Documents show Hillary Clinton pushed tax breaks for nonprofits while husband solicited library donations

#WhatDifferenceDoesItMake America Because #WeWasBrokeRightHillaryAndBill Is That Right Mrs, Lying I Want To Be Your President Now I care so much For The Middle-class Hard Working Americans And The Security Of This Great Nation Witch Please Stop Talking I Say #NoHillary2016 And #IWantARicoTrialNow On The Clinton’s And Thaey Need To be Locked Up For Both benghazi And The Clinton Foundation Of Corruption Of Lies And Deciet Just One Lie After Another But She Wants Our Trust Mother Please You Tainted And Fowl You Make My Skin Crawl Liar You Stop Playing Games With Americans Heads, You Can’t Even Be Trusted To Disclose Earnings From What’s Suppose To Be A Non – Profit Organization And A Crime Committed By The Very Enemies Who Hate Americans And This Nation. Theres No Way In Hell I Want You Over Our Military Or Their Families ,Our Defense , Close To Our Allies ,Friend Or Working Your Magical Lies With Our Enemies Against Our Nation You Are The Enemy Within. So Now We Have Mrs.Hillary Goldman Sachs And Her Broke down Mr. Pimping Monica Bill Clinton Who Said Yes ,They Were Truly Broke When They Left-ed The White-house And All Of A Sudden Her And Her Financial Pimp The Clinton Foundation And Puppets Of These Two Puppet Masters Of Crime And Corruption Real Gangsters Have People Like George S All Over The World, Including Our Get This Some Enemies America Donating Now And Hiding It For The Pimp. Then When It’s Time For Her To Run For President ,They Magically Lose They’re Amnesia. It’s Enough To Make You Drink America. They Just Start Popping Up Like Flies.Telling What You Know Is A Dark Money Ring Corruption Cover-up I Donated I’m So Sorry America But Let You Or Me Do It We’d Be Up Under The Jail Right Now. Then We Find Out George S Worked For Them So How Many More Did And Getting Of Scott Free With American Greed . Don’t Forget In The Past Dead People We’ve Heard Mention Of Pedophile Involvement The Clinton’s Unsolved Murder Mysteries Like That Of Foster And Other Deaths Of People Who Tried To Warn You And Got To Close And Magically Disappear And Died Because The Clinton’s Thought They Were On They Money To Close.They Have Been Gaining To Much Info And Were A Threat To They’re Evil Empire. Oh These Victims Just Are Forgotten Just A Clinton Memory. Because These Two Jackals Can’t Be Caught ,Tamed Or Brought To Justice They’re To Big To Fail Evil American Dark Money Greed Corrupt Banks.Also Because Some Of The Very Leaders Have Donated To Them Whether It Be Via Clinton Foundation Or Soft Shoulder Pats On They’re Backs The Clinton’s The Evil Tyrants Of #PoliticalGangsters Are The Very Reason You Can’t Go Out Your House And Get A Decent Job Dark Money Flowing Through They’re Veins Puppet Masters Like The Clinton’s Running The Show. Top 1% Liars, Thugs Pimps, Pedophiles, Rapist Playing Americans Lives And Great This Nation Like A Second Fiddle. And Yes I Wrote It Big As Hell So You Can See And Feel The Rape They’ve Done To You And This Country. They’re Still Pulling The Roll Of Gangsters Like The Mafia In Which The Rico Law Can’t Stand Neither Can I. Now If This Is The Evil You Dig And Love Then I Guest This Will Be Your Downfall Like ISIS The Enemies Creeping While They Sit back Clap Hands And Divide The’re Dark Money, Like Benghazi The Blood Sacrifice Of Death Plotted By Our Enemies Months In The Making. Our President – Susan Rice And Mrs. #WhatDifferenceDoesItMake Hillary Clinton Acted Like Ambassador Stevens Was A Pawn, In They’re Evil Political Chess Game Of Lies And They Lacked Morals They Committed To The Very Evil That Killed Him. In A Threat To Our Us Embassy, They Knew The Plan Not A Video On Islam Wasn’t The Truth From The Very Beginning And Simple For Months Already Existed Pure Evil Corruptive Lies, Not Propaganda Just The Plain Evil Benghazi Lie. And Truth Forget About It That’s Something These Liars The President Hillary Hate With With A Passion With Bill Clinton Following The Wolf-pack. All Deceitful Nothing More Then The Evil Enemy Within. So You Vote For Her You Might As Well Keep President Obama And ISIS Because Hidden S/Ht Thats What You’ll Get Death To Innocent People And Attacks On Your Democracy For Eight More Years Of Corruption , Lies , Cover-ups A Never Ending War On A Cycle Of Lies In 2016 Under Hillary Clinton If She Wins. To All True American Patriots Red Or Blue It’s Your Choice Either You #RedNationStandUp For Your Country And Want Change Or You Fall With The Devils Playhouse Of More Corruption But The Choice Is Yours I Rest My Case. I’m A True American Patriot #RedNationRising I Love God First And Family ,My Country Our Heroes Our Active And Fallen ,They’re Families, Our Victims Of 9/11 And They’re Families Who Are My Family, Our 9/11 Heroes, Our Men Women In Uniform And Law Enforcement. I Support Our Troops, They’re Families, Our Homeless Veterans Both Men And Women, Our Fallen Also Our With Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Veterans And POW ‘s Our Nation and Leaders Our Defense All Who Protect This Nation With The Dignity ,Love And Honor They Deserve. Not With Some Off The Wall Lies And Desertion #RedNationRising #NoHillary2016 Mrs. Sarah L. Gibson Political Analyst Blogger I’m A True Seeker, Political Guru When It Comes To Brining Out The Truth On Liars And They’re Corruption, I Don’t Play And Won’t Back Down For American Greed Or Deception Or Corruption Or Our Nations Enemies Not Now Or Ever I’m #RedNationRising One Patriot At A Time. God Bless You Always With Driven Success And God Bless America Thank you! CEO: Change The World Today

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He solicited more than that, most likely……While Clinton was in his last year of his presidential term, Hillary Clinton endorsed a White House plan to give tax breaks to private foundations and wealthy charity donors at the same time the William J. Clinton Foundation was soliciting donations for her husband’s presidential library, recently released Clinton-era documents show.

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