Change The World Today Political News Blog My Feelings American Greed GOP Style

Change The World Today.What Mitt flip flopping Romney needs, Is someone to run a ad tv about all those peoples jobs he stoled in Chicago and sent over seas to China,and all over the World. You tell me how in the heck, you sleep at night Mitt Romney ?answer Everyone He don’t Give a Dmm. Knowing your dirty deeds are out there period. visual playing like Fright Nite on every network continually and on tv Everywhere. Oh yeah Mitt like Rev.Al Sharpton said We Got You and like I say Liar God’s Going To Get You ,God Hates A Liar !! You can hide from America but you won’t and can’t hide from God,This liar,theft, backstabber, American Greed addict and Huslter of Elite Crooks. How could this Liar and Bernie Madoff Crook even try to talk about ,anybodies record?President Obama saved my Jobs ,Mitt Romney Killed Jobs remember GM Obama Saved Jobs. And here in Ohio God remembered ,To Mitt Romney = Let Detroit Go Bankrupt, hmmm your a real job killer Huh Mitt Romney ?answer Everyone Yess. You can’t buy that Mitt Romney can’t call you Mr.President if you gave me 1 Trillion Dollars .Now you tell your son Tag to Take a Swing at that jazz playing truth note, Not America’s President Obama. Mitt’s disrespectful smart mouth  kind other children hmmm real role models Huh for the Whitehouse and for your Children America Huh ? answer Everyone No. You teach em well don’t you Mitt?answer Everyone Yess. Just look how  smart mouthed Mitt and his wife are real Ignorance, It show at the debates and in ads, on tv, newspaper, magazine and the GOP, tv talk shows. news interviews dmm everywhere under the kitchen sink of drano trash stopped up in your Houses America ,For President Obama to fix. The drain clean, he’s been cleaning the corrupted GOP pipe So that will get you flowing again, slowly but surely He’s been hammering getting you out of trouble America working hard to get your pipes clean for good so the stinch clogged Gop mess is gone out you drain no more and the economic flow starts moving flowing then gushing again life America taking it back for your making the Gop clogged mess stop backing up your pipes . He’s been Playing Not Mr.President Blame and lie but mr drano or a maid, a construction working building and repainting the damage the corrupted pipe drain the GOP clogged your house Costing you millions America ,A real Middle Class Job he still cleaning building and repairing no body else wanted to help or wanted to pick up a bucket or hammer or paintbrush or pipe wrench to help  him  fix it for four years .not one dmm bit you know the GOP.God knows em to for their lies and hate and decit to the American People And he’s Not Happy !!!!  President Obama is being lied on every where, every day by the GOP.But get this America he cleaning their corrupted to and Our pipes every where for four years. God Bless President Obama America Wake Up Mitt Romney’s Not Whitehouse Role Model For A America President  Huh? answer Everyone . Nooot A Joke of Corporate Greed Thats’s all. I’d rather be Broke .no Food ,no Nothing, Just God ,and my Family and Friends ,I Can trust them,But I sure Can’t Trust you Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan with this Nation,not to fix one broke pipe . not then not now not ever . mrsgibson1962  Political Blogger By: Mrs.Sarah L Gibson Now America My Last thoughts in todays blogg. news truth my way. Oh Yess by the way, America think about this. Mitt Romney The =Swindler= American Greed Job Killer= Not Job Saver =Job Shipper To China= The take Americans Jobs Over Seas Job Killer Of USA Labels And Products=Get Rich From American Jobs backing China Ponzi Schemes = A Billionare paid Mitt Romney= A GOP hater’s to help President Obama pass the Jobs Act for Veterans or Jobs Act for American’s Middle_Class Families  Cause it would make him and Democracts  look Great America and heal America’s hearts and Show President Obama had brought Change Oh No that burns the GOP like Holy Water Thrown The Devil = The  Rich Elite Economic Take Over of Mitt Romney means Gutt your pockets Bone Dry America =The Bush Admisnistration 4yrs xs 4yrs of new Wars  Lies, Connie, Cheney Lies, Rape America thats right without your say on justice about the GOP Rape just committed or how u feel ,felted or liked it. And oh get this they’ll Rape you America and you better like it. Your Body is now their body USA  yess  The New America Pimps are Coming  to America Ladies and Gentleman in the Land Of This Beautiful phrase we holded dear In God The Trust country,The GOP American Do They Trust God American ? answer Everyone No. Listen God has nothing to do with Evil No He Hates Evil . But Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan now The GOP Rapist Women Pimps yess listen to your bodies First of all you don’t ask to be Raped American Women Fact Checker 101, and you sure don’t want a Rapist Baby , Fact Checker 101 American Women  get a load of this The New Rapist Pimps The GOP. imagine them ruling your body, your husband’s body which i feel me and my husband share in love together by the grace of God we’re married right or say your boyfriend or girlfriend or your family goes through a rape . who make that rape  legitimate American who Oh I Know WHO The GOP Political Power Rapist Baby Pimps. Fact Checker 101. How  the heck would you vote for some GOP Political Power Rapist Baby Pimp, telling you what to do with your body or daughters ,niece ,cousins aunt, heck God forbid your grandmother OMG or any family members or close friend through a Person Hood Legislation Law.It  would be like taking the Mark of the Beast. by Mitt Romney  Woow So low Republicans it’s come to this My body not yours, My Husband body not yours God Body not your’s he gave it to me from adams ribs Fact Checker 101again . Not The Republican GOP Political Party.So I Guest The Rapist Pimps Akins And Paul Ryan Going to sended the Political Cops to ur your house if we get raped and destroy the fetus of the Repubulians rapist baby OMG, even if we’re married or our life is in jeporardy. Sounds sick America right answer Everyone ?Yess Mitt Flix Playing or Getting ready to play in a town near you if elected a real horror Flix. While Mitt Romney Sits back with that dirty grinn and makes money Gets Richer and Women get raped, in American .No Justice No Good Health Stripped Like a 2 cent hooker on the corner ok so please American Don’t let this happen not to your wive’s children or family members or family friends ok .You’ll  get nothing in your house of GOP Political Horror but  a  Political  Cell  order by Mitt’s  Political Party GOP Rapist Baby Pimps America.Take it have their Nasty GOP Rapist’s  Baby or Go to Jail Americn Ladies and Gentleman, Strip you naked America and take America Middle- class Families Down.Wake Up America. Mitt Romney and  No Justice For All Americans Is coming if you let them in your Whitehouse. Fact Checker 101 again you will begg God stop Mitt Romney  and I bet you’ll say well we should have trusted President Obama much to late then ,Remember he’s cleaning the GOP Evil dirt in your pipes if you want him to make them shine bear with in he’s on your side is slow but damm if feels good to no I can Trust Him through the grace of God to get the whole job done not 47% of it done and take my money and flee to China with, American don’t let American Greed in your pipes they clogged it the first time and The GOP pipes busted you flooded losted your house job married liberalities justice the GOP Political Party Raped you and lefted you for dead. Let President Obama fix them please American .Mitt Romney He wants to hide his taxes America Over Seas But he wants to tell you about yours, America, and how he going to manage them haaaaaaa Give me a break, Ain’t that a oooh Sarah shut your mouth LOL.Please America We Don’t Need People Trying To Buy The Whitehouse. Vote for change Gods way Honest. Not Mitt Romney’s Lying America Greed Crooks way. America Just the real olded fashion way for freedom and justice for all. America Think about this would Jesus and his Father take 47% of us to Heaven or does They want that Believed  Everyone to go? answer Everyone so, America Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan = Crooks, America Greed Elites And Liars. So America straight talk heres the deal. Stop Watching Mitt Flix is Fake American Greed is with him thats all he has ever known Netflix is Real And Better LOL Mitt Flix oh that Channel Gets a F in all Rating. Tell Me How you feel America. Straight Talk America our way straight truth.


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