Washington fire sparked by fatal plane crash burns buildings

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SEATTLE (AP) – A wildfire ignited by a plane crash that killed two people in a rugged area of northern Washington state was one of several that chased hundreds of people from their homes Friday in the drought-stricken state, authorities said.

The blaze burned 10 to 12 buildings, including residences, threated about 660 homes and forced more than 400 people to evacuate as winds picked up in the dry land near Oroville, a small town near the Canadian border, officials said.

Bob and Helen Dickson said flames were jumping from tree to tree, sending billows of black smoke into the air when officials rushed up their driveway with red lights flashing and told them to leave. When they were able to return on Friday, and said “it looked like a nuclear bomb went off for miles and miles.”

“Looks like moonscape. Black everywhere,” Bob Dickson said in an email to…

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