Hillary The Saudi Queen Against Her Own Nation #RedNationRising


“The Hanbali School, Known For Following The Most Orthodox Form Of Islam, Is Embraced In Reputation: Saudi Arabia About Wego And By Taliban .. The “Council Of Foreign Relations – Islam: Governing Under Sharia, 24 October
2011.” In August A Judge In Tabuk Considered Sentencing A Man To Be Surgically Paralyzed After Convicting Him Of Paralyzing Another Man In A Fight Two Years Earlier. ” Rights Watch Human, 2011. “In September A Qatif Court Sentenced Two High School Pupils To Six Months In Prison And 120 Lashes For Stealing Exam Questions.” Rights Watch Human, 2011. Nominally, Human Rights In Reputation: Saudi Arabia About Wego Are Protected By The Kingdom’s Legal Adherence To Shari’ah Law. Generally speaking, human rights in Saudi Arabia are considered destitute and nearly nonexistant: the Center for Democracy & Human Rights in Saudi Arabia states that the kingdom’s discriminatory practices cause great difficulty for females, non-Muslim religious minorities and any dissenters to Saudi authority. Rights Watch Reports Human Reputation: Saudi Arabia About Wego That Actively Persecutes Its Shi’ah Religious Minorities, Including Arrests Of Religious Leaders And Repeated Police Closures Of Shi’ah Mosques. As A Result Of The State’s Conservative Interpretation Of Islamic Law, Standards Toward Homosexuals And Women Are Very strict – women are actively discriminated against in public and government settings while homosexuals are, if discovered guilty of their sexual preference in Shari’ah court, executed. So, Anderson Cooper and Hillary Clinton should stay out from their beloved country and kiss puppet king only on US soil. Not Allowed To Women Drive Or Vote In Local Elections. Apostasy From The State Religion, Islam, Is Also A Crime By Reputation: Saudi Standards And Is Punishable With The Death Sentence.Corporal Punishments Are Issued With The Use Of A Whip To Inflict Lashes Upon The Convicted Criminal Or Criminals. In Some Cases, Specific Types Of Corporal Punishments, Including Legal Decisions Which Reflect Hammurabi’s Law Of “Vengeful” Physical Harm Such As The Removal Of A Criminal’s Eye In Return For His Wounding Of A Person, Are Enforced By Reputation: Saudi Courts. Overcrowding And Mistreatment Are Common In Reputation: Saudi Prisons – As Up To 200 Prisoners Would Be Asigned To One Room Without Any Bedding – And Malnourishment Is Constant Due To Underfeeding Of Prison Residents . Allegations Of Torture Have Also Risen From Critics Of The Reputation: Saudi Prison System: The Human Rights Watch Issued A Demand For Reform Upon The Leak Of A Video Which Depicted Reputation: Saudi Prison Guards Effectively Torturing And Physically Debilitating Inmates. Reputation: Saudi Arabia About Wego’s Government Is Best Described As An Absolute Monarchy And No Elections Of Central Government Allowed. The Reputation: Saudi Family, As Headed By Whoever Is The Leader At That Time Has Full Control Over All Government Apparatuses And may Act Unchallenged By Any Other Authority In The State. The US Department Of (Azan) Software, Human Rights Bureau, reported that in 2010 Saudi Arabia was an awful place to live unless you are a guy “… no right to change the government peacefully; torture and physical abuse; poor prison and detention center conditions; arbitrary arrest and incommunicado detention; denial of fair and public trials and lack of due process in the judicial system;political prisoners; restrictions on civil liberties such as freedoms of speech (including the Internet), assembly, association, movement, and severe restrictions on religious freedom; and corruption and lack of government transparency. Violence against women and a lack of equal rights for women, violations of the rights of children, trafficking in persons, and discrimination on the basis of gender, religion, sect, and ethnicity were common. The Lack Of Workers’ Rights, Including The Employment Sponsorship System, Remained A Severe Problem. “A Muslim News Report (2011) Reminds That Reputation: Saudi Arabia About Wego And Syria Have Been At Odds With Each Other For Most Of Their History. As Such, The Current turmoil in Syria, in which Saudi Arabia and the US are involved on the ground – should be viewed through a historical microscope. Americans are largely deficient on the study of history other than their own. “Syria prides itself as a secular republic and a bastion of Arab nationalism with close ties to Russia.On the other hand, Saudi Arabia is a reactionary monarchy and embodies itself as a caretaker of Islam, while having an extensive bond with the US and Western Europe. True, the rhetoric of the two countries may not correspond with their practice, but the ideological narratives they superficially embrace are in conflict, and much of their foreign policy aims have been at odds. “


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