American journalist Rodney Martin: “Press TV Reporter Serena Shim Victim of CIA Black Op”

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Serena Shim-Victim-Of-CIA-Black-Op

An American journalist believes that the slain Press TV correspondent Serena Shim appears to be the victim of a black operation by CIA.

(Press TV) – Rodney Martin, who is the chairman of the American Nationalist Association, made the remarks on Monday following the questionable death of Shim inside Turkey, near the Syrian border.

“Mrs. Shim most likely died as a result of her tireless pursuit of truth which is suppressed by media in the West. Mrs. Shim appears to be the victim of a CIA black op, most likely with the cooperation of Turkey who just recently accused her of being a ‘spy’ after she exposed Turkey’s assistance of ISIL,” Martin said.

Shim, an American citizen of Lebanese origin, told Press TV on Friday that the Turkish intelligence had accused her of spying, adding that she feared being arrested.

On Sunday, her car collided with a heavy…

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