Putin: Russia provides significant military support to Syria, anti-terrorism int’l coalition is achievable

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Moscow (SANA) ~ Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday Russia provides serious support to Syria, including militarily, in the framework of fighting terrorism.

“We consider various possibilities, but now what you have mentioned [participation in military operations against ISIS] is not yet on our agenda,” said Putin at the Eastern Economic Forum held in the Russian city Vladivostok.

“Saying that we are ready to do it today is premature, but we are providing Syria with rather serious support and equipment and training forces with armament,” he added, noting that Russia will continue consultations with “our Syrian friends and the countries in the region.”

He noted that the Russian support is being provided in accordance with contracts signed with Syria 5 to 7 years ago, “and we are fully implementing them.”

Putin questioned the affectivity of the airstrikes carried out by the US against ISIS as they have “yielded no…

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