Christianity, Islam, and the American Aversion to Nuance

And May We Ask Why Are Your Hands Up Like That Mr. President Oh I Know But I Want American To Wake Up Though I Think Your Constitution Of Americas History Is Based On Only Your Dreams Of Being Your Father Not Our Righteous President Who Swiped In Making People Think You Was MLK On Wheels But When You Stroke Your Pen Down Against Congress Wishes & The American People On Foreign Policy Immigration Taxes Education & Health Care And Spending And Your New War On Syria Iran & ISIS We See A Different Man Then When You Were In 2009 & 2015 It’s Hell On Wheels Now and The Buck Stops With You On Transparency On Media Cover -ups Like #SerenaShim 9/11 Unfolding Before Our Eyes Lies & Corruption In DOJ The Justice Dept. Hillary Clinton Benghazi & Fast & Furious Ferguson IRS Lois Lerner Eric Holder 1% vs. 99 Our Nations Core Is Now Upside Down Because We Don’t Know The Real Barack Obama And That America Is A Very Dangerous Concept Reblog By Change The World Today May God Put His Angels Of Protection Over Our Country Because We Need It Now. #WeAreFeedUp

That Devil History

President Barack Obama does prayer stuff at the National Prayer Breakfast, an event that shouldn't even exist. President Barack Obama does prayer stuff at the National Prayer Breakfast.

Americans don’t do nuance. The basic dictionary definition of nuance is “a subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, or sound,” and boy does this ever go against the American predilection for dualistic thinking in absolutely everything. From the highest level political “masterminds,” to the status-anxiety wracked petite bourgeoisie, to the common blue-collar Bubba, Americans prefer simplistic approaches to a very complicated world. They therefore derive thought-free comfort in the notions that black and white long ago teamed up to gag the numerous shades of grey with a balled-up American flag, that there is only good (America) and evil (everything that isn’t America), and that might ALWAYS equals right — at lease when America uses might.

And no U.S. subculture better exemplifies this inoculation-proof allergy to nuance better than the conservative hive-mind. Yes, if Americans in general prefer simple answers…

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