My Thought For Today At Change The World Today

We’ll Not Be Silence Political Blogger & Analyst I’m Mrs. Sarah L. Gibson Signs Of Support Ambassador  For The  National September 11 Memorial & Museum​ And For The Victims & They’re Families  And WTC It’s My Duty To Seek The Truth And Represent Them Well, Always Now And Forever My Family  The Victims Of 9/11 #NeverForget  We Want Justice .As A Political Blogger I Seek The Truth In Politics By Analyzing The Lies From Truth  Of The #PoliticalGangsters   In Both Parties Republicans & Democrats  Which  #WeAreFeedUp With Who Think They’re Half Country Slick Against The 99% Of  Working America​  vs. The 1% Corporate World And Banks & The Two Party Puppet Master The Koch Brothers Lining They’re Evil Pockets Sweeping Tea -party Hate Across The Country Buying Off The Republicans & Democrats To Tell The Lies In The Media  And Wreck Americans With Rising Debt A Potential Economic Collapse Looming ~Lies ~Scandals ~Deceit And Deceit Like The Death Of A Us Journalist Murdered > Serena Shim The Media And US Has Kept  It On The Down low  #SerenaShim  No Justice For Her Small Children She Left Behind Or Mom Who’s Grieving The Lost Of A Mother & Daughter. We Want Justice. Oh The Wars Starting And A Never Ending 10 Year War ~ And The Presidents Executive Orders Running Hog Wild With A Ruthless Pen At The Snap Of The Presidents Fingers His Foreign Policy In Utter Havoc With No Solution ~> To A  Old & New Never Ending Enemy That We Made & Funded Is Out Of Control Spinning In A Spiral Of Evil Intent Ruthless  Killings And 1% Tyrant Elites Vowing To Destroy Life As We Know It With They’re One World Domination And Agenda 21 To Kill Us Off The Earth Like The Lord God Bill Gates Said & Oprah We Need  Depopulation   As The Bible Truth Unfolds Before We That Are With Christ Shall Be Free Of This Evil World Of Hate Lies And Deceit The Smell Of Hate Everywhere On Ever Legal And Unreal Matter We Continue To Fight For Our Freedoms Liberties Religious Teachings As A Child. We Cling To The Words Of Our Mothers And Fathers ,Pastors Teachers, Jesus And His Father Praying For A Relief Of This Evil And He Wakes You Up To Live To See Another Blessed Day, With Our Health And Strength Then You Learn To Thank Jesus For Every Minute~ Second~ Hour  He’s Given You Taking Nothing For Granted, For You Find Your Destiny In Jesus And God His The Word And You Live Your Life Everyday Like It’s Your Last. Leaning Not On Your Understanding But On Gods His Timing Is Right. This Journey Will Soon Be Over And We Must Speak The Truth And Teach Gods Word to The Lost And Bring The Sheep To Christ Now Is The Time No Matter Who You Are Remember God Has Never Failed. Man Does And Right Now Is Really Failing God In Everyway Imaginable Way. It’s Time To Pick Your Side Before It’s To Late  God ~ Man ~ The Devil Or Jesus Who Is Knocking ~> Will You Answer ? The Holy Bible​ Read It Get To Know Christ And His Family All Who Love And Praise His Coming Rejoice In All You Do For God Has Ordained You To Teach His Word Spread The Gospel The World Over ( John 3:16 )  God Bless You My Family & Friends Always With Driven Success  Political Blogs Or Whatever I Do God Is With Me In My Heart Always


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