We Need A Government For Us

Yes Lord We Need A Awakening America Please Read It Quick Reblog : Mrs.Sarah L.Gibson Official Blog By : My Family & Friend Always Rick Cooley With Driven Success Here At Change The World Today

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:The recent conduct of business as usual in Washington, particularly the government shutdown caused by failure to pass a budget and the impending default that may result due to a failure to raise the debt ceiling, is sucking all the air out of cable news and dominating most political discourse in the country. The House Republicans have been allowed to or taken upon themselves the task of not only shutting down the government but also any debate on anything other than the budget and national debt. The mainstream media has done everything in its significant power to enable and reinforce this. Congress has done little other than pass continuing budget resolutions, raise the debt ceiling (always at or after a deadline) and take recesses ever since Republicans took control of the House on January 1, 2011. The American People deserve more from their elected officials.

For their part, the Democrats…

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