Jesus Christ Returns to Earth For ‘Second Coming,’ Vows to Destroy ISIS

I Going To Tell You One Time And You Can Believe Man Or God It’s The Bible Or The Devil Hand Mate. Your Choice, Your Soul , For Your Salvation, You Either Want Heaven Or Hell. Believe A Lie Or The Truth . Because You Can Play With Jesus If You Want But Hell Will Be Exclusively Hot & I Mean Hotter Then Lava From A Super Volcano.So I’m Going To Put A Little Birdie In Your Ear No-one Has Seen Jesus And When You Do You Will Know It, Because He’ll Be Seen All Over The World At Once. Not Just On CNN & With Some Off The Wall Nut Job Claiming It’s Him. No-one Knows The Hour Or The Day When He’ll Return Not Even The Angels . So This Right Here You Can Keep That & I Advise You To Read Matthew 24 verse 4 Fool Yourself If You Want To You Better Read It Quick .And Get On Your Knees Quick. I Really Hope That You Understand The Devil Comes In Many Forms, To Lie And Steal And Cheat And Deceive. And Will Fool And Make Many Loose They’re Soul Lying Saying I’m Here, I’m There And It’s Not Even Or Will Ever Be Him. If You Go All Out Your Way To Believe False Prophets His Helpers In Crime. Then I Think You Need To Dig Deep Into The Real Word Of God, About His Son And Repent & Get Right With God. And With The Real Lord And Savior Jesus Christ. In Which No-one Has Seen Or Talked To Yet On This Earth. So You Make Sure You Read The Whole Chapter Matthew 24 And Ask For Forgiveness For This Lie. Reblog By : Mrs. Sarah L. Gibson CEO : Change The World Today Official Blog By : God Bless You Always In Jesus Name Amen”


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