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Turkish President Attacks Journalism, Learns How Not To Kill A Story
The Young Turks
The Young Turks
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Published on May 26, 2015
“Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blasted the New York Times on Monday over a May 22 editorial that accused him of consolidating power and intimidating the free press.

“Who are you?” Erdogan said about the Times at a panel in Istanbul. “Can you write such a thing against the U.S. administration? If you do, [the White House] would immediately do what is necessary.”

Erdogan went on to call the editorial “shameless” and said it was “meddling in Turkey’s affairs,” according to Hurriyet.

Last Friday, Turkish police launched an operation to detain dozens of people perceived to be supporters of U.S.-based Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, Erdogan’s ally-turned-foe. The move, which included outlawing opposition media outlets, was also seen as a crackdown on the free press.”

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John Iadarola (Think Tank;, Ana Kasparian (The Point; & Cenk Uygur ( of The Young Turks break it down.


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Sarah Gibson He Should Be Coughing Up What Happened To US Journalist #SerenaShim
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Top comments

Zombie Ducklings 3 days ago
By speaking their opinion, the NYT is stepping over the boundaries of freedom? Sure…
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RunescapeSupersaiyan 7 hours ago
Central asia is growing economically and Turkey is already as strong as germany uk or france idk what will happen if those both unite and decide to fuckover half of russia retake the turkic oil in siberia and in a century we will match to the super power then China with our allies japan and korea no single fucking shit country gonna touch us mate
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Richard Kubilay 6 hours ago
+RunescapeSupersaiyan turkey is more powerful then Britain Germany and France military together each has around 200 thousand turkey has almost has 700 thousand
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DarKool81 2 days ago
And Turkey wonders why the EU laughs off their attempts to join
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ertugrul dmrhn 22 hours ago
+DarKool81 dude nobody wants to join EU in Turkey but Erdoğan himself.People dont give a fuck about Eu.
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mehmet karakurt 11 hours ago
+ertugrul dmrhn EU joinment attemps just for show, in order to keep incoming Europe project supports. That is it. What else could it be? Hahaha “Turks, they want to join EU(!) and we say them ‘nooooooooooooo’ ” . In a nutshell, such a cool story pulled out from some european ass… Fır sure tayyip is a fcking troll in ME.
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markalexander774 3 days ago
We can’t really talk shit about other countries’ elections. We’re even worse: forget the whole rich donors choosing our candidates for us argument because as bad as that is it isn’t the worst aspect of our electoral system. We have a system set up where occasionally a president wins by getting less votes than the opponent. At least Saddam had the courtesy to lie about it. We’re honest about the fact that John Quincy Adams, Rutherford B. Hayes, Benjamin Harrison, and George W. Bush lost their elections, and we still let them be president. What kind of fucked up shit is that? What other country has that type of open bullshit happen in their elections?
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Boo Radley 1 day ago
+XZDrake I was referring to your idea on why the same kind of fuckwits are being voted into office time and time again.
Reply ·

XZDrake 1 day ago
+Boo Radley
It is that simple. People don’t have to vote for them, they CHOOSE to. You Americans have nobody but yourselves to blame for your two party system.
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Derek C 3 days ago
I don’t have to be polite to any government, whether it’s my own or a foreign state. Two words for Erdogan: Tough shit.
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Horduck Wingman 1 day ago
+Derek C oh shut up and take the patriot act moron
Reply ·

Horduck Wingman 1 day ago
+Tina Villiger our media reported babies being killed and were complicit in the invasion of iraq…erdogan rocks and should get a fucking medal…i wish obama would treat fox the same
Reply ·

Pasxali K 2 days ago
Few people know that Turkey is the leading country No 1 when it comes to putting journalists in jail.

But there’s more journalists in jail in China, you say?
True, but China also is 1.3 billion people, Turkey is only 80 million.

They are the No 1 country “per capita”… 😉
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Pasxali K 14 hours ago
+Horduck Wingman “the point isnt to distract,…”

“…so fuck yeah LOOOK at fucking israel dickhead”
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Horduck Wingman 7 hours ago
yup thats exactly what i said i’m glad you know ctrl-v function
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erzan 2 days ago (edited)
Erdogan is a DISGRACE to Turkish and European people. It’s been trying to join the European Union for decades and wonders why membership has not been given? Because it’s becoming a radical religious state! It could have been a powerful symbol of a liberal democracy with a large majority Muslim population. A beacon of hope to the Muslim Arab world. But thanks to this authoritarian bastard his gone fuck that up. DISGRACE.
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Republic of Pakistan 10 hours ago
Stop trying to be Europeans, look where it has got you.
Reply ·

Horduck Wingman 8 hours ago
+Republic of Pakistan dude its not easy to separate “europe” from being a “turk” throughout history people have left the steppes for europe…destined to leave asia it is no surprise that the word tErk in turkish means to leave behind also there are old turks and new turks… old turk settled eastern europe long before islam and the ottoman empire… although i agree with you turkey shouldn’t be trying to get into the eu since eu SUCKS ass
Reply ·

TheCrazyGamerCanada 3 days ago
Oh and Obama doesn’t get power hungry.
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filonin2 2 days ago
+Francisco Jerónimo
Either he was always crooked, or they told him when he got in that they would Kennedy him if he didn’t fall in line.
Reply ·

stony tina 2 days ago
+Francisco Jerónimo The entire U SS A is a nation of sell-outs.
Too many fuckhead Murricans gleefully embrace the system and the ones who don’t are too much of a pussy to do anything about it.
Reply · 1

Khuda Vendigar 2 days ago
Most Turks don’t vote for AKP, and they’re losing voting share this election. Going to be a good one. I hope CHP, MHP and HDP make a coalition, but I doubt they will. AKP + HDP seems most likely.
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Aylin Oz 2 days ago
Reply · 3

John Smith 2 days ago
+Khuda Vendigar MHP will never work with the Kurds, it’s like asking KKK to make coalition with Nation of Islam.
Reply · 1

gap949 2 days ago
I hope Cenk does’nt have family in Turkey….this guy is spiteful and could take it out on them ….
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gap949 17 hours ago
+Horduck Wingman Yeah CNN, FOX are shitty networks they all have their agendas and political views etc…but at least they have a right to have those views weithercone likes it or not……as for your question concerning Turkey’s position on that….just Google”turkish crackdown” for example….another queetion are Turkidh Kurds considered “Citizens ” ?
Reply ·

Horduck Wingman 7 hours ago
+gap949 i don’t know…i’m torn on it because free press is great for “newspaper” but tv can do more damage to the “psyche” with propaganda and messaging with television you can basically talk people into a frenzy much more easily…. one of the issues turkey faces with youtube for example is ISIS recruitment video designed to BRAINWASH the youths mind…you may not agree but television is a powerful tool when combined with psychology.

how do you suggest the world fight back terror? should we let the youth get brainwashed by people who know exactly what buttons to press in their impressionable minds?

you guys are holding on to this free press shit lik its 1897 well it not and many muslim kids fall prey to this crap…really tell me how do we fight back radicalization? would you be happy with a turkish patriot act?
Read more
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skinnywhop87 2 days ago
Quasi dictator? Try full on dictator… Erdogan wants a reestablishment of the ottoman with him as the sultan
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skinnywhop87 1 day ago
+metro metro Good for nothing you mean..
Reply ·

metro metro 1 day ago
+skinnywhop87 bro, dint you see the development’s in turkey past 10 years
He has done a miracle
Reply ·

Turtle_TwisT™ 2 days ago
He is ruining everything Turkey has become!!
He is doing the opposite og what Atatürk did!!
Fuck that nutjob idiot!
Reply · 9
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Horduck Wingman 1 day ago (edited)
+XZDrake yes but then it would ruin the flow of the turkic turfan going all the way to england you fuckface…i think you guys should move back to africa into the jungle and live like the apes you are…but i’ll settle and ask you to stfu and come and take it biiiitch
Reply ·

Daniel Celt 3 days ago
That loud humming sound coming from underground in Turkey is Atatürk spinning in his grave.
Reply · 43
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Edward Bernayse666 2 days ago
+MyDefendor Q erdogan seems either cray or confusing to me. he is so open and unapologetic with the world on how he views his dictatorial role in turkey. usually they try to keep things secret. he did confirm what i was suspecting with what he said in this video where he attacked the new york times and said that “i ordered the united states to…..” i figured that there was some kind of gag order going on in our press to not say anything about the dictatorial allies that we have like egypt, saudi arabia and turkey. maybe since erdogan isn’t doing anything to try to stop ISIS, the new york times figured it would go against the order and finally print something negative about him.
Reply ·

23Prospero37 3 days ago
Prime Minister Harper was all set to have people arrested for participating in the boycott of Israeli products. His government call the IDLENOMORE protesters animals and bacteria. And as well anyone who protests against the government are terrorists.
Reply · 22
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Red Tankgirl 1 day ago
Well. that’s a good question. My answer would be stupid people. Hahaha. Joking aside. The last election was reft with election fraud and robo calls. This was not addressed properly as Harper got in with 37% of the votes as is part of our process and he also has control of both the RCMP and elections Canada and every other government run agency once in office. We pushed for justice but never got it. The conservatives are generally the 1% types and the want- a- be’s , and those are the ones who vote for him. That are the type who vote for him. That and those who have oil and energy interests. That’s all I can guess at or say to that.
Reply ·

Boo Radley 1 day ago
+Red Tankgirl Damn, that is so similar to the US.
Reply ·

Aneesh Sompalli 2 days ago
I didn’t read the editorial but you bet your ass I’m going to read it today! Thanks Erdogan!
Reply · 1

Ali Rafiq 3 days ago
Where was freedom of speech when United State of Invader was illegally invading Iraq?
Reply · 6
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Edward Bernayse666 2 days ago
+Diatonic5th what about the mainstream media which is were most people were getting their news?
Reply ·

XZDrake 2 days ago
+Edward Bernayse666
The MSM is allowed to shill.
Reply ·

Duncan Wallace 3 days ago
Erdogan is meant to be an idiot, but I’ve heard the opposition before he got in was so bad economically, that people in Turkey keep re-electing him even though many don’t like his right-wing policies.
Reply · 1
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Duncan Wallace 1 day ago
+gap949 Yeah, Turkey has a proud tradition of keeping religion separate from politics, which Erdogan has trampled all over… amongst other things.
Reply ·

XZDrake 1 day ago
The last government was appointed by the military though.
Reply ·

Northwestern Democratic Despot 3 days ago
Erdogan is big on freedom I heard.He’s killin’ it out there.
Reply · 15

Mister mood 3 days ago
+Northwestern Democratic Despot LOL
Reply · 2

James Parker 2 days ago
I am hoping the HDP gets past the 10% threshold in Turkey’s upcoming election. If they do there is no way that he will get enough seats to make Turkey a presidential system.
Reply · 1

Probus Excogitatoris 2 days ago (edited)
Most of the time, I’m really disgusted with humans. I mean, most people really are quite despicable little children when you scratch the surface. The more power a person has, the bigger asshole that person is likely to be. There really is nothing to do about it. People have this irrational sense of entitlement. People have these egos that need to be fed on a regular basis. Then we have that inherent confirmation bias (among many other logical flaws) that make it practically impossible to have a truly mature and rational discussion. You have to treat people like children. You have to be manipulative and cunning in order to get things done. It’s so tiresome and I’m sick and tired of having to deal with all these adult babies on a regular basis… and then people wonder why we have all these problems in the world. It’s inevitable, when people are as flawed and immature as they are.

No, I don’t consider myself smarter or more sophisticated than other humans. But, I have suffered from depression for most of my adult life. That has forced me to really scrutinize myself and be brutally honest. It has also given me the opportunity to observe people from the outside, so to speak. All this has not given me happiness, but it has given me certain insights about the human condition that very few people who live normal healthy lives have. That’s the problem with happiness. It really requires you to either not care or be deluded. Many times, I have really wished I had not taken the red pill. To watch how humans behave from the outside is truly depressing. I mean, I have no problem socializing and people generally think I’m fun to be around. But, it’s all a facade. It’s not possible for me anymore, to establish truly meaningful relationships with other human beings. I simply don’t have enough respect for humans anymore to be able to connect with other individuals on a profound level. As I said, it’s so tiresome to constantly have to interact with these adult babies.
Read more
Reply ·

synapse131 2 days ago
+Probus Excogitatoris Dude! I can understand your sentiments; but don’t give up on humans just yet. There are good people out there.
Reply ·

Probus Excogitatoris 1 day ago
+synapse131 That might be. But, they are damn hard to find…
Reply ·

Dan Baldwick 2 days ago
IMHO Anyone who’s against freedom of the press is a terrorist, That includes the President of Turkey!
Reply · 1
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