Domestic Terror: #Anonymous’ #OpDeathEaters Responds to Arrest of Daniel Rosen, State Department Counterterrorism Capo

Dam One Hell Of Good Read Here America Lets See Our #PoliticalGangsters Try To Erase This Bad Daddy Of All Elite Dirt Comes Out Just Like It Will For #SerenaShim Bet You Won’t Hear A Rat Pee On Cotton After This Gets Out

The Cryptosphere

OpDeathEaters via YourAnonCentral on Tumblr OpDeathEaters via YourAnonCentral on Tumblr

Anonymous, that group of masked“terrorists” who have taken on everything from ISIS to tiger hunters to high school bullies to the credit card industry has a new target this week. That would be Daniel Rosen, the US State Department’s Director of Counterterrorism Programs and Policy, and a natural enough target for payback from the hacktivists whom he has targeted, but business-as-usual hostility aside, there’s a whole new reason that the swashbuckling collective has this senior government official in its sights. His arrest Tuesday on charges of soliciting sex from a minor falls squarely within the scope of #OpDeathEaters, the enormous international operation to identify, expose, and remove pedophiles from positions of power in the elites of world governments.

Rosen is being held without bail and extradited to Virginia to face the…

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