bathroom Installed In White House
It’s Ridiculous to Compare Putin to Hitler, Doing So Could Lead to Disaster
The First International Anti Semitic Conference
An Indecent Marriage Proposal
Indiana Requiring All Gay Residents To Wear Sensor That Will Trigger Alarm Upon Entering A Store
Five Key Questions That Were Not Asked During the Trial of “Boston Bomber” Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
Christian Identity: The scary religion you don’t know about
Walter Scott shooting witness Feidin Santana reveals how he captured the video that saw police officer Michael Slager arrested
On The Hunt For Peace and Sanity
Why More Women Are Choosing Not to Have Children
Clinton Accuses Israel of Being Occupying Force
Ten major ways Rand Paul and Hillary Clinton are exactly the same
Jameis Winston’s attorney says FSU quarterback not ready ‘off the field’
Girl, 14, Found Naked In Bed With Older Man, But The Story Gets MUCH Worse
Franklin County Speedway announces plan to discriminate against white people
2015 Has Been an Ugly Year for the Treatment of Muslims in Texas
Study Finds People Who Believe In Heaven Commit More Crimes
US Government says Puerto Ricans are getting SSI for claiming they don’t speak English
The new law in California would prevent parents from citing personal beliefs or religious reasons to avoid getting their children vaccinated
Rand Paul calls for decriminalizing everything that disproportionately incarcerates blacks
Orchestra Drops Pianist Valentina Lisitsa Over ‘Deeply Offensive’ Tweets
Latin American Countries Want to Remove All US Military Bases
How The Jews Prompted A German Backlash
UN Official: We Should Make Every Effort To Depopulate The Planet
Americans Are 58 Times More Likely To Be Killed By Cops Than Terrorists – Study
Revealed: Barry Manilow quietly married his longtime manager Garry Kief in ‘surprise’ wedding last yea
Bernie Sanders: ‘Higher Education Should Be A Right’
Report: Jameis Winston expected to face second rape-related accusation
How The Jacksonville Jaguars Chose Blake Bortles
How The Minnesota Vikings Chose Teddy Bridgewater….
BREAKING: Ron Paul Endorses Ted Cruz for President
Obama to Call for End to ‘Conversion’ Therapies for Gay and Transgender Youth
Jewish Lobby in Australia Declares War on Free Speech
United Nations Headquarters to be moved to Israel
Police shoot man in the back: Who was Walter Scott?
‘Paedophilia is natural and normal for males’
Nazis may have killed up to 20m, claims ‘shocking’ new Holocaust study
Six Things You Didn’t Know the U.S. and its Allies Did to Iran
Guillotine Death by Noahide Laws PASSED BY CONGRESS-1991
After Video Surfaces, South Carolina Officer Is Charged With Murder in Black Man’s Death
Bobby Jindal warns: No ‘special rights’ for ‘gays’
‘Gay’ leader to churches: Support homosexuality or be taxed
Israel Have Killed 561 Palestinian Children In 1 Year
Rand Paul Says ‘I Am Running for President’
Lifestyle Judge rules that you can now divorce your spouse on Facebook
Saudi Airstrikes against Yemen Use Weapons “Made in Israel”
Israeli Arab MK: World ignoring ISIS massacre of Palestinians
UN Report Reveals How Israel is Coordinating with ISIS Militants Inside Syria
Omerta Lyrics By Lamb of God
No Charges for Texas Father Who Beat to Death Daughter’s Molester
A liberal Islamic scholar’s dissimulations on the Koran
Black Donor’s Sperm Mistakenly Sent To Neo-Nazi Couple
Ukraine: Batallion Backed by Jewish Billionaire Sent to Fight Pro-Russian Militias
Nun stabs boy in hand to teach him ‘how Jesus suffered’
Basketball riot triggers race conversation
Queen’s warning over rise of jihadist menace
Filipino Devotees Nailed to Crosses in Good Friday Rites
The Ways Of The Real World
Army of God? 6 Modern-Day Christian Terrorist Groups You Never Hear About | Alternet
Obama Tells Times Columnist Thomas L. Friedman Iran Deal Would Not Threaten Israel’s Military Edge
Kenya: Muslims screaming “Allahu akbar” only shot those who couldn’t recite Qur’an | JEWSNEWS
Italians Fight Islam, And Reject Plan To Have Islamic Center In Italy
Documents Surface Proving That Michelle Obama Never Gave Birth To Malia And Sasha
NORWAY: New right wing government is kicking out foreign criminals, most of them Muslims
A Former Muslim Dishes The Truth On The Religion Of Peace
Obama forced to support Israel due to its lobby in US: Activist
Not All African Leaders Are Corrupt, But the Ones Who Aren’t Are Eliminated by the West
LaRouche to Greece: Call the EU’s Bluff, Join the BRICS
Hundreds attend anti-Islam rallies across Australia
Peter Gotzsche, founder of the Cochrane Collaboration, visits Australia to talk about dangers of prescription drugs
The World’s Oldest Bible
Did the historical Jesus exist? A growing number of scholars don’t think so
Nazis Punishing Nazis For Mistreating Jews
Dwight David Eisenhower photographs prove that there were no gas chambers
Enough Is Enough: I Quit Teaching!
Why Do So Many Jews Hate Black People?
Israel to Deport Black African Migrants to the Desert
ALERT: Secret Service experts worry about Obama’s safety; now fearing a repeat of JFK
1500 Year Old Bible Found and Nobody Want’s To Know ?
‘Islamic Jew-hatred’ ads with Hitler appear on Philly buses
Love Of White Culture Won’t Make You An Uncle Tom
Will The Best Player In The 2015 NFL Draft Please Stand Up?
ESPN’s Chris Mortensen: Browns “90 percent” Done with Manziel
Donating To Snowden Is Now Illegal, New U.S. Executive Order
Jews Don’t See A Future For Themselves In Europe
Shock as SCLC leader urges blacks to “arm themselves”
UN says Israel, not Iran, North Korea or Syria worst violator of human rights
Muslims to outnumber Christians worldwide by 2070: Islam will be only major religion to increase faster than world’s population
Death Toll in Attack on Kenyan University Rises to 147
Framework for Iran Nuclear Accord Announced, Though Not All Details Settled
McDonald’s Raising Pay for Employees in 1,500 Stores
40% of Palestinian Children Detained by Israel Are Sexually Abused; Virtually All Are Tortured
Why Do Teachers Quit?
Study: Teacher Turnover Is Higher Than Ever
The genocidal roots of Purim.
Jewish Purim is genocidal at it’s core.
Michelle Obama spending spree
Ending Antisemitism Means Ending Jewish Supremacy
1,000-year-old onion and garlic eye remedy kills MRSA
9 New York Doctors Are Accused of Defrauding Medicaid Using Homeless People
Palestinians formally join International Criminal Court
Gunman Detained After Raid on Ruling AKP Party Office in Istanbul
‘Difficult issues’ remain as Iran nuclear talks go beyond deadline
Muhammadu Buhari vs. Fela Kuti: Nigeria’s new president-elect once jailed a music icon
Facebook’s tracking cookies affect even users who opt out, claims EU report
Jewish Pimps and Shiksa Prostitutes — the Jewish Role in White Slavery
Defying Criticism, Arkansas Legislature Passes Bill on Religious Freedom
Obama Lifts Arms Freeze Against Egypt
Christianity, Islam and Judaism Are Not A Part Of African Culture….
Paralysis Linked to Polio virus
According to new study Polio virus can treat brain cancer
Glow-in-the-Dark Tampons Track Sewage Pollution in Rivers
Anti-censorship group: China behind cyberattacks on US sites
Armed prisoner on the run after escaping from D.C.-area hospital
Questions remain in officer-involved shooting at NSA
U.S., Kuwait pledge over $1 billion towards Syria crisis
Merkel urges Germans: Give Greece a chance
Arabs turn up heat on Yemen rebels
McCain Advises Israel “Go Rogue,” Blow Up Iran Negotiations By Starting War
Divisions Within Our Ranks
Many parents may possibly not recognize kid obesity
Heavy drinkers may cut down their cancer risk by drinking coffee
Spotify is launching today for Sony’s PS4 and PS3
Lower unemployment rate in US economy 2015
Democrats Caught Up in Controversial Indiana Religious-Freedom Law
Former Israeli Premier Olmert Convicted in Corruption Case
Iran Backs Away From Key Detail in Nuclear Deal
Finally America Will Re-evaluate Unconditional Backing For Israel
European Union says leave Facebook if you value your privacy
Congress Totally Cool With Israel Spying on U.S. Officials Negotiating With Iran
Muslims Did Not Attack the U.S. on 9/11
Obama Sells Out Israel to Iran
The Farce Is Complete: Joe Biden’s Son Joins Board Of Largest Ukraine Gas Producer
Chechnya threatens to arm Mexico against US
March to martial law? Undercover Special Forces to sweep US Southwest
The American History Of Compulsory Vaccination and its Ties to Eugenics
Top 10 Most Violent Verses of the Bible
Christianity and Islam: A Side by Side Comparison
Violent Quotes From The Quran and The Bible
Is The Bible More Violent Than The Quran?
German Pilot Sought Treatment for Vision Problems, Authorities Say
Why I don’t care for the Jews
Jewish Faces in Chinese Government
Message of Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei To the Youth in Europe and North America
US Laser Test Destroys Germanwings Airliner Killing 150 Innocent Civilians
Liberal professor calls for genocide, says white males should commit suicide
Homosexuality leads to acceptance of pedophilia.
Sexual Abuse: A Major Cause Of Homosexuality?
Israel Releasing Impounded Palestinian Tax Revenue
Halal Slaughtermen Suspended After Being Filmed Taunting And Abusing Terrified Animals
Declassified report – US helped Israel develop hydrogen bomb
US Congress launches task-force to combat anti-Semitism
Harry Reid, Senate Democratic Leader, Won’t Seek Re-Election
The Illusions of Islam
Two experimental Ebola vaccines appear safe says US agency
GLOBAL MARKETS-European stocks head for biggest weekly fall of the year
No murder charge for woman accused of cutting baby from womb
Jeb and Walker Immigration Double Talk
Syria’s Assad says ‘open’ to dialogue with United States
Heartbroken workers seek compassionate leave after Zayn Malik quits One Direction
Roots of frat boy racism: America’s oldest colleges profited from slavery, taught racial inferiority
White man charged with slugging black ex-Cardinals player: ‘Go back to Ferguson, you n****r’
Let the boycotts begin: Salesforce and NCAA slam Indiana for passing anti-LGBT law
Sen. Ron Johnson on slashing student aid: Federal loans are a waste because ‘college is fun’
DEA Agents Had Sex Parties with Prostitutes Funded by Drug Cartel Money
Syria militants congratulate Netanyahu’s election victory
Goal of Promoting ‘Democracy’ in Ukraine? US Wants to Exploit Its Resources
National Socialism To Revive Black/African Nationalism
Iceland’s genome study offers strong clues to gene-disease links
New Ebola vaccine found safe in early human trials
Shape-shifting frog species found in Cloud Forest of Ecuador’s Andean
Two Termite Species’ Brood Wreaking Havoc in Florida
Decapitate her head off”: Phil Robertson’s vile message to atheists
Which way will One Direction go after Zayn Malik’s departure?
Boko Haram has killed 1,000 civilians this year: rights group
Police say California woman concocted fake abduction with boyfriend
Saudi Arabia Begins Air Campaign Inside Yemen
What Does It Mean To Be Jewish?
How US Taxpayers Subsidize Israeli Settlements
California Seeks to Head Off Initiative to Execute Gays
Report Credits F.B.I. With Progress Since 9/11, but Says More Is Needed
Bowe Bergdahl Charged With Desertion and Misbehavior Before the Enemy
U.S. Begins Airstrikes on ISIS in Tikrit for First Time
The Christian Question Has Led To The Christian Problem
Disturbing ultrasounds show how babies are affected by smoking in the womb
Repeated use of some antibiotics can increase the risk of type2 diabetes by 23%
As Angelina Jolie reveals she had her ovaries removed, two brave women share their reasons behind taking the desperate measure in a bid to stave off cancer
Scientists have engineered the food that will help save a starving, warming planet
Iggy Azalea admits to having boob job in Vogue Magazine interview
‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 5 finale features big ‘A’ reveal, Mona is alive
Oil Markets Volatile As Dollar Falls And Supplies Seen Rising
German business morale at eight-month high, pointing to strong first quarter
Ex-U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. to be released from prison: USA Today
San Jose police officer shot and killed while responding to suicide call
The brutal reason Boko Haram just took 500 ‘young women and children’
Social media reaction to San Jose police officer being shot and killed
Yemen president reportedly flees home amid rebels’ advances
Vladimir Putin denies the holocaust
Ecuadorian President Says the CIA is Attempting to Overthrow His Government
Eight Major Identical Twin Studies Prove Homosexuality Is Not Genetic
National socialists never used the words master race
Justified Violence Against Drug Addicts, Drug Dealers, and Alcoholics
Researchers Find Fossil of ‘Super Salamander’ Species
Short Naps improve Memory: Study
Comcast tries yet again to fix its customer service (this time, online)
Oil below $56 as Saudi output near record, China activity slows
China’s factories slump amid growth concerns
Five injured in shooting near Austin Peay State University; shooter on the run
Report: Browns expect Manziel out of rehab, on field within a month
Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Being Developed By Last Of Us Vets
Iran Negotiations: The Deal-Breakers
Real Money And The Jewish Dialectic
Starbucks CEO: If You Support Traditional Marriage, We Don’t Want Your Business
Israeli Analyst: No One Expected Netanyahu to Remain PM Following Election
A Taste In Music Could Be Disasterous
Ebola outbreak ‘over by August’, UN suggests
Bob Jones III apologizes for saying gays should be stoned
ISIS ‘Kill List’: US Military Urges Vigilance After 100 Of Its Personnel Threatened Online
Indonesian president says China’s main claim in South China Sea has no legal basis
Greek PM wrote to Merkel warning of ‘impossible’ debt obligation
Obama could force Netanyahu to bring Herzog into his coalition
How pollution makes your allergies more unbearable
US abstains from UN debate on Palestinians
Sen. Ted Cruz announces presidential bid with Twitter post, video
White Nationalist Delusions About Russia
People Who Question Jewish Lies Face 5 Years In Jail In Russia
Putin is a jew
Strength Beyond Strength As A Foundation For Living
A reminder of a positive workplace
One Year After Russia Annexed Crimea, Locals Prefer Moscow To Kiev
Christopher W. Spada For President 2016
It’s not the Treaty of Waitangi – it’s the Cheaty of Waitangi
Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Libya Under Gaddafi’s So-called Dictatorship
Jewish Talmudic Quotes – Facts Are Facts
US soldier admits killing unarmed Afghans for sport
The Dirty Business Of Organ Trafficking
Israelis run organ-trafficking network
Deep Racism: The Forgotten History of Human Zoos
Feds: Orthodox Jew Part Of Largest Child Porn Ring In History
Obama regime refused to deport the man who killed Next Top Model contestant
7 Children From an Orthodox Jewish Family Die in Brooklyn Fire
It’s happening: more US allies join the anti-dollar alliance
35 countries where the U.S. has supported fascists, drug lords and terrorists
The First Jewish Lie: The Old Testament fabrication that the Israelites were slaves in Egypt
Porn Wiki Leaks Page
Netanyahu Tactics Anger Many U.S. Jews, Deepening a Divide
Heinrich Himmler and His Work to Destroy Christianity
The Third Reich: Working Relentlessly to Destroy Christianity
The Third Reich: Fighting Against Christian Pedophilia
Adolf Hitler: His Quotes Regarding Christianity
Behind The Bible Fraud – What Was The Church Trying To Hide?
Israel votes for permanent occupation and apartheid – it must face international isolation
How Do You Like The New Look?
Top US Commander Under Arrest For Refusing To Fire Nukes At Russia
Opinions are divided – for whom Russia bumper?
“We want the next Finland!” – Of thousands of Russians cheered Putin
Obama Panics As New Petition Calls For Treason Charges Against Him
U.S. Threatens Sanctions Against Israel, Makes Excuses for Iran
Bring charges of treason upon Barack Hussein Obama
File charges against the 47 U.S. Senators in violation of The Logan Act in attempting to undermine a nuclear agreement.
Obama Administration Unveils Federal Fracking Regulations
Health Care Worker Dies From Forced Flu Shot
Noam Chomsky: Slavery and White Fear of Revenge ‘Deeply Rooted in American Culture’
Coca-Cola Pays Fitness Experts To Say Coke Is Healthy
US Special Forces caught red-handed in Syria
Obama calls for mandatory voting in U.S.
The Turner Diaries As A Foundation For Revolution
School officials learning coercive interrogations tactics to extract confessions from kids
CUFI applauds Netanyahu’s reelection, expresses worry over US-Israeli ties
Dieudonne convicted of condoning terrorism
Mesa Shooting: Police ID Suspected Gunman as Neo-Nazi With Long Record
“Out of Africa” Theory Officially Debunked
Netanyahu’s Win Is Good for Palestine
Proof that Paying Federal Income Tax is Voluntary
Hitler’s Declaration of War Against Stalin in 1941 – Who Was the Real Villain?
Netanyahu Unmasks Israel
Israel is supposedly the only democracy in the Middle East, yet 4.5 million Palestinians under its control can’t vote
Why are there so many holocaust survivors
The life of an American Jew in Israel
Fed Signals It May Increase Interest Rates by Midyear
When the curtain finally falls on the Jewish Shoah
100 Followers As Of Now
Internet Archive Wayback Machine
Putin To Nationalise Rothschild Central Bank
Tunisia gunmen kill 8 people
America’s first Indian lesbian wedding: It was love at first sight for Shannon and Seema
Two More Babies Stricken With Genital Herpes After Orthodox Jewish Rabbi P*enis Sucking Ritual
Greg Cosell’s NFL draft preview: Examining QB Jameis Winston | Shutdown Corner – Yahoo Sports
Presbyterians approve gay marriage
Rivers ponders future with Chargers
OBAMA FAILS: Netanyahu Declares Victory In Israel’s Election ‘Against All Odds’
The Curious Case of David Irving (Part I)
Which 6m do we have to suffer ?
Angela Merkel’s junior coalition partner: Germany must pay Greece war reparations
US Intelligence Has Removed Iran And Hezbollah From Terrorist List
The Prime Minister Of Turkey Is Now Having Talks About Invading Jerusalem, In A Major World War
Media refuses to condemn black pop star for promoting racial hatred
NAACP leader arrested for stealing $52k from the group
Israel Elections: Meet Isaac Herzog, Who Could Defeat Netanyahu
Israel kidnaps Palestinians in the west bank….
Is It Time for the Jews to Leave Europe? – The Atlantic
Netanyahu says no Palestinian state if he is elected
Vladimir Putin’s public absence stirs Russian clamor
Vladimir Putin Admits to Weighing Nuclear Option During Crimea Conflict
Speculation rife as world waits for Putin to reappear
Hyping a Nonexistent Russian Threat
Putin Is Best Russian Leader US Can Hope For
Putin’s Chief Bodyguard Killed
Vladimir Putin has been ‘neutralised’ by a stealthy coup as rumours about his health and well-being continue to flourish
Russia Declares “State Of War” With UK, Nuclear Orders Issued
McDonalds and Coca-Cola suffer as Americans lose taste for junk food
Half of the US Senate Just Committed Felonies, Could Face 3 Years in Prison
Ukraine’s Prime Minister Yatsenyuk Declares War on Russia
Putin says Russia was ready to activate nuclear arsenal over Crimea
Present Situation in the Gaza Strip
Suspect Arrested in Shooting of 2 Officers in Ferguson, Police Say
Why are white people expats when the rest of us are immigrants?
US National Guard Troops Are Being Sent To Ukraine
KKK using Isis and Taliban terror tactics to wage Christian Jihad on US
Putin: First Soviet government was mostly Jewish
Charlie Hebdo Shooting : How Governments Use Terror To Pass Laws
Satan at Work: Aborted Fetuses Used in Food, Beauty Products and Vaccines
Straight-A College Student Kicked out Because He Was Homeschooled
We demand that Intl. Criminal Court & UN charge Benjamin Netanyahu & Israel for War Crimes against Humanity
Ex-Lion says front office is arrogant, Stafford doesn’t work hard
C.I.A. Funds Found Their Way Into Al Qaeda Coffers
Vladimir Putin’s ‘girlfriend has given birth’
Meth lab found in Walmart bathroom
Michael Brown’s Mother Just Said Something Horrible About the Two Cops Shot in Ferguson
Gay Marriage Or States Rights?
The Quiet German: The astonishing rise of Angela Merkel, the most powerful woman in the world
Italian scientists ‘recreate DNA’ of fascist warrior-poet from semen stains
What George Washington and Benjamin Franklin said about the Jews
Savage Beating Videotaped Inside McDonald’s As Witnesses Watch
DROID Turbo Drops to $149 at Verizon, $549 Off Contract
Hitler was a Jew? A Rothschild?? Really ???
Killing Jews Won’t Solve The Jewish Question….
Genetic Markers Responsible for PTSD in US Marines Discovered
Boy gets real ‘bionic arm’ with Iron Man Robert Downey, Jr. thrown in
Two Senior U.S. Secret Service Agents Interfered in Bomb Investigation
Modi Builds Ties on First Sri Lanka Trip as China’s Clout Wanes
Benjamin Netanyahu behind in final polling day before election
Islamic State group accepts Boko Haram pledge of allegiance
Hunting Ferguson’s Cop Shooter in a Town That Doesn’t Trust Cops
U.S. leaves door open to strike Assad forces if U.S.-trained rebels attacked
Rand Paul’s plan for Kurdistan
Op-ed calls on Israel to nuke Germany, Iran
Sixty-Six Million Christians Murdered By Jewish Bolsheviks
Ferguson protesters: The shots didn’t come from us
The whole world is trying to ‘topple’ me, says Netanyahu
How I Defeated Facebook Censorship
Physical activity may protect older people from brain damage
Research Links PTSD to Genetic Factors
The IMF thinks Modi’s 8.5% growth forecast is nonsense
Calls for Police Accountability in Death of Naked Man
Search continues in military copter crash off Florida that left 11 presumed dead
Syrian visiting in Israel: ‘We saw that Israelis are not monsters’
Democrats stand by Clinton _ but with some reservations _ as she tries to refocus for campaign
2 Officers Are Shot Outside Ferguson Police Station
Bolivia declares Israel a terrorist state, 42 years of visa free travel called off
Analyst believes the Redskins will draft Marcus Mariota if he is on the board
Should Jews have to pay reparations for slavery?
Gay Paedophile Couple Sexually Abused Their Adopted Son
Tom Cotton told uninsured voter not to use Obamacare because ‘Russian mobsters’ would steal her identity
Oklahoma one step closer to turning marriage over to clergy to spite gays, atheists
Arkansas Republican gave adopted girls to rapist because they were ‘possessed by demons’: report
ISIS executes one of its Sharia judges
Why I Fight Against Feminists and Feminism
Research shows sugar industry was behind advice on cavity prevention
Want The New Apple MacBook? Here Are The USB-C Adapters You Will Need
Ericsson to Cut 2,200 Swedish Jobs to Improve Profitability
The Daily Vertical: Putin’s Kadyrov Dilemma
Blurred Lines’ verdict: Pharrell, Robin Thicke ordered to pay $7.3 million to Marvin Gaye family
Euro sinks to 12-year lows as yield gap grows
Why expelled Oklahoma frat boys would have an ‘excellent chance’ in court
Adolf Hitler was the most lied about man in history
Israel Demolishes CNN Offices, Cites Biased Reporting
Venezuelan President Bans Visas for George W. Bush, Dick Cheney
Media Blackout after US ally becomes leader of ISIS in Libya
Islamic State fighters pushed out of town near Tikrit
Jordan’s Abdullah likens ISIS to Nazis in speech to European Parliament
Tidbit Updates Thus Far In My Life
Drug testing using ‘heart-on-a-chip’ steps closer
For lower colorectal cancer risk, a veg and fish diet could help you a lot
New York State Changes Plan to Reduce Its Swan Population
Climate Change Causing Ancient Mummies to Degrade
‘Simpsons’ Co-Creator Sam Simon Dead at 59
Apple’s medical research app raises hopes, questions
Dollar at 12-year peak versus euro, emerging markets spooked
Hillary Clinton’s Long, Cautious Record on Women’s Rights
Myanmar Police Clash with Student Protesters
Iraq army inflicts losses on ISIL around Baghdad
Geek deals: Certified pre-owned LG Viper for $30 with FreedomPop’s free phone service
PlayStation 4 with Destiny and The Last of Us only for $410
Apple’s 12-inch MacBook vs. Windows laptops: Fight!
6th suspect arrested in Boris nemtsov murder
Oops! Nemtsov killed by radical Muslims, not Putin fans
Behead Arab-Israelis Opposed to State, Says Foreign Minister
U.S. declares Venezuela a national security threat, sanctions top officials
White children to become a minority by 2020
Masonic and Gay Dictator, Mustafa Kemal, was Jew – Here is the Proof
Pat Robertson: Quit your job if you work with Buddhists so you don’t ‘get infected by it’
Catholic bishop: Being born gay isn’t what God intended — it’s like Down’s syndrome
Muslim-hating activist names Jon Stewart ‘most disgusting Jew on the planet’
Republican senators try to undermine nuclear talks with letter to Iranian leaders
Anti Jewish Sentiments To Unite The World?
No impact on mental health caused by intake of Psychedelic drugs like LSD
Divorce is a more likely end to marriage when wife is seriously ill
Oxytocin is not about love only; it can help men lose weight also
Florida Officials Say They Were Banned From Saying ‘Climate Change’ and ‘Global Warming’
Madonna Believes Kanye West Is the Black Version of Herself: “We’re Comrades In the Envelope-Pushing Genre
American Sniper highest-grossing 2014 release in US
Fed rate hike expectations hit stocks, dollar holds firm
I don’t want to be defined by my gender
University of Oklahoma SAE Fraternity Closed After Racist Video
Is The End Of The White Race Near?
America desperately needs a hate speech law…..according to Jews
US, Israeli Military Advisors Arrested In Iraq, Accused Of Aiding ISIS
Jews push gay marriage….
Jews Backed Kagan For Supreme Court Seat
Why Jews Support Black Causes…
The New Jewish Hostile Elite
Can The White American Race Survive?
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion
Allied soldiers ‘raped hundreds of thousands of German women’ after WW2
Former UK Equality Chief: anti-racism is an “ugly new doctrine”
Germany’s biggest “anti-racism” crusader pleads guilty to child porn
Race Riots Coming to Toledo: National Socialists Plan Return for Demonstration after a Decade
Report: Man selling Nazi-made soap made of Jewish Holocaust victims’ remains
Boots on the Ground: US Military Instructors Arrive in Ukraine
Proof That Hitler Wasn’t In League With The Bush Family
African union blames America, UK, and Norway for Sudan Civil War
US government openly admits vaccines can cause polio, seizures and death in published ‘Vaccine Injury Table
Police looking for random shooting spree suspect
US missionary kidnapped in Nigeria has been freed, church says
Houston shooting spree: Weeks of random ‘thrill killings’ leave city mystified and rattled
Antigay activist says ‘fags’ run ISIS in angry, incoherent video rant
Woman ‘burning for Jesus’ sets hair on fire and climbs a tree — where she demands drugs and a ride to Kentucky
Oklahoma GOP lawmaker: Gays ‘don’t have a right to be served in every single store’
Conservative columnist can’t mourn Nimoy’s death because Spock reminds him of Obama
Military pressure needed to oust Assad, Kerry says in Riyadh
Drama In The Workplace
Needle stick-injured Ebola doctor free of virus after vaccination
Young Americans turning to Suffocation as a Suicide Method
Ancient Martian Ocean Held More Water Than The Arctic
Valve launches $50 Steam Link, says Steam Machines coming in November
Premarket: U.S. dollar revs up for jobs data, euro bonds rally on ECB
Taxpayers shell out nearly $3 million on Jodi Arias’ trials
LGBT anti-discrimination bill passes Utah test
Nusra Front commander killed in airstrike, group says
Palestinian Assailant Injures 5 Israelis in Car Attack
Harrison Ford ‘Saved Several Lives’ by Avoiding Suburbs in Plane Crash
Jewish Seats of Power In American Society
Jews Are A Racially, Motivated, Compact Group….
Adolf Hitler, The Man who Fought the Bank. TRUTH GONE VIRAL!
PressTV-‘PLO to end all security coop. with Israel’
FINALLY NATO ADMITS:NATO to overthrow regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi was a mistake
San Diego man with no criminal record faces life in prison for flashing gang signs on Facebook
Angry conservative wishes beheading on Oregon city official who opposes ‘In God We Trust’ display
Arkansas horror story: Republican lawmaker gave up adopted 6-year-old to man who then raped her
Pat Robertson tells parents: Prove you ‘don’t condone’ homosexuality by boycotting child’s gay wedding
The Tragic State of Whites in South Africa
Obama regime officially admits “hands up, don’t shoot” is a lie
The Myth Of Antisemitism
Virtual reality: The next-big-thing in gaming?
Mark Zuckerberg reveals his one rule for hiring at Facebook
Alzheimer’s Prevention Trial Expands With New $$
Where does Russia’s opposition go from here?
Peyton Manning to take $4M pay cut in 2015
Islamic State torches oil field east of Tikrit – witness
North Korea Hails Attack on Mark Lippert as ‘Righteous Punishment’ Against US
John McCain: No Matter Who Killed Nemtsov, Putin Is to Blame
Gauging the chances of Andre Johnson landing with Ravens
Suicide Has Become A Viable Solution In My Life
Beijing residents gasp for fresh air in the city of smog
He’s a dad! Chris Brown ‘has fathered a nine-month-old baby girl with longtime model friend Nia, 31’
Next Galaxy Note to Sport Dual Edge Display, Hints Samsung Executive
Nvidia to launch Shield games console to rival PlayStation and Apple TV
Sony plans to launch virtual-reality headset nicknamed Project Morpheus in 2016
Target Hopes to Save $2 Billion with Massive Layoffs
Harsh Winter Weather Bit Into U.S. Auto Sales in February
US Justice Department Finds Racial Bias Among Ferguson Police
Ex-CIA chief may avoid prison for leaking military secrets
Suspects announced for shooting of Boris Nemtsov but few details given
A murderer and rapist’s views reflect those of many in India
Netanyahu Speech Raises Burden for Obama on Iran Nuclear Talks
Iran is helping Iraqi military retake tikrit from isis
Video: Ali Abunimah on Netanyahu’s speech to US Congress | The Electronic Intifada
Israel’s Africa policies ‘an exercise in cynicism’
The Khazar/Jewish Mafia…
Nielsen Poll Says Buyers Chose PS4 Over Xbox One Due To Resolution Differences
Alabama Supreme Court Halts Same-Sex Marriage
Johnson move inevitable, but Texans bungled handling of it
Louisiana man gets life in prison for selling $20 worth of pot
Netanyahu says Iran Intends to Destroy Israel
Former coaches doubt Bears can win with Jay Cutler
Texas lawmaker suggests Asians should pick easier names
Beware of First National Bank of Texas
Pakistan Polio Push: 471 Parents Arrested for Refusing to Vaccinate Kids
Regular coffee drinkers have ‘cleaner’ arteries
Texans’ Release of Andre Johnson Is Unpleasant but Best for Both Sides
Suge Knight claims he is going blind in jail
BlackBerry launches all-touch Leap with $275 price tag
Block our accounts and die: Islamic State threaten to kill Twitter staff
Now you can get Games with Gold Xbox One games on Xbox 360
Google to launch mobile network in the US
How to Get Free Pancakes on Tuesday, Courtesy of IHOP
Israel’s Netanyahu to address Congress in speech that has strained ties with Obama
One in three sex workers have degrees
Hillary Clinton’s Use of Private Email at State Department Raises Flags
Radio host: Black lawmakers should be ‘hanging from a noose’ for boycotting Netanyahu’s speech
Protestors denounce netanyahu address to congress
Hitler’s bodyguard proclaims Hitler was no monster
Thousands of Palestinians without electricity in the winter thanks to Israel
Texas 4-year-old fatally shoots self — just 2 days and a few miles from 3-year-old who did the same
Americans turning away from religion
How I Have Matured In My Political Awakening
Most Doctors Give In to Requests by Parents to Alter Vaccine Schedules
Sierra Leone politician in quarantine
Impact of Solar Activity During Cooler Periods
Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. S5: What’s New
Hong Kong arrests 38 as anti-China protesters scuffle with police
Russia’s FM: Killing of Nemtsov ‘heinous,’ will be probed
Power of Jameis Overshadowing Marcus Mariota’s Greatness
Video shows police fatally shooting man in downtown Los Angeles
Iraqi forces reportedly begin attack to recapture Tikrit from ISIS
Netanyahu Gets AIPAC Support for Congressional Speech
Who is really pushing race mixing
Israeli politician admits they control congress
Venezuela bans u.s. citizens from country
German lawyer convicted of holocaust denial
Petition to charge Benjamin Netanyahu with war crimes in gaza
HTC’s One M9 is the world’s most beautiful disappointment
Jewish Defense League thugs found guilty of assault at Palestine event in London
Report: Israel lobbying Congress for $300m more for its missile defense programs
Galaxy S6 announced: Slick metal design comes at a sacrifice
Israel arrests golani druze for exposing isis and idf ties
Michelle Rodriguez says minorities stealing white people roles
An Unknown Request and Favor
Teen Encouraged Friend to Commit Suicide, Police Say
Egypt goes to war on ISIS, masses troops against Islamist Libyan stronghold at Darnah
Turkish Cross-Border Operation is Contrary to International Law
NATO Finds Arab Backdoor to Arm Kiev
Is Turkey withdrawing from NATO?
California Infant Dies after 8 Vaccines, Family Gets Him Back from Hospital Cremated
The Sun Will Be What Destroys Mankind
British Troops Head To Ukraine To Fight Russian Soldiers, PM Warns Putin
One-third of America on the brink of financial disaster – survey
You’re Not the Boss of Me! Why Libertarianism Is a Childish Sham
Netanyahu implicated in nuclear smuggling from U.S. — big story in Israel
Jewish Lobby Bullying Exposed in Australia
Food Stamp Recipients By Race
America’s Next Top Model’ and harsh realities
Christians Have Been Duped by Zionists
Horrors Coming To America Are Shocking As War On Terror Turns Upon Americans
75% Of World’s Physicians Refuse Chemotherapy For Themselves
Paul Craig Roberts – The CIA May Have Just Assassinated Boris Nemtsov In Moscow To Blame Putin | King World News
Egyptian president al sisi is Jewish. .
Biography of Rudolf Hess
Gaza is a concentration camp, and it’s an American delusion not to recognize that — Weschler
Banking: The Oldest Form of Greed and Theft
Boris Nemtsov, Critic of Putin, Is Shot Dead in Moscow
American atheist blogger ‘hacked to death’ in Bangladesh
South Carolina college bans homosexuality after athletes come out as gay
My Adoration of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism
San Antonio Researcher Announes Ebola Pill Breakthrough
Australian researchers discover new treatment options for pancreatic cancer
Earl Lloyd, first black player to appear in an NBA game, dead at 86
German lawmakers approve Greek bailout extension
Gunshot ‘Suicide’ Of Governor Candidate
Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Will Use Flashlight Tech From The Last Of Us
Hess Brought Hitler’s Peace Offer to Britain in 1941
“Castrate them!” “Burn them!” “Bullet in the head!”: Facebook Israelis react to photo of Palestinian kids
Texas Mother Pulls Gun On Student
Woman Suspected Of Slaying Cleveland Police Chief’s Brother, Attempts Suicide
Report: While Hillary Served as Sec. of State, the Clinton Foundation Received Donations from Foreign Governments
Israeli ambassador calls Al-Sisi a “national hero for all Jews”
Watch “Bibi Comes To Capitol Hill” on YouTube
Favorite Apocalypse X-Men Quotes
Careers At A Crossroad
Russia And Iran Join Forces In Historic Military Deal
Mein Kampf Back on German Bookshelves – The Right Way
American Christians heading up private militias fighting jihadists in Iraq
Felony murder: Why a teenager who didn’t kill anyone faces 55 years in jail
Skinhead apologizes to black man for scissors attack: ‘We have more in common than we don’t’
Christian college student hurls apple at pro-gay speaker, insists he didn’t ‘cast the first stone’
I’m not racist or sexist, says NY school official who sent ‘run, n****r, run’ image, horse-on-woman video
Texas sportscaster rips parents for ‘white power’ sign at game: ‘Kids have to be taught to hate’
Britain Looks At Cutting Welfare For The Obese
Mock Draft: Post-Combine
Study Finds: Hand-washing Dishes Protect Children From Allergies
Scientists Totally Puzzled by Ceres’ Mysterious White Lights
Most Gigantic Black Hole Ever Found is 12 Billion Times Larger Than Sun
Bobbi Kristina No Signs of Improvement Still in a Coma
UW researchers help Facebook with suicide prevention
Standard Chartered CEO Peter Sands Resigns After Unrest at Bank
DC Legalizes Pot in Capital, Despite Threats From Congress
The names: This is who ISIS has recruited from the West
3 men try to join ISIS: Here’s what we know
‘The Last Of Us 2’ Release Date To Be Announced After ‘Uncharted 4’; Sequel Might Not Include Joel And Ellie
Jameis Winston is “Pro-Ready”, Marcus Mariota is Not, But Does It Matter?
Russia could cut off gas to Ukraine by ‘end of week’
IS militant ‘Jihadi John’ named as Mohammed Emwazi from London
Rice: “Netanyahu Must Understand That US Needs To Support Its Best Middle Eastern Friend – Iran”
The U.S. has Installed a Neo-Nazi Government in Ukraine
Former German Lawyer Sylvia Stolz has been jailed again
Republicans propose declaring Idaho a ‘Christian state’
Montana Republicans are trying to build a right-wing paradise for their Koch overlords
Interesting claim: Israel Air Force Planes Land in Saudi Arabian Military Base
What You See Is What You Get
Rare birth: Baby born completely encased in amniotic sac
Measles vaccinations urged in Europe amid outbreaks
Mind-Controlled Bionic Hand Restores Grip
How the Sahara Keeps the Amazon Green
Roman Polanski Appears in Court in Poland as Extradition Fight Continues
City celebrates approval of Los Angeles-area stadium backed by Rams owner, but hurdles remain
T.J. Maxx to hike minimum wage for workers
Target reports Q4 loss on Canada closings
Kremlin Was Advised to Annex Crimea Even Before Ukrainian Government’s Fall, Russian Paper Says
Iran blows up replica U.S. warship in drills
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Release Date, Specs Rumors: Metallic Curved Body with Aluminum Edge
U.S. new home sales near multi-year highs; supply rises
Benjamin Netanyahu’s blinkered view of American politics
Saudis ‘would let Israeli jets use their air space to attack Iran’
Michele Bachmann blames ISIS for fatal shootings of NYPD officers
After 72 years, Holocaust survivor donates doll that ‘saved’ her
Nevada Republican says cancer is a fungus you can flush out with salt water
Allah has not ordered us to fight against Israel: ISIS
ISIS Video of Coptic Christians Beheading is Faked, Say Experts
Another Huge Thank You!!
Why I Must Remain Anoymous….
Merck grants free license for pediatric HIV drug
Having Hope and Faith: Inside Dramatic Surgery to Separate Conjoined Texas Twins
Peanut allergies can be reduced in high-risk children, study suggests
Carnivorous Bladderwort Plant Hides a Plethora of Genes in Its Small Genome
Ocean Acidification an Ever-Increasing Problem for U.S. Shellfish
Self-mummified man discovered inside ancient Buddha statue
‘American Horror Story’ Actor Ben Woolf Dies After Being Hit By Car
Health law drives down U.S. rate of uninsured adults, survey finds
Tax Tip: Getting a Deduction for Your Student Debt
The Big Risk of Drafting Jameis Winston
Ukraine rebels claim to begin weapons pullback
Iraqi Army Downs Two British Planes Carrying Weapons for ISIL Terrorists
ISIS is proof of the failed “war on terror” – Quartz
IS ‘abducts 90 Syrian Christians’
Palestinian Groups Are Found Liable at Manhattan Terror Trial – NYTimes.com
The History of Jewish Human Sacrifice
Another Solution To The Jewish Problem
Israeli Flag Flies in Texas | American Free Press
Debbie Wasserman Schultz planned to accuse Obama of being anti-woman and anti-Semitic
Roots Of Jewish Supremacy
Why Washing Dishes by Hand May Lead to Fewer Allergies
Former Maldives President Nasheed Arrested Over Terrorism Charges
Australia Prime Minister Announces He Will Strip Jihadists of Citizenship
Netanyahu calls Boehner, and goes on the offensive
The Order 1886 is first Sony chart-topper since The Last of Us Remastered
Jameis Winston’s football IQ reminiscent of Peyton Manning
5 things that will happen if Congress doesn’t fund Homeland Security
‘It’s treason!’ Greek anger at government U-turn
“Africans Are a Cancer Inside an Israelis Body” Says Majority of Israelis
Hitler’s Mein Kampt Will Be Published In Germany For The First Time Since World War 2
The Greatest Deception: How the zionist-cabal Masquerades Itself in the Muslim and Christian World
Abraham Foxman of the ADL and Norman Finkelstein Calls For The Death of the White Race!
Oklahoma woman accused of biting boyfriend’s ‘dick off’ after he complained she was too ‘needy’
Boko Haram Terror Group May Have Ties To ISIS
France Ask Google, Facebook And Twitter For Powers To Censor Dissidents
ADL Director “Europe Is Yet To Have A 9/11″, It Will Help End Anti-Semitism
CIA Planted Nuclear ‘Evidence’ In Iran
Iran: If Israel Attack We Will Destroy Tel Aviv In Six Minutes
Gorbachev Says War With Russia Is Imminent
Obama: There Is No Islamic Extremism, We Need To Listen To Their Grievances
Obama May Suffer JFK Fate If He Doesn’t Improve Security, Says Journalist
CIA Contractor: We Fabricated ISIS
Freemasonry Historic Links To Zionism/Judaism
Freemasonry and Judaism Worship the Same Egyptian Gods
History of Freemasons: The Origins
Mother Calls 9-1-1 to Get Intruders Out of Her Home, Cops Show Up, Shoot and Kill Her
Maryland – Rabbis Issue Alert For Baltimore Jewish Community About Registered Sex Offender
Iceland to build first temple to Norse gods in 1,000 years
Pennsylvania man arrested for hanging flag upside down
Israel deliberately shelled UN mission in Lebanon: Issam Noaman
Songs and death threats for Lebanese American porn star Mia Khalifa
Vikings coach pleased with Teddy Bridgewater choice, credits ex-Cleveland Browns assistant for successful QB search
Illinois Couple Found Dead in Apparent Murder-Suicide
US, Turkey sign deal to train, arm militants fighting in Syria
India to sign major weapons deal with Israel
Democrat Plan Would Let Obama Run For 3rd Term
Nazi jailed in France for denying Holocaust in Facebook posts
Before and after the “Holocaust”: Jewish population numbers in 1933 and 1948
Owners of the Federal Reserve…..
Obama’s Homosexual Past
Union chief calls out racist and homophobic Seattle cops: Don’t like diversity? Work someplace else
Louisiana Republican’s disturbing note to wife revealed: You’re ‘going to be a rape victim’
Ax-wielding hair designer burns down Michigan adult store to please God
Heart-wrenching trans teen’s suicide note outlines abuse from a family who refused to accept him
Parents trying to reverse kids’ autism by ‘flushing out’ vaccines with bogus ‘miracle’ bleach enemas
Why I Fight Against The Porn Industry…
The Evils Of Corporations
Drug-Resistant Strain of Malaria Spreads Across Myanmar
Amy Poehler pays tribute to ‘dear young friend’ Parks and Recreation writer, 30, found dead from apparent drug overdose just hours after declaring himself clean and sober
Lenovo Apologizes After It ‘Messed Up’ With Tracking Software
Walmart’s Wage Hike Still About Greed
Winter’s frosty grip to tighten even more across portions of Southeast, Mid-Atlantic
Hillary Clinton’s ties to corporate donors, lobbyists while Secretary of State scrutinized
US military official outlines plan to retake Iraqi city of Mosul
Russia’s Putin Took European States ‘By Surprise’ in Ukraine: Report
Unacknowledged American Atrocities in the Philippines
1yr in US custody as ‘civilian detainee’: Declassified files shed light on mysterious ISIS leader
California priest demands elementary kids confess to adultery, sodomy, premature sterilizations
Louisiana cop caught on video pummeling teen boy, threatening witnesses with gun
Misogynist blogger: Make rape on private property legal so women can have ‘learning experiences’
New HIV drug offers promise of preventing the disease
Lenovo installed software making laptops vulnerable to hacking – experts
Motorola president says Apple charges outrageous prices
Euro rises against dollar on Greek loan move
Oil falls sharply after U.S. crude inventories rise
Playing defense: Jeb’s family problem, Hillary’s man problem
Figure in ISIS mass beheading video could have US ties, linguistic expert says
Qatar recalls ambassador from Egypt in dispute over Libya strikes
Former Va. 1st Lady Faces Sentencing for Corruption
Greece requests euro zone loan extension, offers big concessions
French, German leaders try to save faltering Ukraine truce
Our black on white murder study has shocked even us
Sudan’s President claims CIA and Mossad ‘stand behind’ Isis and Boko Haram
Pat Robertson Says Demons Can Curse Your Unborn Child Through Facebook
Is Soros Preparing A Color Revolution For Greece?
NATO/UN Desperately Seek Ceasefire To Save ISIS After Syrian Army Encircles Aleppo
The Five Faces Of Judaism
Copenhagen: Another false flag?
Reverse Brain Drain
Michigan Republican official fatally shoots self in eye while adjusting gun in her bra holster
Black officers rally around white cop who used N-word during Denver ‘zombie crawl’ turmoil
69-year-old Vietnam vet with throat cancer freezes to death after company shuts off his gas
Argentinian President Kirschner says US, Israel meddling in country
The White Race Is Near Extinction But Who Is To Blame….
Medication to quit smoking gradually ‘may be effective’
Limpets’ teeth consist of the strongest biological material, scientists say
Red-flag prospects must show they’re worth drafting at 2015 NFL combine
Sony sees 25-fold profit jump by 2018; could exit TVs, phones
Student debt limiting home-buying
Boko Haram Threatens to Disrupt Nigeria’s Elections in Video
Scores killed in Aleppo battles after army offensive: Syria monitor
ISIS militants reportedly burn to death 45 people in western Iraqi town
GLOBAL MARKETS-Stocks march on as investors pin hopes on a Greek deal
Ukraine conflict: Government forces retreat from contested railroad town
Jewish cemetery allegedly vandalized in France
Life After Teaching, Part One: Four Reasons Why I’m Better Off
Former French Foreign Minister: The War against Syria was Planned Two years before “The Arab Spring”
Rothschild has had a local presence in Russia for almost a decade and our team of financial advisers has led the way in the Russian market in recent years.
9/11: Russia Presents Evidence Against US, UK And Israel Co-Conspirators
Austrian Economics still is ‘Jewish’ Economics
Official: KGB chief ordered Hitler’s remains destroyed
Texas students flash ‘White Power’ signs during basketball game against mostly-black high school
Eurozone gives Greece an ultimatum as bailout negotiations collapse
Danish intelligence knew gunman ‘at risk of radicalization’
Indian woman gives birth to baby — which slips through train toilet and lands on tracks
A Loss Of Life Leads To More Regret In My Own Life
Menopausal Symptoms May Last 7 or More Years
Climate Change May Fuel the Emergence of Rare Diseases
Penguins Lost Ability To Taste Fish Millions Of Years Ago: Study
Olivia Benito, New Jersey Woman, Found Frozen To Death After Meeting Neighbor For Drinks
Lance Armstrong Ordered To Pay $10 Million In Arbitration Ruling
UK inflation rate falls to record low of 0.3% in January
Earthquakes Rattle Japan Triggering Tsunami Alerts
Copenhagen Attacks: Gunman Had ‘Good Heart’, Friend Says
Taliban suicide attack on Pakistani police headquarters in Lahore kills six
Egypt Bombs Islamic State Stronghold in Libya After Massacre
EU hangs tough, waiting for Greece to bend as euro wilts
At least 20 killed after power line falls on Haiti carnival float
Israel Admits Forcing Birth Control On Ethiopian Jews
Federal judge halts Obama immigration reforms
Danes Lay Flowers on Slain Shooter’s Death Site in Copenhagen
Law Proposed To Keep Police Officers’ Names Secret When They Shoot People
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair wins million dollar Israeli leadership prize
FBI investigates claim suspects in 1946 Georgia mass lynching may be alive
Minnesota man in jail for possession since November freed when ‘drugs’ turn out to be vitamins
St. Louis cop caught warning fellow officers not to arrest suspect until she turns off dashcam
Mississippi lawmaker says calling blacks violent and lazy isn’t racist, it’s just ‘a way of talking’
Reasons Why I Won’t See 50 Shades of Grey
Nazi Chic: The Asian Fashion Craze That Just Won’t Die
Thanks To All My Followers, Subscribers, and Supporters
Fuck The Troops!!
Liberia reopens dozens of schools as Ebola wanes
UPDATE 1-Australian food company recalls berries after hep A outbreak linked to China
New aggressive strain of HIV can progress to AIDS in just three years, scientists warn
Verizon tops RootMetrics’ best wireless carrier list
Battle lines drawn as euro zone starts Greek debt talks
Japan emerges from recession but subdued growth underscores policy challenge
There is no US Presidents Day. Why does the charade continue?
Leave migrants on boats, says Italy’s far-Right party leader
EU Expands Ukraine-Crisis Sanctions List
E. Ukraine Truce on Verge of Collapse
PlayStation 4 Edges Xbox One In January Sales
Jameis Winston mulling whether to throw at NFL scouting combine
Bitter cold grips most of US as South prepares for winter storm
Gazans shut down US aid groups to protest killing of North Carolina Muslims
Netanyahu election video features Islamic State fighters heading for Jerusalem
Danish Jews reject Netanyahu’s call to move to Israel
Israel’s Likud Party claims vote for left will benefit ISIS
Indiana man charged after 4-year-old daughter shoots him from back seat of moving car
Ohio dad stabs transgender daughter to death, tells police that ‘son was in a cult’
Churchgoing teen killed by cops in shootout after killing parents, sister over computer use
3-year-old’s call to 911 over sleeping mother and friends leads to drug, child neglect charges
Whether Islamic or right-wing, recent terror attacks in Europe target democracy and pluralism
Woman tortured by boyfriend told by court to write letters to her attacker or face jail
Israeli cabinet approves plan to attract European Jews
Are you an aquaholic? Doctors are always advising us to drink more water but in fact drinking too much can be even worse… | Daily Mail Online
Death of white America: How will US adapt to millions of black and Hispanic voters who put Obama back into power | Daily Mail Online
LG G3 Android 5.0 Lollipop Update For US Begins With AT&T
Oops! German headmistress blurts out ‘Sieg Heil!’ – NY Daily News
Police say Copenhagen gunman had criminal record, gang past
In ‘Eisenhower’s Death Camps’: A U.S. Prison Guard Remembers
The Rush to Defend White Shooters
How Israel brought Gaza to the brink of humanitarian catastrophe
Ties Between IDF and ISIS
Police Say They Killed Suspect in 2 Attacks in Copenhagen
Whistleblower Kids Expose Alleged Pedophile Ring In School/Church. They Need Our Help!
Hackers steal ‘$300 million in 100 banks’ in massive heist
Canadian PM Vows to Stand With Israel ‘Through Fire and Water’
Netanyahu urges Jews to move to Israel after Copenhagen attacks
All Wars Are Bankers Wars
Yet Another Writer Has Admitted Faking Her Holocaust Memoir The long, strange history of made-up Shoah stories
Thomas Sankara – “The Upright Man”
Boehner admits he kept White House in dark over Netanyahu’s Congress speech
Secrets of money control revealed….
Holocaust Deniers in Russia Now Face Five Years in Prison – Forward.com
Bobbi Kristina Brown’s organs shutting down: report
States Consider Increasing Taxes for the Poor and Cutting Them for the Affluent
Anti-war speech may be criminalised in Ukraine
Militants ask Israel to bomb southern Syria: Report
Ukraine sends Senate old photos as proof of ‘Russian military presence’
Iceland Begins To Jail Bankers
Iranian Forces Advance Towards Israel
Paris mayor gets green light to sue Fox News
“Blair The Warrior” Believed God Led Him Into War Against Terror
France Can Block Sites Deemed ‘Terrorism Related’ Without Court Order
Israel Turns Off Water Supply For Palestinians
Canada does not have the best Medicare, not even close.. why?
Shots fired near Copenhagen synagogue
Ten Best Lies of Black History
Before Columbus: How Africans Brought Civilization to America
Texas Mosque Torched… Police and Media Won’t Call It a ‘Hate Crime’ Either
AP Exclusive: Israeli house strikes killed mostly civilians
N.J. senator Menendez wants probe of anti-Semitic tweets
As Houston Islamic Center Burns, Firefighter Posts, “Let it burn…block the fire hydrant.”
Dearborn woman: I saw Muslim man attacked at Kroger
No excuses needed when first-round picks flop
Steps To A Better America…
May The Real Holocaust Revisionists Please Stand Up….
Israeli Army: We use Gaza military operation to test new weapons
‘Leave immediately’: US, Britain evacuate Yemen embassies
PressTV-US ‘helped Israel build hydrogen bomb’
Did historical Jesus really exist? The evidence just doesn’t add up.
5 Reasons to Suspect Jesus Never Existed
Are Christians more violent than Muslims?
Trans Woman Was Killed By Football Player She Was Dating: Police
Why I Fight Against Christians And Christianity
Killings For Christianity…
Victims Of The Christian Faith….
New Drug May Slow Recurrent Thyroid Cancer, Study Finds
Ebola can survive in victims’ bodies for days
India one of top countries that sends plastic waste into sea: Study
Meet the furry Jurassic period critters that outwitted the dinosaurs
U.S. Droughts Will Be the Worst in 1,000 Years
New Facebook policy allows social media immortality
Mosque attack kills 19; Pakistani Taliban claims responsibility
Fighting continues in Ukraine despite peace deal and looming cease-fire
Al-Jazeera journalists freed from Egyptian jail pending retrial
U.S. Is Escalating a Secretive War in Afghanistan – NYTimes.com
U.S. Is Escalating a Secretive War in Afghanistan – NYTimes.com
Watch “Brother Nathanael – Satan At The Wailing Wall 2015” on YouTube
Watch “Real Money And The Jewish Dialectic” on YouTube
Same sex marriage now legal in Alabama
Flash – Britain ‘reserves right’ to arm Ukraine: minister – France 24
Greg Cosell’s Film Review: Analyzing last year’s rookie quarterbacks | Shutdown Corner – Yahoo Sports
A Chance For Happiness….Through Artificial Means
California Leukemia Patient In Court Battle For Right To Doctor Assisted Suicide
More Americans die from smoking than previously thought
Study illustrates the genetic foundation of evolution
US Senator quizzes Samsung, LG on Smart TV privacy
I.M.F. Announces $17.5 Billion Package for Ukraine
Pope Francis Looks For Support In Vatian Overhaul
Bob Simon, ’60 Minutes’ Correspondent, Killed In NYC Car Crash
Masterminds Of The Holocaust….
Kayla Mueller: Dead ISIS Hostage Was Jew-Hating, Anti-Israel Bitch
Proof That The Holocaust Was Faked…
The So Called Holocaust…
Secrets Of The Federal Reserve Revealed!
Could Nihility Not Be The Answer?
Medical panel pushes easier diagnosis for chronic fatigue
Kicked but still standing: Boston Dynamics’ new robot has a stunning sense of balance
2016 Acura ILX Starts At $28,820, Boasts Of 29 mpg Fuel Mileage
European markets subdued ahead of crunch meeting on Greece
Jeb Bush’s tech officer resigns after controversial tweets
Three Muslims Shot Dead Near University of North Carolina: Report
Greece Tilts Toward Russia
America Hits Dead End In Ukraine
Girl, 11, accused of beating baby to death | National News – Home
Henry Kissinger Chooses Jeb Bush: Sources | Observer
Tom Benson ordered to undergo doctors’ evaluation in battle over his fortune
The Bloodsuckers Are At It Again…
Measles vaccinations urged; some 35 children in Mt. Olive schools remain unprotected
Ukrainian army reports gains in eastern Ukraine
New England Set For Two More Snowstorms This Week, Forecasters Warn
Peyton Manning to return for 18th NFL season
The Connection Between Judaism and Freemasonry
Jews and Masons Plot World Domination
Freemasonry and Judaism
In These Very Moments, The Protocols Are Being Rewritten — Gilad Atzmon
U.S. Supreme Court Won’t Stop Same-Sex Marriages in Alabama
A Shift In Ideology
Study Says: 4 Cups of Coffee Can Cut the risk of Endometrial Cancer
5 dead: Authorities to release more details of weekend shooting in neighborhood near Atlanta
China’s President Xi Jinping Is Planning His First State Visit to the U.S.
Riots At Egyptian Football Games Leaves 40 Dead
Israel’s Netanyahu faces pressure to cancel speech to U.S. Congress
Browns reporter calls for Johnny Manziel trade
Alabama chief justice tells probate judges not to issue gay marriage licenses
Greek markets plunge after defiant PM Tsipras speech
Ukraine academic: Israel imported 25,000 kids for their organs – Israel News | Haaretz
Teddy Bridgewater voted NFC North Rookie of the Year
Ex Porn Star “Jessie Rogers” Exposes Shocking Abuses of the Porn Industry and Tells Her Story
Mass Starvation of Germans, 1945-1950 (Eisenhower’s Death Camps)
Israeli man describes Muslims as Nazis at far-right rally in Germany
The British Royal Family Are Exempt From Freedom Of Information Requests and Can Veto BBC Programs
Husband refuses to give up new born with down syndrome so wife divorces him
Why isn’t ISIS and Al Qaeda attacking Israel….
National socialist empire
New York council trip highlights ties between Israel and US cities
A Wonderful Mini Vacation In Austin,TX
Jewish Lobby In The U.S. Too Powerful For Israel: Shah of Iran
Canadians Sued The Bank Of Canada & Won. Mainstream Media & Government Blacks Out Story
List of false flag attacks
No Charges for NJ Cop’s Kid Who Dressed as Hitler, Threatened to Kill Jews
Despite Wingnut Freakout Obama Is Right: Christian Violence Is Just as Bad as Muslim Violence | Alternet
Obama to request more war powers against ISIS
Ukraine passes law allowing for deserters to be shot
Article: Pope Francis says it is OK to smack children if their ‘dignity is maintained’
Article: Australian prime minister Tony Abbott may be deposed after party revolt
Article: Bed Bugs May Be Splitting Into New Species
Scientists break DNA code for viruses
Iceland turns to pagan worship
Unemployment numbers for January 2015
Former Mossad Chief Fears For The Future Of Zionism
Saudi Oil Is Seen as Lever to Pry Russian Support From Syria’s Assad
A new state of Israel in southeast Texas…
The Tuskegee airmen myth
Sterilized for Being Poor?
HIV Continues to Spread Among Gay Men, Studies Show
My Apologies To My Followers and Readers
Please Consider Taking Part In Free Speech
Woman Rapes and Suffocates 3 Year Old Daughter…
The Talmud
Dozens of Greek neo-Nazis to stand trial
Browns’ mess with Gordon, Manziel starts with owner Haslam’s meddling – CBSSports.com
Countries that have kicked out jews…
Tom Benson says he’s willing to meet with judge to show further evaluation is unneeded | News | The New Orleans Advocate — New Orleans, Louisiana
To All Of My Followers and Readers
Death to Multiculturalism and Diversity!
Sanofi launches inhaled insulin for diabetics
Beware: Yellow fin tuna have increasing Mercury level
Robin Williams family fights over comedian’s estate
Whitney Houston’s daughter ‘fighting for her life’
While Western Journalists Finally Walk Free, Egyptians Are Left to Rot
Johnny Manziel: Cleveland Browns Quarterback Checks Into Rehab
UN court dismisses Croatia and Serbia genocide claims
Patriots roster set up to continue strong run
Israel sets need record for Palestinian home demolitions
Nathanael Kapner
Islamic State (IS) Mercenary Confesses to Receiving Funds via US
Why I Fight Against Homosexual “Rights”
Measles Outbreaks Raises Issues For Colleges
Power Ranger actor Ricardo Medina arrested over stabbing
The Pirate Bay is back – for now
Who will be Michigan Football’s quarterback in 2015?
Move over Joe Montana, Tom Brady is the greatest QB of Super Bowl era
U.S. now seeking to arm and train Ukraine forces
Israel gets fifth ‘nuclear-capable’ sub
New bill would allow for teachers to kill in texas
Croatia erases debts of its poorest citizens
Mossad was behind 9/11 attacks
U.S. funding both sides of Syrian war
Hitler Should Have Killed All Jews Dutch Teens Say
America Is Not For Black People
Teacher suspended for telling a student bucket list item: Killing all black people
Gaza to run out of drinking water by 2016
Meet The Jews Who Own Hollywood And The Media
Teddy Bridgewater named Pepsi Rookie of the Year
Muslim threats increase due to American sniper…
American sniper is macho peddled garbage
Netanyahu and wife sued for racial abuse
Yeshivah police target declares it OK to kill Jews who report abuse
British army creates team of Facebook warriors | UK news | The Guardian
Global warming coverup
Teddy Bridgewater didn’t want to play for Cleveland Browns in part because he knew not everyone was on board, source says
Jew Lists….
No Wonder People Hate Cops
Wilted Lily
Another banker dies…
Jew banned from giving holohoax speech…
Romney won’t run for president. .
Google was created by the cia…
The Surprising Uses of Games Controllers
The U.S. Will Not Return Guantanamo Bay to Cuba, the White House Says
Smoking Age Could Rise to 21
NFL football player who play before age 12 leads to brain impairments later in life.
The cost of doing business in China: Spying
Spain grows at fastest rate in seven years
Romney remains top GOP field, Clinton leads democrats
Nigeria oil rebels warn of unrest unless Jonathan re-elected
Israel to build 430 new settler homes on occupied West Bank territory: NGO
Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 – Which One To Choose In 2015?
Joe Montana, Tom Brady’s idol, says Patriots QB was behind ball deflation
Russia Unexpectedly Cuts Key Rate as Economy Eclipses Ruble
Marion ‘Suge’ Knight Turns Himself In After Hit-and-Run That Killed Pedestrian
Afghan in uniform kills 3 at military site
The Black Problem In America…
A game of basketball leads to some positivity….
PressTV-Senate panel OKs Iran sanctions bill
Latin America Leaders Warn of Chile Style Coup in Venezuela | News | teleSUR
Why Did I Become A Teacher?
E-cigarettes declared a public health threat in California
Facebook Inc (FB) Revenue Surged 31%; User Growth Remained Flat
Iraqi Kurds Gain Ground on ISIS As Local Sunnis Wary
Spotify is Coming to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 as Sony Kills Off Music Unlimited
Who were the first Europeans? A 55,000-year-old skull holds tantalizing clues.
Arizona monitoring 1,000 people for measles linked to Disneyland
Romney takes aim at Clinton in Mississippi speech
Israeli gunboats kill 4 Palestinian fishermen
Facebook begins censorship of criticism of Islam
Dieudonne defies the holocaust lie…
Britain to honor holocaust museum
Spain blames Israel for death of peacekeeper on Lebanon border
Ahmadinejad says Holocaust denial was his major achievement
Article: Michelle Obama causes outrage in Saudi Arabia by not wearing headscarf
Why I Fight Against Miscegnation
Sugary drinks trigger early periods
Ancient fossils help scientists identify world’s oldest snakes
Best Foes Forever: What really divides Obama and Netanyahu
Israeli jets strike back after Syria’s Golan attack -Israeli army
Hezbollah Claims Responsibility for Attack on Israeli Convoy
Technology Google Fiber: Here’s What the Hype Is All About
Former CIA pilot says no planes hit the twin towers
Report: Jameis Winston’s accuser tells her side in documentary
Tom Benson fires back in Saints ownership feud with Rita Benson LeBlanc, family
The Latino Problem In America….
Facebook: No 3rd party attack on network or Instagram
Health Scientists Crack the Code on How to Un-Boil a Hard-Boiled Egg
Microsoft profit falls on sluggish Windows, currency pressure
Russia Junk Rating Sends Bonds Lower as Ruble Rises From Record
Two cops shot, suspect killed at chaotic Minnesota city council meeting
CIA Officer Convicted of Leaking Secrets
Gunmen kill at least 3 guards, take hostages at Tripoli hotel, Libyan official says
WikiLeaks demands answers after Google hands staff emails to US government
The Jewish Hand in the World Wars, Part 1
The Zionist Jewish Role In Causing World War II
Judges say Jews can’t use U.S. courts to extort money from Hungary
US still considering military option against Russia: Analyst
Jewish leaders call for Europe-wide legislation outlawing antisemitism
A Nice Meal With Nice People
NFL: Browns’ Josh Gordon faces another ban
Christie launches PAC in significant step toward White House run
Obama in Another Battle with GOP over Oil Drilling Ban in Wildlife Refuge
Deadly Clashes Break Out Between Muslim Rebels, Philippine Police
US, EU Threaten New Russia Sanctions Over Ukraine
Greeks form new government
Osama bin Laden denies 9/11 attacks
9/11 Hard Facts
Analysis: Secret Israeli-Saudi ties likely to continue despite Abdullah’s death
Holocaust was faked….
‘American Sniper’ hauls in $200 million at box office January 25
Iran Joins Growing List of Countries to Ditch Dollar in Foreign Trade / Sputnik International
Jew stealth attack forces Greek parliament to outlaw hoax denial
Netanyahu snub takes relations with White House to a new low
Supporters block cancer patient from getting evicted
Texas among top states for reported teacher-student relationships
Ex-teacher battling CAIR critics in Texas speaks out: I’m not afraid of savages
Feds Tell Texas to Try Again on Teacher Evaluations
Over 93,000 Americans were killed by flu vaccines last year
Real story of how Israel came into existence
Snowden refuses to use iphone due to hidden spyware
Inside Manziel’s rocky rookie season
Netanyahu ‘spat in our face’ White House officials say
A Life In Ease….
CDC Report Warns High Opioid Use Among Young Women
Disneyland measles outbreak spreads to Bay Area
Eating Fish during Pregnancy Is Beneficial For Both Mother and Child
DreamWorks Animation to cut 500 jobs, PDI gets hit hard
X-Men Apocalypse: Bryan Singer Confirms Game Of Thrones Actress Sophie Turner Will Play Jean Grey
Obama: SCOTUS should recognize same-sex marriage
Thai ex-premier says ‘democracy is dead’ after impeachment
NFL Rumors: Johnny Manziel Not Guaranteed a Job With Cleveland Browns New OC John DeFilippo
Saudi Arabia acts fast on succession after king’s death
Google Chairman Eric Schmidt: “The Internet Will Disappear”
U.S. Fears Chaos as Government of Yemen Falls – NYTimes.com
As Benson family feud explodes in court, battle over nearly $2 billion fortune begins | NOLA.com
The Cry of Youth
A Word To The Wise….
King Abdullah, Who Nudged Saudi Arabia Forward, Dies at 90
Avaaz – Facebook: Ban settlement ads
Tens of thousands of Muslims flee Christian militias in Central African Republic – The Washington Post
Apologies to my mother….and my father….
Certain Sleeping Position Can Increase Death Risk in Epilepsy Patients
UN reports significant drop in Ebola cases
Windows 10: It’s Microsoft’s date with DESTINY
Denver’s Azucar Bakery Under Investigation For Allegedly Refusing To Bake Anti-Gay Cake
Ukraine crisis: Army retreats at Donetsk airport
NFL: New York Jets Noncommittal on Geno Smith’s Future; Interested in Jameis Winston?
Yemen crisis: Houthi rebels ‘not withdrawing’ in Sanaa
A Guide to Why New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver Is Getting Arrested
Jeb bush and mitt romney meet in secret
Article: Why the modern world is bad for your brain
Iceland wants out of the EU
10 Israeli tourists hurt in anti-Semitic attack in Argentina
Article: Weeping Philippine girl challenges pope on prostitution
Netanyahu coming to Congress next month – CNN.com
Money and Possessions Won’t Bring Nor Buy My Happiness….
Full text of President Obama’s State of the Union speech
Harvard study suggests moderate alcohol consumption linked to lower risk of heart failure
UK doctors transplant organs from newborn
How the New England Patriots became the NFL’s least-trusted team
India to overtake China as world’s fastest growing large economy
Netflix is speeding up its plan for global domination as it approaches 60 million subscribers
Michelle Obama gets fashion inspiration from TV hit ‘The Good Wife’
Obama Shifts the Focus to Sharing Prosperity in His State of the Union
Father figure: Doctor saves his son’s life by jumping from 7th floor to escape fire
Canada: Hypocrite Nation Ruled by Zionist Deception & anti-Free Speech Laws by Arthur Topham
New ISIS Video Purportedly Shows Two Japanese Hostages
Israeli army to award dozens of soldiers for deadly summer offensive:
Why I am fleeing to Ecuador….
Sleep Deprived Teens Are More Likely to Later Become Alcoholics
Facebook worth $227bn to global economy in 2014
On to Plan B as Oil Work Stalls in Texas
UPDATE 6-Oil below $49 after IMF cuts growth forecast
Man Charged After Accidentally Shooting 10-Year-Old Daughter
Nine-Month-Old Boy Accidentally Shot by Brother in Elmo, Missouri
Rising Above the Draft Class of 2012
China’s 2014 economic growth misses target, hits 24-year low
Obama’s Own Words: State of the Union 2015 Speech
Blacks protest at home of Oakland’s Jewish mayor
A Free Mobile Service Is Now A Reality For All Americans….
Black nationalism is growing….
John Fox noncommittal on Jay Cutler
Five Facts That Prove Paris Massacre is A False Flag Terror Op
Johnny Manziel Could Be A Coach Killer….
Prosecutor in Argentina Jewish center bombing found dead before hearing on Iran deal
Cattle Might Hold The Key to Curing Ebola…
Change MLK Day to Civil Rights Day!!
2015 NFL draft prep: Evaluating Marcus Mariota
US senators, Saudis discuss arming terrorist groups in Syria | News
Did Mossad Do Charlie Hebdo?
Moss agents impersonated CIA agents to foster terrorism against Iran
CHOKE POINT: Obama Admin Shuts Down Indian Tribe’s Bank Accounts
Article: Here’s How The World’s Most Advanced Missile Defense System Works
PressTV-US Congress is ‘Israeli occupied territory’
PressTV-“We’re not against ISIS, we are ISIS”
Sources: 5 members of Hezbollah including son of Imad Mughniyeh killed in Israeli strike in Syria | The Ugly Truth
Secret Service: Shots fired outside Bidens’ Delaware home
Canadian FM egged by protestors during trip to Ramallah
Jewish Professor Admits the Holocaust is a Hoax….
Mistaken Hug By Disabled Student Leads to Suspension for ‘Sexual Assault’
Charlie Hebdo: Pope Francis says if you swear at my mother – or Islam – ‘expect a punch’
Greg Anthony solicits a prostitute
U.S. planting flase evidence in Iran
From Amateur to Ruthless Jihadi in France – NYTimes.com
Dalai Lama is a marxist….as if we didn’t already know this…
The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion…
A convicted sex offender flees to Israel as new case arises – NY Daily News
Mom sets her own child on fire…
Obama seeks to lower taxes for the middle class
Japan’s Abe pledges support for Mideast countries battling Islamic State | The Ugly Truth
Terrorism 101
The youth have gone to hell…
Anchor Jim Clancy Leaves CNN Following Abusive Twitter Exchange With Pro-Israel Activists | The Ugly Truth
Europe’s Jews demand that the EU name anti-Semitism czar
Supreme court to decide gay marriage throughout the land
Sweden FM: Israel irritated allies by overreacting to Palestine recognition
A stranger to my own family
Article: Russian opposition activist Alexei Navalny detained by police after giving interview – video
Possible Ebola case flown to UK
CDC urges early flu treatment as study shows low vaccine effectiveness
Boko Haram crisis: Chad sends troops to help Cameroon
Call of Duty Tops List of Best Selling Games of 2014
Police in Belgium, France, and Germany make arrests in latest anti-terror raids
Article: This media startup found success covering Bitcoin’s rise. Now it must survive the fall
Article: Patient 3D prints his own kidney to guide surgeons
Article: Mass protests in Armenia as murder case tests loyalty to Moscow
Mormon critic faces excommunication for backing gay marriage
Fox News host calls for mass murder of Islamists in unhinged rant
Article: Unemployed Ohio man allegedly planned bomb-and-shoot attack on U.S. Capitol – CNN.com
Perfect Dehumanization: The Answer for Mankind…
ADHD drug can be used to treat binge eating disorder
Dimon warns breaking up JPMorgan would hurt US financial power
Obama to renew push for paid leave for working parents
FBI: Ohio man planned to bomb US Capitol, kill officials
Facebook isn’t worth it….
Way too early grades for NFL coaching and GM hires
Holocaust survivors retelling their story
Senate bill seeks to force embassy move to Jerusalem
France is paying the price…
French comedian Dieudonne arrested over Facebook post
I am often asked why i hate jews….and blacks…and whites….and latinos (The Anti-Human Manifesto)
New Study Suggests End of Ebola in Liberia by June
Report: Boehner’s bartender planned to poison him
Majority of British Jews Polled Feel They Have No Long-Term Future in Europe
Man Stuffs PS4 and Xbox One into a Single Laptop
AL Qaeda takes responsibility for Paris attacks
European Jews demand special privileges to carry guns
It is very obvious that i have a man crush on Mariota, lol
To my Facebook Friends….
Small Volcanic Eruptions Could Be Responsible For Slowing Global Warming: Study
Nine days later, bodies still litter bushes from Boko Haram’s ‘deadliest’ massacre
Bulgaria arrests Frenchman with alleged links to Paris attackers
U.K. Inflation Rate Drops to Lowest in Almost 15 Years
Did the mossad do Charlie Hebdo
First Restaurant Review
Birth control shot could increase HIV risk
U.S. Drivers Start 2015 With Cheapest Gas in Six Years
3 Fourth Graders in New York Allegedly Plotted to Kill Teacher with Hand Sanitizer
North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un to open restaurant in Scotland
U.S. trespassing on the rights of other nations
The fake news network wants to ban all muslims from america…
150 Americans have gone to Syria
Jewish patrol cars out in force in fears of Paris attacks
John McCain calls for American ground troops to defeat ISIS
Article: Flexible spinal cord implants will let paralyzed people walk
Lapid urges French Jews to immigrate to Israel
George Zimmerman Arrested for Aggravated Assault
Article: ‘Hacktivist’ group Anonymous says it will avenge Charlie Hebdo attacks by shutting down jihadist websites
Black and Jewish? Try explaining that to Israel’s airport security
Check out “Terror in France: Charlie Hebdo Shooting & Hostage Standoffs” on Flipboard
Some good news to end the day on a positive note…
Boko Haram crisis: Nigeria’s Baga town hit by new assault
AT&T announces rollover data feature
Investigator: NFL should have sought more info in Rice case
Sri Lanka Elects New President
Obama’s Free Community College Idea May Be Hard Sell
Google Loses Most Search Share Since 2009 While Yahoo Gains
Paris terror suspect trained with AL qaeda
Obama proposes free community college…
A plesant surprise of technology….
Global Inflation Rates Fall as Oil Prices Drop
Colorado NAACP ‘standing vigilant’ after blast near office
Washington state teenager pleads guilty to murder of World War Two veteran: media
2 dead in 18-vehicle pileup on snowy I-80 in Pa.
China’s Xi woos Latin America with $250 bln investments
Global stocks and dollar rise after Fed, euro near 9-year low
Police: Girl, 5, dies after being thrown from St. Petersburg bridge
Paris Attack Smacks Of False Flag | Real Jew News
Assailants revealed in France newspaper attack
Jewish “cartoonist” Georges Wolinski among 12 dead in Paris shooting | The Ugly Truth
Paris shooter kills 11
Alcohol Poisoning Kills an average of 6 Americans every day….
Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham Shows Off Botched Lip Job, Looks Like Futurama’s Leela
Italy Unemployment Rises to New High, Showing Europe Divergence
McDonald’s Japan officials bow in apology for tooth, plastic found in food
France done with high tax on the rich, wants reforms
Why Sri Lanka’s Election Matters for China
‘Orange is the New Black’ Netflix Season 3 Release Date, Ruby Rose Added To Cast as Taylor Schilling Love Interest Read more: http://www.celebeat.com/articles/16363/20150106/orange-is-the-new-black-netflix-season-3-release-date-ruby-rose-added-to-cast-as-taylor-schilling-love-interest.htm#ixzz3O8OJpAJP
Eurozone Consumer Prices Fall for First Time Since 2009, Adding to Deflation Fears
PressTV-Palestine to join ICC on April 1: UN
Manziel already a bust…
End Public Education in America
PressTV-US a ‘rubber stamp for Israeli policy’
Hypocrisy of Christians
Whole grain to help extend longevity
Police shoot and kill an armed man
Gay Marriage Filth Spreads across the land
The ISIS Economic Plan
More Manziel Drunken Behavior
GOPs agenda for the new congress
Cops shot but unharmed
Drones in the skies
In Berlin, New Year rung-in with anti-Semitic attack | The Ugly Truth
Israeli group files war crimes suits against Palestinian leaders | The Ugly Truth
A Pound of Flesh–Trafficking in Humans More A Time-Honored Tradition Amongst God’s Chosen People Than Most Want To Admit | The Ugly Truth
Jewish Republicans gird for a fight – Kenneth P. Vogel – POLITICO
Israel will ask (DEMAND) Congress to stop US aid to Palestinians | The Ugly Truth
Religion is a tool for the weak
The irony of death by rice cakes….
Spain’s employment numbers on the rise….
Republicans say they will act fast to push their agenda
France seeks an end to Russian sanctions over Ukraine
Unwanted games of christmas 2014
Erekat hints at dissolution of Palestinian Authority after Israel withholds tax funds
Another black idiot bites the dust!
Honor for the foolish idiots
I was wrong….
Article: US Health Care Worker, Possibly Exposed To Ebola, Due In Nebraska For Observation
CIA embraces terrorism
The Israeli guns that took part in the Rwanda genocide | The Ugly Truth
Is Joe Flacco really a clutch QB?
The killer jews of Israhell are at it again….
Islam was created by the Catholic Church
Alan Dershowitz denies involvement in underage sex scandal
Lindsey Graham to Netanyahu: “The (US) Congress will follow your lead”…
Israel to halt transfer of tax revenues to Palestinians following ICC bid
Restaurant Claims Printing the N-Word on a Receipt was a ‘Joke’ – Eater
World’s Worst Waiter Writes N-Word on Check; Does Not Apologize – Eater
Johnny Manziel is already a bust…
Teddy Bridgewater’s improvements as the season progressed
France to Israel: We backed Palestinians in Security Council to prevent ICC bid
Weight Loss Not by Design
Teen dies after receiving flu vaccine
Sony attempts to appease PlayStation owners
Israeli settlers clash with U.S. Consolate
IDF suicide cases double in 2014
Note 4 capable of speeds up to 300 mbps
A near death experience for Harry Reid
Revival of US embassy in Tehran is possible, Obama says
Another murder suicide…
Article: Concern as Japan’s 2014 birth rate falls to record low
Another idiot politican bites the dust!
Henry Remembers…
Movie Glorifying a Murderer
Article: Syrian conflict has claimed 76,000 lives in deadliest year yet, say monitors
Crypto-Jew Pence, shows which side his bread is buttered
Jewish Internet Defense Force
Introspective Look at the Race Issue
It is officially a new year, but it feels like any other year
Enter the Palestinian ‘nuclear option’
The Daily Beast: HarperCollins Cuts Israel From Maps
Gizmodo: What Should Mark Zuckerberg’s New Year’s Resolution Be?
Gawker: Hackers Who Kicked Xbox and PlayStation Offline Are Selling Their Tools
TMZ: David Geffen — I’m Being Stalked by Ex-College Football Player
The Huffington Post: Lindsay Lohan Contracts Painful Virus On Vacation
The Australian on Google Play Newsstand: Wall Street bullish after year of gains
Los Angeles Times: Suicide bombing targets Shiites in Yemen; at least 33 dead
PressTV – Russia slams UNSC rejection of Palestine state resolution
New US Congress can impose more sanctions on Iran: Republican senator | The Ugly Truth
Two-Year-Old Shoots and Kills Mother Inside Walmart | Alternet
Tokyo to get its first kosher restaurant | The Ugly Truth


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