To Congress & The Senate The Foreign Policy Needs Changed Effective Immediately Got It Mr. President

Good Evening: Senator Lindsey Graham ,Senator John McCain ,Senator Ted Cruz , Senator Scott Walker , Senator Joni Ernst , House Speaker Boehner, Mr. Chairmen Darrell Issa ,Senator Trey Gowdy Members Of Congress Senate – Americans – Mr. President how long do we have to wait before it’s solved Terrorism Domestic – Foreign ? Something Evils Happening Sneaky Lowdown Terror Inside Players and Actors you know a inside core slowly opening Pandora’s Box. But you feel It’s ok like it ‘s just a few casualties. ooh” I know just let it happen quietly hmm” My Presidential terms up soon right ? Just like your SOS Hillary Clinton so charming with #WhatDifferenceDoesItMake #Bengahazi let them handle It meaning the #RNC shoot or the next President right? hmm” So Mr. President the National Security of Our Homeland is being mocked by enemies growing beyond Iraq – Yemen – Syria and It don’t mix. I wonder why you won’t call them terrorist. I wonder how long or far will the Senate & Congress allow you to go on slacking on protecting this country while the enemies are coming slowing while beheading and threatening America or maybe they’re already here within our borders you know Americas Territory 15 States now right as said by the enemy right ? yes~> watching -waiting- larking – Becoming A Home Grown Evil Slowly But Surely Creeping Inside Our Country & Beyond. So Mr. President how safe are our Military- Their Families while you play golf and joke and grin like nothings going down example here America people hopping the fences- having porn clubs and sex- drinking & driving through gates Whitehouse gate – flying through the no-zone &(@_@)& darn and the enemy sucking it up big-time so shall I continue? Do you think that’s fair to these Men & Women In Uniform? this Nation Answer ~> Never It’s a shame before God !! Mr. President you started a coalition a mission creep style war and now we can’t hear a rat pee on cotton. for #TTP #CopsKillen YouthsKillenCops you done turned the page Why? Look over to the left top of this page Americans about it. You know this well so it stops now before 2016. We The People Demand It and would like to see the Restructuring of your Foreign Policy effective immediately together with Congress and Senate tear it up re write it over with Congress and the Senate A New Law On Your Foreign & Domestic Policy and stop giving them the heads up on the media and other social media news and paper be one step ahead and get them of if social media effective immediately they’re seeing you and others talking about your strategy please that’s a no Sir . I feel you know the security is at risk our men & women in uniform are at risk Why ? answer your half baked Foreign Policy. I want to know how long are you going to sit back Mr. President while Our Nation. Military They’re Families ,Our Embassies and Americans are under hostile threats before something you regret a big one happens God forbid like 9/11. Your nation is being threatened and your taking the enemy for a joke. and they love it Mr. President Because just like you put your safety comes first for you & your family no disrespect to you Sir Our Defense – Legislators – Nation – Military and They’re Families and Americans want real security and should be safe as you. #WeAreFeedUp Americans Are You With Me Share It Now! Thank you God Bless America. Mrs.Sarah L.Gibson Political Blogger & Analyst


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