Baltimore and the Tradition of American Rioting

In Plain Truth No Going Back Lets We The People & Law – Enforcement Go Forward Both State Local Federal & In Government & Presidential They’re Input Is Needed In The Community Everyone Should Be Involved Especially The Parents & Youth F Where’s The Training The Opportunity Baltimore Across The Nation And Anywhere Else People Want Jobs And Jobs Without. Pass The Infrastructure Bill The Youth Can Help Build This Country Over Again With Educational Training Summer School Job Training & Pre College & Internships Scholarship Programs Passing Effective Laws Toward Unified Collaboration Within Congress & House Democrats & The President & Each State & Law Enforcement With Community Action Nothing Will Get Done Until The All Come Together On This As One . Reblog By: Change The World Today Official Blog By : That Devil History My Family & Friends Of Amazing Blogs & Firsthand News That Touches This Nation And We The People #WeAreFeedUp #PoliticalGangsters Mrs .Sarah L. Gibson

That Devil History

The militarization of city police forces is a spark that's leghting up neighborhoods primed for explosition by decades of beneath-the-surface social unrest. The militarization of city police forces like those in Baltimore is a spark that’s lighting up neighborhoods primed for explosion by decades of beneath-the-surface social unrest.

Another day in America, another racially charged urban riot sparked by the suspicious death of a black person at the hands of the police.

This time, it’s happening in Baltimore, where there continues to be a glaring lack of information regarding the death of a Freddie Gray. Police arrested Gray on April 12 — for no reason other than the fact that Gray apparently ran — and by April 19, Gray died from “spinal injuries.” If that seems bizarre, that’s because it is. According to witness Kevin Moore, who recorded Gray’s arrest, the cops had Gray “folded up like he was a crab, or like a piece of origami.” Go ahead and view the video at the link, it’s not easy to watch, unless…

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