My Bombshell On Hillary Clinton#RedNationRising #UniteBlue What She Doesn’t Want Americans To Know

Former US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, did not stop, for the bombing of the surprises in the face the whole world and especially Arabs through her ​​book “tough choices”, you talk about many secrets witnessed during her tenure the post.
Al-Alam Iranian this time, according surprise , when Clinton acknowledged that the US administration has established the so-called organized “Islamic state in Iraq and the Levant”, nicknamed “Daash” to divide the Middle East.
The US Secretary of State earlier in the book: “We entered the Iraqi and Libyan and Syrian war and everything was just fine good too, and suddenly the 6/30 to 7/3 revolution in Egypt, and everything changed in 72 hours, it was agreed to declare an Islamic state day 05/07/2013 m, and we were waiting for the declaration order to admit we and Europe out immediately, where he had visited 112 country in the world. It was agreed with some friends on the recognition of the “Islamic state” if the announcement immediately, and all of a sudden crash everything.
“It continued:” everything Anکsr before our eyes without warning, something alarming !, Vکrna happened in the use of force, but Egypt is not Syria, or Libya, the army of Egypt is very strong and the people of Egypt will not leave his army never alone.
“and went on:” When Thrکna number of cut in US Fleet hand Alexandria was spotted by a squadron of submarines very modern so-called wolves Sea 21, which is equipped with the latest weapons, monitoring and tracking, When we tried to approach off the Red Sea coast were surprised by a flock MiG aircraft 21 old Russian, but the strangest thing is that Radaratna not Tکchwha where they came from and where it went after that, Vvdilna back, again increased wrap the Egyptian people with his army and Thrکt China and Russia rejecting this situation, was Back Fleet cut and now we do not know how to deal with Egypt and its army.
“says Hillary:” If we use force against Egypt lost, and if Trکna Egypt lost something very difficult, Egypt is the heart of the Arab and Muslim world, and through our control them through the Brotherhood through what -called «Islamic state» and divided, was then to go to the countries of the Persian Gulf, and was the first ripe state is Kuwait through Oawanna here from the Muslim Brotherhood, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, Bahrain, Oman, and then re-division of the Arab region in full, including covered by the rest of the Arab countries and the countries Morocco Arab control us and become a private oil resources and marine ports in full and if there are some differences among them the situation is changing.
“source and link to the news Clinton admits … We agreed with the Brotherhood on the declaration of the State “Daash” Sinai .. !! know the details on the attached video link https: // V = 0uCgS … If you like the video please subscribe in New fallopian learned about the all-new on the link https: // … and please visit my page on Facebook and I hope to appeal to you on the link .. . and please visit my blog on the new Luxury, Najwa Karam, Saber Al Rubai, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Egypt, Cairo today, Alexandria, Qatar


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