Those Darn “Conspiracy Theorists”!

We Will Never For Get And Larry Silverstein And Others Just Is Coming Believe That We Will Not Stop Searching For The Truth Until You’re All Locked Up We Are The Families Members Of The Victims Of 9/11 We Are 911 Truth I’m Mrs. Sarah L. Gibson Signs Of Support Ambassador For September 11 Memorial God Bless You All Always God Bless America Change The World Today

American Everyman

by Scott Creighton

Those darn “conspiracy theorists”! Used to be that everyone knew what to believe… it was those “Radical Muslims“, it was Bruce Ivins, and the crash of the economy was the fault of all those poor people trying to get loans for houses they couldn’t afford.

Then along come the damn “conspiracy theorists” saying things like Lucky Larry Silverstein (he and his children all just happened to be out of the office that morning… the office located in the Twin Towers)  demoed the World Trade Centers for money, Bruce Ivins was a patsy, and the economic crash was a carefully planned heist by the greediest bankers and hedge fund managers who have ever lived.

Thank God we have a legitimate press that can weed through the stories to find the real facts… like… these….

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