Donald J Trump vs. America’s Denial                                     A Hidden Truths In Our Election Is Only A Fool’s Game To Hide The Real Reason By   The Obama Admin And Hillary 2016 On The Real Reason Why We’re Here And   Talking Points On Radical Islam The Word They Refuse To Say Or Admit About Terror.  In Its Beginning With Al Qaeda And The Hidden Lies In Our National Security With Our Leaders, These White House Tenants Bill Clinton His Lies  And Hidden Info On The First WTC Attack Hiding And Stealing Documents. Then Dick Cheney And His New Pearl Harbor With George W Bush These Gang Of Elite Liars On 9/11 Followed By The Patriot Act And The NSA Lies. The Obama Admins Lies Continuing On #ISIS And Their Domestic Copy-cats  Who Vows To Them On Hell-bound Terror Spreading On And Killing Us   All With Ruining The US And Her Allies Abroad And Now Others Like AG Lynch Want To Make It About Hate And Race On Muslims And Religion Instead Of America’s Histories Of Lies In Funding Supporting These Groups, Fake Wars On Terror America’s Elite Invasions In Others Countries Now A War On Radical Hate,Racial War Begin With Racial Lies Wars And Terrorism Both Foreign And Domestic And The Lack Of Leadership By The Obama Admin So Which Do You Choose Truth Or Lies ,Better Safe Than Sorry A Real Wakeup Call So Stop The Hate And Kill You The Sounds Bites Get Down To The Real Fact We’re In Danger US And It Must Stop Mr.President God Bless America Our Home Sweet Home By : Change The World Today       Mrs. Sarah L. Gibson  This Original Blog Was Written     By : Feralyawp

  1. Source: Donald J Trump: The Artist is Present