#RedNationRising #Trump2016 We Going Deep Tonight Yeah Babe In The Clinton White House Of Fights Hillary Was The Co-Governor, Co-President, Co-Rapist.

Staffers at the Arkansas Governor’s mansion recall one late night (AM) fight the Clintons had after Bill returned after spending time with one of his girls. This Jerry Springer-style fight involved “shattering glass and slamming doors.leaked to the press that Hillary threw and broke a lamp during one of her many violent, profane screaming matches with Bill When it was over, staff members … [found] broken glass, smashed dishes and a cupboard door ripped off its hinges Hillary is an angry, rude, profane, and physically and verbally abusive person. Her favorite word is Close Your Virgin Eyes #RedNation so she said “M-F which she uses constantly with Bill and staff when she is mad. She hated the Arkansas state troopers who were pimping girls for Bill and she expressed this contempt often. Hillary also despised the Secret Service and was often rude or verbally abusive with them. And she treats her staff like dirt, too.
When Hillary noticed on Labor Day, 91, that the American flag had not yet been raised one morning, the 84 Arkansas Mother-of-the-Year screamed at staff: “Where is the goddamn fucking flag? I want the god -d f-ing flag up every f-ing morning at f-ing sunrise.”
Trooper Larry Patterson observed Hillary standing at the bottom of the stairs and Bill and Chelsea at the top with Hillary yelling at him: “God-Darn  stupid f-ing fool.” These profane outbursts were extremely common with Hillary and she and Bill often savagely fought when they were together for more than a couple of hours.
Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson, the military aide who carried the “nuclear football,” says Hillary was disrespectful, rude and bitterly nasty to her aides. Likewise, Buzz Patterson tells how Hillary treats Bill: “Every vulgar word you’ve ever heard poured from her mouth: ‘God-Darn‘you bastard,’ ‘it’s your f-ing fault.’ On and on and on. Patterson witnessed several incidents like this. Just another day in the Jerry Springer lifestyle of the Clintons
When player Bill was Governor, openly hitting on the ladies at fundraisers, Hillary would say “Come on, Bill, put your pen up. You can’t screw her here.
When Hillary (once again!) physically attacked President Bill, Secret Service agents had to separate them. “Keep that bitch away from me!” Bill told the Secret Service  Secret Service sources report that this type of Jerry Springer dysfunction still continued after the Clintons left the White House in Jan., 2001. Hillary and Bill had dreadful fights in Sept. ’01, Jan. ’02, Aug. ’02, April ’03 and May ’04.These fights included “yelling, screaming, throwing of soft and hard objects, breakage of vases and glasses and just plain nastiness.The night that Bill lost in his run for Congress in 74 Hillary screamed at Paul Fray, the campaign manager,     and called him a “f-ing J-w bastard,” blaming him for Bill’s loss.On morning of the 93 inauguration, the media overheard the Clintons in a typical white hot argument with Bill calling her a “fucking bitch” and Hillary calling the President-elect “a stupid M-F.” What were they arguing over? Hillary was mad because she was not going to get the office space reserved for Vice-President Al Gore in the West Wing! After the inauguration ceremony, Gary Aldrich reports that “Hillary Clinton was screaming at her husband in what was described as ‘uncontrolled and unbridled fury,’” over the same issue. Hillary, the new First Lady, screamed, “Goddam it, Bill, you promised me that office!” [Bill and Hillary, play along with “You f-ing a-hole!”
After Bill admitted the Lewinsky affair to her, on August 13, 99, Hillary who had helped cover up hundreds of Bill’s affairs, “rose to her feet and slapped him across the face,” leaving a big red mark and screamed at her typical earsplitting decibels “You stupid, stupid, stupid bastard,” Bill And Hillary I want me some p
Folks, after a man has cheated on a woman hundreds of times, a woman has no right to strike a man. Fetched him a beer out of the refrigerator
Monica was just the tip of the iceberg. Bill had a virtual brothel, known by Hillary, going in the White House, except that the other women he was screwing besides Monica were more mature and knew to keep their mouths shut.Secondly, after Hillary was screwing Webb Hubbell, she had a long and very intense affair with Vince Foster who was Hillary’s lover, best friend, teacher, confidant and most importantly emotional husband while wild Bill was out screwing every woman within a 15 foot radius. A lot of people think Hillary was some sort of a victim of Bill and Monica and she “stood by her man.” What they are going to find out is Hillary is a bisexual who has had many affairs with women, probably had Chelsea with Webb Hubbell and definitely was screwing Vince Foster her closest friend. One reason Vince Foster committed suicide in July, 1993 was because Hillary shunned him when they got to Wash, DC and would not even talk with Vince the last month as he was spiraling down into a suicidal depression. After a couple of Wall Street Journal editorials about him, Foster was mortified that his very long affair with Hillary might become public.
Hillary’s response: give the stiff arm to Vince, rejecting him in his time of greatest need as he spiraled down into a suicidal meltdown. Vince was so depressed he could barely function and was like a walking zombie at work in the White House. His wife Lisa was mad at him 90% of the time. He was under intense work pressure, unable to solve all the legal problems that Hillary and Bill get into every 5 minutes. Worst of all, Vince’s longtime girlfriend, lover and emotional wife Hillary was rejecting him, refusing to talk with Vince the last three weeks of his life as he spiraled down a black hole of depression to his death. Vince he blew his brains out on July 20, 1993. Another victim of Clinton black widow spiders.
Gennifer Flowers wrote a book, Passion and Betrayal, which came out in 1995. Bill Clinton emphatically and very clearly told Gennifer that Hillary was a lesbian.
So, is Hillary a lesbian? Gennifer Flowers describes Bill’s response when Gennifer asked Bill if Hillary were a lesbian:

“There’s something you need to know. I’ve been hearing tales around town that Hillary is having another thing with a woman.” I watched his face to see his reaction, and couldn’t believe it when he burst out laughing. I was stunned! I asked him what was so funny. “Honey,” he said, “she’s probably eaten more than I have.” Bill said he had known for a long time that Hillary was attracted to women, and it didn’t really bother him anymore. His first clue came from her lack of enjoyment of sex with him. She didn’t like to experiment and insisted on the missionary position and nothing else. Because she wasn’t enjoying herself; neither was he. Sex with her became a duty; nothing more.”Hillary is a backstabber who uses and personally violates people such as her top Senate fundraiser Peter Paul when his history as a felon from 20 years before was revealed. Peter Paul produced and paid for a Hollywood fundraiser (8-12-2000) that raised a huge amount of money ($1 million in hard dollars) for Hillary, and when Peter Paul got some bad publicity, the Clintons dropped their Hollywood “friend” like a hot coal, backstabbing and reneging on a planned business deal. Then, at the same time the Clintons were denying that Hollywood fundraiser Paul gave Hillary’s campaign money, Bill secretly asked Paul for even more money for Hillary’s campaign!!
While Hillary’s aide Howard Wolfson was publicly disavowing Peter Paul (on 8-15-2000), Hillary and Bill were privately: 1) sending Paul thank-you notes for the big fundraiser 2) having aide David Rosen fax Paul asking for $100,000 and 3) having President Bill personally meet with Paul, begging for more money, while still saying he (Bill) would still go into business with Paul at Stan Lee Media after he left office.
Peter Paul later plead guilty to 10(b)5 violation of SEC laws; basically guilty of stock manipulation of his company Stan Lee Media.
After the fundraiser, in public FEC filings, Hillary did not report Peter Paul’s personal, massive, soft money “in-kind” contributions of at least $1,200,000 to produce the Hollywood fundraiser. Pathological lying, backstabbing contributors and campaign finance fraud are second nature to the Clintons. Like I say: Hillary and Bill = black widow spiders.
Check out these 7 articles on Hillary’s fundraising scam:
Also, go to the Hillary Accountability Project: http://www.hillcap.org/
Hillary thinks it is OK for thugs to kidnap or kill the cat, Bullseye, of a widow, Kathleen Willey, and nailgun her tires and send a menacing stranger to approach and terrify Kathleen when she is walking alone outside. There is a very real possibility that Hillary conspired with Buddy Young to murder Jerry Parks on Sept. 26, 1993, because Jerry Parks would not give Hillary his extensive surveillance file (from 1982-83 to 1990-91) documenting Bill with his many women and his drug use.


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