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NETANYAHU’S ADDRESS Mar 3 2015Wednesday, March 4, 2015 To: Friends & Supporters From: Gary L. Bauer I was honored to represent you at yesterday’s joint session of Congress, and to welcome Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Washington. This historic speech, delivered by a statesman, was a desperately needed dose of reality. The prime minister was careful not to play partisan politics. Yet as I listened to him speak, it became clear why so much of the leftist political establishment in Washington, including the president, didn’t want him to deliver this address. That’s because they desperately do not want the secret deal currently being negotiated with Iran to be exposed for the folly that it is. President Obama will try to keep the terms secret even after he signs it. Yesterday he threatened to veto a new proposal on Capitol Hill requiring him to submit the deal to Congress for a vote. The left also didn’t want the American people, who for six years have not heard their our own president boldly defend the interests of the United States, to hear and see the head of Israel defend his nation without any ambiguity or apology.Prime Minister Netanyahu did not make any excuses for the Islamic regime in Iran the way that our president often makes excuses for our enemies. Unlike Obama, who routinely catalogues the sins of America, Netanyahu did not berate his country’s history. He is proud of Israel’s history, as he should be. Netanyahu did not offer jobs programs, social work or foreign aid as solutions. Instead, he zeroed in on the cause of the problem — radical Islam. Our president is unwilling to connect radical Islam to acts of terror and suggests that much of the hatred and violence in the Middle East are due to “legitimate grievances.”Benjamin Netanyahu can’t run for president of the United States in 2016. He has his hands full leading Israel. But America would do well to pick someone who is just as capable of effectively defending our national interests as Netanyahu did yesterday. Now I want to share something with you that broke my heart and gives me great concern for the future of our country. Nearly 60 members of Congress boycotted the prime minister’s address. I think they were wrong, but they made their decision and they will have to live with it. But when Netanyahu introduced Nobel Prize winner Elie Wiesel, I was shocked by the reaction of some House members. Everybody in the gallery and virtually all officials on the House floor rose to show their respect and admiration for this Holocaust survivor. Yet about a dozen left-wing members of Congress remained seated. They couldn’t bring themselves to applaud this giant of a man who has warned the world that we must never permit another holocaust. And then to my astonishment, when Netanyahu repeated the one lesson the world said it learned from the Holocaust — the iconic phrase “Never Again” — this same group of left-wing politicians just sat there, seemingly unmoved. What in the world is happening in our country when such an exhortation fails to move our elected leaders? Nevertheless, I left the House chamber more dedicated than ever to stand with Israel, to continue my work with Christians United for Israel, to bring the Jewish and Christian communities together in a closer bond and to fight with every ounce of my being against the rising forces within America that hate everything Judeo-Christian civilization is built upon. As Prime Minister Netanyahu said yesterday before Congress, “May we face the future with confidence, strength and hope.” I hope and pray you will partner with me in this endeavor! *****************************

Posted by Stand Up Now S U N for Freedom on Wednesday, March 4, 2015


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