#RedNationRising #CruzCrew #Trump2016 A New Year’s With Cocaine Hillary & Smuggler Bill A New Year’s Night You’re Sure To Remember

Hillary’s deputy campaign manager Bob Nash – along with Bill Clinton, Bill’s buddy Dan Lasater, Buddy Young, Bush #41, Oliver North, William Casey, Barry Seal, Felix Rodriguez – was up to his ears smuggling cocaine into the USA during the 1980’s. Bob Nash also became head of ADFA, the Arkansas Development Finance Authority. ADFA was 1) a slush fund for Bill to reward his biggest political supporters with business loans and 2) it was used to launder drug money for the CIA and Bill Clinton’s friends such as Dan Lasater.
Buddy Young in 1985 told Mike Harari (Mossad) that Bob Nash was Bill Clinton’s ” ‘yes’ man. Personally I think he is a mistake!” [recorded by CIA agent Chip Tatum 3-16-85]. Hillary said in March, 2007, as she appointed this corrupt flunky and “yes man” Bob Nash as her deputy campaign manager: “I am honored and thrilled that Bob is joining my campaign. Bob and I have worked together for 25 years. I look forward to working together again as we listen to the ideas, concerns, and hopes of all people across America.”
This is the same Bob Nash, Hillary’s deputy campaign manager, who on Dec. 9th desperately sent a memo looking for dirt on Obama. HILLARY’S DEPUTY CAMPAIGN MANAGER BOB NASH IN THE 1980’S WAS TAKING A SUITCASE FULL OF CASH FROM BARRY SEAL AS “KICKBACKS” FOR COCAINE DRUG SMUGGLING PROFITS!! The main qualification to be an insider for Hillary or Bill is to be a corrupt flunky who will do anything legal or illegal, ethical or unethical, right or wrong to advance Hillary’s or Bill’s sick pursuit of power. It certainly is not even the ability to write a grammatical letter or email as this pitiful effort shows: http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes.com/2007/12/10/barackemail/#more-3253
The biggest scandals are always bipartisan. Do you ever wonder why Bill Clinton and Bush #41 are such good buddies? One big reason is that they have each other by the short hairs on the Iran-Contra scandals of the 1980’s. After Congress passed the Boland Amendment in 1982 (to go into effect fall, 1983) the Republican Reagan Administration worked hand in hand with the “moderate” Southern Democratic Governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton to supply the Nicaraguan contras with weapons and to smuggle cocaine back into the USA, as a funding mechanism for the Contras.
The great American patriot Oliver North was the one setting the whole damn thing up and Gov. Bill Clinton of Arkansas and his aides Buddy Young and Bob Nash were completely involved in this CIA weapons-to-Contras and cocaine into the USA drug smuggling operation. Former CIA agent Chip Tatum says Oliver North’s Enterprise not only set up the cocaine factories and ran the Columbian cartels, but was also responsible for masterminding massive amounts of narcotics into the USA. http://www.scribd.com/doc/504761/The-Pegasus-Fileex-CIA-deep-cover-agent-Tatum-interviewed

While Nancy Reagan was saying “Just say No,”
Bob Nash, Bill Clinton, Bush #41, Oliver North,
et alia were saying “Just bring in the blow”

I am a Republican and when I found out how bipartisan and pervasive this Republican-Democrat, Bush-Clinton corruption was and is, I just wanted to vomit. It is like being kicked in the stomach.
The airbase at Mena, Arkansas – a secluded airport in western Arkansas with HUGE landing strips and close proximity to Central America was a key maintenance and outfitting base for this operation.
The CIA drug cocaine drug smuggling operation was generating about $10 million per week in cash or about $500 million per year. And it went on for years. A couple or several BILLION dollars of drug money was made by the CIA drug smugglers with the help of Bill Clinton and his aides.
Charles Hayes who helped to run these operations at Mena, Arkansas says that he personally saw Barry Seal give BOB NASH a suitcase full of drug money as a payoff or kickback. Barry Seal was a CIA agent, DEA drug informant the greatest drug smuggler in US history. Bob Nash – now Hillary’s campaign co-chair – was one of wild Bill’s closest aides. Here is the interview (7-14-92) with Charles Hayes, the man who ran operations at Mena: http://www.idfiles.com/menatarget2.htm

Q. Was there money laundering involved in the Mena operations?
A. Yes, the main thing about Mena was the political power and money associated with it.
Q. Was Stephens Inc. involved in the money laundering?
A. Yes, and so was the Northrup Company, all the way up to Kenny Northrup.
Q. Were Kenny Northrup and Robert Chasin involved in the money laundering?
A. Yes.
Q. Would it be correct to say that the Mena operations generated 100,000,000 per week?
A. No, that’s too high.
Q. Would it be correct to say that the Mena operations generated 1,000 per week?
A. No, that too low.
Q. Would it be correct to say 10,000,000?
A. That’s about right.
Q. Was there DOD involvement in the Mena operations?
A. Yes, it could not have happened without DOD involvement.
Q. Do you know Larry Nichols?
A. Yes.
Q. Larry Nichols denies that he has ever met you or Clay Lacy.
A. Nichols and Lacy have had their pictures taken together. Larry certainly knows me. If you had robbed Fort Knox, and I knew that you had done it, would you admit to knowing me?
Q. Do Lacy and ADFA have connections?
A. Yes, Lacy is associated with ADFA.
Q. Do you know Wooten Epps?
A. Yes.
Q. Do you now Bob Nash?
A. Yes, I was personally present when Barry Seal gave Bob Nash a suitcase full of money. I don’t take payoffs, and don’t like those who do.
Q. Did you know that Bob Nash is currently president of ADFA?
A. You’re kidding.
Q. No, I have interviewed Bob Nash in his office at ADFA.
A. I never thought he would get that far.
Q. Do you know Don Worthy?
A. Yes.
Q. Is it correct to say that Don Worthy has an involvement in the Mena operations?
A. Yes, a very important involvement. You are getting close to the head of the octopus with Don Worthy.
Q. Do you know Bob Neal?
A. Yes.
Q. Is Bob Neal associated with an underground complex at the Hope, Arkansas Airport?
A. I don’t believe he owns it. You are getting into an area that I won’t talk about. It’s the subject of an investigation.
Q. Do you mean the recently renewed FBI investigation?
A. (Laugh) No, that’s like putting the robbers in with the gold. There is another investigation that I’m talking about.
Q. Is it correct to say that the Arkansas State Police are involved in distributing cocaine derived from the Mena Arkansas operations?
A. Very definitely, and federal people as well.
Q. Do you know Buddy Young?
A. (Pause) I won’t talk about Buddy Young?
You can bet anyone in the inner circle of Hillary or Bill is a very or completely corrupt person. The fish rots at the top and it is only natural that Hillary and Bill would hire people as corrupt and immoral as they are.
There are a lot of good books and web links about the CIA, Bush #41’s and Bill Clinton’s involvement in drug smuggling into the USA to support the Nicaraguan contras in the 1980’s. And like Bob Nash, you can bet that some of the participants were siphoning off “kickbacks” and “payoffs” for themselves. I highly suggest reading Terry Reed’s 1994 book Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA : http://www.amazon.com/Compromised-Clinton-Bush-Terry-Reed/dp/1561712493/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1197524148&sr=8-1
It ought to be called “Corrupt” because that is exactly what those folks are. Is there anyone in the house who is tired of “Bush Clinton Bush Clinton Bush Clinton Bush Clinton Bush Clinton?” CAN I HEAR A WITNESS? Email me if you agree. There are a bunch of other super books where you can read about the bipartisan Bush/Clinton drug scandals of the 1980’s:

1) Powerburns: Cocaine, Contras & the Drug War by former DEA agent Celerino Castillo, III
2) Dark Alliance by Gary Webb
3) Barry and the Boys: the CIA, the Mob and America’s Secret History by Daniel Hopsicker
4) Whiteout by Alexander Cockburn
5) Cocaine Politics: Drugs, Armies and the CIA in Central America by Peter Dale Scott and
Jonathon Marshall
6) Lost History by Robert Parry
7) The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider by Al Martin
8) The Big White Lie: The Deep Cover Operation That Exposed the CIA Sabotage of the Drug War: An Undercover Odyssey by Michael Levine and Laura Kavanau-Levine
9) The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia by Alfred W. McCoy (from the 1970’s era)
10) Out of Control: The Story of the Reagan Administration’s Secret War in Nicaragua, the Illegal Arms Pipeline, and the Contra Drug Connection by Leslie Cockburn
11) Blue Thunder: How the Mafia Owned and Finally Murdered Cigarette Boat King Donald Aronov by Thomas Burdick and Charlene Mitchell
12) The Mafia, CIA, & George Bush by Pete Brewton
13) Called to Serve by James “Bo” Gritz

Also, read “The Crimes of Mena” by Sally Denton and Roger Morris which they had to publish in Penthouse in July, 1995 because the establishment Washington Post spiked this extremely embarrassing story to folks like Clinton and Bush #41. http://www.serendipity.li/cia/c_o_mena.html Another book to get is The Secret Life of Bill Clinton by Ambrose Evans Pritchard. Read that book and you will get a taste on how corrupt the Clintons are. L.D. Brown, Bill’s favorite state trooper wrote a book called Crossfire: Witness in the Clinton Investigation in 1999. L.D. tells us wild Bill was fully aware of his very good friend Dan Lasater’s drug involvement in Mena. In reality, Dan Lasater was in charge of laundering the drug money along with the help of ADFA where Bob Nash worked.
Here is a good link on Barry Seal, who gave Bob Nash a suitcase of drug money as a payoff: http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/JFKseal.htm
Here are some more good links: http://www.beyondweird.com/conspiracy/cn08-06.html (Terry Reed after he got railroaded by a Clinton-appointed judge); Gary Money by Mark Swaney (1995) http://groups.msn.com/ChaosAcrossAmerica/thepatriotact.msnw?action=get_message&mview=1&ID_Message=255&all_topics=1,

Here is an interview with Terry Reed who reported directly to Bob Nash http://www.theconspiracy.us/9409/0008.html

Former CIA agent Chip Tatum, has some incredibly good information in his “Pegasus File.” You have GOT to read about Chip Tatum and his experiences with Bush, Clinton and the CIA. This is some of the most enlightening and amazing stuff I have ever read on the internet. Most of the information is from Chip Tatum in 1997.



http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/RANCHO/POLITICS/MENA/TATUM/tatum.html This is CIA agent Chip Tatum’s account for 3-16-85:
We departed the following morning with the passengers listed in Item 19 Remarks section of the Department of Defense Flight Plan dated 16 March, 1985.
The following conversation took place between Messrs. Harari and Young during the flight to Palmerola Air Base. The passengers were wearing headsets and speaking over the aircraft intercom system due to the high noise level in the helicopter. As the command pilot, I routinely monitor all conversations on our intercom. I did not advise our passengers that I was listening, or that I was recording the conversation.
Buddy: “Arkansas has the capability to manufacture anything in the area of weapons – and if we don’t have it – we’ll get it!”
Mike: “How about government controls?”
Buddy: “The Governor’s on top of it, and if the feds get nosey – we hear about it and make a call. Then they’re called off.” He was looking around the countryside and continued, “Why the hell would anyone want to fight for a shit-hole like this?”
Mike: Shaking his head in awe, answered,”What we do has nothing to do with preserving a country’s integrity – it’s just business, and third world countries see their destiny as defeating borders and expanding. The more of this mentality we can produce – the greater our wealth. We train and we arm – that’s our job. And, in return, we get a product far more valuable than the money for a gun. We’re paid with product. And we credit top dollar for product.”
Buddy: Still looked confused.
Mike: “Look – one gun and 3,000 rounds of ammo is $1,200. A kilo of product is about $1,000. We credit the Contras $1,500 for every kilo. That’s top dollar for a kilo of cocaine. It’s equivalent to the American K-Mart special – buy four, get one free. On our side – we spend $1,200 for a kilo and sell it for $12,000 to $15,000. Now, that’s a profit center. And the market is much greater for the product than for weapons. It’s just good business sense – understand?
Buddy: “Damn! So you guys promote wars and revolutions to provide weapons for drugs – we provide the non-numbered parts to change out and we all win. Damn that’s good!”
Mike: “It’s good when it works – but someone is, how do you say, has his hand in the coffer.”
Buddy: Responding on the defensive,”Well, we get our ten percent right off the top and that’s plenty. GOFUS can make it go a long way.” Mike:”Who is GOFUS?”
Buddy: “Governor Clinton! That’s our pet word for him. You know they call the President ‘POTUS’ for ‘President of the United States’. Well, we call Clinton ‘GOFUS’ for ‘Governor of the United States’. He thinks he is anyhow.
Mike: “That’s your problem in America. You have no respect for your elected officials. They are more powerful than you think and have ears everywhere. You should heed my words and be loyal to your leaders. Especially when speaking to persons like me. Your remarks indicate a weakness – something our intelligence analysts look for.”
Buddy: “Aw hell, Mike. Everybody knows the Clinton’s want the White House and will do anything to get it. That’s why I’m here instead of someone else. We know about the cocaine – hell! I’ve picked it up before with Lasater when he was worried about going on Little Rock Air Base to get it.”
A new line of conversation ensued. Harari questioned Young about his knowledge of who the ‘players’ were. He went down a list. He started with ‘The Boss – Clinton’. Here’s a synopsis of the players according to Young.
Buddy: “Clinton – thinks he’s in charge, but he’ll only go as far as Casey allows. Me and my staff – we keep the lid on things you know – complaints about night flying – Arkansas people are private folks – they don’t like a lot of commotion and Mena just isn’t the right place for the operation. It keeps us busy at the shredder – if you know what I mean. Dan the Man (Lasater) – He does magic with the money – between him and Jack Stevens we don’t have to worry a bit. Then we got Parks – if there’s a problem – he’s the man. We call him the Archer – that’s the codename that Casey and Colby told us to assign to that position. Finnis oversee’s our drop zone. Nash – he’s just the boss’ ‘yes’ man. Personally I think he’s a mistake! Seal and his guys – I like his attitude “and leave the driving to us!” he said, quoting one of Seal’s good ole boy sayings.
Mike: “You like Seal?”
Buddy: “Hell! He’s the only one I trust – respect is the word.”
Mike: “Do you see much of him?”
Buddy: “Hell, yea. We test drive Clinton’s rides before we send ’em on, ya know? (He laughed, grinding his hips.) Say – how much coke do you recon you can make in a week?”
Mike: “One camp can produce 400 keys a week. The others are about half that. But that’s just our operation here. We have other sources in various parts of the world. Why do you ask?”
Buddy: “What? Oh, the Governor wanted to know our capacity.”
Mike: “Who else is on the team?”
Buddy: “Well, hell, I forgot who I told you about.”
Mike ran down the list from memory.
Buddy: “Ok, there’s the manufacturers – hell, these two..”
The tape stopped.

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