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3 thoughts on “Change The World Today

  1. changetheworldtoday says:

    What Mitt flip flopping lying Romney needs, is someone to run a ad about those peoples jobs you stoled in Chicago and sent over seas to China. You tell me how in the hell, can you sleep at night knowing your dirty deeds are out there period. visual playing this Friday Night nn The Ed Show at MSNBC. Oh yeah Mitt like Rev.Al Sharpton said We Got You and like I say Liar God’s Going To Get You God Hates A Liar !! you can hide from America but you won’t hide from God liar,theft , backstabber, America Greed liar and Huslter of Elite Crooks how could this Liar and Crook even try to talk about ,anybodies record Obama saved my Job ,you Kill Jobs remember GM Obama Saved Jobs. You can’t buy that Mitt Romney I’ll never call you Mr.President if you gave me 1Trillion Dollars .Now you tell your son Tag to Take a Swing at That jazz playing truth note, Disrespectful punk Kid you teach well don’t you Mitt? I’d rather Be Broke .no food ,no nothing, just God ,and my family and friends ,I can trust them,But I sure Can’t Trust you.mrsgibson1962 Political Blogger Mrs.Sarah L Gibson

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