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1984 Arkansas Mother of the Year: Hillary Hires the Secret Police

The most disturbing thing about Hillary IS that she uses violence and criminal intimidation tactics to achieve and maintain political power. People ask me, why is there so much antipathy against Hillary and Bill; where does all this come from? It comes from Hillary and Bill themselves; these sociopaths have used, abused, violated and terrified so many people for decades and folks just don’t forget that.
Hillary and Bill, the Rhodes Scholar Rapist, are two Yale Law School graduates who have lived a wildly dysfunctional Jerry Springer lifestyle for their entire adult life. In order to cover up this politically unacceptable and often criminal behavior, Hillary has often employed a secret police to harass, intimidate and terrify others, usually Bill’s sexual assault victims or girlfriends, into silence. Hillary and Bill sent 3 goons (on 6-26-92) to beat up and nearly murder Gary Johnson , Gennifer Flowers’ neighbor, because Gary had security camera videotapes of Bill often entering Gennifer’s condominium. Sally Perdue had the window of her car door smashed and shotgun shells placed in her driver’s seat. Thugs broke into the homes of Gennifer Flowers, Juanita Broaddrick, Elizabeth Ward Gracen, Bobbie Ann Williams and Christy Zercher. Paula Jones, Elizabeth Gracen and Juanita Broaddrick were all audited by the IRS. It was only after the Wall Street Journal started editorializing about Hillary’s and Bill’s political (criminal) use of the IRS that IRS Commissioner Margaret Milner Richardson resigned on 5-23-97. Richardson was a close friend of the sociopaths and classmate of them at Yale Law.
Hillary’s secret police goons waged a terror campaign in 1997-98 against Kathleen Willey, another victim of Bill’s sexual advances. Kathleen, a widow, had her cat Bullseye stolen –maybe killed, her car tires nail gunned and she was approached by a menacing stranger who told her, “You just aren’t getting the message, are you?” (1-8-98) Kathleen says she was “very, very, very terrified” – also, the skull of an dead animal was placed on her front porch the morning after Kathleen was deposed in the Paula Jones case, in January, 1998.
Patrick Knowlton, a witness in the Vincent Foster investigation, was subjected to street fascism intimidation tactics in October-November, 1995, probably ordered by someone in Bill’s Justice Department, at the time he was subpoenaed in the federal investigations into the death of Vincent Foster (Hillary’s boyfriend and emotional husband).

Here is how sociopaths Hillary and Bill climb the levels of people violation and criminality. Instead of stopping the dysfunction, telling the truth and taking responsibility for their actions, Hillary and Bill choose to live the lie and escalate the people violation no matter how many people they destroy (including themselves) in their sick quest for power. Just one example, the violation of Gennifer Flowers:


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