Stop Hunger In It’s Tracks !Today

Change The World Today, I’m Mrs.Sarah L.Gibson CEO For Change The World Today and Journey With Jesus We Are A Non-Profit Organization And I’m Group Leader For Ohio’s World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine Also, I’m Sponsored By: World Vision And World Vision International ,My Goal Since 1998 Till Present Is And Has Always Been To Stop Hunger.I’ve Received Many Awards For Helping With Hunger Through World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine And Many Others Like Rosa Park’s Wall Of Tolerance In 2003 Before She Passed Away And Senator George Allen And Many, Many More. To Donate Call 1-800-7-Famine or Also Visit: and When You Call World Vision Mention My Program Name and Give Them My Acct#102458649 Change The World Today And Tell Them Your Proceeds Go Toward My Group, For Hunger, Change The World Today. Please Help Me Stop Hunger. Thank You! And God Bless ,Now Visit My New Website: For Games,News,Entertainment, And More Thanks Again. God Bless You All O_o Mrs.Sarah L. Gibson Cortland ,Ohio


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