Wake Up America Noww !!!!!!

By:Mrs. Sarah L Gibson Stand Up For The Lies Being Told To American People By Congress, Fight For Your Jobs,And No Tax Increase’s, Fair Trade, And Not To Keep Footing The Bill For Wall Street And Others Big Spending Loser’s That Got Us In This Economic tsunami, That Is Killing Us. And The Future Of Our Children, Also Stop These Con Artist, Yes I Said It Called ,The Federal Reserve From Not Being Audited By Congress, They Have Never Been Audited Ever! But The IRS Will Audit You In A Minute, It’s Time For The American People To Stopped Being Bullied By These Con Artist.And Get With The Program America Your Being Raped Of Your Life, Your Freedom, And Your Rights As American’s , We’re No Longer Called The Home Of The Free And The Home Of The Brave , It Seems To Me We’ve Got To Kick Some Gov Ass And Fight Back With Free Speech, Which They Want To Shut You Up Or Lock You Up, When You Rise Against Their Propaganda, Like 9/11 Was A Inside Job Yes Dammit . And Right Now We Don’t… Have Time To Kiss Their Ass ‘es Folk’s We Better Tell Them To Kiss Ours , And Fight Back By Any Means Possible Or We Might Find Our Selves And Our Families Up Against Martial Law.They’ll Be Taking Away All You’ve Got , Meaning Your Freedom To Protect Yourself In Your Home ,And That Means Taking Away Your Guns And Those Feds Are Apart Of It All.So Don’t Just Wait Around Till The Last Minute. Waiting To Be Rescued Like On the Titanic Hell Because If You Do Your Going Down To Drown And Die Cause The Government Sure Ain’t Going To Jump In With A Bailout Plan For You Like They Did for Their Con Artist Buddy’s. Remember That.Just A Pure Example=The Food And Gas Prices Aren’t Just Going To Stop Rising, Hell No Please,This Crap Is About To Hit The Fan Big Time America.So Make Up You Mind And Put A Stop To This Hell On Earth That The Government Started ,Along With Their Trusted Buddy’s Or They Will Strip You Dry For Everything You Work Hard For. Get the Message Now ? I Would like To Hear Your Feedback On This Comment Please O_0 By: Mrs.Sarah L.Gibson CEO: Change The World Today


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